Janeane Garofalo dating

Garofalo was in another relation with Ben Stiller. Their official dating started from the show, ''The Ben Stiller Show'' in 1992. The couple had done many shows together and also published several books together too. Later on, they split up, and she is single now. Net Worth. The comedian, Janeane have an estimated net worth of $10 million. More about the Janeane Garofalo and Mather Zickel dating / relationship. More about the Janeane Garofalo and Mitch Rouse dating / relationship. More about the Janeane Garofalo and James Lance dating / relationship. More about the Janeane Garofalo and Pete Caldes dating / relationship. Who is Janeane Garofalo dating? Janeane Garofalo is currently married to Brody Tate. The couple started dating in 2015 and have been together for around 5 years, 7 months, and 7 days. The American Movie Actress was born in New Jersey on September 28, 1964. Actor and political activist who starred with Ben Stiller in Reality Bites and Mystery Men. Relationships. Janeane Garofalo was previously married to Robert Cohen (1992 - 2012).. Janeane Garofalo has been in relationships with Henry Rollins (2007 - 2008), Fred Armisen (2004), Craig Bierko (1999), Mitch Rouse (1996 - 1997), Bob Odenkirk (1995 - 1996), Ben Stiller (1990), Greg Behrendt, James Lance, Pete Caldes and Mather Zickel.. About. Janeane Garofalo is a 55 year old American Actress. Profession: Actor Born: Sep 28, 1964 Died: Jan 1, 0001 Biography: Actress, comedian, and paragon of cynicism Janeane Garofalo was born on September 28, 1964, in Newton, NJ. During high school, her family relocated to Houston, TX, where the trauma of the move prompted her famously insecure, self-loathing persona... Is Brody Tate married or dating? Regarding his marital status, Tate is a married man. His wife is none other than American actress Janeane Garofalo (born on September 28, 1964) who is also known for her stand-up comedian and voice artist career. On the other hand, his reputed wife, Janeane, owns a whopping net value of $10 million. Brody Tate Married Actress Janeane Garofalo in 2015. Yes, it was 2015 when Brody Tate tied the knot with the gorgeous actress, Janeane Garofalo. Consequently, it widened his networking far more, as the romantic affiliation with the Saturday Night Live ... Janeane Garofalo Dating Henry Rollins sont fréquentes, nous surveillons en permanence l'activité du site afin de limiter les profils indésirables et les escroqueries. Pour cela une équipe de modérateurs contrôle tous les nouveaux profils manuellement et reste disponible 24h/24. For comedian Janeane Garofalo, staying married for 20 years was a cinch -- perhaps because she had absolutely no idea she was still hitched to her '90s boyfriend. The 48-year-old says she married 'The Big Bang Theory' producer Rob Cohen 'as a joke' in 1991, but didn't think the nuptials had actually stuck. See all Janeane Garofalo's marriages, divorces, hookups, break ups, affairs, and dating relationships plus celebrity photos, latest Janeane Garofalo news, gossip, and biography. Janeane Garofalo is currently single. She has been in eight celebrity relationships averaging approximately 3.8 years each. Her only marriage lasted 20.2 years.

Wet Hot American Summer: First Day of Camp is one of my favorite shows that Netflix has ever made.

2020.09.29 16:50 LutzExpertTera Wet Hot American Summer: First Day of Camp is one of my favorite shows that Netflix has ever made.

I see a lot of (justified) praise for some of Netflix's other comedy series, but Wet Hot American Summer: First Day of Camp is one of my favorite pieces of content that Netflix has ever produced. I find myself watching it at least once a year, cracking a few beers, and laughing my ass off.
The show itself is an 8 episode prequel series to the 2001 film of the same name and has actors in their 30s and 40s playing teenage camp counselors with no attempts to hide their age or make them look younger. Elizabeth Banks was in her 40s when she shot this, her character was a 24 year old pretending to be a 16 year old, and her hiding her age was just putting part of her hair up. They lean into that absurdity the whole movie and it's better for it.
And how can you beat that cast?! They returned Paul Rudd, Amy Poehler, Bradley Cooper, Elizabeth Banks, Ken Marino, Joe Lo Truglio, Janeane Garofalo, H. Jon Benjamin, Michael Ian Black, David Hyde Pierce, Molly Shannon, Michael Showalter, Christopher Meloni, Judah Friedlander, AD Miles, Marguerite Moreau, and Zak Orth from the movie while introduce new cast members like Lake Bell, John Hamm, Kristen Wiig, Chris Pine, Jason Schwartzman, Michael Cera, Randall Park, Jordan Peele, Paul Scheer, and David Wain ... and they fit ALL these cast members (and more) into just 8 episodes!
If you've seen the movie in advance you have a bunch of expectations for who is dating who, who is friends with who, and personality types of some characters but the series swerves these expectations by setting up absurd plot lines and very random coupling. The whole show is full of surreal comedy with Coop looking increasingly bizarre, the Camp Tiger Claw guys, Chris Pine's character, and the Presidential battle at the very end.
Plus, every time I hear that intro song of Jane by Jefferson Starship I get so fucking pumped.
They also made a sequel series to the this and the movie, Wet Hot American Summer: 10 Years Later which is also pretty great, but I'll give the edge to First Day of Camp. I don't see this show mentioned on this sub too often, so urge anyone who hasn't seen it to check it out!
Clicks submits which triggers sound of a pot breaking
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2020.08.22 20:53 Rainmaker825 A Full List of Cameos on 2 1/2 Men

These are a full list of cameos on 2 1/2 men. The rules are that they could not have appeared in more than 2 episodes, and they can't play a character that advances the storyline of the season. And they have to be A or B list celebs you would recognize at a Starbucks on Ventura Blvd :P
Full List of Celebrity Cameos
Season 1
Episode 4: Steven Tyler (only his voice, when he catches Alan giving Berta an adjustment, but Tyler thinks he is boning her).
Episode 12: Megan Fox as Berta’s granddaughter who’s 16, and Charlie and Alan are very tempted.
Episode 14: Richard Lewis as Charlie’s criminal accountant who stops paying his bills because he had an “import/export” problem.
Episode 18: Chris O’Donnell who stars as Charlie’s ex who’s now a trans man.
Episode 19: Teri Hatcher who is Judith’s sister. Charlie once slept with her at Alan/Judith’s wedding reception
Episode 21: Heather Locklear who Charlie sleeps with, and then dumps, and she screws Alan because of it.
Season 2
Episode 1: Sean Penn, Elvis Costello, Harry Dean Stanton, Bobby Cooper are a part of Charlie’s men's support group who think it’s messed up he won’t include Alan.
Episode 17: Ken Jeong, before he was famous, he plays a male nurse. In real life he’s an actual doctor.
Episode 18: Lucy Lawless, plays the ex wife of a gay music producer who thinks Charlie is gay, until he “convinces her” he’s not.
Episode 24: Orson Beane, plays a wealthy husband of a woman Charlie sleeps with
Episode 3:
Episode 7: Martin Sheen plays Rose’s Dad who starts to have a fling with Evelyn
Episode 9: Cloris Leachmann who plays an older woman who makes Alan her sugar baby
Episode 17: Jon Lovitz plays a jingle writer that overshadows Charlie
Episode 20: Kevin Sorbo plays Kandi’s Dad
Season 4:
Episode 2: Steven Tyler rents the house next to Charlie and kicks Charlie’s ass
Episode 14: Brooke Shields, Charlie’s crazy new neighbor that wants to have a Devil’s 3 way with Charlie and Alan
Episode 15: Allison Janney plays Alan’s internet date that ties him up
Episode 16: Morgan Fairchild plays a cougar that picks up Charlie at a seniors bar.
Episode 23: Enrique Iglesias plays Charlie’s handyman that Charlie becomes jealous of, and ends up taking his girl
Season 5
Episode 2: Janeane Garofalo who plays Alan’s neurotic date who she sleeps with, then gets mad at
Episode 8: Richard Kind, plays Charlie’s record producer for childrens songs
Season 6:
Episode 11: Emilio Estevez, Charlie’s best friend (and real life brother) who dies on his balcony, causing Charlie to face his own mortality
Season 7
Episode 1: Eddie Van Halen runs into Brian at a recording studio while heading to the bathroom
Episode 21: ZZ Top (Dusty Hill, Billy Gibbons, Frank Berd), he sees while hallucinating on pot
Season 9:
Episode 1: John Stamos, Thomas Gibson, Jenna Elfman are people who come to look at the house after Charlie dies.
Episode 6: Joe Manganiello before he was famous as Bridgette’s date.
Episode 9: Gary Busey as Alan’s suitemate at the “stress clinic”
Episode 22: Kathy Bates plays the form from Charlie who came up from hell
Season 10:
Episode 20: Scott Bakula Plays the rich older husband of Ashley
Episode 23: Marilu Henner & Hillary Duff. Walden starts dating Hillary, but becomes interested in her Grandma
Season 11:
Episode 6: Lynda Carter, who Alan loves and wants to date but she wants Walden
Episode 7,12: Jeff Probst, cock blocks Walden in one episode, and Alan in another
Episode 13: Tim Conway, Gary Marshall, Steve Lawrence, friends of Marty who play themselves attending Marty’s bachelor party.
Episode 19: Mila Kunis, Walden's real life wife shows up as a backpacker.
Episode 21: Diedrich Bader plays the guy who buys Walden’s first car, and sells it back to them
Episode 22: Brad Paisley, Gretchen’s real life husband comes to take her right before she marries Alan.
Season 12:
Episode 16: Arnold Schwarzenegger is the Detective that takes Walden & Alan’s report on Charlie wanting to kill them, Christian Slater is the guy they think is Charlie and he’s is cuffed to bench at the station, John Stamos plays himself and is having sex with Bridgette...
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2020.06.04 17:08 ChildfreeFamily Help fact-checking a list of well known Childfree people

I'm compiling a list of childfree people for a blog. I have found a few lists online (which have been helpful). But in some cases they were not up-to-date. A person may have had children since being added to their list (example: I had to remove George Clooney who appeared on a number of lists). Or there might be some people missing who should be on the list.
If you have a moment to scan the list and let me know of any other errors or omissions it would be appreciated.
It has been fun working on this list. A few people on it surprised me. Thanks again for any help.
\Edit for clarification: the term "childfree", in the sense of this list, will be in regards to people who never had a child from a live birth, fostered a child, adopted a child, or was a step-parent.*

