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But a dating app that is all about voice recordings is something different altogether. “Waving is the only dating application solely based on the voice,” Waving’s creator, Florian Hébrard ... Meet new friends through random voice match in a community where your privacy is valued. Once you matched with someone, you can call and message them. All for free. Chat only with people that you like from browsing their profile. You can start a conversation by talking about shared interests. You could start dating as soon as today! What are you waiting for? Join Now. Start Your Search. Heart 2 Heart Dating has loads of members so it is very likely you will find someone you like. Our advanced search features make it easy to find people near you. Join Now. Register for Free. And begin your search. Heart 2 Heart Dating. About; The advantages of dating via a voice-only matchmaker in comparison to ‘traditional’ apps. Confronting the issue of critical mass and geo-location when it comes to dating apps. Tackling the matching algorithm bias on Tinder and on the OnlyOne platform. Why age, gender, and geo-location are the most important things for any dating app. Online dating safety is important for singles looking for love on the Internet. I recommend trying Google Voice, where you get a private number for free to hand out to potential dates. Divorce star, Janta has finally confirmed his separation with his wife as he recently shared a heartbreaking message. Earlier this month, speculation brewed on social media that the two love birds, Shukuran Mwachumu and Ethel Mollande were no longer together citing possible infidelity. Sharing the message on social media, Janta showed disbelief of the issue […] The Voice is coming back this fall on NBC to crown a new singing champion.. Believe it or not, this will be the 19th (!) season of the competition series since the show first premiered in April ... Voice chat rooms for you to conduct voice calls and conversations and meet new people who share your common thoughts. No email or registration required. We allow users to create their own rooms and share them to invite their friends and family. Voice calls have their optimal quality. A new dating app has been released which only allows matches to communicate via voice notes, and honestly, I’m completely conflicted. The app, called String, encourages users to “Date With ... Lovappy download at the , app store, google play, amazon app store, google assistant, Alexa coming soon. Send a voice message, send a song highlighted lyrics, send a gift. Fun , meetup with people, activities for singles

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Members of this subreddit are going through some sort of separation from a loved one, which includes marriages, dating relationships, family, friends, pets, etc. Don’t be afraid to tell us how you’re feeling, and also don’t be afraid to voice your opinion. Let’s remember that everyone here is human, and deserves respect, so treat each other as you would like to be treated.

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2020.09.30 03:52 taker52 You would never believe what came in the mail today

You would never believe what came in the mail today he was a hugggeeeeeeee (in donalds voice) surprise .
I just got my pay stub from August 16th to August 22nd check date September 2nd. Now come on why you trying to put a different date on these pay stubs I do that same thing with my checks post dating them.
I just thought I'd let everybody know that this magical on existence are they pay stub actually showed up.
And this is a huge surprise because this is before I got transferred out of my old District to a new District.
By this time I calculations are correct I should be getting my final pay stub between now and Christmas of next year!
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2020.09.30 03:50 24aryannayak24 My ex hates me like I'm worst person in the world.

So I had anxiety disorders from ages, when we started dating it crippled back and destroyed everything we had. He is now thinking I'm the worst person in the world and he also said to my therapist that he even doesn't want to hear my voice in this lifetime ..
It just hurts so thought may be sharing would subside it.
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2020.09.30 03:48 GladPen Mom, I have to go no contact with you.

Reasons for me to have done this so many years ago. You can be a really bad person. If I were to write this all down nobody would ever read it. I know that you stood by while my brother abused me, I don't know how much you knew what went down but you knew enough and you told me that because people with his condition often abuse their siblings that I shouldn't let it bother me. I can't even have sex with a man anymore. I shut down. For some reason that trauma has gotten worse and worse and I have to go to a therapist about it before I can be intimate with a man again. That's not why I'm going no contact with you. You surely remember finding my love poems to a girl. And you will remember that that you listened in to a phone conversation I had with the only lesbian I knew that's a teenager. The 90s were a different time. I have listened to you and Dad go off on many a rent since being brainwashed by Fox News, Rush Limbaugh, and oan. Lately you've become obsessed with picketing at Planned Parenthood. But you don't care about the hysterectomies at ice. You do care about the hysterectomies that are possibly happening in China. That's not why I'm going no contact with you. I'm not going no contact with you for the daily emotional abuse for your borderline traits. I think I have to go no contact with you because the other day you spoke to me and you still think I'm straight, and you said that lesbians are of the Devil. That they were created by the devil. That it was fine for single mothers to have children but lesbian should not have babies. And you said it with such hatred in your voice and you went on a tirade for 10 minutes. All because I talked about how I thought I could have a male caregiver because I felt fine with my transmasculine former caregiver. I can't be fine with a male caregiver because men abused me. And most of those men abused me because you told me that abuse was okay by letting it happen in the first place. That didn't make me bisexual. I didn't know what for many years but I had my first crushes on girls. I had thoughts about my best friend when I was 13. Pretty sure she had thoughts too. Over the years I have managed to quote" cock-block myself at almost every chance to be with the woman. I don't know if we are just friends or if there is a chance her more, but I met somebody. She is kind and she is sweet and she is genuine. We have a million things in common. We even have the same silly obscure degrees. She is so beautiful. I am taking it very slow because I don't know the protocol for dating a woman but I just know through the grapevine that the methods that most lesbians don't realize they are dating until they are already dating. And there is no rush because of the virus. Doesn't matter if we don't get together. The fact that I met somebody and she liked me. Do you really think that your devil created me? I'm not Catholic Iike you. But I still can't seem to allow myself to let go of the shame just for liking women. You know how they say choirs of Angels singing when you kiss somebody and you feel electricity. I never feel that way with the man. I like men. I don't consider myself gay. But I would like to see if I can have Angels sing again the next time I kiss somebody. Instead of feeling trauma. You probably never felt what I felt. You don't like Dad but you stayed with him for 45 years. Goody for you. All those times you took a suitcase and walked out the door and came back an hour later while I cried. All those times you brush my hair as a little girl and told me all the ways I should hate my father. Yes I know I needed to go no contact with you for years now. But you can be a really nice person too. So why can't you love me?
EDIT: I fixed the autocorrect mistakes that I could find but I don't have my glasses so there are probably some random words sprinkled in.
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2020.09.30 03:38 Prize_Mixture_290 Told her I liked her but she said I don't know what to say?

I knew this girl for 3 years, we were close friends and I started talking to her. I caught feelings for this person and told her how i felt in voice chat. She simply said "I don't know what to say right now" then dismissed me. I realized I messed up, so I stopped reaching out to her. I became depressed at first because I thought it was her way of giving a soft rejection but I really don't know for sure. So I look the time for self-development and started doing things I loved Then a month has gone by, she reached out to my parents and friends to how I was doing. In her Instagram stories, she'd share songs about love. I don't know for sure if it was meant for me, but the verses that she sent on her stories were about missing me and saying I'm the one. I thought it was indirect way of confessing to me but I also had the suspicion she might be manipulating me. After viewing those two songs, she deactivated her Instagram accounts. What should I do to turn it around? Should I ask her out after time has passed and improved on myself?
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2020.09.30 03:35 melizmoe New to Heroes. The story follows an 18-year-old girl that lived in a remote part of the world and doesn't care about heroes. Until recovery girl scouted her. Genres: medical/ action/romance/ 18+ scenes.

