ItemUpdating evento no

Event Parameters (object) sender. The control that fires the event (GridUpdatedEventArgs) e. Event arguments (int) e.AffectedRows. Gets the rows affected from the operation that changed the RadGrid data. (Exception) e.Exception. Gets the exception related with the operation. The property value will be 'null' if no exception occured durring the ... In my AppInstalledEvent I created 2 RERS, one for ItemAdded and another one for ItemUpdating.The first one is being called when I hit the breakpoint, however the second one the breakpoints are never hit. If I check SharePoint Manager, both RERs are there. I reproduced the problem with a new and empty EventReceiver, that is attached to the ItemUpdating event of my custom ListDefinition. This problem occurs only on the ItemUpdating event. When I deploy my solution without this event, everything is going on well. Deploying an EventReceiver to standard list (e.g. Task ListDefinition) there is no ... I am new to Sharepoint. I making a conference room booking calendar. My code is working fine when we book any meetings. but when we EDIT the existing booking then my ITEMUPDATING() event is not fir... Seguro que a muchos os ha pasado a la hora de usar las BeforeProperties o AfterProperties a la hora de programar un EventReceiver en SharePoint. ¿Quién no ha usado equivocadamente alguna en el evento equivocado y ha recibido a cambio una estupenda excepción?, a mi me ha pasado, bueno me pasaba hasta que encontré la… In ItemUpdating save a field value from before properties of the field to afterProperties of the hidden field. In ItemUpdated compare afterProperties of the wanted field with the after properties of the hiddenField; 2. Registering event receivers inside a feature receiver with the web scope: Assuming you are in the ItemUpdating method running on a list, all you should need is: base.ItemUpdating(properties); properties.AfterProperties['InternalName'] = 1; (no updates required since you are changing the value before it gets saved) I would verify that your Event Receiver is attached to the list. To attach an ItemUpdating event receiver, all you need to do it replace the type from SPEventReceiverType.ItemUpdated to SPEventReceiverType.ItemUpdating, and ofcourse the class / assembly information if you have the implementation in a different class / assembly. ItemUpdating gets called synchronously just before an item is updated. SharePoint Events – Setting a Column Value in the ItemUpdating Event I was recently tasked to automatically set a document ID value in a SharePoint 2007 document library. (In SharePoint 2010, an excellent document ID feature is included out of the box) I figured it would be easy since SharePoint supports calculated columns. Developing a Sharepoint application would have all the fun of a video game, if only you had infinite lives. Dangers lurk hidden out there which, if you run into them, can be a blow to your project and waste a great deal of time. Damon gives just one example of a poisoned dagger in the game of Sharepoint Development: The Item Event Receiver.

Comunidad Latina/Española en Final Fantasy XIV

2020.09.22 04:40 Tsalel Comunidad Latina/Española en Final Fantasy XIV

English First, Spanish Below
Hi again o/
This is a yearly remindeupdate about the Latin/Spanish Speaking community in FFXIV.
With the recent influx of new players, many Spanish speaking people might wonder where is the community playing? what servers to choose? or if there is FFXIV content in their language.
Yes theres is a community in the game although spread across servers/worlds and DATA CENTERS, Aether-Primal-Crystal for NA and Chaos-Light for EU.
Bit of context each DATA CENTER is a host of multiple servers/worlds and as September 2020 you CAN travel, buy items, meet and play with other people in other servers/worlds.
Now if your looking for groups depending in your play-style, Nationality, amount of people playing, i can point some servers but that’s unofficial info and is based just in opinions.
(This is regarding the Latin/Spanish community)
For NA-AETHER DATA CENTER you can find the biggest Spanish/Latin community in the Cactuar Server and some more in Sargatanas, Gilgamesh and Jenova.
For NA-PRIMAL DATA CENTER the community is found in the servers Hyperion and Lamia, and a bit on other servers like Exodus, Famfrit and Ultros.
For NA-CRYSTAL DATA CENTER is a bit spread between servers, you can find FCs in Molboro, Zalera, Coeurl, Brynhildr and Balmung.
For EU-CHAOS DATA CENTER this is the recommended Data Center for European players, big communities found in Moogle and Ragnarok servers and a bit of people in Omega too.
For EU-LIGHT DATA CENTER For European players too, a growing community can be found in Zodiark, Phoenix, Licht.
As for other resources you can find lots of facebook groups, open and closed, closed ones are generally Free Companies groups; some Data Centers groups got in game cross server chats and social boards called cross-world Linkshells and Fellowships.
There are lots of Discord servers most of them available via direct invite from Free Company officials etc, as guides in the language? yes they exist, there are YouTube videos explaining boss mechanics etc. Best option is you join a FC for the Discord server link, they usually have everything organized in the servers.
Here are links for Discord Servers that might help you in your journey.
Europe has a Dis server for both EU-CHAOS & LIGHT DATA CENTER
for AETHER DATA CENTER i could help get in touch with FC officials, for CRYSTAL i don’t have much info on Discord servers, theres is a FC list though.
Last thing would be that if you know of someone looking for our community tell them there is one!
Thank you.
Version en Español
Hola de nuevo o/
Este es un recordatorio anual sobre las comunidades Latina/Hispano hablante en FFXIV.
Con la masiva entrada de nuevos jugadores, mucha gente de habla Hispana se estara preguntando donde juega la comunidad? que servidor elijo? o si hay contenido de FFXIV en español.
Si hay una comunidad en el juego, aunque esta esparcida por varios servidores y DATA CENTERS, Aether-Primal-Crystal en Norte America y Chaos-Light en Europa.
Pequeña explicación, cada DATA CENTER tiene varios servidores/mundos y a la fecha Septiembre del 2020 se puede viajar, comprar items, encontrarse y jugar con gente de otros servidores a traves de los servidores/mundos.
Bueno ahora si estan buscando grupos de acuerdo a su estilo de juego, nacionalidad, cantidad de gente jugando etc puedo darles algunas indicaciones pero es solo info basada en lo que se ve por encima.
Para NA-AETHER DATA CENTER se encuentran las comunidades Latinas más grandes en el servidor de Cactuar, algunos mas en Sargatanas, Gilgamesh y Jenova.
  • Se centran en contenido de Raid, muchos jugadores buenos hard y mid core listos para hacer CUALQUIER contenido.
  • Hay un monton de Free Companies (Clans/Guilds) pequeñas, medianas y dos FCs grandes que tienen buenas comunidades.
Para NA-PRIMAL DATA CENTER La comunidad se encuentra en los servidores de Hyperion y Lamia, otros pocos en Exodus, Famfrit y Ultros.
  • Este es un Data Center balanceado, se pueden encontrar cualquier tipo de jugadores para LO QUE NECESITEN Crafter, Raid etc.
  • El Data Center tiene un servidor de Discord con arta info, guías y mucha gente amable.
Para NA-CRYSTAL DATA CENTER están un poco esparcidos por el Data Center, se puede encontrar gente en Molboro, Zalera, Coeurl, Brynhildr y Balmung.
  • Es un Data Center centrado en el Role Playing, de ambiente relajado y con jugadores que les gusta completar cada cosa que el juego ofrece.
  • Este Data Center esta calificado como Preferido que quiere decir que los nuevos personajes tienen bonuses de experiencia y otras cosas para facilitar el leveling.
Para EU-CHAOS DATA CENTER Este es el Data Center recomendado para los jugadores Europeos, comunidades grandes en los servidores de Moogle y Ragnarok con algunos mas en Omega.
  • Los dos servidores grandes son todo terreno y tienen un montón de gente haciendo de todo ademas que son súper colaboradores.
  • Esos dos servidores pueden que tengan restricción de creación de personajes pero si uno se espera a que se descongestionen se pueden crear personajes.
Para EU-LIGHT DATA CENTER Para jugadores Europeos también, la comunidad esta creciendo y se puede encontrar gente en Zodiark, Phoenix, Licht.
  • La comunidad esta creciendo y es bastante activa hacen artos eventos.
En cuanto a otros lugares donde encontrar grupos, en facebook se encuentran muchos grupos, unos abiertos y otros cerrados, los cerrados son generalmente grupos de FCs; algunos Data Centers tienen grupos de chat dentro del juego y grupos Sociales que se llaman cross-world Linkshells y Fellowships.
Hay varios servidores de Discord, muchos son solo con invitación directa de oficiales de las Free Companies etc, la parte de las guías del juego en Español? si existen, hay videos de YouTube explicando las mecánicas del juego etc. La mejor opción es que se unan a una FC para que tengan los links de los servidores, en esos Discords tienen toda la info bien organizada.
Acá les dejo unos links de servidores de Discord que les pueden ayudar.
Europa tiene un Discord para los dos Data Centers EU-CHAOS & LIGHT DATA CENTER
En cuanto a AETHER DATA CENTER les puedo ayudar comunicarse con oficiales de las Free Companies, para Crystal no tengo info en servidores de Discord pero hay una lista de Free Companies si quieren info.
Por último es que si conocen de alguien que este buscando la comunidad pasen la voz y díganles que si existimos!
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2020.04.07 01:32 ph0nsy CORONA / UPDATE / CONTEST [English/Español]

Oh boy, do I have a lot to say. Well, let's just get started.
Ay, si tengo cosas que contar. Bueno, empecemos.




I know I've been not posting any updates or anything really and there's no one to blame other than Corona. It's been difficult since the quarantine came almost over night but now I think I am settled and ready for action. Just so that you guys can get an idea of what I mean I live where most of the pandemic is in Spain.
I want to be clear. This post is not for me to complain about my individual situation but for me to explain why I stopped posting and updating.
Having said that, wash your hands and be safe!


An update will be coming soon. I have to catch up with the things I left undone but now is mostly just getting some trainers in place and a few events (+ the 4th gym).
Things to expect:
You will be able to see this update soon, very soon about 5 to 8 days soon.


I'll keep the contest going, but I'll delay the deadline. The rules are still the same but I'll repost the info of the 1st phase just in case anyone has any doubts or has forgotten about it.
If you want to join in just read the post I'll make.