Herbert Samuel Adams – Sculptor
Charles Addams – Cartoonist (The New Yorker)
Jane Addams - Social Worker, Political Activist, Co-Founder of the ACLU, & Nobel Peace Prize Winner
Nancy Addison – Actress
Louisa May Alcott – Author
Cynthia May Westover Alden – Author, Philanthropist
Grover Cleveland Alexander – Baseball Player
Suzy Allegra – Author
Marty Allen – Comedian
John Murray Anderson – Musical Theatre Producer
Laurie Anderson – Performance Artist
Marian Anderson – Concert Singer
Louis Andriessen – Composer
Jennifer Aniston – Actress
Susan B. Anthony – Womans’ Suffragist
Samuel Appleton – Politician, Philanthropist
Geoffrey Arend - Actor
Louis Armstrong – Musician (Contested: The Louis Armstrong Museum states he had no children, but in 2012 Sharon Preston-Folta has claimed to be his daughter from Lucille “Sweets” Preston, a dancer at the New York Cotton Club)
Boris Artzybasheff – Artist
Dorothy Arzner – Film Director
Dr. Robert C. Atkins – Diet Doctor, Author, Creator of the Atkins Diet
V.C. Andrews – Author
Jane Austen – Author
Max Baer Jr. – Actor
Francis Bacon – Politician, Philosopher, Scientist
Florence Bailey – Author, Naturalist, Ornithologist
Tallulah Bankhead – Actress
Abdullah al-Baradouni – Yemeni Poet
Bob Barker – Game Show Host
Joe Barr – Canadian Politician
Lynda Barry – Cartoonist
Clara Barton - Nurse, Humanitarian, Founder and First President of the American Red Cross
Kathy Bates – Actress
Jaya Battacharya – Actress
King Baudouin – King of Belgium
Samuel Beckett – Author, Playwright, Poet
Ludwig Van Beethoven – Composer
Joe Besser – Actor
Isabella Bird – Author
Jacqueline Bisset – Actress
Lewis Black – Comedian
Eubie Blake – Musician, Composer
William Blake – Artist
Brenda Blethyn – Actress
Marc Blitzstein – Composer, Dramatist
Baroness Karen Blixen – Author
Rosa Bonheur – French Painter and Sculptor
Pierre Bonnard – Artist
William Edgar Borah – Politician
Lara Flynn Boyle – Actress
Georges Brassens – Singer
Alison Brie – Actress
Joe Bob Briggs aka John Bloom – Author, Movie Critic
Raymond Briggs – Children’s Book Author
Poppy Z. Brite – Author
Anne Bronte – Author
Louise Brooks – Actress
Helen Gurley Brown – Feminist, Editor
Reno Browne – Actress, Equestrian
Delta Burke – Actress
Kathy Burke - Actress, Comedian
James Buchanan – 15th U.S. President
Pat Buchanan – Politician, Presidential Candidate
James Burke – Creator of the PBS Series “Connections”, Scientific American columnist
Raymond Burr – Actor
Caryl Lee Burroughs – Hollywood Animal Trainer
Leo Buscaglia – Author
Brett Butler – Actress, Comedian
Julia Cameron – Director
Phyllis Carlyle – Film Producer
Dora Carrington – Bloomsbury Artist
Laura Carroll – Author
Mary Casatt – Artist
Roger Casement – Irish Patriot
Nina Cassian – Poet
Barbara Castle – British Politician
Kim Cattrall – Actress
Mary Chapin Carpenter – Singer, Songwriter
Rosamond Halsey Carr – Founder of Rwanda’s Imbabazi Orphanage, Author, Fashion Designer
Richard Chamberlain – Actor
Coco Chanel – Fashion Designer (Contested: Following her elder sister’s suicide, she looked after her son)
Stockard Channing – Actress
RuPaul Andre Charles - Drag Performer, TV Personality
Judy Chicago – Artist
Margaret Cho – Comedian
Julia Child – Professional Chef, Cookbook Author
Helen Clark – New Zealand Prime Minister
Patricia Clarkson – Actress
Dorothy Clewes – Children’s Book Author
Imogene Coca – Actress
Claudette Colbert – Actress
Billy Collins – U.S. Poet Laureate
C. Collodi – Author
William Conrad – Actor
Frances Conroy – Actress
Storm Constantine – Fantasy Writer
Jill Ker Conway – Author, first woman President of Smith College
Anne Cool – Canadian Senator
Pat Coombs – Actress
Copernicus – Scientist
John Corbett – Actor
Joseph Cornell – Artist and Creator of the Cornell Box
Ann Coulter – Political Commentator
Alec Sadler Craig – Australian Politician, Philanthropist
Quentin Crisp – Author, Actor
Tim Curry – Actor
Charlotte Curtis – First woman on the masthead of The New York Times
Patrika Darbo – Actress
Simone de Beauvoir – Author
Mahmoud Darwish – Palestinian Poet
Leonardo Da Vinci – Artist
Gray Davis – Governor of California
Ellen Degeneres – Comedian
Jeffery Deaver – Author
Eugene Victor Debs – Activist
Bessie and Sadie Delaney – Authors
Dana Delany – Actress
Don DeLillo – Author
Del Rubio Triplets – Musical Group
Bo Derek – Actress
Rene Descartes – Philosopher
Portia De Rossi – Actress
Emily Dickinson – Poet
Benjamin Disraeli – Politician, Author
Steve Ditko – Cartoonist, co-creator of the Spider-Man Comics
Dorothea Dix – Educator, writer, philanthropist
Hannah Dobryn – Author
Tamara Dobson – Actress
Richard Donner – Film Director
Lauren Shuler Donner – Film Producer
Lizzie Douglas aka Memphis Minnie- Singer, Guitarist, Songwriter
Marjory Stoneman Douglas – Environmentalist, Founder of Friends of the Everglades
Maureen Dowd – Columnist, Pulitzer Prize winner
Sir George Downing – Founder of Downing College, Cambridge, England
Gabriel Dumont – Native American Tribal Leader
Lena Dunham - Actress, Director, Producer
Francis Drake – Explorer
Fran Drescher – Actress
Esther Dyson – Author, Internet Expert
Amelia Earhart – Aviator
Deborah Eisenberg – Author
Liubov Egorova – Dancer
Anita Ekberg – Actress
T.S. Eliot – Poet
Havelock Ellis – Psychologist, Author
Tracee Ellis Ross – Actress
Harlan Ellison – Author
Elizabeth I – Queen of England
Joan Elm – Canadian Politician, Community Activist
Bonnie Erbé – PBS Commentator and Columnist
Dame Edith Evans – British Film and Stage Actress
Linda Evans – Actress
Rupert Everett – Actor
Anne Ewers – CEO of the Utah Symphony & Opera
Jane Fallon – Author
Chow Yun-Fat – Actor
Barbara Feldon – Actress
Pamelyn Ferdin – Actress
Ralph Fiennes – Actor
Lynn Fontanne – Actress
Margot Fonteyn – British Ballerina
Juliana Rieser Force – Whitney Museum Director
Richard Ford – Author, Editor of Granta
Margaretta Forten – Abolitionist
Dian Fossey – Anthropologist
Janet Frame – Poet
Felix Frankfurter – Supreme Court Justice
Tanya Franks – Actress
William Frawley – Actor
Frank Frazetta – Artist
Alice Freeman – First woman to be President of a liberal arts college, (Wellesley), helped establish the University of Chicago.
Elsie Freund – Artist, Jewelry Designer
Louis Freund – Artist
Robert Fripp – Composer, Musician
Stephen Fry - Actor, Comedian
Eva Gabor – Actress
Magda Gabor – Actress
Maxwell Gage – Noted New Zealand Geologist
Diamanda Galas – Singer
Tess Gallagher – Author
Paul William Gallico – Author
Janeane Garofalo – Actress, Comedian
Greta Garbo – Actress
Ava Gardner – Actress
Henry Garfiled aka Henry Rollins - Musician (Black Flag, Rollins Band)
Greer Garson – Actress
Gloria Gaynor – Singer
Anthony Geary – Soap Opera Actor
Ricky Gervais – Comedian
William Schwenck Gilbert – Composer for Gilbert & Sullivan
Althea Gibson – Athlete
Dorothy Gish – Actress
Lillian Gish – Actress
Katharine Bruce Glasier – Author
Susan Glaspell – Playwright
Sharon Gless – Actress
Crispin Glover – Actor
Christoph Willibald Gluck – Composer
Paulette Goddard – Actress
Robert Hutchings Goddard – Physicist
Kurt Godel – Author
Alexander Godunov – Actor, Dancer
Stephen Goldin – Author
Emma Goldman – Activist, Feminist
Valeria Golino – Actress
Jan Goodwin – Author, Travel Writer
Edward Gorey – Artist
Lotte Goslar – Dancer
Lauren Graham - Actress (Contested - Her long-term partner has a child.)
Martha Graham – Choreographer
Cecil Green – Former CEO of Texas Instruments, Philanthropist
Johnny Green – Musician
Gael Greene – Food Critic, Author
Baroness Susan Greenfield – Director of the Royal Institution, Professor of Synaptic Pharmacology at Oxford University, Neurologist
John Robert Gregg – Inventor of the Gregg Shorthand Method, Publisher
Joyce Grenfell – British Actress
Nanci Griffith – Singer, Songwriter
Martha Griffiths – First Female Michigan Lieutenant Governor
Terry Gross – NPR Host
James Grout – Actor
Mabel Dole Haden – Former President of NABWA
Catherine Hakim – British Sociologist
Daryl Hall – Singer, Musician (Hall & Oates)
Jon Hamm - Actor
Celia Hammond – Former Model and Animal Activist
Lionel Hampton – Musician
Georg Friedrich Handel – Composer
Chelsea Handler - Comedian
Howard Harold Hanson – Pulitzer-Prize Winning Composer
Setsuko Hara – Japanese Actress
Warren Gamaliel Harding – 29th U.S. President
E Chambré Hardman – Photographer
Jean Harlow - Actress
Debbie Harry – Singer (Blondie)
Alex Heard – Author
Sir Edward Heath - Politician, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom
Susan Helms – Astronaut
Christina Hendricks - Actress, Model
Adrian Henri – Poet, Painter
Marguerite Henry – Children’s Book Author
Katherine Hepburn – Actress
Milton S. Hershey – Founder of the Hershey Chocolate Company
Lorena Hickok – AP Political Reporter
Taiko Hirabayashi – Author
Nicole Hollander – Cartoonist
Thelma Holt – Actress, Theatre Producer
Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr. – Associate Justice of the Supreme Court (USA)
Grace Murray Hopper – Computer Scientist
Rima Horton - Politician
Soad Hosni – Egyptian Actress
Lila Kedrova Howard – Actress
Mick Hucknall – Singer
Howard Hughes - American Business Magnate, Investor, Pilot, Engineer, Film Director, Philanthropist
Bonnie Hunt – Actress
Kristin Hunter – Children’s Book Author
Lauren Hutton – Actress, Model
Patricia Ireland – President of the National Organization for Women, NOW
George J. Irbe – Creator of the Great Lakes water temperature climatology
John A. “Jack” Jackson – Philanthropist, Oilman
Tove Jansson – Children’s Book Author
Randall Jarrell – Poet
Anna Jarvis – the “Founder of Mother’s Day”
Joan of Arc – Christian Saint
Jack Johnson – First African-American to win the heavyweight boxing championship of the world.
Margaret Johnston – Actress
Martin and Osa Johnson – Authors, Photographers, explorers, and naturalists.
Richard Mentor Johnson – U.S. Vice-President
Samuel Johnson – Author, Editor
William Hugh Johnston – Labor Leader
Carolyn Jones – Actress
Renee Jones – Actress
Spike Jonze – Film Director
Ashley Judd – Actress, Activist
Madeline Kahn – Actress
Immanuel Kant – Philosopher
Julie Kavner – Actress
Nikos Kazantzakis – Author
Odette Keene – Musician
Helen Keller – Author
Joyce Kennard – Judge
Joe Kernan – Politician
Maynard Keynes – Economist, Founder of the Vic-Wells Ballet, Financed the Arts Theatre in Cambridge, England
King Louis XVI – King of France
William Lyon MacKenzie King – Former Canadian Prime Minister
William Rufus King – U.S. Vice-President
Robert Kiyosaki – Author
Caroline Knapp – Author
Aleksandra Kollontai – Author
Dean Koontz – Author
Tadeusz Kościuszko – Polish Patriot
Jerzy Kosinski – Author
Jonathan Kozol – Author, Activist
Lee Krasner – Artist
Albert Kroc – Co-Developer of McDonald’s Fast Food Chain
Henry Richardson Labouisse – Diplomat, Former Head of UNICEF
Karl Lagerfeld - Fashion Designer
Princess Lakshmi – Indian Princess
Elsa Lanchester – Actress
Philip Larkin – Author, Poet
Charles Laughton – Actor, Director
Dan Lauria – Actor
Frank John Lausche – Politician
Tom Lehrer – Singer, Musician
Jay Leno – TV Host
Richard Lewis – Comedian
Lyn Lifshin – Poet
Queen Liliuokalani – Queen of Hawaii
Siân Lloyd – Weather Broadcaster
Carole Lombard – Actress
Jack Lord – Actor
Pauline Lord – Actress
Patty Loveless – Singer
Alfred Lunt – Actor
John Lyon – Philanthropist, Regarded as the Founder of The Great Public School Of Harrow
Rose McClendon – Actress
Robert McCormick – Former Owner of the Chicago Tribune
Mary Jackson McCrorey – Politician, Activist
Hattie McDaniel – Actress
Roddy McDowall – Actor, Photographer
Odd McIntyre – Newspaper Columnist
Ian McKellen – Actor
Kristy McNichol – Actress
Janet McTeer – Actress
Christine McVie – Singer, Songwriter (Fleetwood Mac)
Dora Maar – Photographer
René Magritte – Artist
Bill Maher – TV Personality
Katherine Mansfield – Author
Shirley Manson – Singer
Vito Anthony Marcantonio – Politician
Francesca Marciano – Actress
Miriam Margoyles – Actress
Mary Ellen Mark – Award-Winning Photographer
William III & Mary II of England – King & Queen of England, Ireland, and Scotland
Bobbie Ann Mason – Children’s Book Author
Mari Matsunaga – Creator of i-mode, Named One of the Top 25 Tech Women of the Web
Theresa May - Politician, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom
Giuseppe Mazzini – Italian Patriot
Fradique de Menezes – President of Sao Tome and Principe
Melina Mercouri – Greek Actress
Freddie Mercury – Musician
Angela Merkel – German Chancellor
George Michael – Musician
Oscar Micheaux – Film Director, Producer, Author
Edna St. Vincent Millay – Poet
Alley Mills – Actress
Brenda Milner – Renowned Professor of Neuro-Psychology: Mcgill’s Faculty Of Medicine And At The Montreal Neurological Institute
Kylie Minogue - Singer
Helen Mirren – Actress
Margaret Mitchell – Author
Eugenio Montale – Nobel Prize Winner, Poet, Author, Editor, Translator
Vicki Moore – Spanish Animal Rights Philanthropist
John Morgan – Founder of the University of Pennsylvania Medical School, and Medical Director of the Continental Army
Lady Morgan (Sydney Owenson) – Author
Morrissey – Musician
Rob Morse – Columnist (San Francisco Chronicle)
Marjorie “Mo” Mowlam – Britain’s Secretary of State for Northern Ireland
John Mulaney – Comedian
Annamarie Tendler Mulaney – Artist
Diana Muldaur – Actress
Megan Mullally - Actress
Ona Munson – Actress
Haruki Murakami – Author
Iris Murdoch – Author
Mikayil Mushfig – Poet
Modest Mussorgsky – Composer
Kanagarajah Muthiah – Tamil Activist
Ralph Nader – Activist
Taslima Nasrin – Author
Alla Nazimova – Actress
Noel Neill – Actress
Bebe Neuwirth – Actress
Sir Isaac Newton – Scientist
Stevie Nicks – Singer (Fleetwood Mac)
Friedrich Nietzsche – Philosopher
Florence Nightingale – Nurse
Ursula Nordstrom – Children’s Book Editor
Jessye Norman – Opera Singer
Kim Novak – Actress
Rudolph Nureyev – Dancer
Anita O’Day – Jazz Singer
Georgia O’Keeffe – Artist
Frederick D. O’Neal – Actor, Playwright
Joyce Carol Oates – Author
Nick Offerman - Actor
Sandra Oh - Actress
Claire Parker – Director, Animator
Dorothy Parker – Author
Suzanne-Lori Parks – Playwright
Rosa Parks – Activist
Dolly Parton – Singer, Actress
Julia Pascal – Playwright
Ann Patchett – Author
Alicia Patterson – Editor
Wolfgang Pauli – Physicist
Linus Pauling – Winner of Nobel Prizes in Chemistry and Peace
Sarah Paulson – Actress
Michelle Paver – Author
Anna Pavlova – Dancer
Molly Peacock – Poet, President Emerita of the Poetry Society of America
Minnie Pearl – Singer
Samuel Pepys – Author
Matthew Perry - Actor
Bernadette Peters – Actress
Jean Peters - Actress
Arthur Phillip – First British Administrator Sent to Australia
Wendell Phillips – Orator and Reformer
William Phillips – Co-founder and Editor of Partisan Review , Writer, Critic
Marge Piercy – Author, Poet
Plato – Philosopher
Martha Plimpton - Actress
Edgar Allan Poe – Author
Jackson Pollock – Artist
Katherine Ann Porter – Author
Parker Posey – Actress
Beatrix Potter – Children’s Book Author
Charles Edward Potter – Politician, Philanthropist, Administrator of the Cheboygan County Bureau of Social Aid
Joyce Purnick – Former New York Times Metro Editor, Journalist
Edna Purviance – Silent Movie Actress
Colin Quinn – Comedian
Robin Quivers – Radio Host
Raffi – Children’s Musician
Bonnie Raitt – Singer, Songwriter
Joey Ramone – Musician
Ayn Rand – Writer, Philosopher, Author
A. Philip Randolph – Politician
Jeanette Rankin – 1st Female US Representative
Man Ray – Artist
Rachel Ray – Celebrity Chef
Lou Reed – Singer, Musician
George Reeves – Actor
Frances Reid – Actress
Leni Riefenstahl – Filmmaker
Janet Reno – Former U.S. Attorney-General
Judith Resnick – Astronaut
Jennifer Rhodes – Actress
Condoleezza Rice – National Security Advisor
Cliff Richards – Musician
Miranda Richardson – Actress
Alan Rickman – Actor, Director
Elizabeth Riddell – Journalist
Sally Ride – First American Female Astronaut
Bridget Riley – Artist
John Ringling – Founder of Ringling Brothers Circus
Mary Roach - Author
Morgan Andrew Robertson – Author
Debbie Rochon – Actress
Norman Perceval Rockwell – Illustrator
Eric Rohmann – Author, Winner of the 2003 Caldecott Medal for Best Illustrated Children’s Book
Ginger Rogers – Actress
Richard Roeper – Film Reviewer, Chicago Sun-Times
Wilhelm Rontgen – Awarded the first Nobel Prize for Physics in 1901, discoverer of X-Rays
William Bruce Rose Jr. aka Axl Rose - Musician (Guns N' Roses)
Mickey Rourke – Actor, Boxer
Patricia Routledge – Actress
Joan Ruddock – Activist
John Ruskin – Author
Winona Ryder – Actress
Yves Saint-Laurent - Fashion Designer
Dr. Lee Salk – Child Psychologist
Renu Saluja – Indian Film Editor
Diana Sands – Actress
Aligi Sassu – Artist
John Sayles – Director
Jean-Paul Sartre – Existential Philosopher
Diane Sawyer – TV News Anchor
Rosika Schwimmer – Author, Activist
Ed and Thelma Schoenberger – Co-founders of the Indiana Flower & Patio Show
Ellen Browning Scripps – Newspaper Columnist, Philanthropist
Joel Schumacher – Film Director
Maurice Sendak – Children’s Book Author
George Bernard Shaw – Playwright
Lionel Shriver – Author
Sarah Silverman – Comedian, Actress
Michael Sinelnikoff – Actor
Siouxsie – Singer, Musician (Siouxsie and the Banshees)
Robert Smith – Singer, Musician (The Cure)
David Shogren – Bassist (Doobie Brothers)
Betty Smith – Author
Dodie Smith – Playwright, Author of The Hundred and One Dalmatians
Gladys Louise Smith aka Mary Pickford - Actress, Producer, Screenwriter, Businesswoman
Howard Worth Smith – Politician
Kate Smith – Singer
Lemony Snicket (Real Name: Daniel Handler) – Children’s Book Author
David Souter – Supreme Court Justice
Jill St. John – Actress
Mabel Stark – Female Tiger Trainer
Gertrude Stein – Author, Patron of the Arts
Victor Strauss – WWII Journalist
Gloria Steinem – Activist, Writer
Maria W. Stewart – Author, Activist
Lily Strickland – Composer, Writer, Artist
Patrick Swayze – Actor
Loretta Swit – Actress
Henrietta Szold – Holocaust Heroine
Wislawa Szymborska – Nobel Prize Winning Poet
Amy Tan - Writer, Author
Sara Teasdale – Poet
Toni Tennille – Singer (Captain and Tennille)
Princess María Teresa of Bourbon-Parma – French-Spanish Political Activist and Academic
Nikola Tesla – Scientist, Inventor
Theodora – Empress and wife of Justinian I
Susanna Thompson – Actress
Georgianne Thon – Actress
M. Carey Thomas – President of Bryn Mawr College
Willie Mae Thornton – Singer, Songwriter
Jennifer Tilly – Actress
Wendy Tokunaga – Author
Lily Tomlin – Actress, Playwright
Ann Turkel – Model
Randy Travis – Singer
Edward Tylor – Anthropologist
Names "U - Z" will be in a comment below (the new additions put the list over the character limit).
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2019.10.21 19:21 FamilyFowl Yes, it does get better.