Xochiquetzal’s (Xochi or Sochi) quirk allows her to heal others using her own energy. Her quirk was awoken when she was 5, she saw a bird with a broken wing and wanted to help it. She picked up the fallen dove and felt a burst of energy from her hands. The dark light emanating from her hands fixed the dove’s wing, jubilant Xochi cried with happiness. But that happiness was short-lived when she saw the dove’s wing fall from its body, the small white bird then started convulsing and within a matter of seconds the dove was dead. Xochi felt like a monster, she ran towards her parents with the small dead bird cupped in her hands. Through sobs, she explained what happened. Her parents exchanged a concerned look, Xochi’s mother had a similar quirk, healing hands, which allowed her to heal any external wounds. Her father’s quirk allowed him to see through living organisms, X-ray vision. As the tearful Xochi stared at her parents with fearful eyes, they took her into her arms and tried to figure out what had happened. After the incident, her parents made the decision to have her be home-schooled, they feared that Xochi could end up hurting someone if she couldn’t control her quirk. Through many trials, they determined that Xochi had the ability to heal, but to a much more powerful extent. That is when they began training her. Xochi’s mother was a doctor, so she taught her as much as she could about anatomy and patient well- being. Xochi’s father was a descendant from a clan that used chi, or the body’s energy to help people. They studied the flow of energy throughout the body and helped people using acupuncture (yes just like Byakugan). He taught Xochi the innumerable chi paths and how those chi paths were connected to the neurological system. He was a professor at the local University, so more often than not he would take her along to listen to his fellow professor’s talks.
When Xochi was 8, she started to toy with the energy that emanated from her body. She would concentrate and try to create a small ball in her palm, but most of the time the ball would engulf her hand and disappear. Trying to control her quirk proved to be a challenge, her mother could only give her verbal guidance and sharing her experiences with her own quirk wasn’t of much help. Healing hands worked a lot differently than her own quirk. Xochi had to figure out how to control her energy in a way that worked for her. Hours and hours would go by, as she set in the empty lounge room with a light smell of old damp wood. Using the breathing techniques her father taught her (lol I am thinking demon slayer status) she learned to differentiate between the energy that flowed within. Meditation became a part of her daily life, she was able to connect to her inner self in a way that let her feel her own energy.
After her failed attempt to control her quirk, she tried again when she was 10. This time she managed to maintain the light in her hand, but this time the light glowed a light color. She thought it would be a good idea to practice on herself. So ran as fast as she could and purposely tripped over an old tree branch. Managing her quirk with her breathing, she tried to apply the light to her bloody knee. As she felt the warmth of her light, she stopped feeling the burning pain, but she could still see her patella(knee-bone) and her torn skin and muscle. It displayed like a half-peeled orange. She felt a sudden punch to the gut, after all those years of learning and training, it didn’t work. She managed to get up, her open wound open, her patella saying hello to the world. She stumbled to her mother’s home-practice and told her that after all this time and effort, she was still a monster. Her mother, clueless as to what she could say, began to sterilize the wound. She took out the stitches and began sawing through her daughter’s lacerated skin. She looked up to see Xochi’s eyes had gone blank.
“Mija, you are not a monster” her mother whispered as she hugged Xochi.
“ I feel like one! Maybe my quirk isn’t to heal, but it’s to kill, I AM a monster. All this time that you and daddy spent teaching me, it was for nothing, because I am a monster” Xochi said as she started to lose sight over her tears.
Her mother reassured her “ Rome wasn’t built in a day, you have a great power Xochi, you just have to take time to learn it, you know a very wise man once said ‘with great power there must also come great responsibility’”
“Are you seriously telling me something you read in a fortune cookie” Xochi studied her mother’s face, already forgetting about the darkness that was starting to take over her.
“ Yes, you know when people started getting quirks, everyone obviously freaked out. I remember my mom telling me that her mom thought it was the end of the world. Some of her neighbors were sure it was witches. They thought it was the devil’s work, but that’s of course because they were so isolated from the rest of the world, that they just did not it wasn’t just them. Your grandma once told me that she felt like a monster because she was the first one in her village that morphed. She has green hair and even her skin has a green tint to it. Yeah, most people knew it was part of having a quirk, but she still felt like a monster. She obviously grew out of that and she learned to use her quirk to save others. My point in all of this is that this is new to you and to everyone. This is going to be one of life’s truth’s no one can hold your hand forever. I want you to always remember this: what is important is not what happens, but how you react to it. The world will throw all sorts of injustices and challenges, but what’s important is how you look at it. I know that you feel like it didn’t work and your quirk isn’t for helping, but let’s take a look at what happened. I don’t want you to feel bad about yourself when something bad happens, especially as you are learning. So I want you to try again, do not give up on yourself honey” Xochi’s mother said.
After a month, Xochi tried again, but this time with a small paper cut on her lap. She noticed that she wasn’t healing. Then she ran up to her brother and cut him with the paper “What the fuck is your problem hair ball!”
“Shut it, I want to practice using my quirk”
Xochi’s brother didn’t say anything because he had seen how much this meant to her. He saw the day she accidentally killed the dove. He saw his little sister feel like the most distinguishing vile thing to walk the earth. He knew he had to be careful with what he said to her, he didn’t show it but he loved her and he didn’t want his words to hurt her. He knew the power words had over a person, a philosophy that all his family followed.
“Ugh-- fine,but make it quick, I have a date” He said.
So Xochi looked at the small cut on her brother’s arm, the small tinkling of blood, almost inspired her to make sure her brother stayed as handsome as he was. With a deep breath, she brought her hands up to her brother’s skin and let out a diamond colored light. The light was almost holographic, but in that second, her brother’s cut was gone. Both of their golden eyes were open in astonishment, the cut was really gone. “Not bad, hair ball” he said, but they both knew that he was proud of her.
This is how Xochi began to progress, she would spend months working on paper cuts. Then after getting a handle on how much energy she needed to use and thinking of what she was healing, her quirk began to bloom. She realized that she needed to know how much energy to use and to do that she needed to heal, she needed to recall her mother’s anatomy lessons. Instead of reading story books or watching TV, she would lose herself in medical textbooks.
One of the few things she enjoyed doing with her brother was exercising. She found out that after she started running with him, she was able to use her quirk longer and the light was usually lighter. (The lighter the color the more effective it is). “ Get lost fur ball, you are so annoying” he would say to her as he slowed his pace so she could keep up with him.
“Fuck, why are you always following me around, go read a book, you nerd” - brother
“ Yeah, yeah, so where are we going?” -Xochi
“That’s none of your fucken business, now get lost” said his brother as they stopped at the local health center. “Hair ball, go and ask about the gymnastic classes”
“HUH?! I don’t think splandex looks good on you and your big ego”
“Shut the fuck up and go ask” Xochi just kept looking at her brother, she thought he had a screw loose since his quirk is X-ray vision like dad’s except he is able to amplify his vision rage. Curiosity got the best of her, her brother always had a foul mouth,but today he was extra pissy--which meant he was nervous. Xochi opened the door, and in that instant she saw her. A beautiful girl with short purple hair. She had such an amazing smile, she seemed so nice. But then she realized why her brother was nervous, this girl had an amazing body. She was tall and well-built. She was wearing a tank with some spandex shorts that showed her toned muscles.
Now it made sense why her brother was suddenly interested in gymnastics.
“ Well, like you said I should go home and read that book, since you know I am such a nerd”- Xochi
“Where the fuck do you think you are going, I told you to go ask about the classes, and be sure to bring back a flyer”
“HAHA, oh yeah, what do I get out of it?” she asked with a smirk on her face
“ I swear hair ball if you don’t go and ask I am going to---”
“Going to what, huh, big guy, oh yeah I am so scared of you and your threats when you can’t even go talk to a girl” Xochi waved her hands in the air in a mocking way.
“ Fine, what do you want?”
A triumph smile decorated Xochi’s face.
“ I want you to pay for my gymnastic classes”
“The fuck you mean--- I ain’t paying for your stupid classes”
With that said Xochi started to walk away, when she felt a tug on her arm, “Fine hair ball, just go and get her info”
“That’s what I thought, Mr. ‘I am going to-’, pshh take your empty threats elsewhere”
With that said, Xochi walked into the community center and ever since then she’s been in love with gymnastics.
Like her older brother Xochi displayed exceptional memory, although with her she could remember a great amount of information using musical mnemonic devices. For example when her mother was teaching her the names of the bones of the wrist Xochi would sing “Sally Left The Party To Take Cathy Home”.That way she was able to remember the eight bones very quickly. She loved to listen to music dance along while trying to remember all the bones of the body. At some point she even made a silly dance to help her remember the leg bones. It look like a weird version of a shamee.
Since they lived in a small coastal town, no one questioned when the couple wanted to home-school their daughter. With their eldest going to University, the three of them focused much of their time finishing Xochi’s education. With exceptional memory and the time spent educating her, she was finished with her high school education by the time she was 15. Her father thought it would be a good idea to get her started with her university education. Since Xochi knew she wanted to be a doctor, she enrolled in the medical program. To her surprise she had already learned most of the material they taught in the introduction courses. Her father was able to pull some strings so she could take an exam that would demonstrate where she was academically. After the results came back, they placed her in her third year of undergraduate degree.
Living with her family in a small town was an adventure. Although she spent most of her time studying, Xochi loved having fun. She had a very adventurous spirit, unlike her parents who liked to stay home. She loved to experience life. So when she had time the young girl would bargain with her neighbors.
“ If you teach me how to ride a motorcycle, I’ll get rid of your skin rash” she negotiated with her biker neighbor.
“ Pshh-- fine” he said without putting up a fight. Although they both knew that she was going to heal that nasty rash either way. And like that Xochi was able to learn all kinds of things, from driving to singing.
The next year flew by, Xochi was able to complete her bachelor’s when she was 16.
As she prepared to enter her master’s program, her parents told her it would be a good idea to spend some time with her grandma in the mountains. Xochi was thrilled with the idea. She loved her grandma, and she was always open to the idea of learning something new.
Xochi’s grandma was a well-known herbalist, using her quirk she was able to identify the property of plants and flowers. Using her knowledge of chi channels, she was able to cure most ailments. The townsfolk from around the town where Xochi lived and the villagers from her grandma’s village all agreed that it would be best to keep the women’s abilities secret. You sorta needed to know someone to get in, kinda thing. Xochi thought how it was kinda like a secret society (think White Lotus from Avatar) where exclusivity and privacy were most honored. The locals knew that if others were to know of their abilities, it wouldn’t take too long for ill-willed people to come look for the healers.
The next month Xochi set out to live with her grandmother. The way there was arduous, but it may have been due to the fact the Xochi had zero map awareness. She was not only clumsy, she was easily distracted and got lost frequently. Once her brother had to go look for her in town because she got lost. If it hadn’t been for the nice older gentleman, she would have been bear food by now. Once they got to the secluded village, Xochi thought she would be living with her grandmother, but to her surprise she had her own European-looking cottage. Looking around she noticed how out of style everything was. Her cottage looked like it belonged in Italy, not in the middle of nowhere in Mexico. The whole village had a…. Unique style. Everything was uncoordinated, with unique shaped buildings and odd pairings of colors. She thought she had stepped in a Dr. Seus book. Apparently there was a man whose quirk let him build anything he imagined (as long as he had the materials).
As her life began to settle down, she appreciated how calm everything was. The life here was more quiet, not that it was loud in her town, but here everything seemed to move slower. She studied under her grandmother. Her grandmother was her inspiration, she thought all the good this woman has done for so many people only using plants and flowers. Xochi never really thought much about herbology. Her focus was on medicine, it wasn’t until she saw her grandmother heal a man’s pulmonary embolism (a condition in which one or more arteries in the lungs become blocked by a blood clot) by using a combination of turmeric and ginger to help act as blood thinners which help break up the clog. Then applying pressure to the femoral vein in the infraction of the lung. Xochi’s world opened up, she realized how much she needed to learn. She burnt up the midnight oil learning about plants and herbs. She learned that by applying a little of her energy to the herbal medicines or teas, it seems to increase their efficiency and potency.
The most nerve racking part was treating patients. At first she was nervous, but she remembered what her mother had said and she found a new confidence in herself. One by one she started to treat patients with all sorts of ailments. Her confidence began to skyrocket, she naively thought she was ready for anything. It wasn’t until she met a little girl that had a congenital heart problem. Xochi knew she wouldn’t be able to cure the child, but she could try to ease her pain by blocking the nerves around the heart. Everyday she would spend around an hour in the morning and afternoon trying to ease the little girl’s pain. She would place her hands at the back and front of her chest and send a miniscule amount of energy to the nerves.
Having more experience with her quirk, she was now able to use it as a form of an echocardiogram. She could tell that the heart was chronically damaged and she wouldn’t simply be able to use her quirk to go in and fix the damaged tissue. For her quirk to work she needed at least some healthy tissue. It was useless to use her quirk on something that could not regenerate itself naturally. She thought of her quirk as cell restoration, she in a way helps cells restore or build themselves with the use of her energy. She sat in her chair going through all her medical books, thinking of a way to help this little girl. But alas she found nothing, at least not without a hospital and a cardiologist. The longer she wrapped her head around it the more she thought that she needed to push herself. “ I can’t completely heal the heart, but if I am at least able to heal the aortic valve, the left ventricle should have more blood flow”. With that in mind, she made a plan, she set out everything she needed. She gathered the plants that would help the little girl relax. Xochi had also learned how to block the nerve signals from the body to the brain-- a sort of anesthesia. With that she practiced over and over how to block the nerves with one hand. Now that she had mastered it, she was ready. She would block the nerve signals with her left hand while her right hand would go in to fix the valve. One of the ways she had learned to use her quirk was projecting her quirk on her finger tips, making them look like spiderwebs shooting out of her finger tips. She was able go directly into the organ without having to cut the patient. Doing this was extremely exhausting, it drained her energy so quickly, so she had to work fast. When the day came, everything was going according to plan, she was right on schedule. As she began to relax one of the arteries in the valve erupted, causing the blood to block the passage to other parts of the heart. Already exhausted Xochi had to find the bleeding artery and cauterized it as soon as possible. Her breathing became intermittent, she felt herself drained. She kept trying to find the artery, but then she felt a hard strong grip on her shoulder. It was her grandmother. She ignored her and kept looking for the artery, now there was blood everywhere, making it harder for her to see. Sweat was dripping off her by liters, she started to lose sensation in her legs and her finger tips. Then she was yanked off the lifeless body of the little girl. She couldn’t register what had happened. She knew the girl had died, and there it was, feeling like a monster.
The next few days Xochi kept going over and over what had happened, she still couldn’t process it. The more she thought about it the more she felt like a monster. Once again her quirk had killed. Nothing passed through her mind except that. Days turned into weeks, she didn’t leave her cottage, she wouldn’t eat. The life in her eyes was gone. Every time she closed her eyes she could see the little girl smiling and laughing, thanking her for making her better. The sound of her thanks resonated in her head like a heavy drum. “ She thank me for saving her and I killed her”. It wasn’t until one sunny afternoon she heard a knock at her door, she had learned that if she ignored them, they would go away. “Who wants to be with a monster?”, I am only going to hurt them”. The knocking did stop “thank god she thought”, looking at the ceiling she didn’t realize someone had opened her door. She left herself being pulled into a hug. It was the little girl’s mother. Xochi couldn’t believe it, to the point that her mind went blank “MONSTER, MONSTER”. Then she felt a soft hand on her cheek, with a broken voice the mother said “ Thank you, you don’t know how happy you made us” without sound Xochi opened her mouth to say “What?”. Her heart felt like it was going to break, but the mother continued “for the last weeks that Lucia was with you, she was able to smile more. We knew she didn’t have long, that’s why we decided to go through with the procedure. No offense, you are so young and talented, but you aren’t God. There is a man where we live that has the ability to see a person’s lifespan. He is old and he says he is never wrong. He told us when Lucia would die. So we came to this village looking for you, because we thought it would give Lucia a pain-free ending, we never intended for you to save. It was selfish of us. We just wanted Lucia to be a kid again. And you gave her that.” Xochi leaned against her chair, speechless. She couldn’t process what was happening. “... You are thanking me, but I...I….”. With a kiss on her forehead, she parted ways. A kiss on the forehead meant a way to say thank you, I hope you stay safe and find happiness. The mother’s words kept sounding on Xochi’s head. She layed down, hugged her pillow and cried herself to sleep. As she was sleeping she remembered her mother’s words “with great power comes great responsibility”. When she woke up she touched the spot where the mother had kissed her. When her fingertips touched her skin, she felt like the anchor was cut off and she was finally able to swim.
This tragedy was the most important moment in Xochi’s life. She learned that her quirk could heal, but you can’t fix something that is not meant to be fixed. It was not only her stamina and energy she had to consider, but also her patients. There was something as too much. She realized that the moment she pushed a little extra on the aorta, it was too much for the little girl’s body. By putting extra energy into a body that is not used to it or has undergone trauma you can offset other things. That’s why the artery burst, the extra energy from her quirk was too much. She also learned that you cannot save every person. She learned that hard truth that every doctor has to face at some point in their lives. She also learned that she needed to learn how to cope with loss. As she was getting ready for the day, she heard a knock… on her ceiling. As she stepped out she was a raven with a letter. It took her a second to process “Ahh that’s right, the old man’s quirk lets him send messenger ravens” As she bent her arm so the raven could rest and she could retrieve the message, she smelled sterilizer “mother”. She undid the note attached to the raven’s black. The note read: “ I heard what happened from your grandma, and oh my sweet daughter how I wish I could give you a hug, but I can’t. To lose patients is the life of a doctor, although it is hard you must learn to look and move forward. Every health physician goes through what you are feeling, a feeling of inadequacy of failure. Remember mija, to know even one life has breathed easier because you have lived; this is to have succeeded. You may have not saved her life, but you made her last moments pain-free. I will not tell you to forget about it, you should always remember this feeling. Make this a learning experience and become stronger from it. I love you, take care”. Xicho took her mother’s words to heart, from that day on she learned to be more careful and she learned the fragility of caring for someone.
A couple of weeks later Xochi went to visit her parents. She loved to hike, but god damn how she hated using maps, so she didn’t. She practically had to beg one of the elders to escort her down the mountain. She felt so nostalgic, she felt like everything was a little more vivid. She took in her parent’s faces, the small crevices that time was leaving. She ran up to them, hugged them and gave them a kiss on the cheek. Ever since Lucia’s passing, Xochi was more appreciative of what she had. She wanted to hug everyone she knew. She enjoyed the physical contact of hug. After Lucia’s mother hugged her, she realized that a hug can really change someone’s day. Every since then she would greet people with a hug (which was the norm where she lived), but she never let go first. This made for some long hugs, but she realized it was because they needed a hug. And hey, who can say no to a nice warm hug. After hugging her parents for what seemed for hours, they let go of her.
Her father said” Honey, we heard tales of an elder woman that has a quirk similar to yours”
Xochi’s face grew so bright you could swear that was her quirk, human lightbulb.
“No way?! Really where is she? Can I meet her?”
“Mmm no that’s the thing, she isn’t easy to track down. She is always on the move and doesn’t leave much of a trail. The only proof we have of her is the people who she has helped” said her mother.
“ Fuck-- well then how does that help me?” Xochi asked.
Her father grunted in clear disapproval of her foul language. “ Well there is an organization called the White Lotus that works with her, for her, I am not sure. The point is that they are the ones that lead you to her. Similarly to how your grandmother meets people”
“ Again, okay, that’s nice, but how do I meet her?”
Her mother let out a sigh “ The White Lotus contacted us a few months back, apparently, Medusa, the healer woman wants to take you under her wing. Again your grandmother has very strange connections. She told this Medusa woman of your quirk and she became interested in teaching you”
“ NO fu--- way, that’s great, so when is she coming? Am I going to her? That’s so cool someone with a quirk like mine can help me!”
“Thank you for not cussing, but that’s the thing she said you would have to wait 2 years to train under her. Apparently she is under surveillance or what not from villains. Listen me and your mother know that this is very dangerous, but we also understand that this could really be a great opportunity for you”
“ So I have to wait 2 years, it doesn’t seem too bad, then I could go back to school and officially become a surgeon!”
“Did you purposely ignore the fact that she is being chased by villains”
Xochi stood with her hands in her hips “ Well I better learn to kick ass too”
After a long discussion, they decided that it would be best for Xochi to study under someone that understood her quirk, knowing that it had great potential. With that set, they went to bed.
Xochi tried not to think too much about it since a lot could happen in two years. A week later she set out to the mountains.
Xochi eyes slowly opened as she became irritated by the warm yet bright sunshine hitting her eyes. Waking up was by far the worst part of her day. She missed the soft feel of her pillow against her face. The warm cocoon of blankets she built over night had to be disassembled. Fully awake, staring at the ceiling she pondered if she could just stay in bed all day. That’s when she heard her abuela yell “¡A darle que es mole de olla!” She was never a particularly big fan of her grandma’s idioms. She whispered to herself, “yeah yeah, there’s always a lot of work that needs to be done right away” as she rolled her eyes to no one in particular.
With a sad goodbye she told her bed “I’ll be back, don’t you worry”. Thinking of being back in bed gave her that extra bit of motivation to get dressed. She always wore simple clothes. Since she worked with dirt all day it made sense to wear earthy- tones. She wore brown pants, they were easy and flexible to move in. She wore a hooded cloak that protected her against the sun. She had to wear wrist braces because pulling those damn Mandrakes was a bitch. Her boots were made of leather, everyone in town had the same pair. They were the one thing in town everyone had in common. Those damn ugly boots were the equivalent of “a little black dress”.
As she finally set out to get dressed, she stared into the mirror. She had olive-brown skin with large golden-amber eyes. Her eyes regularly reminded her of those scorpion necklaces that tourists always like to buy on their first visit to Mexico. As she looked upon her naked body she saw that she had gained a little more weight, but she didn’t really care. She had a pretty nice hour-glass figure. She wasn’t all skin and bones. Since she worked out, either mountain climbing, running or practicing gymnastics, she had built some muscle on her. She knew that with her quirk she needed to have stamina, so working out became a part of her life. She loved the way she felt after a hard workout. Her family always taught her to be proud of her body. Body-shaming wasn’t really a thing, so she never thought much of her figure. Her parents were pretty liberal when she was growing up. They would tell her that whatever her body was, it was perfect. Because her parents were so open-minded they also talked freely about sex and sexuality. Xochi grew up completely confident in her image and her sexuality. Sex unfortunately had been on hold, as old men weren’t her thing. She found that to relieve her sexual tension, she would just have to work out a little harder.
She had thick-black eyelashes that made her eye color stand out even more. She had plump lips with a naturally pink hue. Then came her hair, it was wild, at times she thought the thing had its own will power. She had thick-wavy hair that swept to her waist. “ To comb or not to comb, that is the question” she squinted at her hair, pounting. With a swift motion of her hand she put the comb away and grabbed her hair band. She put her hair in a messy lower bun. Slathering sunscreen all over her face, she was ready to start her day.
As she stepped away from her cottage she was greeted with the delicious smell of coffee and bread. Growing up her family had instilled in her the belief that you couldn’t start the day without coffee and bread. As she joined the older villages at the communal table, she noticed a new face. A very short- light skinned woman with a gray bun. She wore a simple blue dress with a pink shawl over her shoulders. She had deep set smile lines that gave her a sense of warmth and welcomeness. Seeing new faces wasn’t a commodity for Xochi, given that with her quirk nearby villagers always sought her out for help. However this nice-looking lady was definitely not from around here. As she sat at the table, she kept feeling like this lady was staring at her as she dunked her bread in her coffee.So Xochi starred back and offered her coffee soaked bread to the old woman, which made the old lady laugh. She then proceeded to introduce herself.
“ Hello young lady, my name is Chiyo Shuzenji. I am an old friend of your grandma’s” She said in Spanish.
“ I am Xochiquetzal de la Luna, nice to meet you”, which she returned with a kind smile. Xochi was honestly not surprised that her grandmother had a Japanese friend, when she was younger she travelled all around learning about different plants from different countries. Which is why she was so insistent on her dad learning multiple languages. Which then caused a rippled effect, her dad made her and her brother study English, Japanese, Aztec and of coarse Spanish. They were a multi-language family. Most of the time they either spoke Spanish or English. Xochi thought about her rusty, never used Japanese and Aztec. She was brought back to earth from her thoughts, when her grandmother spoke in Japanese “ You see, Chiyo here is a pro-hero with a healing quirk. Most of the time she stays in Japan, however there are times like these that she travels around the world, helping others”. Xochi tried to recall her Japanese lessons, listening was easier than speaking it, and writing and reading were almost impossible. She knew heroes existed, but she never paid much attention to any of them. Since her town was so peaceful, crime was never really a problem. Of course she knew that being a hero was a job, but again it didn’t really seem to interest her. She was more focused on healing others, or really anything else, just not heroes.
“That’s nice” was all she could say.
“ My pro-hero name is Recovery Girl, I help heroes when they get hurt fighting villains” RG
“ How does your healing quirk work?” asked Xochi.
“ Well, you see I can accelerate the natural healing process with a kiss. The thing is that I am able to control how much healing they receive, in order to prevent them from feeling fatigue. From what your grandmother has told me, your quirk can heal as well. But you see with my quirk, it is dependent on the life energy of the recipient. The literal opposite of yours. Mary (Xochi’s grandmother) has also told me that your quirk has great potential, you just need a little more experience.”
Xochi just nods her head, unsure of what to say, unsure of where this is going. She is intrigued by the fact that Ms. Shuzenji can control the amount of healing she can do.
Recovery Girl goes on “ Mary also told me that you have already finished your BS, that’s quite the feat for someone so young. She also told me that you been an excellent student and have already mastered the herbology and treated a few of your own patients”
“ I am not sure where you are going with this lady, I would rather you just get to the point” Xochi said impatiently.
Recovery Girl laughed, “ I see you're as impatient as Mary. Yes, let’s get to the point. I want you to come to Japan with me and work for me” As soon as she said that Xochi began to interrupt “oh thank you, but you see---”
“Oh yes Medusa, I know she is going to train you in two years. I actually think that’s a wonderful idea, her quirk is very similar to yours, I really do think she will be able to help you. But in the mean time, why don’t you come with me. You could also enroll in a University to help you with your studies”
“Well first of all, I am starting to think you guys are all in some secret illuminati society, since you all know each other, but yet no one seems to know about you. And second when do we leave?”
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2020.09.30 03:32 naturewalkss 34 [M4F] Dallas/US Looking to develop a long term, supportive, close friendship with possible romance.