A webpage will be coming soon (at least a few months away). Wiki will be something for the distant future.



Sé que no he estado publicando actualizaciones ni nada realmente y no hay nadie a quien culpar que no sea Corona. Ha sido difícil desde que llegó la cuarentena casi de la noche a la mañana, pero ahora creo que estoy asentado y listo para la acción. Solo para que ustedes puedan tener una idea de lo que quiero decir, yo vivo donde está la mayor parte de la pandemia en España.
Quiero ser claro. Esta publicación no es para quejarme de mi situación individual sino para explicar por qué dejé de publicar y actualizar.
Dicho esto, ¡lávate las manos y mantente a salvo!


Pronto habrá una actualización. Tengo que ponerme al día con las cosas que dejé sin hacer, pero ahora es solo conseguir algunos entrenadores y algunos eventos (+ el cuarto gimnasio).
Cosas que esperar:
Podréis ver esta actualización pronto, muy pronto dentro de 5 a 8 días.


Seguiré con el concurso, pero retrasaré la fecha límite. Las reglas siguen siendo las mismas, pero volveré a publicar la información de la primera fase en caso de que alguien tenga dudas o se haya olvidado. Si quieres unirte solo lee la publicación que haré.


Pronto llegará una página web (al menos dentro de unos meses). La Wiki será algo para el futuro lejano.

~ ~

Well, that would be all, I hope you guys are ok. Have a nice day and remember, be safe!
Bueno, eso sería todo, espero que ustedes estén bien. Que tengas un buen día y recuerda, ¡mantente a salvo!
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2020.01.22 04:46 RedGuy0137 Tkinter initiate another window from a login window

Well, I'm having a problem witch I cant fix.
I'm trying to open a window already built in another file, but when I open it, by clicking in the 'login' button, it just open half of the window, so I create the same window, but using a non object oriented code, it open, but the functions does not work.
Please help me

Login window
from tkinter import messagebox from tkinter import * class App: def __init__(self): master = Tk() master['bg'] = 'grey' master.title('Login') master.geometry('700x300+100+100') self.blank_frame = Frame(master, height='50') self. blank_frame['bg'] = 'grey' self.blank_frame.pack()
self.title_frame = Frame(master, height='90', bg='grey') self.title_frame.pack()
self.title_label = Label(self.title_frame, text='Gerenciador de Inventário', font=('Calibri', 24, 'bold'), bg='grey') self.title_label.pack(pady=10)
self.name_frame = Frame(master, height='90', bg='grey') self.name_frame.pack()
self.name_text = StringVar() self.name_label = Label(self.name_frame, text='Nome:', font=('Arial', 12, 'bold'), bg='grey') self.name_label.pack(side=LEFT) self.name_entry = Entry(self.name_frame, textvariable=self.name_text, width=40, bg='light grey') self.name_entry.pack(side=LEFT)
self.password_frame = Frame(master, height='90', bg='grey') self.password_frame.pack(pady = 20)
self.password_text = StringVar() self.password_label = Label(self.password_frame, text='Senha', font=('Arial', 12, 'bold'), bg='grey') self.password_label.pack(side=LEFT) self.password_entry = Entry(self.password_frame, textvariable=self.password_text, width=40, bg='light grey', show = '*') self.password_entry.pack(side=LEFT)
self.button_frame = Frame(master) self.button_frame.pack()
self.button = Button(self.button_frame, text = 'Login', width = 12) self.button.bind('
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2019.11.22 22:55 abhijoysarkar Weekly Update: Parachute Digestive, #UptrenndOC Contest, launch of Defswap, Harmony in India... – 8 Nov - 14 Nov'19

Weekly Update: Parachute Digestive, #UptrenndOC Contest, launch of Defswap, Harmony in India... – 8 Nov - 14 Nov'19
Hiya Parachuters! We are almost there. Just one more update to go after this to get completely upto speed with the latest week. So, here’s your week at Parachute + partners (8 Nov - 14 Nov'19):

Cap published the first Parachute Digestive ever - a biweekly summary of Parachute and ParJar-focused updates. That’s right – 21k users, 512k tips, 20k deposits, 33k withdrawals. Massive! OG Parachuters might have received an email as well. In trivias this week, we had a movie quiz in TTR for 2500 $PAR per Q and another one with a 25k $PAR prize pool. Charlotte’s Math trivia was another fun one with 2500 $PAR in prizes per question. Harry hosted a Netflix and TV show trivia. All your hours spent binging finally came to fruition. Tiproom games has moved to a new channel. This week’s creative contest by Jason involved creating a Christmas-themed promo poster to capture the spirit of Parachute that draws new people in to join. 50k $PAR in store for the winners of #Parichristmas. Yay! LordHades shared the first update of Fantasy Premier League (#FPL) this week. LH is at the top with 696 points followed by NovelCloud with 681 points and Chris (@Loki25) with 672 points.
#Parichristmas entries from A: Alejandro, B: Carlos Alfredo, C: Nat, D: Ali, E: Eva, F: Richi, G: FlareofFlame, H: Emma, I: Marcos, J: Carlos
Jason hosted a writing contest as well: “…write a scary short story, I mean really short. The max amount of words is 20. You need to have a parachute element in it somehow.” 10k $PAR in prizes each for top 3 winners of #donkeysattentionspan. Proud pet owners showed off their awesome pets and shared some of their stories in this week’s #wholesomewed. TTR Dance Contest started this week with prize pool of 15k $PAR for the top 5 winners and another 15k $PAR for participants. Videos would have to be to the rhythm of the TTR theme created by Jose. Super fun! In this week’s update of the Parachute Fantasy Football League (#PFFL), Clinton (8-2), Hang (8-2) and Chris (7-3) are still in top 3 with Chris sliding down to 3rd position. It is a four-way tie for 4th place with Alexis, Nilz, Ken and Andy, all at 6-4. Two-for-Tuesday this week was about bands or song titles named after a place - could be a city, state or country. Gian also unveiled the official logo for Two-for-Tuesday. A masterpiece by Jose:
This is too good, Jose!
aXpire’s article from last week on ResolvBilDigitalShares was published on Hackernoon this week and also got a shoutout from them. Nice! CEO Gary Markham travelled to an AltsMIA event to spread the word on aXpire. He also visited the Blockchain Center in Miami to explore partnership opportunities there. The team will be putting MatchBX on the backburner for the time being and shift all its focus to Resolvr, Bilr, Digital Shares, and PayBX. Click here to read more about the strategy. The latest weekly update video can be seen here. The weekly 20k $AXPR burn went ahead as per schedule. Remember the AMA form shared a few weeks back to collect all community questions? Matt posted detailed responses to them. How will the LegalTech space look in the future and what role could Bilr play in it? Read this article to find out. 2gether Ambassadors are the most active folks from the community who help make the 2gether brand more widespread. Looking good in that list Crypto French! CEO Ramón Ferraz spoke at a Cecabank event on Securities which was covered by the news outlet Expansión. As a special offer, Mike made posting on WednesdayClub dApp free on Wednesday for this week. Hope you didn’t miss the opportunity to post for free and earn some cool $WED in return. Winner of the Birdchain Copywrite Challenge was announced this week. If you are an ETHOS fan, don’t forget to follow Voyager on Twitter for the latest scoop. While the Tron chain support was scheduled to go live on the Switch-backed McAfeeDex this week, technical issues have resulted in delays. As $BOMB token reached 4.38% burn in total supply, Benjamin delved deep into the current market cycle. Take notes, trading enthusiasts!
Benjamin’s analysis videos are always the Bomb. Pardon the pun. Haha
The 3rd edition of Foundations of Fantom analysis report was published by Benjamin. This covers all recent happenings in Fantomverse and $FTM price action. Fantom officially announced its plans to enter the DeFi space. Exciting! The project had sponsored a CryptoBazar Serial Hacking meetup at the Seoul Blockchain Week last month. Here’s Technical Advisor Andre Cronje’s views on the participants at the event. Sikoba Network released the first version of the Isekai framework which was built with support from Fantom. This is a verifiable computation framework which allows you to verify a transaction on a third party computer without the computer having to do the transaction. So even if the third party is not to be trusted, the framework ensures that the verification is valid. Hope this makes sense. If not, read this. Fantom is hosting a blockchain challenge at AfricArena 2019 in partnership with XAR Network. The grand prize includes cash prizes and incubation. The 3 finalists were revealed this week. The latest technical paper from Fantom explores quick peer discovery in Proof-of-Stake protocols for faster consensus. The team will be applying results of the research to Lachesis. The crew will be sitting down for an AMA session with the Trust Wallet community next week. CMO Michael Chen also attended a "deals over dinner" event organised by RVO Internationaal and TNW X (a unit of TheNextWeb) this week in Singapore. In Constellation news, a flash $DAG node bounty for a Ledger Nano integration was scooped up quickly. VP Finance Mateo Gold travelled to the Blockchain Convergence in Europe representing Constellation. Drew Taylor and Brent Bates from Wild West Crypto Show interviewed founders Wyatt Meldman-Floch and Ben Jorgensen at the World Crypto Con 2019 in Las Vegas. As promised, here’s some more pics from Uptrennd’s visit to the Blockchain Summit in Malta: Pic 1, Pic 2 and here’s one with the BOMB/XIO crew. A number of fruitful connections were made at the Summit. Jeff wrote about it in a detailed post. An #UptrenndOC Contest was launched to encourage Original Content writers on the platform. The winners of the Uptrennd Flyer contest were announced too.
Some of the winning entries of #UptrenndFlyer contest
The latest District Weekly and Dev Update from District0x covers news such as introduction of a Discord tipbot, work on Meme Factory NSFW filter etc. WeTrust featured Ethlance in the latest CryptoUnlocked newsletter in their DApp Spotlight section. Check out the pics from Hydro’s visit to the AIBC Summit in Malta. Hydrogen hosts demo days to do product showcases of all their offerings. Click here to see the latest one which will be the last for this year. The beta version of the Hydro Digital Art dApp is about to be released on their dApp Store. In preparation of the event, Hydro Labs posted a thread to explain the objectives of the dApp. For a summary of all the updates in Silent Notary’s Ubikiri wallet, click here. We had covered some of these last week. The Bitcoin News covered the platform in a recent article. Last week, the Sentivate community voted to have more ELI5 content on core web technologies. This week, they voted on Blockfolio to have this content in Video format. For a start, here’s a primer on the core technologies of the web written by the team. Founder Thomas Marchi's interview Mr. Backwards was released. If you missed OST CEO Jason Goldberg's keynote speech "Designing Crypto User Experiences for Humans" at San Francisco Blockchain Week, fret not. Here's the video and write-up of his entire presentation. Pepo has been gaining quite the traction for some weeks now. This was an opportune moment, to publish a detailed piece and tweet thread on it. The app was also reviewed by Crypto Insights Journal. The OST/Pepo crew set up shop at BlockShow in Singapore where Pepo will be launched officially in Asia and Jason will deliver another keynote speech in the same lines as SFBW. Catch up on all SelfKey news that you may have missed in October from the latest roundup. We have covered most of these in our previous updates.
<- Sneak peek into an average day at Parachute / Pitch decks & new landing page being prepared -> is an aggregator site where you can earn $BAGS tokens by sharing linked articles and news items from the cryptospace. Try it out! Arena Match has started a weekly raffle for $AMGO holders where the top 212 holders get automatically entered into a draw to win NFT prizes. Sweet! Check out the prizes of next week’s raffle here. Pynk’s engagement game is always on point. As evident from their merch giveaway activity at the Blockchain Summit in Malta. To get started with the equity fund raise on Seedrs, the team shot a promo video. Do you track Gold prices and want to track $BTC now or vice versa? Their tracking metrics may not be as similar as you thought. Pynk explains why in this article. Shuffle Monster founder Agustín Aguilar launched Defswap which is a Uniswap extension for deflationary tokens hosted in a decentralised manner. Wibson participated in a CryptoMondays event in Buenos Aires hosted by VC firm NXTP and ONG Bitcoin Argentina for networking and discussions on crypto. $WIB community voted for Shopping Gift Cards in a poll to decide the nature of rewards on the Wibson Reward Marketplace. Harmony's #HSMtalks this week focused on Harmony DAO Maker. The $ONE crew travelled to India to talk shop and get a feel of the Indian crypto ecosystem. From Bangalore to Delhi, they covered 2 major startup hubs. As part of #CryptourUkraine, Harmony was invited to a meetup at Dnipro by Okex. Next week they will be at Odessa. Harmony is heavily invested in the future of DeFi and continues to do research and development in this segment. In light of that, they released two articles - one on how Harmony will set its foundation in the DeFi ecosystem and the other on how it will advance the space and its Cross-Fi plans (Cross-Fi = DeFi + Cross-Border txns). Harmony’s staking ROI is already No. 1 as per What is staking? Watch this. A new Team Challenge launched this week - win $ONE tokens for building local communities. Neat! The latest episode of Harmony Insights introduces us to the engineers building on the platform.