I was going to post this in response to this post, but my response was too long...
There is definitely light. I'm going to go ahead and apologize in advance for the length, hopefully someone can find something in it to relate to that gives them hope. TLDR at the end.
I'm 36, and have been divorced for 1.5 years also, but in the state I live, you have to be legally separated for a year before you can get a no-fault divorce. For an at-fault divorce (adultery, abuse, abandonment) it's 3 months separation. All said and done, due to court scheduling, our separation took 1.5 years.
My ex-wife and I had dated all through college, with a couple of breakups sprinkled in. After I graduated, and while she was still taking classes, I proposed to her. Honestly, not because she felt like "the one," though we did enjoy each other's company, but mainly because I didn't think I had a decent reason to break up with her, and it felt like "shit or get off the pot" time. Yes, I've since learned that not being in love is reason to break up with someone.
Our marriage was fine. No domestic violence, no substance abuse, no infidelity. I travel a lot for work, and keep my miles, so we were able to do some traveling. I earned enough to allow her the choice of working or not while she finished classes. Though she didn't finish- we wanted to have a child, and she decided to take a break from classes, since we were having difficulty keeping a pregnancy. She had 3 miscarriages, and many months of no pregnancy. Eventually, we went to a fertility specialist. We tried IUI twice, unsuccessfully. We tried IVF once unsuccessfully before it worked on the 2nd attempt. For anyone who has ever been through these treatments, you know how taxing they are, both physically on a woman, as well as emotionally and financially on both. I'm not saying I suffered nearly the amount she did through this, I'm just saying I was there with her, suffering as well, relatively powerless to do much to "fix it."
But we did it, we had our son. We were elated. I cried like a baby when he was born. It was a C-section delivery, and I was the first non-medical staff to see and hold our son. I do feel like the struggle to have him made it that much more special. As mom recovered, I jumped into action to take care of everything. We both would say we handled the new roles well.
Not only does my job require me to travel, but when I'm not traveling, I get to work from home, and my company was accommodating to reduce my travel in the months after our son's birth. So I was working from home but also helping with a newborn / infant. It was exhausting. All through it, my ex and I would fight occasionally. Never in front of the baby, only after he had gone to sleep. I don't know if it was our new roles that strained our relationship so much, or if our incompatibility just finally caught up with us. Maybe it was a combination of both. But one night, a couple of weeks before our son's 2nd birthday, we got into another argument. This one was just her absentness. I had a friend in town who was evacuating a storm, and we all were having a couple of drinks by the fire while baby slept. My ex, at one point, got up and went to the neighbor's house, as our neighborhood was constantly busy with nighttime parents getting together and having a few drinks in each other's driveways / garages. Time goes by and I text my ex, who doesn't respond. This goes on and on, which later, after she does come home, results in the arguing. Next morning, she avoids me. Lunch the next day, I go with my buddy to get food. As we're coming home, I see her driving the opposite direction. We get back to my place, and I notice specific things gone that surprised me. Our son's pillow. The baby monitor. I text my ex, asking what's going on. She doesn't respond, so I text again. Nothing. Eventually I ask if she's leaving me, to which she responds yes, claims it's a toxic relationship that she can no longer be a part of. She asked I leave the house, which I did (in hindsight, not the best legal decision). I was stunned and devastated at the idea that this was happening. At the time, I simply could not see a future that includes happiness. All I could see was me repeating the footsteps of my dad...a lengthy, expensive, divorce and custody battle that would weigh me down for decades after. Not being with my son every day. Being a "divorced dad," a label at the time that had only negative connotations in my mind.
Well, let me tell you- 3 years later, I was wrong. Yes, there were some very low times. I didn't take care of myself for a while, though I was still a damn good dad, if I say so myself. It's the times I didn't have my son where I didn't take good care of myself. At first I was couch hopping for a few weeks, and then my grandmother offered a room. This was an ideal short term solution, as she lived close to my marital home, so I could have my son with me there when I had him, but it was not a long term solution. My fathered owned a rental house about 45 min from my marital home, and the tenant's lease was coming to an end, so that ended up being the home I made and still live in, at least until alimony is done. On alimony, in my state- when you've been married 10 years (or, 9 + 1 year separation...) Judges typically award alimony, even in no fault divorced, and especially so when the wife hasn't worked in years, and "expected to maintain the same standard of living." My hard work to provide my ex with the luxury of choice of being a SAHM or working had come back to bite me...hard.
I did avoid a nasty legal fight, primarily because I had a good lawyer (funded by taking out a loan from my 401k...better to pay myself back than a financial institution) and I quickly came to terms that, in my conservative state, I was at a disadvantage from the start. My ex is a good mom (though, one could argue it's easier to be a good mom without the stress of work) and I knew the court was not in my favor. I'm a great dad, but this job that affords my ex with the luxury of being a SAHM? It also works against me. No way any family court in my state would award primary custody, hell not even straight 50-50 to a dad who sometimes travels as much as 3 weeks a month, Monday through Thursday night. Coming to terms with my new reality of not being with my son everyday I'm home was a challenge. I went to counseling, but again- I didn't take as good of care of myself as I should have. I let myself go, stop working out, drank too much beer. I wasn't getting trashed every day, I was just having more beers that was bad for my health and, overall, not a good coping mechanism.
Anyways, let's hurry up and get to the part where it gets good. I say "gets good" but, in reality, there were still times before it "got good" that were awesome. I was really enjoying and taking pride in my parenting when I did have my son. I always enjoyed it before, but now it wasn't about my role as one of two parents. When I had him, it was about me as a single parent. Yes, it was HARD sometimes. I remember when I had my son for a week during July 4th at the beach with my dad and stepmom. My son was 2.5, and as much as I love my parents, I simply prefer my parenting style over theirs. So much so that I gladly took all initiative with my son. There was no pawning him off into them during that week so I could get more sleep, or just have time to recharge. Taking him to a decommissioned aircraft carrier during that week, it was sweltering hot. He wanted me to carry him nearly everywhere, which I did with all the enthusiasm one could muster during vacation week, precious prolonged time with my little dude. He even had an accident, and as I carried him through old, tight naval corridors to a restroom, pouring sweat, I quickly realized "of course there is no changing table on an aircraft carrier..." But I made the best of everything, because my new reality forced me to appreciate every single moment with him, regardless of how sweaty and shitty that moment was. I filled the week with memorable activities. We went to the aquarium together, the beach, all over. Just me and him. It was incredibly special, and I get teary eyed even describing it now. Good tears. My son always has, and always will, know how much I love him. I do get sad sometimes, missing him or knowing that he will grow up with two homes, not having his dad there with him every night. But I remind myself that was always going to be the case, given my line of work. I used to daydream about finding a different line of work that didn't have me on the road, but with divorce, that dream died. I could get another job, but in any other field, my compensation would be a fraction of what it is now, and I simply cannot afford alimony and child support with anything less.
Right, the good part. So, the good part is that there were always good parts, but there comes a time when it gets REALLY good. It happened just before the divorce was finalized, I took my son to a Christmas parade that I had been invited to by a friend I ran into while having lunch with my dad. But this wasn't any normal Christmas parade, though I thought it was before leaving the house that Sunday morning. Let's rewind to the beginning of that weekend. I had a holiday-filled weekend planned out for me and my son, about a week before Christmas. Friday I would pick him up and go to a pajama-themed showing of The Polar Express, where parents and children go to the theater in their PJs, get hot chocolate, and watch the movie. But when it came time to pick him up, I had to rush home so he could have dinner before going to the movie. We did that, and headed to the theater, arriving just in time. But this showing was cash-only, and all I had were cards. The worker pointed to an ATM several blocks away, so I rushed out the door, carrying my 3 year old, running down the street to get cash out of the ATM, then ran back with him in my arms. I really didn't want to be late for this showing. I wanted our holiday-themed weekend to be perfect. Luckily, the lady behind the counter was kind enough to wait for us before starting the movie. I was incredibly grateful. My son loved the movie, and it was all-around an otherwise great experience. Saturday came, and my son helped me decorate my Charlie Brown-esque tree before going to the local mall to meet Santa.
Then, Sunday rolls around. My son is an EARLY riser, and I had gotten barely any sleep all weekend, so I'm exhausted. I toyed with the idea of not going to the parade, and just doing other stuff with my son around the house. But eventually, I mustered up the energy and motivation to finish off the weekend with the vigor with which it started. I get him ready and we get in the car and make the 20 minute drive to the middle of nowhere. My phone's map showed our destination that looked like the middle of a multi-acre field, and sure enough, that's exactly what it was, with a single road that leads through the 'town' where the parade was being held. The town was lucky to have a single stop-light. And while the town was small, the gathering for the parade was anything but small. There has to be at least 20k people there. So, we found a place to park and started walking towards what I assumed to be the main route for the parade, scheduled to begin about an hour later. I had no idea where my friend's parade-watching tailgate was setup, and my phone had no signal due to this being the middle of nowhere and the influx of other devices now in the area. Plus, my son really wanted me to carry him, so I did. Exhausted, I walk through the crowd along the route, looking for anyone I know. Luckily, my friend saw me and called my name. She and her boyfriend had setup with a crowd of their friends, a few of which had children of their own playing nearby, away from the road. So, I introduced myself and Sawyer to my friends' group before letting him go play with the other kids. Immediately once he was doing his thing, I saw her. A mutual friend of my friends. I'll call her C. I was absolutely smitten from the moment I saw her. I remember thinking "wow…there's no way she's single, right? OK, who is she here with?" surveying the group as small talk ensues. Our mutual friend talks about having seen me at a recent performance of Evil Dead: The Musical (which was as awesome as it sounds). In response, I tell the group how much I had enjoyed it, and how I'm a huge horror fan. This apparently got C's attention. While our small talk as a group may have included some specific banter between her and myself, I cannot remember specifically. I was too busy trying to figure out who she was there with, and if single, how can I find a natural opportunity to talk with her one-on-one, all the while frequently checking on my son, breaking with the group occasionally to do things with him. I was able to surmise that she was not attending with a guy, but rather than older lady friend of hers, so I figured that boded well for an opportunity to talk one-on-one with her. As we took our seats on the parade route, I wanted to conveniently sit next to her, but had to settle for one seat away with my son on my knee, our mutual friend between us. But that still gave us plenty of opportunities to be in earshot of each other's friendly banter. At times, it seemed like I was the only one laughing at her jokes, and vice versa. And they were not forced laughs, this was genuine. She was hilarious, it just seemed to be a sense of humor that others didn't seem to get. I remember specifically she commented "all I see are floating heads everywhere!" and immediately I laughed, recognizing it to be a commentary on the amount of camouflage being worn to this event. To be clear, this was one hilariously random and strange parade. There were haunted-hayride themed floats with people dressed as monsters. There was a man dressed as a woman on the back of a truck in a vaguely transphobic beauty pageant float, and as parade participants threw out the typical candies to children, there were other things thrown out as well. Ziploc bags with cake, and even those with a single chicken-wing in each bag were among the favors thrown from the floats. Finally, the parade ended, and we all said our goodbyes. C's friend hadn't left her side the entire time, and I never mustered up the courage to strike up one-on-two conversation. I knew I could talk with her, just the two of us, but the awkwardness of trying to get to know C with her friend with her, before asking if she was seeing anyone and, if not, if we could exchange numbers, was too big of a hurdle to jump. So my son and I walked back to my car, and after getting him in his seat, I got into the driver's seat. I waited to pull the car out as a row of people walked by the car. That's when I see her, C with her friend, walking towards my car, and then passes the driver's side without noticing me. Immediately I pull my phone out and text our mutual friend "Hey, thanks for inviting us, we had a great time! Btw, is your friend C seeing anyone?" before driving away and headed home. About half an hour later, our mutual friend responds "No, she's not! Do you want me to give her your number?" to which I quickly responded "Yes, please!" Not even 5 minutes goes by before she responds "OK, here's her number __________, but she said she's going into a movie so she said she probably won't be able to respond until after." That sort of response, and how quickly it came, put me on cloud 9. I was leaving the next morning to go out of town for work for the week, but we began texting, getting to know each other along with our plan to go to dinner as soon as I returned.
Apparently, the whole time I was noticing her, she was noticing me. She told me how she thought to herself "no way this guy is single" even before our recognition for shared interests and sense of humor. She said she was encouraged when she saw no ring, and here's a part that should give you hope…apparently, how I was with my son was a BIG plus for her. When you're our age, and you're a parent, being a good dad to your child(ren) attracts the right kind of people to your orbit. We texted constantly the entire week, to the point where when we met for dinner, it really felt like we already knew each other. She was incredible. She was literally everything I've ever wanted in a woman, and thought I would never find. Afterall, before that, I was married. I had resigned myself to a life of quiet desperation, happy as a father, but unfulfilled in love. We fell in love in a way that made me realize I had never known how great love can be. Sure, we were infatuated with each other, but we both could tell this was sustainable and deep. We shared the same values, politically, religiously, and philosophically. Hell, the fact she prioritized those sort of values in life, seeking out the most difficult questions in life, was so exciting to me. I do not like to talk ill of my ex, because she is the mother of my child, but we were just very different in that regard. C and myself found ourselves saying what the other was thinking, constantly. Hell, even our names are derivative of the same name. I joked in the early days about the episode of Seinfeld, where Jerry meets Janeane Garofalo, and they became infatuated with each other so quickly only for Jerry to realize he can't be with someone just like himself, because he hates himself (cue laugh track). But that moment never came for us. Six months after meeting C, I proposed to her. Now, I know what you may be thinking "wooooah, chief. You jumped back in that quickly after divorce?" Trust me, I heard it all. I thought it all before ever being told that by others. But at the end of the day, I was more certain of proposing to her than I had been anything my entire life. She was, and is, my dream woman. She's a therapist who specializing in adolescent counseling, and before that was a teacher in a special-needs pre-school. We are married, and she's an incredible stepmother to my son, who is crazy about her.
You may or may not be wondering, what about the ex? Why did she want out? Surely there must have been more to it that's being omitted?" To that I will say, before the divorce was finalized, we had a conversation of closure. There were tears. Not tears of regret, but simply bittersweet tears that can come with closing any chapter in life. She shared a revelation to me that explained everything, and gave me the closure I needed, as well. I won't share what that revelation was, out of respect for privacy. At the end of the day, though I do pay more than I feel is right, I pay what I agreed to. Early in the process, someone told me the line "know why divorce is so expensive? Because it's worth it." They were right. But most importantly, through it all (and ESPECIALLY if children are involved) I picked up a simple and effective self-motto; "Be Kind." I don't always succeed at it, but I try to live every day with that motto ringing in my ears. I even have a shirt that has those two simple words on it that, when I wear it, serves as a reminder to myself that I need to live it, else reveal myself to be a jerk AND a hypocrite. It's also the central tenet by which I raise my son, and it shows in the person he is and continues to grow into. He's the most kind, empathetic, considerate child I've ever known, and that's not just my self-admitted bias- others have told me the same.
Now, I also realize that some divorced dads may read this story, and the response may be bitterness, jealousy, or envy, and I would completely understand that reaction. I've been in that position before, even if only momentarily. My only response to such a reaction is that I hope you believe me when I say my motivation for sharing this is two-fold; for anyone else who, like OP, asks "does it get better?" as well as myself, because I've always felt writing it out, sharing with others, can be incredibly therapeutic. If my story can, at best serve as a source of hope or at worst a momentary distraction from anxiety and/or depression, to even one person, then it is worth it.
I'll close out this incredibly long post with my favorite verse from my favorite band.
Well, I ain't often right but I've never been wrong Seldom turns out the way it does in a song Once in a while you get shown the light In the strangest of places if you look at it right
TLDR; I was in a marriage with someone I was not in love with, ex-wife surprised me by wanting a divorce. The world I had created for myself fell apart around me, I felt powerless, and felt like my best trait, being a dad, was being taken from me. Eventually, I came out the other side, realized I'm in control for the dad I want to be to my son, and stumbled into meeting the woman of my dreams, whom I'm now married to. Also, Be Kind.
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2019.10.11 07:22 NatalieNormanComedy Comedy Album Recording Jen Sakato and Gavin Stephens

On October 24 & 25 Howl & Roar is excited to present the album recording of Gavin Stephens and the ep recording of Jen Sakato !
Tickets here ....
The shows are happening on Thursday, October 24: Doors at 7pm Friday, October 25 : Doors at 7 pm Location - The Ossington - 61 Ossington Ave !
Tickets are $10 and can be bought via ticket link ! Get them before they are gone
About the comedians Gavin Stephens Gavin Stephens is a stand-up comedian and #blerd who skillfully balances playful irony and morbid silliness; he is known for his (really) quick wit and stream of consciousness comedic style.Gavin has been featured in Montreal, & Toronto’s Just For Laughs Festivals. As well as the Cape Town Comedy fest, and Austin’s SXSW, alongside comedy legends Margaret Cho, Janeane Garofalo, Andy Kindler, Reggie Watts, Hannibal Buress and Marc Maron. He has been named one of the “10 Funniest Canadians” by StarTV and chosen as “Best Local Stand-up Comic” in NOW Magazine’s Readers Choice poll. He’s appeared on CTV and the Comedy Network in The Buzz, Comedy Inc., and on CBC’s Debaters and The Baroness Von Sketch Show When he’s not performing or hosting the Master Race Debaiters podcast, he can be found practicing his knitting or cheering on the Raptors. His perfect day includes watching cartoons, reading comic books and watching indie wrestling.

Jen Sakato Jen Sakato is an up-and-coming comic from Toronto. She regularly performs at the Underground Comedy Club, the Corner Comedy Club and Absolute Comedy. She has performed across Canada, Asia and at the San Diego Comedy Festival. Her commentary on being mixed-race, dating and life makes her an easy crowd favorite.
About Howl & Roar Howl & Roar is a female-centric comedy record label that empowers artists and facilitates in the creation of content. Understanding the difficulties artists face with distribution and navigating ‍‍‍the many paths content can take, Howl & Roar Records strives to be a trusted resource for artists.‍‍‍ Based in Toronto, Howl & Roar Records was born out of a desire to make the comedy album world more reflective of the diversity in the industry. Headed by Sirius XM rad‍‍‍io host and former comedian, Allison Dore, Howl & Roar understands artists unique perspectives and amplifies voices in entertainment.
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2019.01.09 14:54 eventbot What's happening around town (Wed, Jan 9th - Tue, Jan 15th)

Oklahoma City's event list.