Local Dating: It can take quite a bit of time and effort to form a substantial romantic connection in the local dating scene nowadays. Having to wade through dating apps, social functions, etc. all during a pandemic. Add in dealing with general dating obstacles and dating fatigue.
What I'm looking for: I'm mainly looking to develop an online long-term, supportive, close friendship where we can also feel free to be romantic and flirt until we find someone to be serious with locally. I'm thinking we can be kind of like a wingwoman/wingman for each other but with the freedom to also flirt and be romantic with each other.
I'm looking for something in the sweet spot between a casual and serious romantic connection since there is a low chance we will be local. I'm open to developing something more if there is strong enough chemistry and desire to pursue something long distance together or if we happen to live locally.
Looking for someone to share weekly intimate evening voice calls with and possibly some intimate texting here and there throughout the week as well. This is after we talk a bit and see if we have some friendship/romantic chemistry. I imagine the intimate time to be a way for both of us to look forward to something, unwind from the day together, relax, and enjoy each other's company. This can be with talking, comfortable silence, doing an activity together or separately.
Me: 6'2, asian/white mix, good looking, physically active and fit, enjoy eating a healthy diet and employing good habits. My mbti is a mix of INTJ/INFJ. I'm a mix of an old soul combined with being young at heart. Basically a combo of mature and silly. I'm very introverted and tend to be reserved with someone new until I feel more comfortable with them (especially in person). I have a college education and enjoy learning for the actual knowledge and skill of something; not to feed the ego.
Some of my traits: analytical, organized, creative, perceptive, emotionally intuitive, supportive, nonjudgmental, thoughtful listener.
Interests: Nature/Animals, Artistic/Aesthetically pleasing views, Beautiful landscapes/locations, Puzzley/Strategic Games, Mystery, Documentaries, Social Sciences: Psychology, Philosophy, History, Art History, Film History, Anthropology, Sociology, etc. Chilling and relaxing. Low-key activities.
We can also trade pictures and/or video cam if wanted after messaging a bit. There's a lot more I can share about myself but I'll save the rest for when we begin talking :)
Some requirements I'm looking for:
Introverted. Physically slim, slender, average, or fit. Conventionally good looking. Someone who has similar characteristics/traits/interests/outlook.
Extra Bonus Points: If you live in the Dallas area. Are a INTJ/INTP. Have any similar interests.
F.A.Q.: Why am I posting on Reddit? Because I'm an introvert and it's rare to meet other introverts on dating apps and social places. Reddit attracts a lot more introverted people.
Disclaimer: I will only select the best written responses to reply to as I don't have the time and energy to develop a connection with everyone that replies. I'm not expecting that many replies as this is a pretty specific and selective kind of post but I want to give a heads up that I will not respond to low effort messages.
I put a lot of time, thought, and effort into the posts I create on Reddit to try to attract the right kind of connection. Looking for someone that enjoys matching that kind of energy.
Finish Line: If you were able to read through all that, fit the requirements, and think we'd have a connection, send me a message that includes your asl, some information about you, what you connected on, and why you think we'd connect! Feel free to ask any questions as well!
Look forward to hearing from you! :)
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2020.09.30 03:05 ThrowRAsilentdepress My (36F) boyfriend (24M) have been living together, had to leave for a bit, now he’s “afraid” to talk to me and I’m trying to come home.