And with that, it’s a wrap. See you again with another update. Cheerio!
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2018.12.21 14:21 IvoryAx Patch Notes [Dec 20, 2018]

Patch Notes [Dec 20, 2018]

Hoje nós estamos introduzindo nossa primeira versão das fortificações, MAS para o sistema funcionar da melhor maneira possível, NÓS ESTAMOS WIPANDO TUDO. Também não gostamos disso, mas para garantir que você tenha a melhor experiência possível isso precisa ser feito. Todos personagens e items serão apagados. TUDO! R.I.P. Nossos pêsames, mas deixe essa música de natal te alegrar.
Mas nós temos boas notícias também. Primeiro, dá uma olhada nessa arte de Natal que nós temos, obrigado Ivona por desenhar isso por 3 dias seguidos. Você é fera!

O update vai ao ar daqui 2-3 horas!
Agora vamos checar a atualização e as firula que vocês vão receber.
Elas chegaram! Sim, levou um tempo e nós ainda estamos trabalhando nelas, mas agora você finalmente vai ter um lugar para chamar de casa e deixá-lo incrível e confortável. Nós vamos começar colocando fechaduras nas portas, depois o sistema de lockpicking, e terminar com as fortificações de janelas. Funciona assim:
  • Primeiro você vai precisar encontrar um lugar TOP em algum lugar bonito, obviamente. Quando você chegar na porta pressione TAB, botão direito na porta e você terá a opção para comprá-la.
  • Uma vez que você compra a porta você terá a opção de trancá-la. Por enquanto existem 3 tipos de fechaduras, de uma fechadura enferrujada a uma avançada. E cada porta pode ter 3 fechaduras para uma segurança extra. Fechaduras custam pontos de fama! Duh, se tornar dono de uma propriedade não é moleza.
    • A fechadura basica também pode ser construída.
  • Então, agora que você conseguiu sua casa e colocou uma fechadura massa nela seus amigos podem te visitar sem problema. Se você não estiver em um grupo e se deparar com uma porta trancada, você pode tentar arrombar a porta, e é aí que a habilidade de LADROAGEM(roubo) entra em cena. Tenha em mente que pra começar o arrombamento você vai precisar de uma gázua(Lockpick) e uma chave de fenda(Screwdriver), olha elas aí:
  • Gázua improvisada pode ser constrúida usando um clips, e a gázua normal pode ser encontrada pelo mundo. Você seleciona a opção "lockpick" e essa interface vai aparecer:
  • Então agora você inicou o arrombamento, e quer pegar aqueles presentes de natal debaixo da árvore - sua skill de roubo é a chave aqui e vai determinar a duração, diferença de ângulo e a durabilidade da sua gázua.
    • Duração: 2 segundos (Sem habilidade) - 4 segundos (Avançado +)
    • Diferença de ângulo: 1x - 2x o tamanho do cone que conclui o arrombamento com sucesso.
    • Durabilidade da gázua: 1x - 4x A pressão que a gázua pode aguentar.
A gázua improvisada tem 1 uso e uma gázua normal tem 5 usos. Se você falhar em arrombar a tempo, será consumido 1 uso da sua gázua.
  • Como falamos mais cedo, um jogador pode colocar 3 fechaduras em uma porta, e se você quiser entrar em uma casa você vai ter de arrombar todas elas. Quando a fechadura for arrombada ela é destruída e removida.
  • Qualquer porta pode ser comprada e trancada - se você achar uma casa que tem uma sala no andar de cima e que não dá pra ser acessada por uma janela, se você apenas trancar a porta, terá um local seguro.
  • Se você quiser ter um local totalmente seguro você vai precisar fortificar as janelas também. Pra isso nós também preparamos 3 nível de fortificação!
  • Os números de vida(health) são apenas pra mostrar a diferença de durabilidade entre cada fortificação. Você pode fortificar qualquer janela, e não importa se você comprou uma porta pra casa ou não.
  • Se uma janela for fortificada, atravessar ela NÃO será possível.
  • Penetração das balas ainda se aplica as fortificações, e leva em consideração o material usado, espessura das fortificações, e a energia do projétil.
Tenha em mente que essa é a primeira versão das fortificações e elas serão melhoradas e mudadas com o tempo!

Paraíso do inverno!
O inverno chegou no SCUM trazendo neve junto com ele.
Porém isso não é tudo! Você tambem vai poder fazer um monte de coisa daora!
  • Fazer bolas de neves e ter batalhas de bolas de nele. Só tente não comer as amarelas.
  • Fazer um boneco de neve.
  • Fazer presentes para as pessoas especiais pra você.
  • Escorregar em uma montanha! O trenó de neve pode ser encontrado pela ilha mas também pode ser construído!
  • Uma emote bonitinho que encaixa perfeitamente com essa época de presentes!
Willy Warmer!
  • Uma antiga tradição nas montanhas da Croacia era de mulheres que faziam Willy Warmers. Quando os homens saiam para trabalhar no severo, longo frio. Os Willy Warmers manteriam eles quentes e a salvo.
oh meudeus...
  • A galera do pacote de suporte vai receber o aquecedor de elefante, pra que dá próxima vez que você logar você possa ficar maravilhado com essa incrível peça, e essa amável tradição croata. Todas as 3 podem ser encontradas pela ilha mas a de elefante tem a maior raridade.
Mudanças na Qualidade de Jogo(QoL) e balanceamento!
  • Removido a expiração de itens do singleplayer.
  • Reduzido a propagação do som da AS Val para 50%.
  • Squads agoram são salvos na base de dados. (Depois de relogar você deve continuar no seu squad).
  • Times agora com um ou nenhum membro serão deletados.
  • Tempo dos eventos de Captura da Bandeira agora é de 15 minutos.
  • Removido os sons do drone controlado pelo administrador.
  • O traje branco de evento foi trocado pelo verde em áreas de neve.
  • Trocado as teclas para o modo de tiro e luta (Botão do meio agora é para bater, e o modo de tiro é Shift + Botão esquerdo do mouse)
  • Por conta da neve a temperatura em áreas de montanha pode chegar a -2 quando ensolarado e -10 durante as chuvas.
  • Removido os 5 minutos de atraso entre o alerta dos air drops e a queda deles porque estava causando crashes.
  • Buff nas flechas, flechas são um pouco mais rápidas e demoram mais a cair. Dano continua o mesmo.
  • Não é mais possível pegar itens através das paredes ou qualquer obstáculo, você vai precisar vê-los para lootear.
  • Corrigido a maioria das causas para os crashes nos servidores.
  • Corrigido o bug quando descontruindo uma pilha de algo quando a pilha estava dentro de um baú.
  • Removido a recompensa por ativação da carga para prevenir farm de pontos nos eventos de Assalto a Carga.
  • Corrigido o bug aonde as tochas apagariam depois de serem despawnadas pelo sistema de virtualização de itens.
  • Corrigido bug aonde o prisioneiro ficaria molhado dentro do veículo.
  • Corrigido as localização aonde o carro não conseguia se mover.
  • Corrigido bug no singleplayer que crashava o jogo enquanto dirigindo.
  • Trilho da AK47 e SVD não podem mas ser colocado na escopeta improvisada.
Melhora no EAC
  • Melhora no nosso sistema de anti cheat.
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2018.09.28 19:21 JesseAmaro77 Patch Notes

Recado importante dos devs!