Wednesday, Jan 9th

Thursday, Jan 10th

  • 🎨 American Indian Artists: 20th Century Masters (Western Heritage Museum - Oklahoma City) Thru Sat, Jan 12th Start Time: 10:00am September 1 – May…
  • Elizabeth Speegle Band (VZD's - Oklahoma City) Start Time: 9:00pm
  • 🎨 January Exhibition (DNA galleries - Oklahoma City) Start Time: 6:00pm Join us Thursday,…
  • 😂 Kevin Bozeman (Loony Bin Comedy Club - Oklahoma City) Thru Sat, Jan 12th
  • Looking For Something? (The Blue Door - Oklahoma City) Day 2 of 2 Start Time: 8:00pm "…the exuberant…
  • Peter Asher in Concert (The Blue Door - Oklahoma City) Day 2 of 2 Peter Asher got his…
  • 🎭 Peter Asher - A Musical Memoir Of The 60s And Beyond (The Blue Door - Oklahoma City) Start Time: 8:00pm Tickets will go on…
  • Phantom of the Opera (Civic Center Music Hall - Oklahoma City) 1 day left One of Andrew Lloyd…
  • 🎓 Moore Toastmasters (1st United Methodist Church - Moore) Start Time: 7:00pm Do you cringe at…

Friday, Jan 11th

  • 🎓 Edmond Ambucs Friday Luncheon (University of Central Oklahoma - Edmond) Start Time: 12:00pm The Edmond Chapter…
  • 🎨 American Indian Artists: 20th Century Masters (Western Heritage Museum - Oklahoma City) 1 day left Start Time: 10:00am September 1 – May…
  • 🎭 Dancing Lessons (Carpenter Square Theatre - Oklahoma City) Day 1 of 2 Start Time: 8:00pm Carpenter Square…
  • Don Holladay - Gallery Opening - "Resistance" (The Depot - Norman) Start Time: 6:00pm Norman artist Don…
  • 🎭 Free Zumba (Guthrie Library - Guthrie) Start Time: 5:00pm Dress to sweat!…
  • 🎨 Jason Cytacki Reruns (Mainsite - Norman) Start Time: 6:00pm Norman artist Jason…
  • 😂 Kevin Bozeman (Loony Bin Comedy Club - Oklahoma City) 1 day left
  • 🏆 Kicker Arenacross (Lazy E Arena - Guthrie) Day 1 of 2 Start Time: 7:30pm
  • LIVE! on the Plaza: Story Telling (Plaza District - Oklahoma City) Start Time: 6:00pm LIVE! on the Plaza…
  • Not My Weekend // Rome Hero Foxes (89th Street Collective - Oklahoma City) Start Time: 7:00pm AORTA OKC/AORTA…
  • Oklahoma Boat, RV & Tackle Show (Oklahoma State Fair Park - Oklahoma City) Thru Sun, Jan 13th Head to Oklahoma…
  • Phantom of the Opera (Civic Center Music Hall - Oklahoma City) Last Day One of Andrew Lloyd…
  • Rage In The Cage 63 (Farmer's Market - Oklahoma City) Start Time: 8:00pm
  • $ Oklahoma City Remodeling Expo (Cox Convention Center - Oklahoma City) Thru Sun, Jan 13th The Oklahoma City…
  • Surreptitious: The After Work Social Mixer (Avenue 101 - Oklahoma City) Start Time: 5:00pm $10 Fishbowls $3…
  • Wade Bowen (Tower Theatre Studio - Oklahoma City) Start Time: 8:00pm Adam Hood

Saturday, Jan 12th

Sunday, Jan 13th

Monday, Jan 14th

Tuesday, Jan 15th

See Also

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2018.07.29 07:47 TheGarofaholic In 1997 while filming the movie "Clay Pigeons" Janeane Garofalo got a extra fired for talking to her seconds before a scene was set to be shot. Turns out, she got the wrong guy fired.

A friend of mine in Utah along with his best friend Brook worked as extras on the set of the movie Clay Pigeons. Here's what he had to say when I asked him if he got to meet our Janeane.
She got me blacklisted by one of the VERY few casting people here!!!! His name is Chris Hansen, here's the story.
Brook & I were on the set as extras. I also drove the Chrysler in the establishing bar scene. The guy who gets out, walks around, gets his date, and goes up the stairs? That's me. Anyhow, Brook & I were inside the bar. He was thrilled to be in there with Janeane Garofalo. I'd never heard of her. She was concentrating, staying in character, because on ACTION, she was supposed to run out of the bar, upset about something. Well, during the wait, Brook said "Hey, i liked the work you did on Dr. Katz. How'd you do that?" she looked up at him VERY SLOWLY, and said nastily "You're talking to me about Dr. Katz, RIGHT NOW!??"
Man, I'm glad I wasn't brook, she was giving him one heck of an "eat shit" look, Brook said "I'm sorry", she replied, very slowly, "In Dr. Katz, we sat in a studio, and they recorded our voices." Then she looked back down, concentrating on getting back into character. next thing you know, I don't hear from Chris Hansen any more. My agent says it's because I BOTHERED THE TALENT. Oh, I was pissed, I told Brook. Apparently what happened was that she complained that "the guy with the beard" had disturbed her inside the bar set. I have a full beard, Brook has a little goatee. Dammit, I've never even HEARD of her!!!!!
Anyhow, Brook called Chris. I called Chris. He won't return my phone calls. Brook & I were driving around. I called him from the cell phone. He CALLED BACK! when he heard it was ME, he asked to speak to brook. He told Brook that he'd been trying to call him (Brook) to be a featured extra!! So, I'm blacklisted because of Brook. Chris Hansen didn't believe that HE was the person who bothered J.G. chris probably thinks that brook was trying to cover for me. that really pissed me off, guilt by association. I'd never heard of her, and i never would've known she was anyone, except that brook said she was on some goddamn cartoon. The only thing I noted was that her hair coloring was horrible, no highlights whatsoever looks like someone dipped her head in a bucket of Indian ink. But dammit, now Chris will NEVER call me back, because he thinks I don't know set etiquette, he thinks I disturbed J.G. and when you're blacklisted by one, the word spreads. This is just great. Chris Hansen does the casting for a lot of movies out here, and now that's one bridge that was burned behind me and I didn't do a goddamn thing. A victim of circumstance!!! Heh, I'm still pissed.
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2018.04.17 04:03 TheGarofaholic For those in Austin for Moontower Comedy, or those who are heading to Austin for it. Here's Janeane Garofalo's dates and times for the festival.

For those in Austin for Moontower Comedy, or those who are heading to Austin for it. Here's Janeane Garofalo's dates and times for the festival. submitted by TheGarofaholic to JaneaneGarofalo [link] [comments]

2016.03.23 13:00 tabledresser [Table] IamA Jamie Kennedy AMA!

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Date: 2016-03-22
Link to submission (Has self-text)
Questions Answers
Do you still deliver pizza to D.L. Hughley house? Tell us the story on how you guys first met...pretty please ;) It was around 1993 and it was in North Hollywood, DL lived there and I remember I was just trying to start being an open mike comedian, and I remember seeing his name on the ticket and knew he was blowing up as a comedian. I went to his house and recognized him. And then a couple years later at a comedy show he saw me and remembered me, an said oh shit its the pizza man! PS here's another side note I worked for a lot of comedians, I was a maid at janeane garofalo's house and cleaned it a few times. I thought if i couldn't be these comedians I could get better by delivering them food at cleaning their houses.
How was it working with the legendary Michael Gross? The man is a legend, he's also in better shape than I am. There were times when I would look at him across the african sun, and i wouldn't see micharl gross the actor, but america's fav father who raised me in the 80s
Jamie, I saw you live at the Tempe Improv about ten years ago. You were the absolute drunkest person I've ever seen on a stage. Just curious; do you even remember the show? First of all you are doing what we call assuming, and when you assume you make an ass out of U. I never drink at a show, I was probably exhausted from flying across the country and doing press all day for the show. Don't judge.
Hey Jamie, what is the current status of The After? I loved the pilot. ME TOO! Unfortunately its sitting behind the pots and pans at Amazon. It's only the pilot. I think you should write in, because I would like to do the series.
What has been your inspiration for portraying the "creepy doctor" in Heartbeat? As a child I was in the hospital a lot so I remember Drs would lean over me with stethoscopes and it would freak me out.. i Tapped into that
Do you feel like you know medical terminology very well or not at all? If not, have you had a hard time memorizing complicated words/definitions? No I had to learn all the stuff cause I didn't go to medical school, i didn't even go to college, I faked it hope you like my faking.
Hey Jamie. To this day, Randy remains one of my all-time favourite movie characters, IMO you and Matthew Lillard made Scream the perfect 90s horror movie. Was there a feeling during the making of it that it was going to be the phenomenon that it became, and were you disappointed that Randy didn't have a bigger part to play in the later films? We thought we had something different and unique, and we thought if we could just be a hit on video that would be awesome. Did we know that it would be a phenom? No. I don't think Randy should have died because he never had sex... if he did no one told me.
My kids still say MALIBOO Any suggestions to make them knock that the fuck off? You want to encourage your kids to be more like B-rad. A loving had and some digital underground should do the trick.
Are you working on any projects at the moment? I'm promoting HEARTBEAT DUDE. Tonight on NBC. And yes Ive been filling a couple of movie projects.
What would you say is the best brand of vacuum? Any recommendations on something for hardwood floors? You know you can never go wrong with a dyson, Im serious. That shit is top of the line, space age.
Do you like playing dramatic roles (Ghost WhispereHeartbeat) over comedic ones? Or what draws you to them? Btw, awesome show in Spokane! Yes I like playing dramatic because ppl doesn't expect me to do it, so I think that is satisfying. Thank you!
What is your favorite kind of magic trick? Making internet trolls disappear. You're not one of them by the way!
So how many show seasons will Heartbeat have? More if you watch the show. If you watch it we'll have many
Even though you play as a surgeon and a doctor, will you ever become one in real life? Is this a real question? I did become a rapper after Malibu, so you never know.
David Spade. I would have to pick the legendary Seth Green but with lifts...
What is your favorite sandwich? Can't go wrong with a turkey and smoked gouda
What's your favorite movie you've been in? Hard to pick but Three kings was an amazing movie
How well can you freestyle while sitting in traffic? You know the words... On the 405 I keep it fly...
Son of the Mask, why? I'll give you 2.5 million reasons.
You still get any of that malibootay? My pimp game is weak right now.
Was it fun when you were working on set or did you had to be serious all the time? Very fun, I t was a very fun relaxed very chill set.
What was your most challenging role? Im still waiting for it...
Marvel or DC? The Revenant
Was Heartbeat filmed at Universal Studios? Yes. Please don't kill me.
The death of Randy is frustrating on an emotional level still to this day. Any words of advice for people dealing with this crippling daily ordeal? Drink fluids. Try to find another horror movie to watch... Oculus is good...
Hi Jamie! Thanks for making me laugh (a lot, and in a good way). What do you do for kicks and giggles? I like to sit around while my assistant tickles me
Re: NYE - is it true what they say? Yes.
What is your favorite role you have played ever? Tv or Movie counts. B-RAD!!!
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2016.01.05 06:25 GreatestOfAllTime96 All the movies I watched in 2015