My boyfriend (maybe still?) has been silent. It’s complicated.
Joe (changed) is almost 25. I am 36F. Yes, age gap. We were friends and knew each other when he was about to turn 18 and I was still married. Through friends of friends. We played games online, he lived far away. When he was 18, my ex-husband ditched me and ran away. He was 20 when he convinced me we should date, because I felt terrible about the age gap. Honestly, I was pretty stunted in life by some very bad stuff that happened to me before that. I may have been aging but career and health and just everything sort of stopped years before that. It worked for us. I started to feel like I went through all that bad stuff to know when I found something amazing. That was Joe. He is my person. We dated long distance for two and a half years. His mother died during that time and his father was already gone. He found them both dead/dying. It was bad with his father, that was a serious issue clearly and he’d spent his life before his father passed depressed even as a kid. His mother was definitely beyond that. He started to behave like a delusional person, he refused to wear shoes and was lying about drinking, smoking, and doing other drugs. His house was a disaster covered in mold and he told me it was “so clean.” In spite of all this, I thought we were okay. Stupidly. Because I loved him so much and he told me he loved me too. Maybe two months after our last visit, when I needed his support most because I was dealing with a lot, he messaged he needed to break up with me and eventually when I was like WTF said that we’d talk in a month and there was no one else. Well fast forward a month he wouldn’t talk to me at first then finally did. He moved a new employee at work into his house when he dumped me. There was definitely another person! It took about seven months after that for them to break up and to talk to him again. They had even been “engaged” (“for the health insurance”) but he moved a maniac stranger in and it crashed and burned like anyone could have guessed. For almost three months, we talked daily and it seemed like he was getting better, realizing it was a huge mistake to do that and that we should be together again. Then suddenly, he texted he never loved me and didn’t want to be friends. During this time he called a not really ex (girl he hooked up with but never dated in high school) and she essentially moved in for a month. They called each other soulmate (he told me this) but it only lasted those few weeks or so before she left. He brushed it off as she was the perfect girl but they weren’t in love at all, just messing with each other or something. That they were too much like the same person. He also had a short fling with a girl who picked him up as he was running home from the gym. He dumped this one because “she was sweet, but so dumb.” Then he got a letter I’d written to him saying that I could not have misunderstood and that we loved each other and even if his feelings changed, it was wrong to overwrite all of that. And at this point, last year, I was able to leave my living situation. Now I live in my RV. So I was able to go see him in person. Seemed like we were going to get back together but he said no, he didn’t want to and didn’t like me like that, didn’t want to date. The thing is, we’d already had dates that were flirty, romantic, it is obvious I wanted him back, I’d said as much, and he went along. So by December we started having sex again and at first he said we weren’t dating but yeah, come on, we were. By February he decided to quit his job and come along with me in the RV. Oh and I had the label “girlfriend” again. Then come March, you all know what happened. We never officially launched from his house (we celebrated my birthday in March on a trip but returned to his place and never got to leave like planned) but he did have me move into his place. At first I just stayed there but then I put the RV into storage for a bit. We took two trips, one in may and one in July. The May one was terrible (he was so afraid of COVID and got into a mood and really kind of made it not fun) but the July one was great. He told me all through the July trip how much fun he was having. We were happy. It was nice. We got back, because he kept insisting we come back to his house (which is still a mess and in need of repair), and he started to really fall apart. He wanted alone time but now I was having trouble finding a place nearby to stay in my RV so I ended up putting it back into storage. I stayed in the bedroom barely leaving so he could feel alone for two weeks. Then I lost it and was like I’m not a cave troll. Then he of course felt more depressed because he was treating me so shitty. I was trying to be calm and patient but it was not easy since any emotions or reactions (or lack of!) could trigger him to go from a dark mood to a puddle of depression and blame it on me. This was spiraling like crazy already then I found out my mom had a cancerous tumor on her tongue. The general consensus was that I should go see her. I didn’t want to go, I don’t get along with my parents after a lifetime of abuse and neglect, but I also didn’t want my mom to die or something and I didn’t see her (not her first cancer). I asked him to come with me and he said he would but he still needed alone time to reset and work on his depression and having me around was too “stressful” because... I dunno my existence makes it harder to get un-depressed because it’s somehow all my fault and he doesn’t love me and doesn’t want to be with me. When he’s moody he says some terrible stuff. So I reluctantly made the drive to see my parents. I was very scared about seeing my parents and also very scared of leaving Joe. I didn’t want him to dump me, blame me, kill himself, cheat on me... just... I mean obviously I have some issues, even my ex husband just up and ran.
So about two weeks after I left his house in August, he seemingly complained about only eating cheese. I misunderstood this I guess because I sent him the groceries (yep, paying for everything cause he quit his job to come with me and that was the arrangement though it also included him figuring out remote ways to make money) and was like you told me to send cheese wtf. Then he was “explaining” how eating only cheese was because he stopped caring about not being lazy or something. But meanwhile I was like “I did a bad job at my job” and sort of WTF’ed at him. Then he said “stop infantilizing” him. Wow that was wrong, because instead of trying to keep my cool when he says offensive stuff, I started an anxiety fest of “you’re probably going to move someone else in and throw all my stuff away.” Not my best self. I’m human though, and I would think he could understand it and just reassure me or even say nothing. Nope. He said, “don’t you understand that you’re literally my only option and it is physically killing me?”
I did not take this well. I’m ashamed to admit I got angry, said I’m not even sure what, but I didn’t mean it. Like I jumped to I’ll come collect my things soon and calling him a cowardly asshole for lying to me that it was safe for me to leave and how dare he blame me for everything while I spend my money to support him. And that was the nicest of it. I was crying and trying to take it back but he kept pouring gasoline from there because he did say stuff like “I haven’t felt right since [the return of me in his life]” and how he doesn’t want to be with me and never has.
Eventually we petered out and it seemed like maybe we’d just reconcile later. He did seem to realize that he was behaving badly and blaming (he does that often later, realizing he’s behaved badly to me in spite of it not really being my fault). The next day, I was still dwelling on the groceries and ended up ordering him a bunch of groceries. But he wasn’t answering and said to leave him alone for a while... I increasingly tried to contact him to get the delivery. He was mad that I hadn’t listened to him but I tried to explain I didn’t mean for it to turn into a big thing, I was just sending groceries I knew he needed. Okay. My screw up. I left him alone for a few days and send him a bonsai plant with a note that I love him and can’t wait to come back to see him. He texted the next day that he really lost it and had been crying over it. He didn’t deserve it. I said you’re wonderful and worthwhile. He said I’m wrong. We chatted over text about more neutral stuff for a bit longer. I asked if we could keep watching the Netflix binge we were on and he said maybe. He said after the plant that he was “scared” to talk to me. But we were texting. Shit in my parents’ house was amplifying and I was ready to go back home to Joe even if he wasn’t talking much. He stopped answering the phone and would only text. So I texted. Then he stopped responding to texts. Still spending my money so he wasn’t dead. But no answer for three weeks. In that time I texted “now my dad has cancer” which is true and why I didn’t leave already before that. My mother wanted me to stay for months / indefinitely to care for them and I completely freaked and said no sorry and left even though my dad’s surgery is tomorrow. Joe hasn’t responded and I stopped trying for a while. But I left their house on Sunday and I’m due to Joe’s tomorrow. I called like five times today. First time in weeks. I texted saying I don’t know if he’s ignoring or I’m blocked but please respond. He said “I am extremely afraid to talk to you. I’m sorry” I texted back “what does that mean” and he’s said nothing. Now in all that “I hate my life” stuff in the fight he still said he cares about me and wanted to see me. He has a bunch of my stuff.
I can’t figure out what the fuck. I need to coordinate parking the RV. I want to stay in the house with him and get him into therapy. I actually wrote a letter about that, that he’s my partner and I love him and I hate this depression and he needs professional help now. That I will support him. I know he got it but don’t know if he read it. It was one page. He still texted with me after the letter. I love him. He is my person. I have apologized and said I didn’t mean any of that stuff. I’ll keep apologizing. But this silence, what does he think this is doing? Is he done with me? Are we broken up? Has he found someone else and doesn’t want to tell me? If that’s the case why has he just been spending my money without responding? Like I would have sent him some groceries while he figured out a job but he hasn’t made any communication attempts about anything. He has only said he’s trying to clean up and do things like care for his garden, yo-yo (he’s been doing this for years), play ukulele, learn more cardistry, and not go online so he can do a “dopamine reset” or whatever.
All of this sounds like red flags everywhere, I know, but I started dating him five years ago knowing that he had to catch up with experiences and maturity and that we’d really have to grow together. I also knew he struggled with depression. The times when he’s coping even a little, we have fun! I have a plethora of pictures of us smiling and happy and videos of him being silly and playing around with me. Voice recordings of us having weird conversations. Just, like plenty of “evidence” that what we have is real. And what is happening with him is severe depression rearing its head. He needs therapy and has refused for a long time. Please help me out here. I want to go there and stay and fix things face to face. I can only guess at his behavior right now. I’m afraid he’ll be mad if I just show up but I can’t talk to him to communicate about it. I also think that if I keep walking on eggshells for his depression I’m enabling this behavior and he’ll never get better and will for sure be done with me.
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2020.09.30 02:39 Dependent_Same Need help voicing my opinion