E aí pessoal, nesse update vocês vão notar menos correções de bugs e otimizações.
Nós estamos começando a alocar pessoal para trabalhar nos novos conteúdos que vocês mais votaram
Isso inclui veículos, fortificações, mudanças de FOV e muito mais.
Nós planejamos divulgar nosso progresso nesses features semanalmente com screenshots e descrições.

OBS.: O evento da DesertEagle Dourada termina hoje. Mas como todos gostaram dela, nós decidimos mantê ela em jogo. Sim, você pode encontrá-la mas ela está na categoria mais rara do jogo (Por enquanto a única na categoria)
Boa sorte na busca!

**Novos Conteúdos!**

Nesta semana nós temos algumas belezuras pra vocês

*Novas armas!*

Pistola improvisada

Essa arma pode ser craftada a partir do nível básico de survival e tem .50 AE como munição

Shotgun improvisada

A shotgun pode ser craftada com com o nível médio de survival e tem 12 gauge shells (Bala de 12 padrão) como munição

*Aparatos pra sua cabeça!*

Máscara improvisada

Esse lindo acessório para sua cabeça pode ser feito por qualquer um, e te garante todas as novinhas da ilha. :)

Óculos de visão noturna(NVG) @[email protected]
Essa é uma alça simples com um óculos de visão noturna(NVG) que pode ser usada para uma melhor visão durante a noite e pode ser encontrado em zonas militares.

Nós adicionamos 30 cavernas na ilha as quais você pode usar e fazer delas "sua casa". Provavelmente ainda não terá como trancar ela. Fazer um local 100% seguro.

6 emotes fodas que você pode usar em jogo!


Otimizações do cliente
Nós fizemos texturas distantes para Fábrica, Prisão, Refinarias e Aeroporto.
O que isso significa é que quando você estiver olhando na direção desses locais de uma longa distancia você verá construções e se você olhar através da sua scope não verá mais pessoas caminhando no ar como antes.
Isso também reduz a distancia de renderização para modelos que precisavam de muitos recursos


O som dos disparos da KAr98 e SVD foram refeitos
Aumentamos levemente a distancia para ouvir passos de alguém correndo
Reduzimos a distancia dos sons para o coelho e galinha

**Mudanças pra melhorar sua vida**

Atualizamos a descrição de alguns itens para melhor esclarecimento
Adicionamos teclas de atalho para os gestos básicos
Adicionamos animação para suicídio
Craftar munições agora usa a habilidade de sobrevivência para facilitar o processo.
Também diminuímos o nível necessário para craftar munições de pistolas (9mm, .50 AE e .357 calibre)

Reduzimos o brilho do Nice Watch.
Quando você não olha ele está escurecido quando você olha o brilho do Nice Watch aumenta

**Bug Fixes**

Fixados mais alguns bugs de terreno (serrilhados no chão etc..)
Fixado um bug aonde roupas absorviam até 8kg de água
Fixado o aumento de temperatura não causando coma corretamente, resultando no jogador ser capaz de se mover mas não conseguir mais interagir com qualquer coisa
Fixado a recuperção de uma hipertermia(aumento de temperatura). Agora você pode reduzir sua temperatura ao tirar roupas o que antes não funcionava
Fixado um crash que as vezes ocorria quando desequipando roupas de manga-longa(lol)
Fixado um bug aonde atirar em uma sentry durante um evento lhe dava experiência
Fixado um bug que tornava o jogador incapaz de pegar um item aos seus arredores com um double-click
Fixado um bug na barragem. Agora jogadores não podem mais caminhar em cima dela.

**Problemas conhecidos**

A parte inferior direita de C4 (C4_4) não tem grama no chão o que afeta a busca por pedras.
Estamos trabalhando para encontrar o bug que causa isso

**Anti Cheat**
Muitos updates no nosso sistema de anti cheating!
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2018.09.18 16:09 JesseAmaro77 Patch Notes

## Update Traduzido (versão 1) ##

Vários ajustes de desempenho do cliente / servidor
Adicionado níveis de detalhes para o Hangar de Fábrica 01 (arquivos LOD fbx antigos foram removidos)
Vida útil inicial do projétil reduzida para 6 segundos
Maior taxa de cliques do servidor
Adicionado níveis de detalhes para Silo Factory e Hangar para Chimney Bridge (materiais editados, texturas adicionadas)
Adicionado novos Atlas e recriados todos os novos LODs para Prédio de Entrada da Cadeia Bridge01
Elementos da Refinaria - Extra Lods (Otimização da Cidade Distante)
Adicionado LODs Atlas para o Jail Workshop
Adicionado a versão prateada do DEagle (Desert Eagle) .50 e .357 que podem ser encontradas no mapa.
Corrigido um erro em que era possível adicionar um item a um contêiner dentro de um contêiner (por exemplo, mochila dentro de uma mochila), deve corrigir explit de dupe.
Adicionado o comando admin #SetTime para controlar o tempo do servidor
Desativado ajuste de ritmo com scroll do mouse no inventário (?)
Adicionado DEagle aos eventos (você pode usar as prateadas em eventos)
Ações que precisam de um item selecionado devem, por padrão, levar em conta o item em mãos (você não precisa mais selecionar o item em suas mãos para realizar várias ações: fogo inicial, abertura, etc ... mas o item correspondente para o item ação ainda precisa estar em mãos)
Visibilidade do prisioneiro com deficiência escondida na visão em primeira pessoa, se não for camuflada. (Os jogadores não vão aparecer invisível / visível aleatoriamente em primeira pessoa)
Atenuações de passos Tweaked. (Abaixou o raio de sons de passos)
Som distinto adicionado a granadas quando impactam com o solo
Paisagem C_4, D_4 grass.flushcache (Corrigido um bug onde no D4 não havia paisagem)
Prison - Adicionado pacotes extras de saque (Cover)
Corrigida colisão em barracas, onde você ficava preso nelas.
Olá prisioneiros, estamos felizes em anunciar que seu suporte ao Scum superou 1 milhão de cópias vendidas. Como agradecimento, todos receberão uma DEagle dourada .50! Jogadores podem pegar sua arma pela carteira da prisão, na primeira vez que a natureza chamar. A DEagle .50 estará disponível para todos até 25 de setembro.
Além disso, os compradores do supporter pack receberão um Nice Watch - este é o nome do relógio no jogo, somos gênios da comédia. Por enquanto, ele só checa as horas do dia, mas nas atualizações futuras, ele terá mais recursos funcionais.
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2017.02.07 03:22 EnigmaGamers [GunZ] Enigma Gamers Anti Lead Lead Anti-Hack 80$ Month CW Daily Events 100 Users Online

Enigma GunZ V6 100 Online Users and Daily Events Every 30 Minutes
Register : Download : Facebook : Forum :
Español Nuevas Actualizaciones Nueva Interface Nuevo Anti-Hacker Bandera de los Paises Chat de Voz adentro del Juego Windows 8-10 FPS Solucionado La Mira de las Armas Cambian de Color HP / AP / Balanciado ( Donator 185 HP - 185 AP ) ( No Donor 170 HP - 150 AP ) ( Event 175 HP - 175 AP ) Eventos Automaticos : Kills / Deathmacth / Staff Mode / Gladiator Para La Siguiente Actualizacion Ladder Mode / Ladder Coins / Ladder Items Infect Mode / Spy Mode / Gun Mode
English New Updates New Interface New Anti-Hack Automatic Events Flag of the Countries Inside the Game Voice Chat Windows 8-10 FPS Solved Looks at her of the Weapons Change Color HP / AP / Balance ( Donators 185 HP - 185 AP ) ( No Donors 170 HP - 150 AP ) ( Event 175 HP - 175 AP ) For the Next Update Ladder Mode / Ladder Coins / Ladder Items Infected Mode / Spy Mode / Gun Mode
Link of updates in images
Español Espeficicaciones del Servidor Clan War / Quest / Player War / Duelo Tournament Anti-Lead y Lead Opcional en la Room Personal Profesional Web Personalizada Level Maximo 999 Zoom del Personaje Nuevos Rangos [VIP] Dash de Colores Gratis Nuevos Sonidos y Efectos Creacion de Clan 1 Personaje Nuevos Commandos Staff / Users Launcher AutoUpdate Fácil de Usar Cada Mapa Tiene una Imagen Diferente HP / AP en la Barra y el F9 Muestra tu HP / AP Debajo de la Barra se Muestra el Damage Counter y el FPS Interfaz con Diseño y Adaptación para Cualquier Resolución Ping Server en el Marcador y Ping de los Jugadores de Colores Multilenguaje : Spanish / English / Portugués / Korean / Portuguese / Ect
English Server Specifications Client V1.5 / Enigma GunZ V6 Quest / Clan War / Player War / Duelo Tournament Anti-Lead and Lead Optional In Room Maximum Level 999 Server Online 24/7 Professional Staff Daily Events Own Website AVI Recorder Free Color Dash Character Zoom New Grades[VIP] New Sound and Effects New Commands for Staff / Users Clan Creation with a single Character Each Map Has a Different Image charging Launcher AutoUpdate easy to use for our Users HP / AP Numbers on The Bar and F9 Show HP / AP Below the bar is displayed damage counter and FPS Interface with design and adaptation for any resolution xml Ping Server on the Scoreboard and Ping the Colored Players Multenguaje : Español / English / Korean / Portugúes / Ect.!!
Español / English Seguridad del Servidor / Server Segurity Anti SB / Anti UC / Anti Wall / Anti Hacks / Anti HitBox / Anti DDOS /
Español Eventos Diaros Cada 30 Minutos Escondite / Survivor / Linea Enemiga / Bombardeo / Atrapa la Bomba / Boss Carrera / Quemados / Encuentra la Mina / Meteorito / Mata al Staff Ultimo Hombre En Pie / Sigueme / TDM / Personal Vs Usuarios Eventos Automaticos Kills / Deathmacth / Staff Mode / Gladiador
English Daily Events Every 30 Minutes Hide / Survivor / Line Enemy / Bombing / Catch the bomb / Race Dodgeball / Boss / Find the Mine / Meteorite / Kill The Staff The Last Man Standing / Follow me / TDM / Staff Vs Users Automatic Events Kills / Deathmacth / Staff Mode / Gladiator
Images of the events
Español Eventos Clan War Mensuales y Diarios Todos los Meses el Clan War Ranking #1 Sera Premiado Con 80$ Al Mes y Eventos Diarios De Clan War Streak : 20 Streak = 100DC - 30 Streak = 150DC - 50 Streak = 500DC
English Clan War Monthly Prizes and the Daily Event In the Clan War, the one in Ranking 1 will win 80$ a Month And in the Daily Events will be rewarded when doing Streak : 20 Streak = 100DC 30 Streak = 150DC 50 Streak = 500DC
Español Tabla de Competencias Todas Las Semanas Seran Premiados Con 100DC y 150EC Los que Estén en el Ranking 1 en las Siguientes Modalidades Kills - Kills Streak - Play Time - Quest Point Duel Streak - XP Earned - Friends Invite
English Competency Table All Weeks Will Be Awarded With 100 DC and 150 EC Those who are Ranking #1 the following Modalities Kills - Kills Streak - Play Time - Quest Point - Duel Streak - XP Earned - Friends
Image of the competency table
Español Sistema de Referidos Algunos no tienen dinero para sus Donaciones, Hemos traído una Solución de Como Obtener Donator Coins y Event Coins Gratis por cada Usuario Referido que Traigas y llegue a Lv. 60 Ganaras 25 Donator Coins y 50 Event Coins 1• Puedes dar tu Link de Referencia a tus Amigos o Conocidos para que se Registren a travez de el 2• Hacer Publicidad colocando su Link de Referencia en la publicidad en los Grupos de Facebook y en Forums Mas Abajo les Dejare un Link de un Vídeo de como es este sistema de Referidos​ Video :
English Referred System Some do not have money for their donations, we have brought the solution How to win Donator Coins and Event Coins Free and without problems for each referred user you will be given 25 Donator Coins and 50 Event Coins 1• You can share your referral link with your friends and acquaintances 2• Advertise with your referral link in facebook groups and forums Here I leave a video as I can get Donator Coins and Event Coins.!! Vídeo​ :
Image of the referral system
Modos de Juego / Game Modes Imágenes / Images
Configuracion de Sala / Room Senttings Imágenes / Images
Configuraciones / Settings Imágenes / Images
Español Que esperas unete a este gran Servidor Att : Enigma Gamers GunZ V6 Un Exito por Delante.!!
English What do you hope to join this great server Att : Enigma Gamers GunZ V6 A Success ahead..!!​
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2016.04.12 17:17 BobXarlyESP UO FOREVER (Fiebre por UO)