Movies of 2015
I did this in 2014 and no one cared so I'm doing one again because I hate myself. If you don't want to read the whole thing, here's my top 10 for the year:
Top 10 released in 2015:
  1. The Hateful Eight
  2. The Revenant
  3. It Follows
  4. Me, and Earl, and the Dying Girl
  5. Sicario
  6. The End of the Tour
  7. Mistress America
  8. Brooklyn
  9. Trumbo
  10. Diary of a Teenage Girl
And now, the bulk of the post, split into multiple sections because of character limits.
This is a list of all the movies I watched in 2015 in chronological order. Paired with each movie is a rating and some thoughts. I started doing this in 2014 for fun and now it’s something I plan to do for every year in the foreseeable future. In 2014 I watched 92 movies and this year I watched 124. For 2016 I hope to reach around 150 and my goal is to watch more old films since I rarely go back further than the 70s. If you end up reading this then you can read the whole thing or just scroll down to find movies you’ve heard of (or the highest rated ones). The quality of writing in this is pretty bad because I’m not spending too much time on each film but rather just doing a quick overview. Also I’m doing very little revising after I just vomit the words onto the page. The longer I write, the more fatigued I get too so see if you can pick out the ones I wrote when I was tired. Excuses, excuses. Anyway, thanks for reading and I’ll possibly/probably be doing more of these in the near future.
tl;dr: There’s a top 10 of the year at the top and bottom if you just want some quick recommendations.
Movies marked with an asterisk were seen in the theater.
  1. The Babadook: 6/10 – This Australian horror film was praised for being a return to form for the horror genre and caused quite the buzz online among film forums. I liked it when I first saw it but on subsequent watches I didn’t enjoy it as much and actually found it pretty average. But with some terrifying moments and a very tense atmosphere, it’s still worth seeing if you’re a fan of horror.
  2. Paranormal Activity 5: 3.5/10 – Yet another mediocre installment of the Paranormal Activity series. The first PA was a masterpiece of low-budget modern horror and revolutionized the genre in the same way Blair Witch did. Unfortunately, the rest of the series was no such masterpiece. If I were to rate them I would go: 1, 3, 2, 5, 4. PA4 was TERRIBLE. I don’t recommend unless you’re bored at a sleepover or something.
  3. Nightcrawler: 7/10 – This was getting a lot of buzz in late 2014 and I was lucky enough to get my hands on a Screener copy meant for the academy awards. This was one of the sleeper hits of 2014 and it really showcased Jake Gyllenhaal as a great actor. If you enjoyed Taxi Driver, American Psycho, and Drive (2011) then you’ll probably like this one. A true recommendation.
  4. American Sniper: 6/10 – Clint Eastwood’s newest movie, this one got a lot of flak for being an “American Propaganda” film. I, however, didn’t feel like it was propaganda. A lot of people criticized it for its negative portrayal of Middle Eastern people but those people probably don’t know anyone in the military. Coming from a Navy town, the negative sentiment towards Middle Easterns is how a lot of people in the military think and not just Eastwood trying to be anti-Muslim. I felt it was actually an anti-war film since it basically has the theme of “war follows you home” what with the PTSD experienced by Chris Kyle.
  5. Birdman: 9/10 – I loved this movie. I LOVED this movie. Michael Keaton killed it and Alejandro Iñárritu showed off his directing chops with this theatrical surrealist film. If you haven’t seen this yet then do yourself a favor and watch it. The Academy isn’t great but at least they got this one right with Best Picture. Watch it.
  6. The Road to El Dorado: 7/10 – One of my favorite animated movies and one I have a deep nostalgia for. This was one of those traditional animation films from the late 90s/early 2000s alongside Disney’s Atlantis that didn’t do well in the box office but would go on to become a sort of cult classic.
  7. Whiplash: 8/10 – After starring in the mediocre Divergent movies Miles Teller received his breakout role as Andrew Neiman in Whiplash. The real star of this movie, however, is J.K. Simmons who puts in an award-winning, powerhouse performance. If you haven’t seen this movie yet then you’re missing out. It also contains one of the greatest climax scenes in film history that will make you jump out of your seat with excitement (maybe that’s just me).
  8. Inherent Vice*: 8/10 – Paul Thomas Anderson is one of those directors whose films guarantee a good time. Other directors like this include Wes Anderson, the Coen Brothers and Quentin Tarantino. Inherent Vice is no exception. Adapted from the Thomas Pynchon novel of the same name, this movie takes place in 1970 Southern California. It really captures the end of the hippy era and a time when the future was relatively complicated and uncertain. It’s a somewhat neo-noir film like The Big Lebowski where there are many intersecting motivations and character arcs that influence you to try and piece together the story. If you’re a fan of Paul Thomas Anderson (and you should be since he’s one of the best directors working today) then I would tell you to drop whatever you’re doing and watch this right now. You won’t regret it (although you might want to watch it twice since it is IMMENSELY confusing the first time).
  9. There Will Be Blood: 10/10 – Another Paul Thomas Anderson movie and arguably one of the greatest films of all time. This is what I consider a perfect movie. Daniel Day Lewis puts forth a legendary performance and secures his place as one of the best actors of all time. This is pretty much required viewing at this point.
  10. The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou: 7.5/10 – I watch this a few times a year and I think it’s my favorite Wes Anderson movie (although Grand Budapest is pretty great too). Bill Murray plays Steve Zissou, a Jacques Cousteau-esque character who is washed up after the death of his friend and partner Esteban. He vows to find the shark that ate him and kill it. This gets a definite recommendation from me as it is one of the most accessible Wes Anderson films.
  11. The Mist: 6/10 – Adapted from a Steven King novel, this is truly a terrifying movie about a town enveloped by a mist that contains weird, murderous, otherworldly creatures. The CGI is a bit dated but the story is legitimately scary. Funny story actually, my mom took me to see this when I was like 11 and she apologized to me after it was over because of how disturbing it was.
  12. Project Almanac*: 2/10 – This movie sucked.
  13. Punch-Drunk Love: 7/10 – This Paul Thomas Anderson movie is probably one of his worst, which means it’s still pretty good. Adam Sandler gives a surprisingly great performance in this simple love story between a plunger salesman and a pretty girl. I need to watch this a second time.
  14. The Master: 9/10 – Paul Thomas Anderson you magnificent bastard. This movie starring Joaquin Phoenix and Phillip Seymour Hoffman (RIP) is a sort of criticism of Scientology that crosses over into the realm of surrealism. The Master is truly a mind-fuck and a masterpiece of a film in every sense. Might take a couple watches to “get it.”
  15. Wild: 6/10 – Reese Witherspoon stars in this adaptation of the novel of the same name by Cheryl Strayed about hiking the Pacific Crest Trail. It was pretty okay and it gave me some serious wanderlust.
  16. The Big Lebowski: 9/10 – One of my favorite movies, Jeff Bridges stars in this late 90s Coen Brothers movie about a chill Dude who gets thrust into a plot far bigger and more complicated than himself. With a supporting cast of John Goodman, Steve Buscemi, Phillip Seymour Hoffman, and Julianne Moore, this film is a tried and true classic.
  17. Foxcatcher*: 5/10 – This movie received a ton of praise and the only reason I can think of is Steve Carell’s performance. It’s true that Carell was almost unrecognizable in this but the plot was so slow and meandering that it was an absolute chore to get through. I don’t recommend this one.
  18. Boyhood: 6/10 – DID YOU KNOW THAT IT TOOK 12 YEARS TO MAKE??? Of all the overrated movies, this is one of them. I can’t fucking believe that this got a nomination for best picture. With a bland “story” where nothing happens and an awful performance from everyone but Ethan Hawke, Boyhood is a true disappointment. Although it was a feat to make this over 12 years, it’s nothing more than a gimmick to me. The best thing about this was Vampire Weekend and Arcade Fire on the soundtrack.
  19. My Dinner with Andre: 9/10 – Wallace Shawn (INCONCEIVABLE) and Andre Gregory (famous theatre director) haven’t seen each other in five years and agree to sit down for a meal together. The result is literally two hours of them having a conversation. It is a movie devoid of all clichés and it is heartwarming as it is charming. I would definitely recommend this to fans of theatre since that’s how it resonated the most with me.
  20. Cinderella (2014)*: 5/10 – Another needless live-action reboot of a fairytale. The costumes were really good at least.
  21. The Imitation Game: 6.5/10 – Blueberry Cucumberbelt gave a great performance as Alan Turing but this was still pretty Oscar-baity. I enjoyed it though.
  22. Annie Hall: 10/10 – One of my favorite movies of all time, Woody Allen’s Annie Hall is regarded as one of his best alongside Manhattan and Hannah and Her Sisters. I don’t even know how to describe this film other than charming and overall just a masterpiece of cinema. Watch it if you haven’t.
  23. The Grand Budapest Hotel: 9/10 – Wes Anderson’s most Wes Anderson-y film to date. Probably his best. Of course I’m going to recommend it.
  24. Chef: 7/10 – An all around feel good movie. There was no real conflict in this at all, which surprisingly wasn’t a bad thing. Don’t watch this movie while hungry or you will die.
  25. Insurgent*: 4/10 – Stop adapting shitty young adult dystopian novels into movies please. This shit is cliché as hell.
  26. The Captive: 4/10 – A movie with Ryan Reynolds that I didn’t want to watch. My expectations were correct and this movie was not very good at all.
  27. World’s Greatest Dad: 6/10 – Robin Williams plays a dad whose son accidentally kills himself. Williams forges a suicide note to spare his son the embarrassment but the lie spins out of control. A pretty okay movie. RIP Robin Williams.
  28. Get Hard*: 5/10 – Will Ferrell and Kevin Hart. Meh. I laughed a few times.
  29. It’s Such a Beautiful Day: 7/10 – This is an animated film by Don Hertzfeldt who you may know as the creator of Rejected (https://youtu.be/MuOvqeABHvQ). This movie is on netflix and it’s pretty surreal and depressing. I recommend it if you’re having a good day and want to get all sad and introspective before crying yourself to sleep.
  30. Kingsman: The Secret Service: 7.5/10 – A real surprise this year. A pretty good R-rated spy movie with Samuel L. Jackson and some British people. One scene in particular stands out as truly great (if you’ve seen it you know which one).
  31. The Great Mouse Detective: 7/10 – An old Disney classic about Basil of Baker Street (aka Sherlock Holmes: mouse edition). A classic.
  32. Forgetting Sarah Marshall: 8/10 – One of the best comedies of all time in my opinion. It’s the perfect movie for after a break up or just when you’re feeling a bit down (or any other time really). Jason Segel and Mila Kunis kill it while Paul Rudd offers up some seriously quotable lines like, “When life gives you lemons, just say fuck it and bail.”
  33. Get Him to the Greek: 7.5/10 – One of those comedies you can watch over and over again. There are some seriously great moments in this movie like TJ Miller dealing drugs to Jonah Hill, the Vegas party, and the Today show bit. Russel Brand is especially great.
  34. A Serious Man: 8/10 – The Coen brothers are true geniuses and this film is no exception. Mirroring the story of Job from the Bible, this film follows a Jewish man as a series of terrible things happen to him. Highly recommended.
  35. The Last of the Unjust: 7/10 – At over three and a half hours, this Holocaust documentary is a spiritual sequel to Shoah, the ten hour documentary by the same director (Claude Lanzmann). A very important documentary but a very difficult one to get through.
  36. Avengers: Age of Ultron*: 6/10 –Joss Wedon is good at writing snappy, humorous dialogue but when there’s supposed to be a real threat like Ultron, all that does is kill any possible tension. Marvel movies are usually great but this was the weakest in a while.
  37. It Follows*: 8/10 – This was a real surprise. I had heard great things about this movie but finally seeing it was on another level of fucking amazing. The soundtrack is killer, the premise is great, and it’s a completely solid horror movie. If you enjoy horror then do not miss this movie.
  38. Ex Machina*: 8/10 – I knew nothing about this going in and I preferred it that way. Basically Oscar Isaac and Domnhall Gleeson (both rising stars) lead this amazing science fiction/drama film about AI and robotics. One of the best of the year.
  39. Wet Hot American Summer: 7.5/10 – I can’t believe I didn’t see this movie until now. Paul Rudd, Jon Benjamin, Bradley Cooper, Michael Ian Black, Michael Showalter, Janeane Garofalo, Amy Poehler, and Elizabeth Banks also star in this movie.
  40. Clouds of Sils Maria*: 6/10 – A real indie film. Kristen Stewart really showcases her acting ability here with a believable and honest performance. Chloe Grace Moretz also kills it. Recommended if you’re a hipster fuck who likes art house movies like me.
  41. Knocked Up: 7/10 - Can’t believe I didn’t see this until now. Great movie. Everyone knows this.
  42. Mad Max: Fury Road*: 8/10 – When I first watched this I didn’t really like it. It had so much online buzz as this huge movie that could be the best of the year. I guess my expectations were too high but I was really disappointed. On subsequent watches, however, I realized why the movie was so praised. The art direction of the film is amazing, the sound design is spectacular, and the camerawork is seriously impressive. When you’re watching it just think about how they got each shot. It will blow your mind.
  43. Ouija: 3/10 – This movie is ass.
  44. Jurassic Park: 9/10 – It’s Jurassic Park you know it’s good.
  45. Poltergeist (2015)*: 3/10 – This movie was awful and the original definitely didn’t need to be remade. Sam Rockwell was the only redeeming quality of this movie but even he couldn’t save it.
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2015.12.14 21:59 tabledresser [Table] IAmA: I'm Jon Benjamin and I just drank 4 cups of tea! Ask me anything!

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Date: 2015-12-14
Link to submission (Has self-text)
Questions Answers
Hello H. Jon Benjamin. Just wondering how the hell you convinced the fine folks of Sub Pop records to release a jazz album when you don't listen to jazz nor play piano? Well, it's true that they should be more discerning with their choices, but that being said I know many of the folks there and I did pitch them the idea hoping they wou;d steer to a label that might do it and instead, they agreed to do it so I'm not totally to blame. That also being said, I'm very happy they did it and that they believed in the message
What kind of mindset did you have coming into the studio for recording and do you think you can beat what you've done in this record? Well, there was no preparation involved. we set it up where the trio would play and I would just try and keep up to capture that improv spirit that eptomized jazz and if you listen to all the songs in order (i don't recommend it) you can hear me getting progressively better. I actually think I can't play Piano part 4, i am not all bad.
Out of all the fictional characters you have voiced, who's life would you most like to live and why is it Coach McGuirk? Well coach mcGuirk was a pretty sad character if you applied any reality to it. I guess Bob seems pretty happy most of the time. I wonder how Jason from Home Movies has aged. maybe him. i feel like he works in Silicon Vally now and makes a ton of money at some tech company.
How do you practice the "angry yelling" voices? Wouldn't your neighbors be like "hey man, stop yelling?" I'm commonly very soft spoken with my neighbors. As a matter of fact, last year I gently asked my downstairs neighbor to turn down the music and he shut the door in my face. I didn't even knock again
Will we be seeing you in season 2 of Master of None? I'm not sure. Aziz I believe has not formulated an idea for what happens next but I hope they do they more. There's an endless number of all black movies my character can be the sole white guy in.
Hey Jon! Thanks for doing this. How was working with Aziz Ansari in Master of None? He is very nice and the show was fun do to except for the scenes with the biohazard suits, since my fan was not working- there was a fan inside the suit. But, now, at least I can empathize with Disney mascots.
If you could overdub any movie what would you choose? I have always wanted to be the english dub in a Miyazaki movie. Maybe someday. I am going to Japan in a week so if they need me, i will be in town
Mr. Benjamin, what are your thoughts on FX's decision to drop the term 'ISIS' from the show, due to possible association with then-becoming-famous extremist group? Well, i think they probably didn't have a choice. It's an unfortunate association. I'm sure it's happened at some point with other shows. I think the Love Boat was originally called The Hitler.
Hi Jon! What was it like being a Can of Vegetables? How was it working with the cast of Wet Hot American Summer: First Day of Camp? Any funny stories/memories you can share? It was a lot of fun. the only story i remember was bumping into Janeane Garofalo in a supermarket and I've never seen her happier because apparently she loves supermarkets.
What kind of tea do you like? I do drink a lot of tea. mostly black, some green. I can tell right now I'm drinking McNulty's Russian style.
Hi Jon, i'm a huge fan. Do you have an plans for creating another one of your own TV shows, or would you like to? I am working on a couple shows now. One is a comedy show with Leo Allen who I worked with on the van show on comedy central. i hope that works.
Is the name of ISIS going to change on the show? also: next season of archer??? I'm not sure they officially changed the acronym. I think the spy agency is called DAESH now.
Hi, Jon! If you were cast as a cop in a buddy comedy and the producers allowed you to select the actor or actress who played the other cop, who would you choose and why? That's funny because I did have an idea to do a cop comedy with Aisha Tyler but she was too busy. In real life, we look really funny standing next to each other.
HI Jon, on twitter Steve Lehman said you approached his jazz group first about doing the session. Could you talk about what happened there? I love the vinyl! Yes, i got steve's name through Ira Kaplan and it was just a scheduling problem I think that prevented him from doing it, but he was interested as I recall.
Hey Jon, any hints as to what this big Woodhouse plot is going to be in season 7? Much like some of the Archer seasons, there are some momentous changes, but shoulnd't give it away now.
Hi Jon! When will you be getting more Mystery Sacks in stock at your Flotsam General Store? We are trying to make another round. opefully, we can coordinate something for next year. it's hard to exploit labor.
Do you still have a van ? No more van unforunately. Someday I hope to get a camper.
So are you not doing "phrasing" anymore? It may come back. Phrasing. Well, there it is. it's back
How much alcohol do you consume on a daily basis? I'm somewhere in between 3-17 glasses of a wine a day.
What is currently your favorite TV show that you have not worked on? Well, I'm just finishing watching The Knick which I like alot.
Hi Jon, I just have to ask, who is the funniest person in the studio for Bob's Burgers? I would say Mark Desimone, the audio engineer. He's a hoot and a half.
Did you know Doug Stanhope growing up? He's from Worcester, Massachusetts and is about your age. I have met Doug after Wrocester (A.W.) but I didn't know him in Worcester.
Howdy, Mr. Benjamin. Longtime fan here! Your repertoire consists of a fantastic array of vocal performances. Are there any that were briefer than expected, shows you wish had lasted longer? Yes. Freak Show on comedy Central only lasted one season and I was definitely hopeful that it would have lasted longer.
Hi Jon, thanks for being here. Would you say that your relationship with your own mother mirrors Archer's relationship with Mallory? Also, who is your favourite Archer character, and why is it Kazak? Well, my mother I assume is spy for the government or maybe she just wore overcoat alot.
I've seen you in Portland twice and both times the crowd was made up of a bunch of assholes screaming "DANGER ZONE" at you. Do you hate us? Because I hate us. I actually like Portland very much. It's Philadelphia and Brattleboro Vermont I really hate.
Will you smoke a joint with me? Oh no. no no.
The girl friend and I are huge fans, I started her on Bob's then we moved to Archer, when she saw you on masters of none she was super excited, so when I was in pure shock you were doing an ama I asked her what to ask, so here goes "what is your favorite sandwich?" What's with all the sandwich questions? Everyone knows I can only eat soup.
Hey there sir, I listened to our local community radio DJ go on a thirty minute rant against your album and I got really upset by it. Then I heard the song he played from it and fully understood. Good on you for trying at least. Anywho... Is there any talk of Dr. Katz coming back for a season on like Netflix or Hulu or anything? Well one of my goals was to annoy local community radio so good on me.
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2015.09.19 02:44 DailyShowTorrent Working on complete archive of Jon Stewart's time on The Daily Show (torrent), missing 71 episodes, can you help?

I've got the vast majority of Daily Show episodes to share but I am short 71 episodes. I'm posting the full list here in the hope that someone out there has some or all of them so I can compile a full archive of Jon's time on the show and share it with you all.
Season Episode Title AirDate
1 1 Premier Episode 1996-07-22
1 2 David Cross & Bob Odenkirk 1996-11-14
1 3 James Doohan 1996-11-20
1 4 Bruce Davison 1996-12-09
1 5 Richard Lewis 1996-12-11
1 6 Wes Craven 1996-12-12
2 1 Jim Carrey 1997-01-02
2 2 Matt Stone and Trey Parker 1997-10-27
3 1 Miguel Ferrer 1998-03-09
3 2 Timothy Dalton 1998-03-10
3 3 Jason Priestley 1998-03-11
3 4 Henry Thomas 1998-03-12
3 5 Al Franken 1998-03-30
3 6 David Boreanaz 1998-06-03
3 7 Scott Thompson 1998-06-25
3 8 Terry Jones 1998-09-10
3 9 Renee Hicks 1998-09-14
3 10 Dr. Ruth Westheimer 1998-09-15
3 11 Ben Stiller 1998-09-16
3 12 Vince Vaughn 1998-09-17
3 13 Jackie Chan 1998-09-21
3 14 Bonnie Raitt 1998-09-22
3 15 Denis Leary 1998-09-23
3 16 Janeane Garofalo 1998-09-24
3 17 David Cross & Bob Odenkirk 1998-10-27
3 18 Blair Underwood 1998-11-02
3 19 Upright Citizens Brigade 1998-11-03
3 20 Queen Latifah 1998-11-04
3 21 Henry Winkler 1998-11-05
3 22 John Fugelsang 1998-11-09
3 23 Travis Tritt 1998-11-10
3 24 Roma Downey 1998-11-11
3 25 Ken Olin 1998-11-16
3 26 Kate Mulgrew 1998-11-17
3 27 Shannen Doherty 1998-11-18
3 28 Jerry Springer 1998-11-19
3 29 Wendie Malick 1998-12-14
3 30 Deborah Norville 1998-12-15
3 31 Jon Stewart 1998-12-16
3 32 Richard Lewis 1998-12-17
3 33 Dave Foley 1998-04-01
3 34 Second Anniversary Special 1998-07-22
4 112 Summer Spectacular 1999-08-30
5 76 When the Elderly Go on TV with Al Greenwood 2000-06-12
5 99 Campaign Trail to the Road to the White House 2000-07-31
5 150 Tales of Survival with Vance DeGeneres 2000-11-20
7 67 Matt Walsh Goes To Hawaii 2002-05-23
7 130 Road to Washington Special 2002-10-14
8 1 Cameron Diaz 2003-01-07
8 2 Ray Liotta 2003-01-08
8 3 Philip Seymour Hoffman 2003-01-09
8 4 Kathy Bates 2003-01-13
8 5 Michael Moore 2003-01-14
8 6 Dave Chappelle 2003-01-15
8 7 Joseph Lieberman 2003-01-16
8 8 Merv Griffin 2003-01-20
8 9 Simon Cowell 2003-01-21
8 10 John C. Reilly 2003-01-22
8 11 Jimmy Kimmel 2003-01-23
8 12 Rosie Perez 2003-01-27
8 13 Bill Moyers 2003-01-28
8 14 Jeff Greenfield 2003-01-29
8 15 Laurence Fishburne 2003-01-30
8 16 Doug Wilson 2003-02-03
8 17 Kate Hudson 2003-02-04
8 18 Arianna Huffington 2003-02-05
8 19 David Frum 2003-02-06
8 22 Michael Clarke Duncan 2003-02-12
8 83 Tony Snow 2003-07-08
8 85 Carson Daly 2003-07-10
11 152 Sen. John Danforth 2006-12-05
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2015.07.30 19:23 Emilio92 The Feminazis