My boyfriend and I have been dating for a few months, but our relationship is intense. We talk non-stop, we talk so much that both of our sleep schedules changed, we run out of things to talk about. But no matter what we make each other laugh so hard. Anyways, I’ve never had much of an opinion with anything, or at least not one to share. When I was growing up, every time I’d get asked for my opinion, I would give it, but then it would get put down, criticized and made fun of. Therefore I turned into a “people pleaser” in a sense. I don’t like to give out my opinion, no matter what it’s on. I will just go along with what the people around me say/do. In a sense I don’t really think for myself. My boyfriend has recently noticed this, and he has been trying to push me to voice my opinion more. But I don’t know how anymore. What do I do?
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2020.09.30 02:30 cupcookie235 my (20f) online/long distance boyfriend (23m) revealed he was a catfish

please keep judgements to yourself, i'm only asking for advice.
some background info; boyfriend (we'll call him Tim before he revealed himself) and i have been dating for almost a year, voice called very regularly, spent literally every day all day talking to eachother on discord, i video called with tim regularly however he refused every time saying he was too insecure (yes, i realise this was literally so obvious he was a catfish, however, i was really in love and willing to give him the benefit of the doubt).
this went on for about 11 or so months until yesterday. we got into a fight which he was in the wrong for and i begged to see him, and i guess the guilt about everything got to him and he came clean. his name is not tim, different ethnicity, different age and birthday, and where he lived was different, and more.
i really need advice. its hard to let him go. i hate him but I still want to talk to him all the time. i miss tim so much and it feels like im mourning someone and i guess i am because i fell in love with tim's looks and his personality and now most of him is gone. now this stranger who has the same personality as my boyfriend has replaced him and im having a hard time comprehending everything.
what do i do? has anyone else been through this? most of our relationship we just messaged/voice called so we didnt rely on looks or video chat. is it shallow to get rid of him completely? i feel like i need to keep in contact to heal and find out the truth but at the same time i know that blocking is usually the way to go here.
tldr: online boyfriend revealed he was a catfish after fight yesterday. ive just been crying and trying to comprehend everything. i need advice, how to move forward
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2020.09.30 02:15 Dog-Lick-Gink Ⓙ Rebrand: Touch (30th Sep to 6th Oct, 2020) A detailed track choice rationale...

weekly playlist artwork showcase with accompanying description/theme
Ⓙ Rebrand is a 1 hour long curated Spotify playlist with new music, artwork and theme/title each week. This post details a song choice rationale for each track in this week’s Ⓙ Rebrand playlist in chronological order. Other information provided includes specific genre, production quality, artistic choices and potential applications for songs. All past weekly “Rebrand” playlists are saved on my Spotify profile and if you come across this post outside of the event date and want access to the relevant playlist, here is a link to the Ⓙ Rebrand: Touch (30/09/20) playlist, of which the following content is relevant.
Announcement (and disclaimer) for the homies: This is a massive week with a brand new tune from The Doppelgangaz, a decent sized hip hop segment and a strong theme curation. I have included some slower, more moody songs at the front end, followed by a larger hip-hop segment (in comparison to usual) and only 4 house/tech-house tracks at the end. I have taken a lot of care in planning this weeks curation, but due to limits of my time on the day of publication and the fact of my wanting to keep somewhat cloaked on the net for all of eternity, I have limited my descriptions on these tracks this week, but I do believe while they may warrant more recognition, they speak for themselves. This weekly Rebrand content is a marketing development personal growth project of mine to increase skills useful for my career, as well as express myself both artistically and personally. I hope this both shares something about me and gives you some interesting music to consume this week. Please note, the presence of a "Ⓙ" symbol next to the track title in the following descriptions denotes the importance to either the theme or strong personal significance.
My song choice rationale and track descriptions:
We’ve Never Met but Can We Have a Cup of Coffee or Something - In Love With a Ghost: [Genres: kawaii future bass, lo-fi beats] A nice introduction track by a personal favourite artist of mine. Not all of their discography is good, especially some of the newer stuff, but their top tracks are all pretty decent.
Unfold - Alina Baraz, Galimatias: Ⓙ [Genres: etherpop, alternative R&B, pop, electropop] A fitting track for the theme. This is a very sensual song, that is on theme for many reasons. These gorgeous pop songs certainly grow on you quickly. I've heard this song 36 times so it's worn off a bit after two and a half hours, but that wasn't all in one hit if you feel me. Stats taken from LastFM. Alina Baraz has a total of 275 scrobbles at the time of this publication.
Touch (feat . Paul Williams) - Daft Punk, Paul Williams: Ⓙ [Genres: mellow gold, soft rock, adult standards, folk rock, bubblegum pop, brill building pop, classic rock, electro, filter house] This particular song provided the inspiration for the week's theme and title. I love this whole album (Random Access Memories, by Daft Punk) and it won a Grammy award for best engineered album of the year back in 2013 or 2014 following its release. It’s not only mastered and produced exceptionally well, but it’s a work of genius art from the group. If you haven’t heard it and you have this idea of what Daft Punk are in your head, then you should give this album a listen. It’s not all what you would expect from the duo. This album is very important to me so please note that I may be somewhat biased, but I imagine that this is worthwhile content to anyone who not only enjoys music, but can still feel the art in this world. Peace.
Through the Eyes of a Child - AURORA: Ⓙ [Genres: Art Pop, Electropop, Folktronica, Synth-pop, Baroque pop] This is such a great meditative song with themes also relevant to this week's topic. It's a beautiful artistic description of the world, sung through a passionate voice that has to hit home when calmly listened to. There are some beautiful harmonies and vocal skill flaunted in this song. I've added it to a playlist that I very slowly and carefully build to accommodate similar such pieces. It's called: Ⓙ Frisson Fantasia. This is the kind of music that gives you goosebumps because it feels familiar to you and brings on sudden strong feeling(s) of excitement and/or fear. I would also like to note that I was also really keen to put a track called "Runaway" on this week's playlist (had I not limited it to 1 hour long). It's off the same album "All My Demons Greeting Me as a Friend" by AURORA, released in 2014. This album also being considered for an AOTW feature.
Limerence - Yves Tumor: Ⓙ [Genres: art pop, escape room, chamber psych, freak folk] This interlude is kind of a sad one in terms of content, but again, I really like the dynamic and representation of time and a pair's real relationship being recorded and used for music. For some reason it really gets me, but I have used it as an interlude between the slower first half of the playlist and the latter more upbeat section that follows. This track also reminds us about sharing and social media. The evidence of leaving a digital trail so to speak. Relatable content.
Nightgowns - Tom Misch, Loyle Carner: [Genres: london rap, jazz pop, indie soul, uk alternative hip hop, indie r&b] Yeah, I have been enjoying Tom Misch lately and this hip hop tune is just so flash. Real smooth and groovy. For me this speaks about the troubles of love. There is a lot of relationship and love related content in this weeks list. A lot can be understood through music, if you let it guide you.
Datskat - The Roots: [Genres: political hip hop, conscious hip hop, philly rap, alternative hip hop, east coast hip hop, hardcore hip hop, neo soul] This album was brought to my attention via the track “Mellow My Man” suggested to me (<3 RJ) but I gravitated towards this track and the snare in this album just pops, turn it up homies. This tracks sound is really poppin'... it has to be the sound of the original hip hop culture that I have come to gravitate to. They are creative with their sound, style and lyrics. The flow is similar to that of a freestyle session and jazzy nature of this sound suits it well. There's a little Jazz solo at the end for the homies who want to spit their own rhymes, oh my, it's an all round keeper folks.
A Paris - Jazz Liberatorz: [Genres: jazz rap, hip hop] Jazz Liberatorz are another mob that I’m sure the gang can get around. I love the way this group compose music, it's always super stylish but unique. This track can also be used as a freestyle groove to follow on from the previous end to Datskat. I'm proud of this transition and this hip-hop segment in general. It's right on the money.
Fire W Fye - The Doppelgangaz: [Genres: jazz boom bap, soul flow, underground rap, alternative hip hop] This track was released this week. I would have to say that The Doppelgangaz are my current favourite alternative hip-hop group and this track has some differences to their district sound that might take some getting used to, but we have to pay respect to them. I love The Doppelgangaz style, it can be hard to understand and fully interpret without a lot of focus and concentration, plus the grooves are mostly really good. If you're new to this artist then please don't take this tracks sound as your only introduction to them, go give their hits a try. Being a big fan of this group, I had to put this heavier alt-rap banger on here at the end of the hip hop segment. I have to admit this seems like an aggressive track, and having been a new release I haven't spent much time with it, but I'm sure it'll grow on me.
Pulse - Maya Jane Coles: [Genres: uk house, deep disco house, minimal tech house, electra, deep house, house, electronica, microhouse] Yes, more Maya Jane Cole is being features, but trust me, it was the most suiting choice in comparison with some of the other tunes in the potential lineup. Pulse is a real mellow, groovy tune to start off the dance party vibes. I’m really digging this style and sound, very comforting and wholesome. I’m pretty sure the lyrics are “Don’t cry… don’t turn a manic down”...? This tracks sound is the equivalent a warming goo dancing its way into your ears and causing you to start moving...
Something In The Air - Bonobo Remix - Maya Jane Coles, Bonobo: [Genres: uk house, deep disco house, minimal tech house, electra, deep house, house, electronica, microhouse, downtempo, jazztronica, ninja] Getting slightly more “techy” now as we creep in to a tasty MJC/Bonobo colab. Just over 6 minutes of relaxing, house soundscape which I think really has some nice touches to it. This is the style of house that you imagine sitting in a high-end underground, pool-side party in the sun with quietly tracking in ambience. Rating Maya James Cole, can I stress this enough? Haha.
I Ain’t Gonna Be the First to Cry - Bob Moses: [Genres: canadian house, canadian electronic, indie soul, tropical house] Keeping things rolling with another more mellow tech-house track. I love the intro and the progression of this. It’s slower tempo, which I know a lot of people can find more relatable and therefore enjoy more. This whole album is great, but I’m slowly adding all the favourites to the Ⓙ Rebrand Archive 2020. Just "a link in my chain" of many songs homies. I like the feeling of this one and the sound is on point too. A nice melodic guitar lick and a groovy, slower beat, which gets a faster spin on it towards the end.
Grounded - George Kwali: [Genre: brighton indie tech-house] So, I had to put at least one tech banger on, because shit’s not all sad and slow in the world. This tech-house tune rocks hard, putting a fat smile on my face and gets the head boppin'. Only a few minutes long, but it has a nice dynamic with the use of a recording, a story-like engagement, then it keeps the energy present. Very well done. I rate this track but it is probably going to stick out like a penis in a paddock in this playlist.
fuck, i miss you - futino: [Genres: japanese chillhop, lo-fi beats] Another, spoken word, monologue style piece that I have enjoyed for several months now. It does address the complexity of relationships, but most of all expresses love and the feeling of not being able to engage in it. Something I’m sure we all feel to one degree of another during this time of isolation. Miss all the homies. Less than three. Ⓙ
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2020.09.30 02:12 Dog-Lick-Gink Ⓙ Rebrand: Depth (23rd to 29th Sep, 2020) A detailed track choice rationale...