Bueno desde hace muchos años que algunos jugamos a UO y animo a la gente a que se una a este servidor que tiene muy buena pinta y esta muy animado y tiene muchos eventos y cosas guais voy dejando enlaces sobre el server 
el servidor tiene un administrador de descargas que te actualizara todo y no hay que preocuparse por nada
Es preAOS pero tiene modificiaciones y algunas cosas guais, como estos eventos
Ultima Online Forever has possibly one of the most unique, balanced and fun bounty systems that has ever been seen in the game before. When creating this we knew we had to not only have balance, but it had to be done in such a way so that murderers could not use or abuse the system to their personal advantage at all. While murdering people can be a quick way to wealth, bounty hunting and killing murderers can quickly become profitable now too.
Ultima Online Forever has possibly one of the most unique, balanced and fun bounty systems that has ever been seen in the game before. When creating this we knew we had to not only have balance, but it had to be done in such a way so that murderers could not use or abuse the system to their personal advantage at all. While murdering people can be a quick way to wealth, bounty hunting and killing murderers can quickly become profitable now too.
We realize that 90% of adventurers who are being murdered at any given time are most likely at the total mercy of the player who is murderer or PKing(Player-killing) them. We thought it would only be fair to make it so if a noble adventurer ever kills a murderer or player-killer, that the Murderer should be at the mercy of the adventurer for a change!
....So that is exactly what we implemented..
To open the negotiation gump, simply double click the severed head. To see how many kills a murderer may have on a head you've severed, view the bounty board at the banks. There are no longer long and short term counts, it is all justified by "kills" only. To see your kills or stat loss type "I must consider my sins". 1 KILL = 30 Minutes of Temporary Stat loss. There is no permanent stat loss. You will get stat loss of any counts over 2. So if you have 2 counts, no stat loss, 3 counts is one and a half hour stat loss. If you receive stat loss with kills greater than 50, your kills will be halved so that your next stat loss is not as severe. Temporary Stat loss applied to BOTH Reds AND Blues! 1 KILL Will decay EVERY 24 Hours. If you are Player Killed you will have an option to give a kill or not to. Severed heads WILL rot (turn green) after 10 HOURS making them useless to turn in for stat loss. Stat/Skill loss percentage is 40%. Players may track kills through the Bounty Board. There is a maximum stat loss of 48 hours. Stat loss is only implemented on a player when their severed head is dropped onto one of the bounty collectors
How our unique bounty system works is it basically lets the players who battled negotiate for gold and stat loss amount. If you kill anyone with counts on them ONE kill equals THIRTY minutes of TEMPORARY STATLOSS. One kill will decay at the rate of every TWENTY-FOUR HOURS.
If the situation arises where you kill a player killer (PK) and sever their head the first thing you want to do is put the head in a secure place and then go to Britain Bank and look up how many kills that Player Killer has. In this situation let's say the Player Killer has 20 kills.. So In this situation when the player killer has 20 kills he is now at your absolute mercy as you control weather or not he gets 10 hours of temporary stat loss, but heres the kicker: You can negotiate with the player killer so they can buy back their head for an agreed upon price which will transfer the severed head to the player killers bank to dispose of, and the check of the agreed upon trade into your bank.
So at this point it is up to you weather or not you wish to simply hand in his head to the bounty head collector at the bank or negotiate with the player killer to sell them back their own head so you profit! In this situation let's say you decide to negotiate to see what kind of coin he is willing to fess up instead of taking stat loss.
So to begin negotiations simply double click the severed head of the player killer / murderer you killed which will bring up the gump seen below to send him a message of an offer for his head on trade: You enter your price to offer, as well as a message if you so please 
Upon okay-ing the offer, the Murderer will automatically get a scroll message at the top right hand of his screen for his review and consideration. In this case, let's say the murderer does not think that what you offered which was 15,000 gold is worth it, he spits, he says "NAY!" and would rather take 10 hours of temporary stat loss than pay your offer of 15k gold! In which case he COUNTER-OFFER's you with a 5,000 gold offer which he thinks is much more reasonable: 
Once he counter offers, an offer scroll will then appear at the top right hand corner of YOUR screen. Here is where you again make a choice, you can: A: Counter offer his counter offer for a higher price than 5k but obviously lower than your original offer of 15k. B: Hand in his head to the bounty hunter near Britain Bank to give him 10 hours of temporary stat loss but receive no profits. C: Accept his counter offer of 5k gold to complete the negotiation. In this case, let's say you accept his counter offer of 5k(5,000 GOLD) and so the gold is placed in your bank directly from his bank and the head you severed from his body previously is returned from your bank/backpack into his bank completing the negotiation and trade. EVENTOS PARA PASAR EL TIEMPO 
Here at Ultima Online Forever we offer multiple events which reward platinum, rares, statues and tons of fun/action!
 TYPES OF EVENTS Capture the Flag Monster Bashes Town Invasions FFA Tournament 1v1 and 2v2 Tournaments. Scavenger Hunts Custom Champion Spawns and much much more! AVENTURAS NUEVAS 
An All New Adventure!
Constantly added to and updated, explore new levels of dungeons Shame, Deceit, Destard and Covetous or try your best character against one of our many new customized Dungeons!
An example of an RDA portal
Random Dungeon Adventures are portals that spawn randomly through out the world. Entering one of these portals will teleport you into a dungeon containing a very powerful champion boss encounter with other monsters to clear as well. These portals are Blaze colored and have a fire elemental explosion effect on top of them, they are hard to find but not easy to miss.
These portals can be tracked with the Tracking skill by looking for Fire Elementals in your tracking menu.
Random Dungeon Adventure portals spawn close and reopen in a new location every 6 hours, there are 3 active at any given time.
Random Dungeon Adventures are the only way to obtain shards to create the Legendary Hammer.
We have added a unique wares vendor & platinum vendor in britain upon entering where the firepit is next to the Newbie Dungeon Entrance.
We reserve the right to change, add and remove things to this vendor as we see fit. These are not CHEAP you will have to work for it! UNIQUE WARES VENDOR
The Character slot token gives you 1 extra character slot which will also bring your max characters to 4 per account. You can not exceed this!� Jewelry Bless deed will bless your necklaces and other jewelry. Twilight Lantern is a blessed and spellchanneling latern. You can cast while holding this. Does not give any stats or benefits. Hedge Addon is a single tile hedge that can be converted back to a deed with an axe. PLATINUM VENDOR Both the Phoenix and Ranger Armor sets are blessed and have less armor than a normal suit of armor would. Ranger Armor is medable Rolex is blessed but gives no benefits or stats. Mailbox is a house addon that allows players to drop items when setup properly. Scroll down Below to see a guide. BENEFICIOS DEL CRAFTING UNIQUE CRAFTING BENEFITS - CRAFTING AREA 
Ultima Online Forever offers a unique crafting area located at The Hammer and Anvil Blacksmith shop located North West Britain just south of the Cemetary. This area not only helps crafters but it also brings back that nostalgia from the days when you would go to the blacksmith and have someone repair your gear. Always great to see people helping one another! THINGS TO REMEMBER This area was made to help players with such hard crafting skill gains while using less resources, so please do not AFK here. If you are crafting in this area you will receive the following benefits
A chance to craft slayer weapons. At 100 skill you have a chance to craft slayers for the following trade skills: blacksmiths, archery, carpentry. At 120 of those skills the chance to craft a slayer weapon increases to 2.5%.� 20% less resources will be used for everything crafted in this region.� 10% increased chance to craft exceptional quality equipment. TEMPLATES BUILDS Pulling these from the old wiki. Add more if you want underneath these are just what we had at the time. These were all made by players of the shard. Most stats are preference of player. Also an important note for dexxer templates, these were made prior to having the ability to throw explo pots with a two handed weapon. Crafter Templates º The Basic Crafter º The Basic Crafter Template (with separate resource gathering character) 100 Magery 100 Blacksmithing 100 Tinkering 100 Carpentry 100 Tailoring 100 Hiding 100 Musicianship º Gatherer to go with above crafter. 100 Mining 100 Bowcraft/Fletching 100 Inscription 100 Magery 100 Meditiation 100 Hiding 100 Lumberjacking Wood is only 2g to buy from vendors, so typically not worth gathering unless you plan on selling wood. Alchemy is a very common skill for PvP characters, so it may be best to use your PvP character as an alchemist, if you have one. This is why it is not listed in these builds. Alternatively, if you do not like bowcraft, Lumberjacking, and Inscription, you can easily use the below template to cover mining, while still being able to have a useful character. In this case, it is a fishermap: 100 Magery 100 Mining 100 Fishing 100 Med 100 Eval 100 Resist 100 Hiding The above build allows the gatherer to fish up MIB's solo - fend off the weak miner PKs, hide with gathering. This is a combo I personally like for a serious crafter. º The Legendary Crafter Description: This is a template is a merchant crafter that has the most profitable Skills for Crafting on UO Forever. Not only can this template craft nearly anything, it can also repair most Items too. Note: Alchemy, Poisoning, and Inscription Skills are not needed to have on a crafter as most people have those Skills on alternative characters meant for PvP. Having these Skills on alternative characters gives you the opportunity to not waste them on your crafter. Strengths: This char will be able to get both Tailoring and Blacksmithing Bulk Order Deeds (BODs) at the highest skill which gives you the highest percentage to get the best BODS. This char will be able to mine Sand, Granite and ore. This char also will be able to use the Legendary Hammer. If you choose 120 lumberjack you also would get the opportunity to potentially get rare wood as well if/when it is implemented. This char just is the ultimate craftegatherer. Character is meant to utilize all Crafting Skills at their fullest, most efficient and most profitable. You will be hailed King of the crafters. Weaknesses: This template is not going to fight. Anyone Ever. Do not bother. Just run. It is extremely expensive to get the Power Scrolls to achieve 120 for all of those Skills as most of them are rare and quite coveted by other players. Acquiring the Power Scrolls is something you work your way up to. 
º Skill Template (Skills as Marked):
 Blacksmithing 120 Tailoring 120 Tinkering 120 Carpentry 120 Magery Mining 120 20 extra Skills points. IF you want to get really crazy you can go 120 Lumberjacking and be the ultimate craftegatherer. No magery makes for a tough time as a crafter though. 
º Alternative Skill Template (Skills as Marked)
 Blacksmith (120) Tailoring (120) Tinkering (120) Carpentry (120) Mining (120) Musicianship (45) Magery (75) PVM Templates º The All in one Treasure Hunter Description: This template is meant to be a Jack of all trades sort of treasure hunter. I personally had all of my character slots filled so having a one slot character that can handle it all is really useful.The real benefit of this setup is to avoid having to manage multiple characters to do a successful treasure hunt or fishing/SOS hunting. You have everything you need to combat most challenges without needing assist from another character. Strengths: You can decode maps up to max level, fish up whirlpools, do SOSs, unlock paragon and dungeon chests. I really consider this character the quintessential treasure hunteadventurer. You utilize provocation to keep heavy hitters on eachother alongside clever usage of EVs and Daemon summons along with energy bolts, explosion, and fire horns for supplemental damage. The REAL benefit of this setup is in the money. Between provo in dungeons and SOS and treasure hunts, you will make a lot of money and have fun doing it! Weaknesses: The only real weakness I see here is the lack of firepower from the archery setups with slayer bows. Sometimes it's a little on the slow side as far as damage is concerned. Also because provocation plays a big part in this build you have to have two Monsters, whether that's two enemies, or a summoned pet and your intended target, and sometimes that's a little tricky at sea. But having nets on you helps as it gives you more targets to provo! Also lack of spell resist could be problematic but I have noticed it having little effect as mobs are usually fighting each other so it's best dropped it in favor of meditation. ºSkill Template (Skills as Marked): 1. Fishing 2. Cartography 3. Lockpicking 4. Provocation 5. Musicianship 6. Magery 7. Meditation Stats: 100 / 25 / 100 ºThe Archer Mage FishermaN Description: This template has fishing obviously. The archery allows you to hit enemies and mobs alike from a distance. This template also has bandage Healing and magery Healing. The Magery mainly though is for casting EV's, gating however can be utilized in any way by the player. Slayers with archery is really key here because you can do high damage while avoiding close contact. Typically you need support of other fisherman in general depending on what you are fishing for. Strengths: Slayer Weapons and distance fighting are key strengths. The Magery ability to cast evs and gate in other chars as well as heal/cross heal also is a big strength with this template. The dropping of the bow makes you vulnerable to fizzling if being directly melee'd however that is not a huge issue at sea. Weaknesses: Everyone is vulnerable at sea. As a fishing template this really has little weaknesses but can be used improperly. The magery while it is defensive only in terms of attacking spells still allows summons which are easily utilized at sea. 
º Skill Template (Skills as Marked): 1. Fishing 2. Tactics 3. Anatomy 4. Archery 5. Resisting Spells 6. Magery 7. Healing Stats: 90 / 45 / 90 (This is really at the preference to the player and how he utilizes his/her magery)