Wes took a sip from his Bud Light and looked around the bar for some sweet poon tang.
He knew he was looking absolutely desirable in his two hundred dollar Hollister skinny jeans with multiple tears in all of the right places with white paint stained all over them. Wes knew there was nothing women desired more than a man who looked like he did rough and gritty work, but had the feminine soft hands that proved he didn’t get too dirty. Wes also had an Abercrombie and Fitch shirt that resembled Jerry Seinfeld’s puffy pirate shirt. It didn’t look great at all, but it was seventy dollars at the register and Wes knew that’s all that mattered.
On Wes’ head he was wearing a visor he had found at American Eagle. It looked worn and tattered and cost thirty bucks. Wes knew by the end of the night, it would be on the bedpost of a girl who had a slight obsession with Channing Tatum five years ago. Wes had considered buying an actual hat at American Eagle, but then he couldn’t style his hair with Axe hair paste to look like a douchey privileged version of Kramer from Seinfeld.
Wes’ eyes were directed over to the right side of the bar, he saw an attractive blonde with a rack worthy of pressing against a car window in a wet t-shirt. Wes visualized how the night would go if he brought her back to his place and was boning her on his leather couch. He imagined what her sweat would smell like mixed with the new car smell of pleather. After he played it out, visualing it from every angle and inspecting it for any flaw like a perverted Stanley Kubrick, he decided that she would be just right.
Wes began making his way towards her. Once Wes got closer, he noticed the shirt she was wearing and cringed. On the front was Olaf, the snowman from Frozen. Wes began to shiver and shake like Michael J Fox on a cold windy Chicago morning while making his way back. Wes assumed this was a girl who filled the holes that were her daddy issues with Disney princess films. In his head, Wes could see this girl at Halloween parties over the years dressing like Cinderella and her date as Prince Charming, or as Belle from Beauty and the Beast and her date of course being The Beast. Wes visualized the Halloween party he would have to go to with this empty and hollow woman. He dressed as The Beast as he looked around the party at other guys dressed as Disney princes with their girlfriends hoping to get a piece of ass in a room only lit by candlelight inside of a Jack O’Lantern.
Wes visualized fucking this girl dressed as The Beast. He of course wearing the costume during sex. He also imagined multiple guys over the years wearing the same exact costume giving it to this girl. She of course only dating men who could fit into the costume. Wes now visualized the costume hanging near the girl’s bed and her getting prepared for Halloween night, where a new suitor would ravish her privates as she wondered if his privates and seed would fill the hole that her father had dug into her soul after picking a hefty work schedule with a voluptuous secretary over spending time with his little girl.
Adult girls who had a thing for Disney made Wes cringe more than a pedophile around pubic hair.
Wes scanned the bar once more with a hurried desperation looking for a girl to plow like a coked up farmer. He visualized himself as the Terminator, scanning girls for possible daddy issues or ones who weren’t here to hook up but were looking for love and commitment. Love and commitment in Wes’ eyes was the vile imaginative aspects of life that were programmed into gullible women who dropped their walls of sanity to the works of Nicholas Sparks.
Love and commitment in this day and age made about as much sense as an over bearing entity who commanded a man circumsize his son and a magical being who could walk on water and turn water into wine, like a low budget Criss Angel or David Blaine.
Wes continued to scan the bar with a rushed aggressive glance. It was on the third look over that he realized he had passed by a busty blonde who was physically twin like with the Disney fan girl. The improvement regarding this bombshell was that she wore clothing from the same stores Wes shopped at. She was probably used to a man who bathed in cologne, hopefully that didn’t mean she had slept with a Persian. Wes swallowed vomit at the thought of this woman being tainted by a Persian who probably worked out during the graveyard shift and wore all Puma.
Wes walked up to the blonde and leaned on the bar as he smirked at her.
“Hey, we shop in the same section of the mall. Wanna go back to my place?”
The girl looked into Wes’ eyes with a look of thought and concentration.
“Did you have a ridiculous fascination with the film 300 in high school?”
Wes rolled his eyes. “Psh of course! Every workout I do up in the fucking gym is Spartan approved babe.”
Wes followed this comment up by doing a double biceps pose and then bringing his arms down to puff his chest out. They were the only two body parts he worked on.
“In middle school did you want to be Duke Nukem?”
“Of course!”
“Have you ever raped a girl and celebrated by going home and watching Entourage.”
Wes leaned in so what he said would be a whisper. “While smelling my fingers as I watched an entire season in one sitting.”
“Ok you can defile me.” The busty blonde downed her martini and began to make her way to the door. Wes thought about making a comment about how she should save that to drink after he cums in her mouth, but thought it was better to make jokes in such bad taste after he got his sweet American pie.
After Wes ejaculated on the girl’s back, he tossed her a used towel from earlier to wipe herself off. He’s huffing and puffing while laughing to himself like a runner who had won an impossible race.
“Wow, that was more acrobatic than what they make those Chinese kids do to decide if their parents live.”
“It was ok.” Replied the busty blonde. She then glanced at the ground and saw something that made her heart do back flips.
“Oh my god is that a condom?”
Wes looked at it with a look as if he was recalling a long lost memory and laughed. “O yeah, I took it off right before I penetrated you.”
The girl looked at him like she had just used aftershave for the first time.
“What?” said Wes, shrugging his shoulders. “Gonorrhea is still treatable right?”
“So are you going to eat me out or what?”
Wes looked at the busty blonde like she had just reached into a jar full of leeches, grabbed a fistful and shoved said fist into her vagina.
The busty blonde shook her head, as if to shake off an outburst of anger. “I said are you going to eat me out? My pussy feels like a fire!”
Wes glared at her. “Well then maybe you should go make some s’mores.”
The girl gave Wes a surprised laugh. “I’d prefer your tongue.”
Wes frowned. “I don’t exactly do that sort of thing.”
The girl looked at him as her jaw dropped trying to process what he was saying. “But I sucked your dick!”
Wes shook his head with a joyful laugh behind it. “You see, that is completely different. An erected penis is like a wonderful piece of exotic fruit, enticing to the taste buds. It is a multi-layered piece of candy if you will, like a tootsie pop. Give it a few licks and a foamy prize comes oozing down into your throat. It’s like cracking open a coconut on an island owned by a multi-millionaire. But a vagina, now a vagina is not sweet to the taste buds, more bitter and acidic, like a lemon grown on a tree in the darkest pit of hell. Why would I eat something as filthy as a vagina? I might as well eat out of a dumpster behind Taco Bell. For Christ’s sake you bleed from there! I wouldn’t eat a dead fetus, why would I eat a vagina?”
The busty blonde stood up and began to quickly put on her clothing. After she was clothed, she slapped Wes across the face. She then ran out before Wes could see her cry, slamming the door behind her.
“Sorry if I won’t do something only a Fear Factor contestant would!” shouted Wes.
After the excruciating sex and ejaculating what felt like a five pound dumbbell, Wes decided it was time to rest. He laid down and closed his eyes.
“Fuck a woman and don’t make her cum and they all turn insane, such a weak and fragile species the woman.”
Wes muttered more problems he found with the female species before finally drifting off into sleep.
As Wes woke up the following morning, the sun shined down on him brighter than ever. It almost felt as if the sun was in the room with him. Wes held up his hand to his face and groaned.
“Why did they turn up the brightness of the sun?” Wes muttered to himself. “It was already bright enough. OH MY GOD I’LL BE BLIND. I’LL NEED A K-9 WHO CAN SNIFF OUT VAGINA FOR THE SLEAZY AFFICANADO THAT I AM.”
Wes saw a hand and felt a slap across his face. Did the busty blonde return?
“Shut up you testosterone fueled faggot!”
Wes felt a cold chill rush down his spine as he heard the words yelled at him.
“Who the fuck was that? Who’s there? How’d you get in? I’m not a faggot! I only let that guy suck me off for five minutes. He didn’t even make me cum! I jacked myself off!”
What Wes realized was a spotlight, not the sun was dimmed down so Wes could see two women in Nazi general uniforms. They both looked fugly at best, like they had just crawled out of some abandoned library.
“We are the Feminazis, and you’re our toy now Wes!”
Wes jumped up out of bed and ran for the bedroom door. As he made his way towards the doorway, another Feminazi stepped into view. She looked like the professional wrestler Chyna. Her uniform had the sleeves ripped off and the swatiska arm band squeezed around her massive and veiny biceps. Wes ran directly into a right hook and was knocked out cold within seconds.
After Wes came to, he noticed that he was currently in a dim lit room in what looked like a basement. The Feminazis had been waiting for him to wake up. They were standing between him and the doorway. Wes sat up and rubbed his chin.
“W-who are you?”
“We are the Feminazis! I am General Jane Goring.”
“And I am Commander Janis Himmler”
“They call me Dicky Von Chop” said the buff Feminazi while crossing her arms. “You can probably imagine why.”
Dicky Von Chop popped her fingers for dramatic effect. Wes felt his penis shrivel up during this.
“We are the ones who police Tumblr!” said General Jane Goring.
“We make sure men aren’t as opinionated as us.” Said Commander Janis. “OR THERE SHALL BE CONSEQUENCES! PUBLIC SHAMING! HAIL MENSTRATION!”
All three Feminazis held up their right arm and hailed menstruation.
“What the fuck do you want with me?”
“We heard on a hook up complaint website that you do not eat pussy” said General Jane. The look she gave as she said this made it look as if it physically pained her to visualize someone who wouldn’t eat out a woman.
“Don’t eat pussy?” said Dicky Von Chop. “Fucking men! And yet you used that tongue for ice cream as a child, pathetic!”
“I just think it’s gross” said Wes. “Vaginas just aren’t sanitary for the tongue.”
Commander Janis walked up to Wes and slapped him. “A pussy is a forbidden fountain everybody strives to bathe in. Dicks are just the creature that lives in the black lagoon.”
“And vaginas aren’t that black lagoon?”
Dicky Von Chop marched over to Wes and chopped him across the chest. The sound of the chop echoed in the basement followed by Wes’ groans of pain.
“Only when they’re infected with a dick like yours! Your erection is the Ebola of sex!”
Dicky Von Chop marched out of the room. In under a minute she came back with a square of carpet. She dropped the carpet in front of Wes and crossed her arms.
Dicky Von Chop grabbed Wes by his hair and shoved his face into the carpet.
Wes screamed like a tortured prisoner as he tongue brushed up against the rough carpet.
“Ahh it burns!”
“Yes! Yes! Yes!” cried General Jane. “Feel the burn!”
The Feminazis marched a circle around Wes commanding that he feel the burn. Wes licked and licked. He licked with such aggression that his tongue caught on fire. Dicky Von Chop threw a bucket of water at him, putting out the fire.
“Yes!” said Commander Janis. “You’re learning the ways of the pussy.”
After this they closed and locked the door to Wes’ room. An hour or so after they left, Wes drifted off into sleep. Given that he didn’t want to lick the carpet again, this was his only choice.
The following morning, the Feminazis came into Wes’ holding room. They woke him up and made him stand at attention. Commander Janis depanted Wes as Dicky Von Chop made her way out of the room.
“Ugh finally! I thought you chicks were never going to jump on my bone, but they always do.” Stated Wes with a legend killer smirk as he developed an erection.
General Jane smacked Wes’ penis. “Down boy! No erections in mein bunker! They are oppression to my vaginal beliefs!”
Wes screeched and began to groan. “O this is nothing like Ilsa, She Wolf of the SS!”
“O but it is” said General Jane. “Like the main character you will not be cumming!”
Dicky Von Chop now entered the room holding a chastity belt. Before Wes could process what was happening Dicky Von Chop picked him up, put him in the chastity belt and locked it.
“You will not be taking this off until you can lick a clit like a blind man sealing envelopes so I suggest you learn fast fuckboy!” said Dicky Von Chop.
General Jane stood in front of Wes and dropped her pants. Wes began to dry heave as he saw her fat and hairy bush.
“O Christ! It looks like a hedge you’d see in front of an abandoned mansion.”
General Jane backhanded Wes as hard as she could, he fell to his knees and tasted blood.
“Blasphemy! This is woman in her purest form! If I see pussy on Tumblr and they don’t have a bush like me, I publicly shame them until they’re out of a job and on the verge of suicide!”
General Jane dropped down to all fours in a position where she looked like a Linda Blair in The Exorcist. She then began to crab walk over to Wes while flapping her tongue.
“Rip and tear my pussy Wes, rip and tear my fucking pussy!”
General Jane crab walked until her pussy was practically shoved down Wes’ throat. Wes began using his tongue to please her. As Wes licked and licked, Jane moaned.
As the minutes rolled by, Wes could feel his tongue losing speed and power. After the first hour passed by, Wes felt his jaw clinch up and had to tap out. Wes fell down face first into the ground and General Jane rolled her eyes as she pulled her pants up.
“Ugh! You’ve improved, but you still have the tongue of a bro who wears Affliction and enjoys the Fast and Furious franchise!”
General Jane marched out of the room and slammed the door. Wes could hear her locking it from the outside.
The only form of entertainment Wes had was a touch screen pad that only had access to feminist porn in his room. Given that he had nothing else to do and felt he had slept enough for now, he decided to see what exactly feminist porn was. He touched the screen and put on a title called Tweet This Fuckwad!
The film began with a guy with spiked up hair covered in gel. He was drooling over his cell phone. The camera cut to the screen to show that he was using twitter to tweet out the hashtag #FeministsAreUgly.
“With this tweet I shall end the world of feminists know it today! There shall be no more bra burning or HBO sitcoms with average looking girls, only a life of baking pies for fundraisers inside of a kitchen they’ll never leave, other than sucking my conservative cock in the bedroom obviously!” the guy followed this up with an evil Bond villain laugh.
After saying all of this, three fat and disgusting looking women flew through the air. They were dressed as superheroes wearing bright pink capes with a car muff on it.
“O drats” said the guy. “Not the Defenders of the Muff!”
“Well if it isn’t our nemesis, Testosterone Ted!” said one of the Defenders of the Muff, who looked like a reject member of Reel Big Fish with dyed hair, glasses and multiple tattoos.
“Quit oppressing us with your testicular opinions Ted!” said a Defender of the Muff who appeared to be Asian. She resembled Yoko Ono if she ate John Lennon and took up Sumo wrestling as a career.
“Yeah Ted! We want equal rights, so delete your tweet and stay voiceless!” said a Defender of the Muff who looked like Kate Micucci from Garfunkel and Oates if she ate Kelly Clarkson.
“O it’s too late for that feminists! My tweet is already trending so you just might as well go to Macy’s and apply whatever makeup is trendy!”
“NEVER!” yelled Yoko Ono Defender of the Muff.
Yoko Ono and Reel Big Fish flew into the air and straight to Testosterone Ted. Both girls grabbed a thumb and ripped it from his hands. Testosterone Ted screamed in pain as blood flowed from the open wounds.
Next, Kate Micucci Defender of the Muff took to the air and and flew towards Testosterone Ted. She reached into his mouth and pulled out his tongue.
Testosterone Ted opened his mouth and said something inbetween gargling up blood. Wes read the subtitles that appeared on the screen.
“Now how will I tell people that Pinterest is only for girls who will grow up to be surrounded by their mother’s old cookbooks in a studio apartment?”
The Defenders of the Muff took the body parts they held and shoved them down the pants of their costumes. As they pleasured themselves with the discarded body parts, beams of light shot up towards the air. The film followed the beams of light over to the headquarters of Twitter. In the film, they depicted the headquarters as a blue building with a giant mural of a blue bird on their building.
The three beams of light combined and destroyed the Twitter building, resembling any explosion seen in the Die Hard films. The film then showed how screenshots and retweets of Testosterone Ted’s tweet virtually disappeared from the internet like memories in front of the Men in Black.
“We did it girls” said Reel Big Fish Defender of the Muff.
“The world is once again safe for women.” Said Yoko Ono Defender of the Muff.
“Menstruation prevails!” said the Garfunkel and Oates Defender of the Muff.
They took to the air and left Testosterone Ted thumbless and tongueless.
“Wow….” Said Wes unable to remove his eyes from the screen. “That made Siberian Film look like Veggie Tales.”
Wes turned off the screen and sat back against the wall trying to imagine how he was going to get out of this very fucked up situation. He wondered to himself if he could kill one of the Feminazis, cut her flesh off and wear it and get them to believe he was one of them. It seemed unlikely. He would probably first need to adapt an unhealthy obsession with cats and smell of first blind dates that never lead to second dates before that ever happened.
As Wes stared off into the distance, he saw a piece of paper rolled up in a hole in one of the walls. He walked over to the wall and pulled out the piece of paper.
So I was captured by these freakin dykes who want me to eat pussy. How fucked up and gross is that? What next? Support gay rights? Yeah, that’s about as likely as me not watching the NFL playoffs and yelling nigger at the screen when a football player doesn’t perform to my standards.
Spoilers: That ain’t never fucking happenin baby. I played junior year so I know what it’s like to give it you’re all on the field, and I call those monkeys on their laziness!
Anyways, back to eating the snatches of these bitches who look like something that crawled out of Margaret Cho’s asshole, got a face lift at some place inside of Rosie O Donnell’s asshole and moved into Janeane Garofalo’s asshole.
I can’t see myself ever eating pussy. Wood any of the characters on Entourage eat pussy? Only faggots eat pussy!
Wes felt refreshed after reading the letter. He would find a way out of this hellhole without giving up the sanctity of his tongue. Hell, if Wes was going to taste fish he’d just got to Long John Silvers!
As he was putting away the letter, he saw a second one inside of the wall. Wes pulled this one out, unrolled it and began to read.
I need to get the fuck out of here. I can’t rot away in this shithole with these cunt Feminazis. I should be in a Hooters hitten on some girl I bullied in high school while I watch a UFC PPV. Maybe I well eat out those broads. With there hairy bushes I can just pretend that I’m kissing the sweet and seductive lips of the great Pam Grier. Back when she was rocking an afro in her exploitation films, such cinematic classics like Women in Cages, Foxy Brown and Scream Blacula Scream. It’ll make something as horrible and morbid like eating pussy far easier on my mental health.
Wes nodded at this, of course. It had been so simple. He would just pretend the hairy bushes of the feminazis are the sweet and tinder lips of Pam Grier. He knew it was what he would have to do because just like Dominic, he wanted to be in a place as sleazy as Hooters. He missed the wings and aroma of cum building up in the testicles of men who had been unsatisfied for years. The air that was filled with hate and testosterone was something Wes loved. He wished Yankee Candle made a scent so he could have the experience at home.
Wes laid back and until he grew tired, imagined what it would be like visualizing Pam Grier’s face as he ate these horrible looking broads out. Hopefully they were hygienic so it was easier to imagine, hopefully.
Once Wes fell asleep and entered the dream world, he found himself in a Zen garden surrounded by beautiful trees, water fountains and Asian men brushing sand. In the middle of this area stood an older man. There was nothing about him that said he was a sleazy pervert, but something inside of Wes was telling him that the man was sleazier than a character Ron Jeremy portrayed.
“You are young Wes, captive of the Feminazis yes?” said the old man.
Wes nodded in reply.
“Tis I who will teach you the ancient arts of licking pussy. I shall teach you techniques so powerful, it’ll kill the feminazis and you’ll be able to escape.”
Wes seemed taken back. “Woah! Kill them? But they’ll just release me once I make them cum.”
The old man rolled his eyes and shook his head.
“Are you stupid enough to think they’re going to release you? Once you make them cum they’ll kill you! Once you make them cum they’ll see you as too powerful and kill you. Then they’ll chop your dick off like all the others.”
The old man took Wes’ hand and they flew through the air like The Ghost of Christmas Past and Ebenezer Scrooge.
They landed in a room right next door to where Wes was currently held captive. He looked down at himself sleeping and found it quite odd.
Once they had entered the room, Wes looked around in horror. Surrounding him were dozens upon dozens of severed penises. These penises would never be inside of another girl they had just made eye contact with at a bar while Journey’s Don’t Stop Believing played. Wes stayed silent as he looked at every penis as a way of paying respect.
“Now you know how severe the situation you’re in is.”
“But how will you train me to because a master of eating pussy to such a degree that I can kill someone with my tongue?”
“Oh I have my methods boy.”
Wes’ dream then turned into a very sleazy training montage. First he began by chasing a girl who was dressed like a chicken. There was a slit in the costume for easy access. After Wes had finally caught up with her, he threw her down and began eating her out until she exploded like a volcano. Next was a girl hanging by her back from a meat hook. Wes had a condom over his tongue with a boxing glove on it. He ate her out until she squirted. As her screams echoed in the meat locker, a southern giant came in with a flesh mask on wielding a chainsaw. Somehow, Wes escaped without being chopped up. Before Wes woke up, he recalled running across the beach with a black woman, beating her in the race and celebrating by eating her out underwater. She came so hard, she shot up into the air like a bottle rocket.
After Wes woke up, he flicked his tongue around and could feel the strength and muscle now within it. He felt like he was ready to bust out of his holding cell.
Once Wes was up for an hour or so, the door to the room he was in was kicked open and the feminazis marched in.
“Are we finally ready to eat pussy Wes?” asked General Jane.
“Yeah Wes, ready to make me feel like the Nazis when they occupied France?” asked Commander Janis.
“You better make me cum or I’m gonna snap your dick six million times” said Dicky Von Chop.
“O I’m ready girls”
It was General Jane who first took her pants off and sat on Wes’ face. She rode his tongue like it was a mechanical bull in a rundown country bar. Commander Janis and Dicky Von Chop watched with awe as Wes made Genral Jane scream and moan.
After a half hour, Wes made General Jane cum. She squirted so much fluid out; she now had a six pack from all the water weight she had lost. As she came, Wes held her so she couldn’t get away. He continued to eat her out, to the point where her body now ejaculated blood. It was the only fluid left in her. Wes sucked her dry like a sleazy leech.
Once the girls realized what was happening, Wes had rolled over to them and began to finger both of them at the same time. The pleasure and precision with how he fingered them kept them immobile and distracted. His chop stick like method shut the girls’ brains off and kept them opened to the pleasure.
Wes focused his tongue on Commander Jane. Within minutes, he had her cumming through her eyeballs. She came so hard that her eyeballs popped out of her skull. Next, the fluids rushed up from her through her throat and flooded her mouth. She died drowning in her own pleasure soda.
All that was left was the roided up goon, Dicky Von Chop. Wes bent down and began to eat her out. The stench and aroma coming from her was horrible. The steroids in her system made her vagina taste sour and metallic. Wes was able to continue when he thought back on the letters that the feminazis had no doubt written. He closed his eyes and distracted himelf away from the overbearing stench. He imagined that he was in a field of flowers with Pam Grier, making out with her before they got down to fucking like rabbits hopped up on cocaine.
Wes’ tongue began to beat at Dicky Von Chop’s gigantic clit like it was a speed bag. Wes rolled up his tongue for one final punch and gave it all he had.
This caused an orgasm so powerful that Dicky Von Chop’s vagina exploded like a bomb and split her body into two.
After all three Feminazis were dead, Wes ran out of the house and into the streets.
Once he was able to recover from being held captive by the Feminazis, Wes and the city created a memorial burial ground for the bros who had lost their lives and johnsons to the Feminazis. At the ceremony, Wes sprayed a can of Axe body spray into the wind to signify that the bros who lost their lives to the Feminazis would continue to go on and would be wherever we could smell Axe Phoenix.
Wes is currently writing a book about the sexual encounters and drunken nights he’s shared with people who wanted to hang out with the survivor of the Feminazis. Ironically, he is also opening a sports bar with Tucker Max.
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2015.07.24 20:28 illuminess Being a gay trans woman is a bitch...