Ⓙ Rebrand: Depth (23rd to 29th Sep, 2020) A detailed track choice rationale...
weekly playlist artwork showcase with accompanying description/theme
Ⓙ Rebrand is a 1 hour long curated Spotify playlist with new music, artwork and theme/title each week. This post details a song choice rationale for each track in this week’s Ⓙ Rebrand playlist in chronological order. All past weekly “Rebrand” playlists are saved on my Spotify profile and if you come across this post outside of the date in the post title, here is a link to the Ⓙ Rebrand: Depth (23/09/20) playlist of which the following content is relevant.
  • Title/Theme: Depth
  • Length: 1 hour and 2 Minutes
  • Number of tracks: 13
  • Theme accompanied description: To attain depth (the quality of being intense or extreme), it takes commitment.
  • Genres this week: Organic electronic, deep disco house, minimal tech house, organic electronic, jazz fusion, alternative metal, Australian alternative rock, melodic metalcore, new wave pop, alt-rock/pop punk, british jazz pop and indie soul.
  • The Ⓙ Rebrand playlist is organised into genres (within the Spotify app). If you can't see these labels in your app: go to Settings>DisplayOptions>Show unavailable songs ☑ )
Song choice rationale and track descriptions:
Dissociative - Traf: [Genre: organic electronic] This track has been sitting in the Ⓙ Rebrand Archive 2020 since the start of the month now and I think it deserves to be shared. This song ticks some boxes for me in terms of both an uplifting and exciting sound as well as having elements groovy synth to it. As I have listened to a lot of synthwave and organic electronic this track vibes well on both fronts while also pulling in some chill guitar riffs into the mix. It’s just an easy going starter to the playlist this week, but it sets the mood for some faster paced songs to follow.
Phill Callings - Aquarius Heaven: [Genres: deep disco house, german house] So, this week I have decided to feature another track by Brian Brewster aka: “Aquarius Heaven” and I’m still “frothing” this vibe. It’s experimental house music with roots in reggae and dancehall featuring a hip-hop singer with colours of the Caribbean in his voice. IMO the other track on this EP (Work That Body) is nowhere near as good. This track is the one I would have featured last week and I’m still loving it; so after mentioning there might be more AH featured, this is the one. I have also set this track as my “current obsession” on GinkoMusic LastFM as well as placed it in Ⓙ Ginko’s Obsessions.
What They Say - Maya Jane Coles: [Genres: uk house, deep disco house, minimal tech house, electra, deep house, house, electronica, microhouse] This is straight up one of the most groovy and catchy tracks in the line-up. Hard not to be moved by this one (unless of course you can’t hear or you have a hole in your heart). Now this is the most popular track on Spotify by the artist: Maya Jane Coles, but I have to say it was a hard pick between this and Simple Things which is also on the same album: What They Say EP but I figured, it’s the opening track and it’s the main track on the album. If you dig this sound, I’d encourage you to suss out the rest of the album. There were a lot of tracks I had to choose from in the Maya Jane Coles catalogue, but I’ll be tempted to keep them in the rotations throughout the week.
Delta - Solace Remix - Katl June, Solanca: [Genres: progressive house, organic house] This is a Solanca remix of the original track by Katl June. It's another one of those tracks that isn’t really that “exciting” but I think it has its place in providing a good ambient soundscape that promotes productivity and commitment to the task(s) you’re doing. Not much of a feature but a nice chill house track with uplifting vibes that I think still has merit. It actually works well as a bit of a palate cleanser in the playlist.
Jorge - Satori Remix - Acid Pauli, Satori: [Genres: organic electronic, ethnotronica, organic house, organic electronic, organic house, microhouse, deep euro house, minimal techno, tech house] Another track that has a phenomenal introduction worth my kudos. This is the soundtrack to the artwork this week, a futuristic world that still functions well, but has some downfalls. It’s some pretty stylish house music if you ask me, but each to their own.
Back to the Basics - AW: [Genre: tech-house] So, back in April this year I featured a similar track in Rebrand “Back to Basics” by KVPV, in Ⓙ Rebrand 29/04/20 but I think I like this version better. Not only am I enjoying AW’s very limited and underground discography, but this track has more of the sounds I like in it; drumming, hard tech-house style and some quality mastering.
My House - Joe Jackson: [Genres: Jazz fusion, dance rock, art rock, mellow gold, new wave pop, new romantic, pub rock, soft rock] I hate to have to put a Joe Jackson track in Rebrand, but I’ve been digging this one lately and I think he makes some good music. I know I’m mostly going to be alone here, so no offence if this track gets skipped, but I am including quite a lot more nostalgic tracks this week, so it might not be enjoyed by everyone. I love the lyrics "one of these days I'm gonna smash somebody's car and smash the coppers face, as they take me away, but I gotta go home now" - It really captures the feelings a lot of people have when they keep emotions bottled up until one day they just snap...
You - Breaking Benjamin: [Genres: alternative metal, post-grunge, nu metal] This song expresses the mistakes the singer has made while living a life of drug abuse and in doing so, took his lover for granted. This song expresses the sorrow and contrition of the singer for setting such a terrible example and making these mistakes. I really enjoy singing this track and I chose it mostly for that reason. It is a track I have always loved.
All I Know - Karnivool: [Genres: Australian alternative rock, djent, alternative metal, progressive metal] I have been a fan of Karnivool for many years now and this song is somewhat dear to my heart. I’ve been getting a lot out of this song lately and it’s got some really nice melodies to sing along to. I just love the bridge in this track too (it starts at half way). It's one of the grooviest things you'll hear, featuring off-beat drumming and ambient guitar… gives me goosebumps. This track has been on high rotation the past week. It's a very nice song folks.
Louder Voice - Fit For A King: [Genres: melodic Christian metalcore, deathcore, post-screamo] I wanted to feature one track off the album The Path by Fit For A King which was released in full this past week. This song has an acceptable intro, which makes the transition into the genre easier, but the song is pretty full-on both lyrically and musically. It covers the topic of experiencing cognitive dissonance around letting love back into your life while struggling with multiple voices or outlooks on the matter.
Somebody’s Watching Me - Single Version - Rockwell: [Genres: new wave pop, dance rock, new romantic, new wave, synthpop, soft rock, disco, europop, mellow gold, motown] There are a few nostalgic tunes in this week’s playlist. This one reminds me of the days when I was first getting into dance music, listening to Ministry of Sound. I can’t imagine there would be too many people who would skip this old banger of a synth track. There’s a reason it was popular and as much as we love hearing new songs, there’s always a place for nostalgia and music is so powerful in delivering it. For anyone interested, the BeatFreakz version of this track is the one featured on Ministry of Sound's: Sessions Three, released in 2006, but I currently like the Rockwell Single version better; BeatFreaks trashed the mastering in their version, but if I want to tap into that true nostalgia, the BeatFreaks version hits the spot.
crushcrushcrush - Paramore: [Genres: alt-rock, candy pop, pixie, pop punk, pop emo] Yeah, another early 2000’s tune. I got right into this album again the past week and it was pulling some nostalgic strings for me. This was probably one of my favourite Paramore songs back in the day and I have enjoyed bringing it back this week.
Julie Mangos - Tom Misch, Yussef Dayes: [Genres: British jazz pop, indie soul] I really like this quirky little track off the new album: What Kinda Music by Tom Misch (multi-instrumentalist) and Yussef Dayes (drummeproducer). This particular track resonated with me because I like the dynamic chosen to convey a little story. It’s personal, but it’s also really nice to just get a snippet of two friends' lives. The music changes with the perceived emotion of the participants in the conversation recorded. Very exciting shit homies. I didn’t leave this track to last because it’s my least favourite of the set; I positioned it here because it sets me up with such a good mood when I listen to it, I hoped it would end the playlist in a really nice way for everyone. If you enjoy it, I encourage you to bang on the rest of the album. Also featured in Ⓙ Album of the week until next Wednesday. It’s a great, ambient album; suggested to me by a close friend and I rate this experimental style highly. The drumming in this album is quite phenomenal really, groovy shit. It’s a good, chill listen... Check it out.
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2020.09.30 01:57 Hehateme626 A lot of first dates, almost no second dates, what's going on?

The title says it all really. I'm an attractive guy, 6'1, pretty successful for my age and yet I can never get past the first date. I've had plenty of hookups too from these first dates so they can't be going that bad. Also, I don't really care about hookups. Like sex is great and I'll partake when it makes sense (and there's consent ofc) if I'm single, but I've had one serious relationship in my life that lasted a year and it made me so happy. I just want that specific type of happiness again, even though I'm thriving in life while single right now (and that's not cope, I 100% mean that).
There are few ideas I have for why that is, I'd love to hear what y'all think, even if it's not listed here.
Anyway, what do y'all think? Is there anything above that stands out? Would love to hear any tips you may have!!
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2020.09.30 01:56 notjp520 [Open - Riverlands] Court of Harrenhal 383 AC

24th Day of 3rd Month, 383 AC
The towers were the first sign they were close. It was a cloudy night when they decided to set up camp but atop their hill, Jirelle could make out a bit of the castle in the moonlight. After all this time, she was finally returning home. It was a weird feeling in so many ways that it was hard to describe all of it. A warm happiness of nostalgia mixed with a chilling bite of what, or rather who wouldn't be waiting for her and it was all covered by a layer of nervous fear for the unknown. It was all the more frustrating that such feelings barely scratched the surface.
The night came and went despite her internal pleading to the gods for the sun to never rise. The caravan packed up and continued on their way. By midday, they were riding onto Harrenhal, welcomed by a patrol. Jirelle greeted them formally, having ridden up to the front of the caravan by then. Benjicot was by her side and gave her a reassuring nod anytime she turned her head. The walls grew abover her until she was through them, crossing the threshold into her home for the first time in over a year, since burying her brother.
The stares were surprising. Jirelle wondered if there would be cheering or sideway glances with murming of excitement. Yet, whatever task the smallfolk, servants, and guards of the castle were doing when she emerged into the courtyard was suddenly meaningless. They all simply stared at her as she continued riding in until she reached the stable. An apparently unlucky squire cleared his throat and she snapped out of her insecure haze. Quickly, Jirelle dismounted and gathered her dress before meeting Benjicot at the entrance to the castle.
"Ready, my lady?" Benjicot asked, hand up in front of the guards ready to open the large doors. Jirelle said nothing but nodded, picking her head up and staring straight ahead, ready for whatever was to come.
The Great Hall of Harrenhal was well-known throughout Westeros' history. It hosted the Great Council of 101, holding almost the entire realm's lords and ladies for the proceedings. Then, it served as a citadel during the Dance of Dragons and again during the War of the Five Kings. Most recently, it substituted King's Landing as the Royal Court while stopping Daena Targaryen and her monstrous army. What the histories failed to mention was how empty it felt when the Lord or Lady of Harrenhal held their own court and how one's voice echoed off the cavernous walls.
Jirelle sat atop the dais with Benjicot in a chair at the foot of the stairs leading up to her seat. He had Echo out in his hand, flipping it absent-mindedly as the lords and ladies of the Riverlands gathered into the hall. Once everyone was inside, Jirelle cleared her throat and rose from her seat.
"Welcome to Harrenhal!" Jirelle announced loudly, likely more loudly than needed. She shirked back for a moment but then continued in a more measured tone. "Thank you for stopping here before you return to your homes. As enjoyable as the Marked Bale was, it's not of the Riverlands and the Riverlands is exactly where I plan to be from now on. While you're all here, I hope you will request any aid you need, inquire as to anything of import on your mind, and, for those who wish to, formally introduce which of your kin will be courting me in the coming months."
As Jirelle took a breath, there was a tenuous pause. It was strange to be so open about the ordeal but Jirelle had decided long ago that this was how she would handle it.
"Being wed and ensuring I have an heir is at the forefront of my plans," Jirelle explained. "However, while diligent in my search, I shall be prudent as well. You all deserve the best Lord Consort as I do the best husband. When I decide, likely a few moons from now, I shall announce a feast and tourney to celebrate the occasion."
Jirelle paused once more, looking out over the crowd to see the reactions and demeanor of her bannermen. They wouldn't all be so kind for long but, hopefully, she could enjoy their polite smiles at the moment. Finally, Jirelle smiled at them all and declared, "So, with that out of the way, I shall hear your petitions."
[M] Court Thread of Harrenhal for the Year of 383 AC
I plan on using this thread for the official going-on's of Harrenhal during this in-game year. If you want a more private conversation, a separate post would be more appropriate. Otherwise, there will also be a separate thread for Side-RP for non-Jirelle related RP. I only ask you put the date at the beginning of the RP to indicate when it's happening.
Another note...if anyone is interested in doing some fun RP that may lead to more region-storybuilding, feel free to submit a comment as a member of the smallfolk coming to petition Jirelle! I've seen this be done before and it can be a lot of fun. No pressure if not, though, and just shoot me a heads up beforehand on discord if you were hoping for something specific to come out of it. Again, much appreciated if you can add a date onto the beginning of the thread.
Sorry for the long addition, RP away!
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2020.09.30 01:27 Aghayden 30 Quick Tips For Attracting Women