 º The Basic Tamer Description: The basic tamer template. He uses his powerful pets to hunt for him. He has the ability to heal, cure, and resurrect his pets as needed. This template is good for most hunting situations and is flexible enough to work moderately well in PvP. Strengths: Very good offense do to powerful pets and full strength magery spells. Can heal, buff, and cure not only himself but also his pets. Healing his pets via Vetrinary is much more cost effective than using magery. Weaknesses: Does not have wrestling no defensive wrestling. Melee attacks will almost always hit the tamer. It is imperative to learn to keep your pets engaged with mobs and other players. º Skill Template (Skills as Marked): Animal Taming (100) Animal Lore (100) Resisting Spells (100) Magery (100) Evaluating Intelligence (100) Vetrinary (100) Meditation (100) Stats: 100 / 25 / 100 º The Dungeon Chest Crawler Description: This template has a single minded goal and is definitely not for everyone. That single goal is to move throughout a dungeon safely and pick and open dungeon treasure chests. It utilizes hiding and stealth to move around unseen, while lockpicking and remove trap will allow chests to be opened while hidden. This character should never been seen by players or mobs, which is his only defense. Strengths: You can pick any lock in the game and open chests while hidden as you can remove the trap without casting telekinesis. This template can stealth, therefore can move undetected, even around high end mobs. Weaknesses: This template has little to no offensive or defensive capabilities. It is meant to stay hidden so as not to be attacked. Skill Template (Skills as Marked): 1. Magery (100) 2. Meditation (100) 3. Lockpicking (100) 4. Detect Hidden (100) 5. Remove Trap (100) 6. Hiding (100) 7. Stealth (100) Stats: 100 / 25 / 100 º The Mage Fisherman Description: This is a fisherman char which is very efficient and important to have if in a group. Fishing as a "crew" is the best means of fishing. This template can not only cross heal but lay down a lot of ev's as well as gate in chars, etc. The magery can be used offensively as well as it has eval and can be used from a distance to avoid melee shots which is important at sea. Strengths: Magery is the main strength in this as it gives you offensive spells and summons. This char will have more mana than a dexxemage so you can utilize your magery much more efficiently as well as regenerate with meditation quickly. Gating out is another thing you can do. Also this has Healing in the template which gives you 3 different ways to heal: Potions, Healing, magery. Weaknesses: Lack of wrestling makes you very vulnerable to all melee attacks. Any landed hit will also cause you to fizzle which is a risk for all mages but even more so with one without wrestling. Skill Template (Skills as Marked): 1. Fishing 2. Magery 3. Evaluating Intelligence 4. Meditation 5. Resisting Spells 6. Anatomy 7. Healing Stats: 100 / 25 / 100 º The Parry Dexxer Description: A Parry dexxor is something that hits a gray area. It technically can be used to PvP however it all depends on how the char uses it. I consider it a PvM char as it is best utilized against monster's melee. It is not good against mages which kind of leans it away from PvP however it can be used in both. Parry blocks the blows of melee attacks based off of a percentage depending on skill level. It essentially makes melee attacks useless during some blows. Strengths: Defense of a shield is paramount in parry dexxors. You are able to use a shield against any mob and it has a chance of completely blocking a blow from them. It does not always block but it does block reasonably well and makes fighting mobs much easier. The ability to use a slayer weapon makes parry dexxors very useful in PvM. Weaknesses: You must hold a shield and thus have two hands occupied. It eliminates the use of two handed weapons. If you use a two handed weapon you essentially are wasting 100 skill points for the time you do that. This is typical to a lot of Skills though. You must bandy heal and rely upon that depending on your template. You would need to de-equip your shield in order to drink potions which causes some issues. Skill Template (Skills as Marked): 1. Parry (100) 2. Weapon Skill (100) 3. Resisting Spells (100) 4. Tactics (100) 5. Anatomy (100) 6. Healing (100) 7. Options*** (100) ***It is strongly recommended to have GM Magery. You can have Hiding if you want or you can go Alchemy if you are willing to drop the shield while chasing your opponent. You can go with Poisoning if you want high frequency poisons. Stats: 100 / 100 / 25 (Depending on what you choose for your final skill) º The Provo Archer Description: Versatile and independent. Great for soloing and surviving PKs. Tactics takes priority over Anatomy, due to its larger damage bonus. Anatomy and Healing at minimum requirements for resurrecting. 60 Magery allows for nearly guaranteed recalls, heals, cures, and buffs in a pinch. High resist is important for survival, most notably for resisting poisons. This template allows you to provoke one mob upon another while hitting either one with archery. Strengths: Provides a good PvM offense from a distance due to the Archery and Provocation Skills. Does not need to be near mobs to be effective. Great for Champion Spawns. Very cheap to build. Weaknesses: Does not have great defensive Skills. Skill Template (Skills as Marked): Provocation (100) Musicianship (100) Archery (100) Tactics (100) Anatomy (80) Healing (80) Resisting Spells (80) Magery (60) Stats: 100 / 90 / 35 ºThe Provo Tamer Description: This is a unique but extremely powerful template. Although defenses are weak, his offense outweighs any offense in the game. The provocation tamer can use his powerful pets while provoking mobs on to other mobs. This means that he can fight the largest and meanest mobs in the game without too much worry about taking damage. Strengths: Very good offense due to powerful pets and the ability to provoke one mob onto another. Can heal, buff, and cure not only himself but also his pets. Healing his pets via Veterinary is much more cost effective than using magery. In addition, can keep mobs off of himself by provoking mobs onto his own pets. Weaknesses: Does not have wrestling nor defensive wrestling. Melee attacks will almost always hit the tamer. It is imperative to learn to keep your pets engaged with mobs and other players. In addition, since there is no Evaluating Intelligence, this tamer's magery spells will not be very powerful. Lacking Resisting Spells, this template really need to stay on top of mobs in his area to prevent them dealing damage to him. Skill Template (Skills as Marked): Animal Taming (100) Animal Lore (100) Veterinary (100) Magery (100) Meditation (100) Musicianship (100) Provocation (100) Stats: 100 / 25 / 100 ºPVP Templates º The Alchy Dexxer Description: This is a dexxor template which uses the Alchemy skill for added damage for explosion potions and utilizes magery for supporting spells, whether it be a defensive buff like reflect, reactive armor or blessing.. This does not include evaluating intelligence or meditation so magical spells will not provide high damage for offensive use. Since Publish 2, two handed weapons (excluding archery) can be used while throwing explosion potions. Strengths: Can be very deadly as any Alchemy dexxor can be. Also can be very defensive as you have 3 modes of Healing: Potions, bandages and magery. Weaknesses: The magery can be used improperly or sometimes can be basically useless rendering the skill useless. Any dexxer has its disadvantages of Healing on a bandage tick and relying on Healing potions. When you drop your weapon to cast a spell you lack a defensive skill so you will be hit with almost every single offensive swing thus causing you to potentially fizzle. Important to remember that when dropping weapons as a dexxer at any time. Skill Template (Skills as Marked): Weapon Skill (Swords, Fencing, or Mace Fighting) Anatomy Tactics Healing Resisting Spells Magery Alchemy Stats: 100 / 90 / 35 º The Alchy Nox Dexxer Description: The Alchy Nox Dexxor is without a doubt the most powerful, yet gimped template ever made. It utilizes Alchemy to deal explosion potions with extra umph, yet also can deadly poison you on nearly every hit. The template is usually different from player to player depending upon their play style. It is a difficult template to play, but can be very rewarding. The template provided below is only a sample of the type of setup this template requires. Strengths: Can poison enemies. Can throw explosion potions for extra damage or while moving for ranged damage. Can use magic melee weapons. Weaknesses: This template's weaknesses are defined by how a player chooses to align the skill points. In general though, this template has an extremely deadly damage output, but very little to no defense. Skill Template (Skills as Marked) 1. Fencing or Swordmanship 2. Tactics 3. Anatomy 4. Healing 5. Resisting Spells 6. Poisoning 7. Alchemy Stats: 100 / 90 / 35 º The Alchy Scribe Mage Description: The Alchy Scribe Mage is quite an awesome template. It has high damage output with a strong defensive backbone. Utlizing Alchemy to enhance the damage of explotion potions, this template can deal huge amounts of damage. The Inscription provides double defence with magic reflection, reactive armor, or protection. Strengths: Strong offensive damage. Magical defensive abilities. Weaknesses: Cannot wear heavy armor. No ability to stun opponent. Skill Template (All Skills are GM) 1. Magery 2. Evaluating Intelligence 3. Meditation 4. Resisting Spells 5. Wrestling 6. Alchemy 7. Inscription Stats: 95 35 95 ºThe Alchy Stun Mage Description: The Alchy Stun Mage is arguably the most offensive of all Mage Templates. It combines magery with the power of explosion potions and the ability to stop their opponents with a stun. In the field, an Alchy Stun Mage will destroy and in The Duel Pits, it can devestate. Please note that this is also one of the most challenging Templates to play as it requires a combination of strategy, timing, and mage PvP. Strengths: Offensively strong, with the ability to deal large amounts of damage on the run or in one place. Weaknesses: Hard to master. Only basic defenses. Skill Template (All Skills are GM) 1. Magery 2. Evaluating Intelligence 3. Meditation 4. Resisting Spells 5. Wrestling 6. Anatomy 7. Alchemy Stats: 95 35 95 ºThe Heal Stun Mage Description: The Heal Stun Mage is a smooth blend of offensive and defensive capabilities all in a Mage package. They depend on typical magery damage while using the ability to stun their enemies. When taking damage, they are able to heal themselves with a bandaid to have a "background Healing" ability. Strengths: Able to heal without magery and while moving. Can stun their opponents. Weaknesses: Bandaids rely upon dexterity and mages typically have low dexterity. This causes slow bandaid applications. No extra offensive capabilities. Skill Template (All Skills are GM) 1. Magery 2. Evaluating Intelligence 3. Meditation 4. Resisting Spells 5. Wrestling 6. Anatomy 7. Healing Stats: 95 35 95 º The Lumberjacker Description: The Lumberjacker is a specialty template that utilizes the non-melee skill Lumberjacking to provide a 35% damage bonus to Axe damage. Strengths: Exceptionally Strong offensive capabilities when using Axes. Weaknesses: No ranged attack. Basic defensive abilities. Limited to using only Axes type weapons. Skill Template (All Skills are GM) 1. Swordsmanship 2. Tactics 3. Anatomy 4. Healing 5. Resisting Spells 6. Magery 7. Lumberjacking Suggested Stats: 100/85/40, 90/90/45 º The Nox Stun Mage Description: The nox stun mage is back in a big way with recent shard changes. Nox Mages: When the sum of magery and Poisoning is 200.0 skill value (100 magery and 100 Poisoning), they will have a 70% chance to apply deadly poison on cast when within 3 tiles of target, with a 90% chance to penetrate Resisting Spells. Outside of that 3-tile range, this penetration effect will not occur and only normal poison will be applied. This player can also be used to stun a target which is extremely useful in mounted PvP especially on this shard. This is an extremely useful PvP char especially in groups. Strengths: Poisoning. Poisoning at high frequencies as a mage is extremely important. The ability to poison past resist makes you extremely viable in a 1v1 setting. It gives you an edge. Also the ability to deadly poison gives you an edge because there is a change to fail cure with cure potions now which means longer time between heals. The stun is extremely important on this shard and in PvP. In groups or alone it can be key to winning a fight. Also the ability to poison weapons for your other chars is very nice. Weaknesses: This template like many mage Templates often has weaknesses due to user error. All Skills have their advantages but there is reasonable balance. The ability to poison through resist at high frequencies is great however there is a high chance of curing with a potion so it may seem futile to poison sometimes. The reduction to 80% from 100% on greater cure however is noticable. To get very close to a target sometimes is not possible so the use of deadly poison may seem infrequent. Skill Template (Skills as Marked): 1. Poisoning 2. Magery 3. Evaluating Intelligence 4. Meditation 5. Resisting Spells 6. Wrestling 7. Anatomy Stats: 100 / 25 / 100 º The PVP Tamer Description: This template is based on a tamer template but includes a 5x Mage build for PvP purposes. In comparison to The Basic Tamer template, this one uses wrestling instead of Veterinary to be able to survive against attacking melee players. It is expected that this tamer will heal and cure their pets through magery. Two alternative builds have been included below for more variety. The first has Alchemy instead of wrestling for a total offense. The second has Inscription for total defense. Strengths: Any tamer build is very strong inherently, however it takes experience to know how to play it well. These builds will allow an experienced tamer to take down multiple PvP targets at the same time as powerful pets like White Wyrms and Dragons do major damage. Weaknesses: Since pets are required for this template, your movement speed will be dependent upon theirs. For mountable pets such as nightmare's, they cannot be re-mounted until a fight is over, which could allow an enemy to escape easily by riding away on their own mount. 
º Skill Template 1 (Skills as marked):
 Wrestling (100) Evaluating Intelligence (100) Meditation (100) Magery (100) Resisting Spells (100) Animal Lore (100) Taming (100) Stats: 95 / 30 / 100 
ºº Skill Template 2 (Skills as marked):
 Alchemy (100) Evaluating Intelligence (100) Meditation (100) Magery (100) Resisting Spells (100) Animal Lore (100) Taming (100) Stats: 95 / 30 / 100 ºººSkill Template 3 (Skills as marked): Inscription (100) Evaluating Intelligence (100) Meditation (100) Magery (100) Resisting Spells (100) Animal Lore (100) Taming (100) Stats: 95 / 30 / 100 ºThe Scribe Dexxer Description: The scribe dexxor is one of those oddball templates that is quite powerful, yet always unsuspected. It utilizes a typical dexxor skill set, but boosts it with inscription. inscription receives 2x multiplier on spells such as Magic Reflection, Reactive Armor, and Protection. For example, instead of reflecting only 7 circles of spells cast on him, a scribe dexxor will reflect 14 circles of spells! Strengths: Strong defensive attributes with healing and inscription Weaknesses: No ranged attack when moving. Skill Template (All Skills are GM) 1. Weapon Skill (Mace Fighting / Swordsmanship / Fencing / Archery) 2. Tactics 3. Anatomy 4. Healing 5. Resisting Spells 6. Magery 7. inscription Stats: 95 50 80 ºThe Stun Scribe Mage Description: The scribe mage is very valuable because of inscriptions defensive bonuses. When using inscription at GM the most important spells that are buffed are Reactive Armor, Protection, and Magic reflect. Be aware that inscription on UO:F does NOT increase spell damage. It increases the amount of time that Protection lasts as well the hits absorbed with reactive armor. With reflection it gives you an increase in the amount of spells you can reflect approx 16 circles. That is double from just having GM Magery which only allows you 8 circles reflected. The stun ability speaks for itself. Allows you to stun an opponent when on the offensive and or on the defensive. Strengths: A very survivable template if used properly. The use of reflect, protection, reactive vary in usefulness depending on the situation you're in. The stun makes you a very offensive threat as well as the ability to reflect a lot of spells. The ability to cast without interruption with protection also makes you able to be very offensive or defensive. Reactive armor limiting damage by dexxers is extremely useful as well. Weaknesses: You cannot stack defensive spells. So if you have reflection up and so happen to be fighting a dexxer there is nothing you can do about it at the time which makes your inscription skill utterly useless. The defensive spells only last so long and have cool down timers between casting again so there are times where your Inscription skill gives you no advantage at all. Skill Template (Skills as Marked): 1. Magery 2. Evaluating Intelligence 3. Meditation 4. Wrestling 5. Resisting Spells 6. Anatomy 7. Inscription Stats: 95 / 35 / 95 
Aqui esta la wiki que salen cosas diferentes al foro pero esta muy bien y te enteras de todo un poco 
ºSe pueden tener hasta 3 cuentas ºHay 3 iniciadores de juegos, Razor, UOSteam ( , Sallos ( ) (este ultimo le da un estilo grafico muy bonito) ºSe pueden usar estos programas automapas - -
Se pueden tener hasta 3 cuentas por lo que habria que administrarselas bien y poner una PVM , PVP y CRAFT.
Un saludo
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2016.01.24 16:09 salmeida Mínimo dos mínimos - campanha de recolha de roupa interior e meias para os refugiados que chegam a Lesbos. DATA LIMITE: 31 de Janeiro.