Not only is my dating pool tiny (especially since I'm asexual and homo-romantic), I seem to bewilder people for what I'm attracted to.
I’ve always had an attraction to butch and “soft butch” women. Some might say, “so why not just date a guy?” Uhhh… because it’s not about masculinity 100%. If you’re a man, there’s a certain attitude and chemistry there that just doesn’t work with me.
Butch or femme, a woman is a woman. There may be differences of style and personality between them, but that doesn’t change the essence of being a woman. I just happen to like the butch or androgynous ones. Even as a kid my crushes were on the more tomboyish actresses like Christina Ricci and Janeane Garofalo. I’m a lezzie in a less desirable body. Get over it.
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2015.03.25 20:59 bacon_hummers A list I made of movies where characters sing while driving in a car.

Over the past ten years or so, I have compiled this list of movies where characters sing while driving in a car (train/bus/motorcycle also seem to fit). This doesn't happen in all movies but I tend to remember movies where I see this occur more than I do others. I guess it makes me think the characters are happier.
*edit: bullet points; added movies from comments
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2015.02.07 02:06 tabledresser [Table] IAmA: I am Matt Braunger. My new comedy special "Big Dumb Animal" premiers TONIGHT on Comedy Central. AMA!

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Date: 2015-02-06
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Questions Answers
Hi Matt, what's something we don't know about you? When I was 16 I used to be a security escort outside of a woman's clinic to keep women safe from anti-abortion protestors. Basically, I was a bouncer. My mom and I would do that on Saturday mornings. Thing is, most of them were going in for health screenings and/or free birth control. Such a weird thing. I've tried to write jokes about it, but it's hard to wrap your head around.
What is the worst experience you have ever had doing stand-up? Where was it? I had the misfortune of killing the first time I did stand up. That's the worst thing that can happen, because it makes you think it's easy. About the fifth time, I ate. My. Dick. It was so horrible. I introduced the next guy and jumped sideways onto the couch backstage. I felt like I'd been kicked in the balls.
TIL that "ate my dick" is industry lingo for "did poorly" Correct.
Whoa, I didn't know you're into rap. What are some of your all time favorite albums? RIP YAMS! Was always huge into it, since I was a kid. Low End Theory, 36 Chambers, Bizarre Ride Into the Pharcyde, Long Live the Kane, Amerikkka's Most Wanted, D.O.C's No One Can Do it Better, so many more. I went kinda old school, just off the top of my head. Right now I like the new Joey Bada$$ and Vince Staple's EP.
Where would you still like to travel (for fun or just to perform)? What would you like to ask your idol(s)? I've been reading recently that some comedians/writers are concerned that we might be approaching a comedy bubble. I wasn't around for the last one but I do like comedy currently and wouldn't like seeing it deteriorate. Do you think comedy is heading down a similar path? What can be done differently? Any other thoughts on the matter? Boy, I think the more you learn on your own the better, and it's best not to meet your idols. That said, Don Rickles, how can I also be a jerk for fun and profit? I could see a comedy bubble, but there are plenty of people (including me) who still do it for free and for the love of it. You can't say the same thing about apps.
Hey Matt! I am big fan of Ding Donger and am very excited for the show tonight. Do you have any "behind the scenes" facts about your new special? Also I love the beard. It is inspiring. Thanks! Yeah, we only used one of the tapings, rather than cherry-pick from the two. That's because someone shut off the AC so the duck hanging from the ceiling (you'll see) wouldn't blow around. As a result, everybody was hot and tired and I got all sweaty. So the second night we made sure to turn it on and it was a way better show.
So did they make you wear the same outfit the next night or did they know they were gonna cut it immediately after? I'd already bought two, so I was okay. You gotta have two of the same outfits for tapings. Don't know how Katt Williams does it.
What do you think of the stereotype of comedians being "sad clowns" for lack of a better term? I consume a lot of comedy and have seen it pop up in several places. We're analytical, and that often leads to sadness. I mean, you break anything down enough you'll get depressed. Also, we're neurotic. Meaning "everything is bad because I've of something I did," which is pretty stupidly egotistical, when you think about it. Also, sheesh, look at us. What a bunch of losers.
What should I eat for dinner tonight? I'm having a hard time deciding. It's Friday, so you should treat yourself. You've had a big week. Go with a ribeye, some grilled asparagus, and a couple glasses of a good Malbec. Or if you're a vegetarian, a big pan of homemade mac n' cheese with a frisee salad on the side.
Have you ever been pranked by Brendon Walsh? He recently took a picture of me looking at my phone while we were at an audition together and posted it on twitter with the caption "Look at this dumb gorilla trying to understand how a phone works." He has a gift.
What is your writing process like when you're working on a new hour? Just go up as often as possible and hammer away at the jokes, make them as good as possible. That's about it. Oh, and live life, experience things. God, I wish I had a cooler answer like "take acid and walk into the desert."
What makes you laugh and do you have any guilty pleasures? What are they? Anything ridiculous but true, and not sad. Christ, that sounds vague. Guilty pleasures I don't really believe in. If you love it, you love it. Maybe heroin is the only guilty pleasure?
Who are you're biggest influences stand-up wise? Also who are you're favorite currently working stand ups? Really looking forward to seeing you're special btw. Pryor, Carlin, Brian Regan, Maria Bamford, Bill Burr, the list goes on and on. Um, wow, Kyle Kinane, Ted Alexandro, Beth Stelling, Kate Berlant, Maria, Burr, Chris Rock. God, so many. It's an embarrassment of riches. Thanks!
Cool ha. Maria's my favorite. Thanks for the reply man. She's a genius!
You've mentioned your (diverted) DUII in some of your bits. Why did the judge make you live with your parents? That's not really a typical requirement of Oregon DUII diversion. (I work for lawyers and am just curious.) Hahaha oh, he didn't. I just didn't have anywhere else to live. I'd left Chicago en route to LA and had only stopped off in PDX to visit my parents for two weeks. Just goes to show everybody, no matter where you are, it's always dumb to drink and drive!
You always favorite or retweet me and that's awesome! I'm here in Chicago wondering, where should I go drinking tonight? Also, if there was a Braunger special, what would be in the drink? You got it. I'd pick a neighborhood to booze in, Lakeview, Logan Square, and Pilsen are good ones. My favorite all-around bar is probably Jake's on Clark. Hmm, maybe good whiskey with a can of beer on the side?
I've really started to love your work over the last year! It was such a delight when you quoted Danny Brown lyrics about stank pussy and upset Janeane Garofalo. Makes me wonder, what rap you been listening to lately? HA! Yes, I loved pissing off my lovely pal Janeane too. Thanks. Good question. I love a lot of the new Joey Bada$$. Mike Eagle is great. Also, what I've heard of the new Action Bronson is spectacular. OH! And I love Vince Staples' "Hell Can Wait" EP.
What has been the highlight/lowlight of your career so far? Highlight: probably doing Letterman and getting called over to the couch. Lowlight: Being brought in for a commercial in the early days for the role of "Unattractive Man."
I saw Daniel Tosh tweeted about your special. What is your relationship with him like? Also, how was your experience recording this special? How did you prepare for it and where did you record it? I've opened for him a couple times in years past, and he's always been supportive. He's a fun dude, and just as weird as he comes off. The special recording was a blast. We did it at the Bell House in Brooklyn.
Hi Matt, how tall are you, what's your shoe size, and what's your best feature, physical and otherwise? Hello. I'm 6'4", it's 12 1/2, and my best feature is my magnificently tattooed butt. It's got the cover of Def Leppard's album "Pyromania" on it and it's perfect. My ass, that is.
You wake up tomorrow and you're 18 again. You have to build your comedy career from the ground up knowing what you know now. What would you do? Go up as often as possible and give so much less of a crap about worrying about doing what the "industry" says I should do. Also, go see a lot more of the arts rather than watch TV. Also, drink less.
Why animal? why now? I just liked the title because it made people laugh when I told them about it. Now because I had a new hour.
Why the hell isn't this ama blowing up?!? Matt - you're freaking hilarious. Been following you since the $5 comedy night at the Bagdad. Thank you for some great laughs. My question - with Bridgetown comedy fest, is there a feel in L.A. that more comedians should venture up here to perform, or is it considered kind of a dead end since there's really no exposure? Also, could you stop stealing all the comedians here?!? We lost you, Funches and Karmel!! Thanks! Literally the first Q I got was "Who gives a shit?" and it made me howl laughing. I agree with you AND that person. No, not a dead end. Everybody wants to come here (I'm here right now). Haha, they go of their own volition! Look at it this way, LA will fall into the ocean someday. Portland (beloved of God) will not.
It all looks like such ridiculous fun, but just how competitive do things get on @midnight? And do you get any prep beforehand? Some of us really get into it, shit-talking each other and stuff, but it's all crazy fun. Yes, we prep most of the jokes, but the funniest stuff is off the cuff.
Are you doing a show this weekend??? I'm not. My man Ian Karmel is taping his first album at Mississippi, though. You should hit that!
What was the best part about working on Mad TV? You know how you grow up joking with friends and making each other laugh? Getting to put that stuff on TV. Hands down, that was the best thing.
What is your favorite website, and why is it Reddit? Mine, mattbraunger.com, because it's very focused on this idiot I somehow keep alive. But mainly Reddit, because that dummy's on here now.
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2012.09.13 03:07 tabledresser [Table] IAmA: IAm W. Kamau Bell. Political comedian and host of "Totally Biased" on FX.