  1. If you're going to use Tinder, use the app Photofeeler to get actual women to rate your pictures so you can find out which ones are attractive to women.
  2. If you live in a big city, join your local game global group to find wingmen that you can go out with to meet women.
  3. Make your intentions clear sooner rather than later. You can do this by simply saying, "You're actually kind of cute." at some point. This will prevent you from getting stuck in the friend zone and also shows a lot of confidence which is in itself, attractive.
  4. To get good pictures for dating apps, go meet a friend for a photoshoot and take at least 100 pictures of each other. Most of them will suck, but a few will be really good. Most high-end phones from the last few years can take good enough pictures.
  5. Don't leave meeting women up to chance. Set a goal for going out x times per week and stick to it. Treat this like you would any other skill you want to develop - fitness, learning an instrument, etc. If you don't make a commitment to yourself, you probably won't take any action whatsoever.
  6. Remember that fortune favors the bold, every girl you don't ask out is rejecting you by default. Every girl you do ask out might say yes.
  7. Getting into better shape will be good for your self-image, and it definitely won't hurt your attractiveness to women. Just make sure you don't use "getting ripped" as an excuse to procrastinate on trying to meet women until you meet some mythical goal in the distant future.
  8. If you feel proud of the way you're living your life, women will feel it too. Having hobbies and following your passions in life will change the way you carry yourself and make you significantly more attractive. Read good books, be physically active, learn new skills, these won't only improve your life in general, but they'll improve your dating prospects as well.
  9. Join local groups on the website meetup.com as a way to socialize and meet new people. Some cities will have singles groups you can use as a way to practice flirting.
  10. Pay attention to the way you talk to girls. You may notice that you speak in a higher pitch, and you talk faster. This generally makes you come across as less confident. If this is the case, make a point to add pauses, speak slower, and lower your voice. You can use the app Vocular to practice this consciously.
  11. Read the Art of Seduction by Robert Greene. It's a dark book, and it has a lot of manipulation in it, but it also has many deep insights into the psychology behind what makes people fall in love. After reading the book, you will have a much stronger understanding of how to seduce someone.
  12. If you have approach anxiety, start by simply saying hello to girls as you walk by them. That will be easier than a committed approach. Then, once you're used to greeting girls as they walk by, take the next step by approaching a girl and asking her if she knows anywhere good to get food nearby. Once you've done that a few times, you'll eventually reach a point where you're comfortable enough talking to strangers that you'll be able to approach a girl with a direct line like, "I thought you looked interesting, and I had to meet you."
  13. Don't think you have to touch a girl or tease a girl to get a date with her. The only thing you need to do is invite her to hang out with you again; focus on doing that consistently before you worry about anything else.
  14. If you approach multiple women in a short span, you will build something called social momentum. Social momentum is a state of increased confidence in which you stop overthinking and fully trust your instincts. Getting into this state can completely change your perception of yourself. The next tips are key signs that a girl is attracted to you:
  15. She laughs even when you don't say something very funny.
  16. She fills in conversational gaps by asking you questions.
  17. She talks quickly and with a higher pitch than usual.
  18. She touches her hair repeatedly.
  19. She touches you - this one is less common than the others, but it's a very good sign.
  20. Being aware of the signs a girl will give you that she's attracted is helpful, but every girl is different, and the only way to know for sure if someone likes you is to ask her on a date, invite her back to your place, or go for the kiss.
  21. You don't need to have a different kind of conversation with a girl to attract her. You can talk just like you would with your friends. The only difference is that you show your intent at some point and take the lead.
  22. Picking up women should be fun. If you're taking yourself too seriously, women won't find your energy attractive. Make fun of yourself. Make fun of the girls you talk to. Smile, laugh, be playful.k
  23. Game is a skill, but luck plays a significant role, too. If you approach ten girls, there's a high chance that one of them will happen to find you charming, or maybe she just broke up with her boyfriend and is looking for a fling. The more charismatic you are, the higher the percentages will be, but luck will always play a key role, and it's essential to play the numbers game in your favor.
  24. If a girl gives you choosing signals, make sure to approach her. But if, in general, you wait for women to give you clear signs of interest before approaching, you'll probably turn that into an excuse to avoid approaching anyone.
  25. Women enjoy sex more than men. Don't think of sex as something you're trying to get; think of it as a type of value you're offering. This mindset will increase your confidence.
  26. If you want to take online dating seriously, it's worth paying a professional photographer for a photo shoot. High-quality photos can make the difference between women rating you as a 4 and a 9.5. I'm not exaggerating; the difference between the best and worst ratings my pictures get on Photofeeler is more than 5 points.
  27. If you want to become wittier or more charismatic, one of the best sources available is standup comedy specials. Watching them will help you understand humor on a deep level.
  28. If you're struggling to get any dates, honestly ask yourself if anyone else would be getting dates taking the actions you're taking? Are you really trying, or are you thinking too much and not putting yourself out there enough?
  29. Give yourself credit for small wins. A lot of guys think everything other than getting laid is a failure. This will lead you to lose motivation. Instead, be proud of yourself for approaching a girl, for making a woman laugh, for getting a number, every small step in the right direction is a win - it's critical to remember that.
  30. Don't take the decision to get into a relationship lightly. Many men learn about pickup and get into relationships with women that they don't have a great connection with, and they end up getting married and having children with the wrong person. Have very high standards for yourself when it comes to making that commitment because you will spend much of your free time with your significant other.
If you liked this article, you can find more of content like this on my YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC4kTcVi-b_9qQnMCRG9WggA
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2020.09.30 01:18 Puritykill Men/male lurkers I have the solution for your bad dates!

(Please read this with a bit of humor) ;)
Men are you:
Well all the solutions can be easily solved! It will save you energy! it will save you time! it will save you money! AND THE SOLUTION IS FREE!
We all know that you want a girl that is beautiful, smart, caring etc, but why do you want to find it out on the first date when you can find it out by texting them or calling them? Don't spend time, money and effort in trying to date 5 girls a month! Why would you go out every time when you can sit at home, relax and take time to look at profiles that you really like and do other stuff that you like?
Stop swiping everyone to the right! That is like shooting a gun every second in the hope to get one good shot. Don't waste your ammunition! Be smart and selective! Don't pay for the unlimited like option! Why waste that money when you can buy a good beer with it?
So now you have started to swipe only the girls you like, you say to me: ''But voice of the internet, now I get less matches!'' Yes you get less matches, but come on, were any of those matches you got any really good? You started talking to a girl you didn't had 100% intrest in, and she noticed that, so she moved on. Now it is time to move on for you too for a prize you really want and deserve!
Now you don't waste time to swipe every girl on the right, you save energy and time. You don't get depressed by all your matches deleting you, and you don't have to take part in these boring messages any more. Also less matches means less rejections ;) And now you don't have to go on a date every Sunday. Now you don't have to miss any sports!
Now the next tip is: The matches you do get, don't ask them for a date in the first 2 days! You hardly know this girl! ''But voice of the internet! I want to know her better!'' Well dear person, talk to her on the phone than! Call her! Text her! Maybe you find out after a few phone calls or text that she maybe hates your favorite sports team! and who wants to date someone that hates your favorite sports team?!
So now you don't need to pay for dating apps anymore which saves you money, you also learned to not take every girl on a date which also saves your time, energy and money. All that you can better invest in this girl that has been talking to you for weeks. That supports you, laughs with you and cries with you. You have a good feeling with this girl and you both talk with each other on the same level. You really want have a great first date with her right? So why spend €50,- on every date with lot of different girls, when you can spend it on this truly amazing girl that really likes you? Wouldn't it be worth it to spend even €100,- on a date with maybe your future wife?
SO AWESOME FUTURE HVM! Why waste all this energy in multiple low effort dates that result in nothing? Why keep trying a way that doesn't work? Why keep fishing with a bait that doesn't attract good fish? Follow all this advice and you will feel better, have more energy, feel less depressed, have more money and more time! Don't waste anything for yourself or someone else! Think about yourself and your future GF/Wife! Do you want to keep going on horrible dates that make you mentally worse and ruin your future? NO I DIDN'T THINK SO! YOU ARE IN CHARGE OF A GREAT LIFE! WHY KEEP TRYING THE SAME THING OVER AND OVER AGAIN AND EXPECT DIFFERENT RESULTS?
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2020.09.30 01:04 theweird_blonde I (20f) am Thinking of confessing to my crush (20m)

I have read so many things here on this reddit in the past hour and I have a few things to say. I am a 20 year old female, and I like a 20 year old male.
We have been hanging out weekly (and often times multiple times a week) since June, we smoke weed together and have done some pretty fun things.
We have gone to a drive in movie theatre several times, have gone star gazing at least five or six times now (even sharing the same blanket while we do so, sitting practically on top of each other). He isn’t the best with physical affection but he holds my hand, hugs me. He even held hands with me in the light of day a few hang out sessions ago.
We have snuck him into my room once and my basement once, and have snuck him into the garden for our now named “tea time” where I make us some tea and we just talk after his shift at our job in the late evening.
We have discussed sex a lot, our abilities and prowess at certain things (oral, he says he’s great at oral), have discussed our life plans and our career plans. We laugh a lot, we hold hands while sitting and talking (usually once I get cold, which is really quickly because I get cold super fast). He listens to my music and lets me ramble about the things I’m interested in, without getting bored or interrupting me. He tells me about things he likes and stories of his childhood.
I can’t fully tell if he likes me still, but this Sunday we have both called out of work to spend the whole day together. We will be hiking and then thrift shopping (which he hasn’t done before?? Somehow???) for sweaters. We then will probably get dinner and I don’t know if I should call it a date or not. He had a bad breakup nearly a year ago and I think he is still healing even though he says he is fine.
He has called me a 9-9.5/10, has said I am pretty, has complimented my art, has told me how I am very kind. He even said basically my body type (big ol booty, thick thighs) is amazing, that he likes some ass. Said men ogle me at work all the time and he notices. Told me that men like girls with some squish, that I am pretty (after me voicing how I never really feel all that pretty, but when I wore this new dress I did for a bit and it was great, to which he said “but you ARE pretty”).
He and I snapchat all the time, and he even remembers my birthday. He even openly said what it was in front of our co worker who was having a hard time remembering my birthday and he just blurts it out (then saying I would “yell at him” if he forgot, which I would never do - I told him I’d never yell at him and he laughed, saying he knew that). Keep in mind, he has told me how bad he is at remembering birthdays, and here he is just knowing it off the top of his head.
To top it all off, he now makes sure to try not to upset me. Like if I show visible upset (even if I am joking) he get nearly frantic in his attempt to make me feel better. He has made note of how people hit on me all the time at work and how he notices it, and even has mentioned how many people have given me their number in a given week.
Long story short, he has slowly started showing more care and concern for me and has opened up a lot. He supports my dreams and I support his, and I basically tell him everything. And the cherry on top is that he is cute as a button and is so polite it nearly hurts.
So my question, redditors, is do I confess? I would like to tell him I like him, but at the same time I’ve read that it puts men off. But at the same time, he is quite dense when it comes to flirting (his own words not mine) and I can’t figure out if I should just tell him, or keep up whatever it is we are doing. I wish I could fit the whole story in this one post but it would be like a whole novel.
Any help would be miraculous, thank you so much.
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2020.09.30 00:46 strangelove4791 Indeed it is not for the lazy...