Olá /portugal !
Para aqueles que perguntam "como posso ajudar?", chegou o vosso momento de brilharem :)
Tenho feito alguns posts 1 2 3 sobre a minha experiência como voluntária na Grécia, nos campos de refugiados em Lesbos. Hoje chego com um pedido ao sub.
Não tinha dinheiro para voltar, mas a associação Ovar, Vamos Ajudar? (da qual faço parte) tinha angariado fundos para ajudar os refugiados, e o destino de parte desse dinheiro, seria para enviar dois voluntários para Lesbos durante dois meses. Assim, voltei eu e o meu namorado. Chegámos de novo a Lesbos a 12 de Janeiro. O restante dinheiro foi usado para comprar luvas, gorros, cachecóis e mochilas. Conseguimos assegurar uma parceria com uma transportadora local que vai fazer a entrega destes items GRATUITAMENTE :) (YAYYYY!!!!), e além disso, não impuseram limite de peso ou items! Assim, criámos a campanha Mínimo dos Mínimos!
Passamos os dias no campo de refugiados de Moria, em Lesbos, no armazém dos bens que são distribuidos pelos refugiados. As pessoas fazem fila á porta, para pedirem aquilo de que precisam. Toda a gente precisa de tudo, mas por não termos stock suficiente, temos que tomar decisões rápidas e que fazem com que não possamos ajudar muita gente. Por exemplo, o stock de sapatos está muito em baixo, por isso já só podemos dar sapatos a quem perdeu os seus e quem tem os pés molhados tem que manter os sapatos que tem. É muito difícil dizer-mos "não te podemos dar nada". Tentamos sempre dar algo, nem que seja um rolo de papel higiénico, mas gostávamos de elevar a fasquia e fazer do mínimo dos mínimos, roupa interior para qualquer pessoa que nos pede ajuda!
Assim, até dia 31 de Janeiro estamos a aceitar roupa interior (cuecas, sutiãs) e meias para todas as idades, para serem enviados para Lesbos e distribuidos por nós mesmos! Fica aqui o poster.
Estamos a concentrar a recolha em Ovar (minha terra) porque só temos uma semana, mas se alguém quiser organizar na sua área e enviar para Ovar, a morada encontra-se no evento
Pontos de entrega EM OVAR:
Se alguém estiver a pensar enviar pelo correio, digam-me para saber e não enviarmos tudo antes de chegar.
Continuo a escrever no meu blog sobre os nossos dias aqui.
Alguma dúvida, disponham!
ps: obrigada pelo apoio constante dos users no /portugal !
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2013.11.08 14:24 carpetano Match preview: Villarreal CF v. Atlético de Madrid