Long-time lurker, first-time poster...
First off, I've learned so much in a short time from the people on this sub. As someone just staring the journey, it's been fantastic to have the experiences, hardships, and wisdom of this community to draw from. There is a lifetime of learning to do from a plethora of sources, and I would put this sub near the top of the list. Now that I have hopefully ingratiated myself...
Here's the help I'm seeking. What are some best practices you've developed for scheduling time across multiple partnerships and households? For me, KTP would be the ideal, but it isn't always practical. There are some LDR factors to consider, as well as mono NP's in the mix who perhaps are still acclamating to the situation or maybe aren't ready to get into the nitty gritty of their respective metamours' lives.
An important factor to consider is that everyone involved is a new to this as well. I personally feel quite strongly that a huge key to success is trying to ensure that no one involved feels neglected, and that everyone has a chance to voice their feelings if/when they do. Thus, it's crucial that those of us actively dating outside their primary relationship make time for their poly partners as well as their NPs.
Okay, that is all...that is all...happy to clarify any questions you have in the comments.
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2020.09.30 00:12 robotcal44 How to make the process of connecting with a therapist easier?

Things have gotten pretty bad for my SO because of covid and quarantine. We are both in our early 20s and had to move out of a house with friends to a one bedroom. We don't see other people much, and they don't leave the house often because they don't have a car and I do much of the errands on my own to limit exposure.
A typical day is me waking them up in the afternoon just minutes before class because they ignored several alarms, me cooking alone and either their chores get left undone or I get sick of it and do them, and they snap at me over small things and hold a grudge about it all day, they complain I never listen and try to annoy them on purpose they say I don't care otherwise I would remember how to help them best.
A very bad day is them escalating a small disagreement into a fight, calling me names and making fun of me, shoving me against the wall, self harming, talking about planning suicide.
A very good day is them writing music, gaming with friends, us having fun cooking something new together and sharing the chores.
I am trying to manage my own covid quarantine anxiety right now by meeting with a therapist weekly, I've done so for 3 months now. One of my biggest anxieties is that they will hurt me or themselves. A condition for us staying together the last time they were verbally and physically abusive to me is that they would get treatment. They promised to do so and are still on their parents insurance so it's very possible. They were in therapy and medicated when we met, and still medicated when we started dating, but they chose to stop taking their medication a couple years ago.
It's been almost 2 months now since they promised they would get treated and when I bring it up, I get told I'm nagging and annoying and don't know what I'm talking about or how difficult it is. I have offered to call mental health resources for them, or talk to their parents for them, and sometimes when I set up a couples session with my own therapist it feels like I'm trying to do therapy for them.
They're really at square one on this whole process and putting up a whole lot of fight against progressing. I know it will probably be hard to find the right therapist once they start calling the offices their dad recommended and making appointments because the therapist will have to have experience with LGBTQ+ individuals and also bipolar disorder.
Is there anything as an SO that I can do to ease this process of finding the right treatment?
And in a sadder, quieter voice, is showing a resistence to treatment maybe a sign that our relationship might not be very good anymore?
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2020.09.29 23:52 sandrasthebest Call from BPD mom after 1 year of NC. 1 week before my due date

So I got a call last week from my mom, a few days before my baby's due date.. it went straight to vm as I have blocked her number but she left a voice mail. I told myself I wasn't going to listen to it, I have no interest. But I received another voice-mail today and in order to get to the voice-mail I needed to i had to listen to this one first. So she starts off with saying that she is always thinking about me, even though I don't want to talk to her. Then says that its not good for me to hold so much hate in my heart, one day we are all going to die.... right then and there I deleted the message before listening any more. It wasn't a message to say she was sorry, or to wish me well on my baby's birth, or to say she had time to think about all the things she has done. No, it was more of placing the blame on me and me holding onto hate. I am glad it has been a year since I last spoke to her and am happy that my kids will not know her. Her message just reinforced the reasons why I cut her out of my life.
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2020.09.29 23:32 matsucakes Learning about this whole WMAF thing didn’t benefit me in any way

This is a more candid version of this post where I talk about the internalized gaslighting this WMAF thing on the internet has done to me. Plus it contains profanity. And it’s a big fat rant but feel free to read it and comment on it but don’t be a jerk. AND DON’T PM ME!!!
I’ve been aware about this thing since last year when I had the misfortune of discovering this crazy WMAF shit on the Internet. I’ve heard stuff about particular WMAF pairings that I never knew about until last year. Learning the dynamics that apply to alot of WMAF couples and can potentially occur in most of these pairings may be beneficial for some. Like for Asian women dating white men.
But what did hearing about this stuff about WMAF from Eurasian Tiger do to me? Give me internalized racism. So kudos to him for that. It’s extremely deeply rooted so it exists merely on a deep, dark subconscious level. As embarrassing as it is to admit, a tiny part of me started to feel ashamed of being a WMAF hapa. Thanks to aznidentity and the old hapas, (the state it was at least a year ago) I felt myself subconsciously questioning myself for no good reason. The idea that WMAF is the evilest interacial pairing was very prevalent on the topic of hapas and WMAF pairings. I know it’s stupid that I’d let some blackpilled nutjob on the internet destroy me but I am a young, impressionable, vulnerable and emotional person who uses the Internet alot like alot of people my age in this era and lacks worldly knowledge.
I didn’t have any issues with my racial identity until I discovered Eurasian Tiger and his cult of angry hapas. He basically made me feel like shit for just being a HF with a white father and Asian mother. My life was just fine (well not fine but I didn’t have problems with my Asian-ness) until I discovered his crazy ass shit.
I’m told that I’m a child of shit and hating my parents is the only way to escape being a piece of shit. Same concept which self-hating Asian women with internalized racism and white worshipping ideals. This is not to be mistaken with hapas combating white supremacy. I’m talking about Eurasian Tiger’s ideology.
Had I never discovered this whole WMAF f*ckery, I would’ve been just fine.
It has done nothing but create problems for me. Problems that are not in reality but rather, shit I saw on the internet. Few of this stuff applies to me IRL. Can’t speak for other’s experiences but for me, It’s nothing more than stuff I heard from the internet. I have gained nothing from this except excessive, petty mental problems.
Aside from being poisoned by this toxicity, I don’t have internalized racism and I’m proud of my race. I know it sounds ironic since I earlier said the opposite but I’m trying to be proud of my racial identity and fight these demons. Any bit of internalized racism I have comes solely from Eurasian Tiger’s gaslighting and propaganda. No really. I never had a sliver of shame in my racial identity until I discovered this anti-WMAF shit.
So yeah, fuck you Eurasian Tiger.
I try to tell myself to be proud of my race and on the outside I’m a proud hapa but in the “Deep Web” of my mind, I sometimes wonder, what if I were black, latina, full Asian, or born from any other mixed Asian pairing besides WMAF?
Maybe I wouldn’t have such a shitty-ass diaspora. The Asian diaspora has two sides: the one that’s normal but gets labelled as “boba liberals” and the hardcore extremist borderline-echo chamber. I really f*cking hate to say this but shit like this sometimes makes me wish I wasn’t Asian.
Why the hell am I even bothering with these people though? It serves no purpose for me and it doesn’t really affect me IRL.
Hapas must create their own diaspora based on the Asian diaspora and mixed race diaspora as it identifies who they are racially and which is what r/hapas is now. Honestly I would rather stray away from my Asian side than have Eurasian Tiger be the diaspora/voice for hapas. Even though I might be able to pass for white, I’m not gonna. I wanna pass for being Wasian. I refuse to deny either side of my race.
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2020.09.29 23:19 BluePillow90 Nervous voice when talking to people I’m not so closed to compared to people I’m closed to. How do you fix this?

So when I’m talking to someone I’m not completely close to I tend to have a wobbly voice when trying to explain something. Sometimes when I notice my voice wobbling this distracts me from what I’m explaining and causes a knock on effect that makes me more anxious causing my voice to break down even more/ blushing to occur and forgetting what I was trying to say. It’s extremely demoralising to be in the middle of trying to explain something when you suddenly forget what you are explaining because of anxiety. Why is this? Why do I not have this voice around, say, my parents? How do I sort this issue moving forward. It makes me fear certain important social situations which is holding me back in life from applying to jobs, going on dates etc. Thanks
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2020.09.29 22:58 Bibliophile_Anya Spoilers for episode 943, also what do you think will happen in the chapter 1000? Additionally which manga chapter/scene are you looking forward to the most in anime adaptation? (Till chapter 991 of course...)

(Also note spoilers from the manga)
This was what I was waiting for in the anime, despite being up to date with the manga...
I just wanted to say, Sanji’s reaction was comedic gold. Oh man I had hoped that instead of Brook, Sanji had walked in on them, together. We would be down a Straw Hat, by now... I really, really want to see an episode where Brook informs Sanji how he saw Zoro resting with Komurasaki/Hiyori on the same bed.
And Sanji is still hung up on that bounty, I am damn sure Zoro’s bounty is going to be quite higher than his, especially after Wano, which I think is very essential arc for Zoro ( * for all the Straw Hats really but ... * ) I mean the first mate and the second have a pretty good gap in bounties, at least a hundred or so million berries. Look at King and Queen, Katakuri and Smoothie!
Also Luffy was awesome as hell! And add an angry Law! I am fanning myself, it has gotten too hot.
But seriously cannot wait for the next episode, it’s going to be hilarious! I really cannot wait to see Queen panicking, it was funny in the manga but the anime has voice effects and well animation. Lol
The anime quality has improved by leagues in Wano Arc, it doesn’t drag as much as it used to either! I am so glad I decided to catch up on both the anime and manga.
What are you guys looking forward to the most? Both in the anime and manga? Or more like in the anime? A scene/chapter that you know about from reading the manga. I think for me it is going to be the Yamato revelation. (Also that scene when Yamato declares Momonosuke to be his son, oh Shinobu’s and his reaction ...)
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BRUTALLY HONEST TRANSGENDER Q&A: VOICE, DATING, SEX LIFE 'HOW DO I TALK LOUDER WITHOUT LOSING MY VOICE?'  DATING Q+A BEST BOY/GIRL DUETS in The Voice [PART 2] - YouTube TOP 10  The Voice: TRENDING IN DECEMBER ’19 - YouTube 12 vs 1: Speed Dating 12 Girls Without Seeing Them ... Voice Acting a MHA Dating Sim (kinda) Over 300 Ukraine Women Joined an International Dating ...

There's a new voice note dating app where you can only ...

  3. BEST BOY/GIRL DUETS in The Voice [PART 2] - YouTube
  4. TOP 10 The Voice: TRENDING IN DECEMBER ’19 - YouTube
  5. 12 vs 1: Speed Dating 12 Girls Without Seeing Them ...
  6. Voice Acting a MHA Dating Sim (kinda)
  7. Over 300 Ukraine Women Joined an International Dating ...

theres more chaos and laughing than actual voice acting lmaoo. brutally honest transgender q&a: voice, dating, sex life so embarrassing... i n s t a g r a m @kourtneyfierce We've gathered the 10 MOST VIEWED performances in December. This list includes some older auditions that went viral once again this month. 🚨 This video featu... Ukraine hosts international dating events several times per year. These dating events are aimed towards giving Ukraine women the opportunity to find the love... Some talents just have that chemistry on stage! We've selected the best boy/girl duets of The Voice for this compilation. Which duet do you like the most? 👫 ... Follow us on INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/jubileemedia/ Ien: https://www.instagram.com/ienthekorean/ Taylor https://www.instagram.com/taylormats/ SUB... QUESTION: 'How do I talk louder without it hurting my throat or losing my voice (if I've always been quieter?)' WOLFLETTER is the only personalized dating Q&A show for everyone. Ask a question and ...