This thread will be updated as more information is available. Feel free to add more info in the comments.

Match info


Match keys & News

  • Last Wednesday Atleti beat Austria Wien 4-0 ensuring the qualification (as #1) for the next Champions League round. The following week there is an international break and several Atleti players will join their national teams. Godín, C. Rodríguez and Giménez have to fly to Uruguay before the match and they will miss it.
  • Arda and Mario Suárez may play after their injuries (update: Arda joined the group during last training session and he's finaly in the list. Mario is still recovering). Adrián was injured during match against Austria Wien and he will probably miss the match against Villarreal.
  • Filipe Luis should miss the match because of his two yellow cards against Granada. Atleti have appeal the second one, but there's no answer yet.
  • Villarreal is in position #4 in Liga, 10 points below Atleti. They will miss Giovani Dos Santos who is injured
  • Which 11 would you choose? Would you rotate some player or let them rest during the international break?
  • Despite being on loan by Atleti, Asenjo will be able to play for Villarreal in this match.
  • Diego Costa has the flu, but he's in the list and he may be fully recovered for the match
  • 17 year old central-back Lucas from Atlético youth team ("Juvenil División de Honor") called by Simeone

Press conferences

  • Simeone: "Villarreal is playing beautiful football, it will be a tough match" (Spanish) (English)
  • Marcelino: "If we don't play with the same strength we'll be lost" (Spanish) (English-ISF)

Squad lists

  • Villarreal: Asenjo, Juan Carlos, Mario, Pantic, Jokic, Jaume Costa, Musacchio, Gabriel, Bruno, Pina, Trigueros, Hernán Pérez, Aquino, Cani, Moi Gómez, Uche, Perbet, Jonathan Pereira
  • Atlético: Courtois, Bounou, Alderweireld, Manquillo, Juanfran, Miranda, Insua, Lucas, Tiago, Koke, Raúl García, Arda Turan, Gabi, Óliver, Guilavogui, Adrián, Villa, Baptistao, Diego Costa


  • Villarreal: Asenjo, Mario, Musacchio, Gabriel, Costa, Bruno, Pina, Cani, Hernán Pérez, J. Pereira, Uche
(Iñíguez, Jokic, Pantic, Perbet, Trigueros, Aquino, Gómez)
  • Atlético: Courtois, Juanfran, Alderweireld, Miranda, Insua, Tiago, Gabi, Koke, R.García, Villa, Diego Costa
(Bounou, Manquillo, Lucas, Guilavogui, Óliver, Arda, Adrián)
Update More reviews, news, press conferences (Spanish) and squad lists
Update More previews, Simeone's press conference (English)
Update LPF preview, Marcelino's press conference (English)
Update AS preview (English), line-ups
Update Match thread in /soccer
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Travis Scott and Fortnite Present: Astronomical (Full ... Fortnite The Device event - No commentary - YouTube Fortnite Loot Lake event and volcano eruption (FULL ... FORTNITE TRAVIS SCOTT EVENT - YouTube Marshmello Holds First Ever Fortnite Concert Live at ... Live Wesley Safadão, Bruno e Marrone - YouTube TRAVIS SCOTT Fortnite Event  FULL HD  *NO TALKING* - YouTube Apple Event — September 15 - YouTube Fortnite Season 9 Live Event 1080p 60fps (No Commentary)

SharePoint Events – Setting a Column Value in the ...

  1. Travis Scott and Fortnite Present: Astronomical (Full ...
  2. Fortnite The Device event - No commentary - YouTube
  3. Fortnite Loot Lake event and volcano eruption (FULL ...
  5. Marshmello Holds First Ever Fortnite Concert Live at ...
  6. Live Wesley Safadão, Bruno e Marrone - YouTube
  7. TRAVIS SCOTT Fortnite Event FULL HD *NO TALKING* - YouTube
  8. Apple Event — September 15 - YouTube
  9. Fortnite Season 9 Live Event 1080p 60fps (No Commentary)

The Fortnite Device event has brought a biblical amount of water to the map, but perhaps not in the way you might have imagined. Instead of raising the water... This Video Features The TRAVIS SCOTT Fortnite Event (Concert) NO TALKING Aussie Antics Socials 🐥 Twitter - 📸 Instagram - htt... FORTNITE TRAVIS SCOTT EVENT SUBSCRIBE PLEASE :(( Thanks For Support Channel #royaleclips #fortniteclips #fortnite #fortnitefunny Fortnite 'THE END' Full Live ROCKET Event - No Commentary (Season 11) - Duration: 10:04. Chaos Recommended for you. 10:04. Fortnite Final Showdown Live Event FULL REPLAY Cinematic! Fortnite ... Official Marshmello Merch EPIC Games Creator Code: Marshmello 🌼Be Kind w/ Halsey - OUT NOW 🌼 Click Here T... THE SCOTTS - OUT NOW: OFFICIAL STORE: Astronomical is an other-worldly experience by Travis S... Watch the Apple Special Event and learn about the latest updates for Apple Watch, iPad Air, and more. To watch the event interpreted in American Sign Languag... In the Fortnite season 8 rune event, players open a vault containing every weapon that's been removed from the game, and choose one to bring back. The first ... - Live do Wesley Safadão com Bruno e Marrone Siga Wesley Safadão nas redes sociais! Facebook: Instagram: https://www.i...