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Questions Answers
Do you have any television shows that you particularly like, for whatever reason? (Besides your own, of course!) Actually the TV I like might be surprising. When I watch TV I tend to want to escape. It comes and goes in waves. Currently I am watching the new season of Project Runway. I wish Tim Gunn would follow me around and tell me to "Make it work!" I can't wait for the next season of "Downton Abbey." And I am really sad that 30 Rock is coming to an end. Tina Fey is a genius, and Alec Baldwin is who I want to be when I grow up. And I pretend my daughter likes "Phineas and Ferb" so I can watch it. I could keep going as I realize this list is weird...
Why, in your opinion, has society clung tightly to the importance of race in spite of the negative connotations associated with emphasizing race as some sort of significant factor? I'm back for a few minutes. A little earlier than i thought. So I will answer some more questions while I have some time.
Sorry I didn't answer this one first. I wanted to make sure I gave it the thought and consideration it deserved. I think race is such an important factor in American society (I can only speak for us because this is the place I live.) because we as a nation have race it so important throughout our country's history. And when I say "we" I mean the people who took this country from the Indigenous People and then brought Africans over to work as slaves. Racial differences are a part of the founding of this country. And from the founding of this country up through today racial differences are a part of our daily lives. And clearly many people see racial differences as a negative and key part of who a person is. (If you don't believe me then just Google the Obama birther controversy.)
Also I don't see race as an entirely negative thing. Despite all the baggage, I love being black. I wouldn't have it any other way.
Who is your comedic inspiration? When I was a kid I LOOOVED Eddie Murphy and Richard Pryor. I was also a huuuge fan of Saturday Night Live. Obviously Chris Rock has been a major inspiration. Bring the Pain is one of my favorite comedy specials of all-time. And Bill Hicks is maybe my favorite of all-time.
Do you draw any inspiration from recent political humorists like Stewart and Colbert and Maher? Those three are all geniuses at this type of comedy. I could not do what I do without their incredible examples. I just think I have something to offer here too.
Wow I was not expecting Hicks at the end of that list. HAAH! I KNOW I am nothing like Hicks, but he is very inspirational to me.
Have you slept with a Kardashian yet? No. I haven't slept with a Kardashian. And I don't have plans to. My wife would probably... no DEFINITELY have a problem with that. Thanks.
How has your experience been on FX so far? My experience has been incredible. They truly stand by the creators of their shows and let us dictate the content. And actually every time they have given us feedback on an episode I have agreed with them. I don't believe I would have had this opportunity anywhere else on TV. FX ROCKS!... Also Chris Rock ROCKS!
Wow, these are all such great questions. This is a lot of fun and there are waaay more questions than I expected. I am being called into a production meeting for tomorrow's show right now. But I will be back at around 1:30pm to keep answering questions. Thanks everybody. You rule!
LOVE your show!! How much of it is your own content, you have excellent delivery and I hope it is all you. And what is your relationship with Chris Rock? His endorsement before your premiere is what caught my eye, but your show keeps me hooked! We have several writers on the staff (including myself), but as the executive producer I make sure that the opinions and jokes are things I can stand behind, should I ever have to defend them ( like I do on Twitter when I live Tweet the show when it runs one the East Coast at 11pm. @wkamaubell.)
The writers are all comics. They are Nato Green, Dwayne Kennedy, Janine Brito, Kevin Avery, Kevin Kataoka, Danny Vermont, Hari Kondabolu, and head writer Chuck Sklar.
Chris Rock saw my solo show "The W. Kamau Bell Curve: Ending Racism in About an Hour" in 2010 at The UCB Theater in NYC. He then called me up out of the blue (THAT WAS A CRAZY PHONE CALL TO GET!) and said he wanted to do a show with me. Even though I really had no idea how that worked, I flew to NYC and met with him and Chuck Sklar (a writer he has worked with since the HBO Chris Rock Show). Eventually we shot a pilot presentation --- That is an independently funded pilot that you then try to sell to a network, in case you didn't know. I sure didn't. Then Chris met with FX and they bought the show. Chris comes around a few days a week and sprinkles his space magic all over the show. Sometimes it is career advice. Sometimes it is punchlines. And sometimes it is helping us hustle up guests. He is awesome to have as a mentor. I call him Foul Mouthed Yoda.
Do you do any other comedy besides black jokes? I tried to watch your show and turned if off after ten minutes of you acknowledging that you're black, over and over. I mean sometimes it's funny but come on man. You seem like you've got more. I would encourage you to give the show another shot. We have had many segments that weren't just black jokes.
What do you think about podcasting as a medium and where do you see its future? I think podcasting is here to stay. We just have to make sure that the Internet remains free and neutral, so all us weird podcasters can continue to experiment and grow. Net Neutrality is the key. Podcasting is just the natural extension of old school radio. The power is in the hands of the creators where it always belongs. I am happy to see that some podcasters have figured out a way to earn money from them. Marc Maron is a hero for really showing the way.
Wanna get lunch on the west side today around 12? say yess. I'd love to but unfortunately I have a show tomorrow so today is kind of busy writing and re-writing. But if you want come to a taping of Totally Biased go to www.blacklistnyc.com. Thanks for the invite though. Seriously.
Typo bro! Link to www.theblacklistnyc.com. Thank you for that! I am typing fast and furious over here.
What's your most interesting example of white people confusing you with some other "famous black guy?" Last year I went to Fighting Bob Fest in Wisconsin with my socio-political stand-up comedy group called Laughter Against The Machine. It featured many different lefties giving speeches to fire up the Wisconsin Democrats for the recall election and other issues. One of the people featured was Cornel West. After he spoke I was walking around and people kept thanking me for coming to Fighting Bob Fest. At first I flattered myself thinking that they new I was a comedian, but then I realized that many, many, MANY of them thought I was Cornel West. Which I thought was weirdly insulting to both of us. I'm not as old as him and he's way more put together than me.
I'm in love with your show. Rachel Maddow was spot on when she said we need you on tv. How likely is a second season of Totally Biased? I believe it is likely, but obviously it is not my opinion that matters most. FX says they dig the show, so I am hoping for the best. It has been an amazing experience.
How is you're overall feeling about only having a small audience that you influence when your message should be heard by a much larger audience? Outside of Chappelle show, a black comedian on TV has much more difficult time capturing an audience. I look at Tosh and see how successful he has been, but Patrice O'Neal was essentially doing the same thing without nearly the same fanfare. What is your feelings on this overall as well? I also would never compare myself to geniuses like Dave Chappelle or Patrice O'Neal. I'm just doing my best to do what I do. I'm glad you like it.
Would you rather fight one horse-sized duck or 100 duck-sized horses? Most definitely I'd rather fight the horse-sized duck. Tiny horses sound frightening. YIKES!
Do you really miss the west coast? How are you liking living in NY? I reeeally miss the West Coast. Well actually I miss the Bay Area. I'm going back soon for a visit. The Bay Area is a very easy place to live. But I love living in NYC, especially since I have a job and I get to work with my friends. My wife is born and raised Bay Area so she is making a big adjustment. My daughter though is fitting in excellently.
Has the feeling of being a national celebrity sunk in yet? Are you and the gang writing differently for a national audience than you did for a more selected audience in San Francisco? (btw, you have a big fan base here in Lahore, Pakistan :) No, it hasn't kicked in yet. I hope to go out on a stand-up tour soon. We are calling it "The Kamau Mau Uprising!" And maybe that will kick it in. Although I am very aware that I am a tiny fish in the ocean of the entertainment industry so if I just find more people to come see my live stand-up shows I will be very happy. I don't have to have an E Channel reality show... yet.
We are writing very similarly as we do for SF audiences. But we are learning that we have to get to the punchlines faster. TV doesn't cotton to meandering, Bay Area, pokey-ness.
I had no idea I had ANY fanbase in Pakistan. YOU ALL ROCK!!! Thank you!
Did you really want to be Spiderman? I'm glad somebody finally asked this question. Thank you! Yes. Absolutely. Or The Hulk. Or Green Lantern. In that order.
Hello! My husband and I are big fans of the show! You've had some great guests on your show. Who are some other guests you would love to have on the show? Thank you for watching! I like to think that my show brings married people together. Guests are something I think about a LOT. We are just beginning so there are many people we would love to have. Rachel Maddow was quite a coup for us. And this Thursday I am excited to have Issa Rae from Awkward Black Girl. Link to awkwardblackgirl.com
I would looove to have Denzel Washington, Tim Gunn, Jon "Bones" Jones, Levar Burton, Henry Rollins, Louis CK... It goes on...
And for our last show I am excited and humbled to announce that we will have Janeane Garofalo. (I always panic when I speel her name. Am I right?)
Have you ever meet Baratunde Thurston? It would seem like you two would get along great. Also love the show. I have met him... several times. We are friends in fact. I am also a member of the Black Panel in his bestselling book, "How To Be Black". He is one of a kind. One of the coolest, smartest, and most generous, most genuine (Is that a thing?) people I know. Do you follow him on Twitter. @baratunde.
Hey Kamau, it's Fred. When are you going to Bench Press Chris on the show? Then for contrast, David Spade,, then,, just lift them both. I don't really have a point here. Keep kicking ass man! Hi, Fred. Maybe if we get to season two I will bench press, Chris. I'm pretty confident I could do it. I haven't seen David Spade in a while so I can't speak on him. I will try to keep kicking ass. And I hope to see you soon!
What caused you to be so racially aware and racially motivated? I love your show but since almost every topic regards race in some way, I've just gotta ask, what caused that interest to spark in your mind? My mom is a self-made, self-employed totally self-aware citizen of the world who grew up during the Civil Rights movement, and always made it her mission to make sure I understood what it meant to be black in America. I love my mom. I'm sure she's reading this now. So be nice. Please.
Is she proud of what you're doing? My mom's extremely proud of what I'm doing, although I have one of those mom's who would probably be proud of anything I did. She'd figure out a way. But yes, she is absolutely proud of this. She's already come out once to watch the first show taping, and she's coming again for the last one.
I think i saw you perform on Sunday nights a few times in a comedy showcase in San Francisco(The Punchline?). This would have been 10 years ago? Was that you? Did you used to have really long dreads? Yes that was me. I used to have very long dreads and that joke was my greatest hit at the time so I'm sure you saw me do it every time you were there.
Anyway, you(that guy?) and Al Madrigal were my favorites. Do you keep up with him? Any plans to work together? 2 - Yeah, Al lives in NYC now, b/c he's on the Daily Show, and our families hung out and we had dinner one night. I would welcome the chance to work with him.
I missed the show where you explained what the "W" in your name stands for. What does the "W" in your name stand for? I never said on Totally Biased. But it stands for Walter which is also my dad's name.
Hey guys, I have to eat now. Vernon Reid just show up. See you all at 1:30pm for more fun. I'm glad I could stop by for a little bit before then though.
Do you enjoy it's always sunny in philadelphia? As another FX show, have you met them at anytime? I haven't met the Always Sunny people. Their show is hilarious though and without their show becoming such a big hit, I don't think I would have my show.
What is your favorite flavor of ice cream? Coconut Almond Fudge Chip from Ben and Jerry's and they sadly don't make it any more. I used to work at Ben and Jerry's and I ate it by the pound.
Greetings from Canada my brother. Who are your favorite comics? Bill Hicks. Chris Rock. Dwayne Kennedy. Robert Hawkins. Janeane Garofalo. Stewart Lee. Marc Maron. Paul Mooney. Dave Chappelle. I could go on...
If you had only primitive weapons, and had to fight a dinosaur to the death in a "Dinosaur Death Match", what is the biggest dinosaur you think you could defeat? You don't have to give a specific dinosaur, just give us a general size. Also you can't set traps. I saw Jurassic Park. I think I could take on a baby velociraptor. Although is that mean, to beat up a baby? Well I guess if the baby attacked me. Bring it on baby velociraptor!
Has anyone ever told you that you look like a black Seth Rogan? Yes. Since the premiere of Totally Biased I have been flooded with messages telling me that I look like some version of "black Seth Rogen". My favorite was the person who said i looked like the spawn of Seth Rogen and Cornel West.
How do you feel about the upcoming election? I saw your show after the RNC (they deserve all the crap they get) but would you ever consider voting for Gary Johnson? I think Obama has a pretty good shot at winning the election, in large part because Romney seems to have such a hard time connecting with us regular folk. Being a child of privilege will do that to you. I can't honestly say that I would consider voting for Gary Johnson in this election. I often find myself finding the Libertarian points of view interesting but then usually there's some nugget of an Obama-with-a-Hitler-mustache in there that pushes me away. But I am certainly willing to learn more.
How did you end up working with Hari Kondabolu? On a side note, how did he take to your number of twitter followers victory? Hari is taking it fine despite the fact that I regularly ask him to pull out his phone so I can compare our number of twitter followers. He seems to think I have an unfair advantage because I have a TV show. I don't think that's true.
I met him of a short political comedy tour I did in the SF Bay area that was led by Nato Green. Nato knew we'd become fast friends and we did. Hari is a genius, but don't tell him I said so. He'll get a big head.
Heeyyy. So I mainly know of you through MaxFun (Heard some podcasts of stuff from MaxFunCon and your set from there as well on Youtube and most recently on Bullseye) and I'm so stoked that I'm going to figure out a way to watch your show even though I don't have cable. My question is: A lot of people obviously love your comedy, but it also seems to attract a lot of angry people (I read some outrageously racist shit on some of your youtube clips). How do you deal with hearing and reading those kinds of things? Do you just tune it out? Do you feel compelled to respond to it? This is a really great question. As you can see from reading this thread there are several people like that here. I respect everyone's right to have their own opinion. Certainly I don't expect everyone to like me, but every time somebody comes at me with unfocused anger or unnecessary meanness, I do feel a little bit like I am done. But thanks to comments like yours and a lot of other people I've talked to today, I keep moving forward. When it comes right down to it, I want to be just as funny as every comedian. We just all get there in different ways.
In regards to your "They don't let black people be Spider-Man" joke, do you know about Miles Morales, the black Spider-Man? Link to en.wikipedia.org. Yes, I know about Miles Morales. I even knew about him before the commercial. I was actually referring to the fact that I wanted to be Spider-Man in a movie and how they didn't let Donald Glover have an audition. Donald Glover would make a much better Spider-Man than me, by the way. My butt's too big for Spandex. Not that I'm familiar with Donald Glover's butt.
Have you gotten any unwanted publicity since you have became a show host? Or has it effected you negatively in any way? Being the host of a TV show means you get to hear lots of good stuff and lots of other stuff that maybe you didn't want to hear. But that's just part of the gig. I understand we all have different opinions about comedy and I'm not everybody's cup of tea. Not everybody likes a large black tea with lots of sugar and a little bit of milk.
Where did the name Kamau come from? It is a very common name here in Kenya. My parents were, like a lot of black people in the 70s, trying to find connections to the homeland of Africa. In northern CA, it belonged to a "tribe" of black people. I was the first baby born into the "tribe." When I was a kid, my mom went to Africa and visited Kenya. Many people were excited that she gave her kid an African name and while she was there, they called her "Mother of Kamau."
In my local dialect she would be known as "nyina wa Kamau" loosely translated to "Mother of Kamau". Great. Carry on. Asante sana! I'm not a Kenyan...at least as far as I know...but I've been made an honorary one through twitter.
What made you decide to get into performing? I was always a big fan of comedy as a kid. I loved SNL, Eddie Murphy, Bill Cosby. I always felt like it was a cool job, but I didn't know how to do it. It wasn't until my mom signed be up for classes at Second City, that I thought I could do this. Also, my best friend in the world, Jason took me to my first two open mics.
Are you really Seth Rogen's brother from another mother? As far as I am aware, no. But maybe i need to look into it, because people keep bringing it up. WHAT GIVES, MOM?
Every time I'm in a thrift store and see golf clubs, I recall the bit Chris did on his show where he went to Harlem and asked about Tiger Woods ("are these even a set? or are they just random clubs from random ass whoopings?") I can see inspiration in Totally Biased from that show; do you have a favorite sketch from The Chris Rock Show? My favorite sketch from The Chris Rock Show was Tupac Shakur Blvd. We watched that a lot, even with Chris a few times. You can check it out here: Link to www.youtube.com
If you had to gay marry someone who would it be? Loved this segment. I would either gay marry Dr. McSteamy from Grey's Anatomy OR the guy who played Jin from LOST OR Blake Shelton from The Voice. I got a long list.
Morgan Freeman once said the best way to end racism was to just stop talking about race. You obviously talk about race a lot. Can you talk about what your approach is all about? First of all, I love Morgan Freeman. I'm a huge fan and I believe in most cases, intelligent people can have different opinions. I believe the best way to end racism is to talk about it when you're not already angry about it. It seems like most of the time in this country, we only talk about issues of race, religion, sex, sexuality when we're already mad about it. If we had discussions about those issues before we got angry, I think it would actually help end all of the -isms. PS. I love Morgan Freeman. I would love to have him as a guest on my show. Does Morgan Freeman have a switch in his house where he can turn off all discussion of race and racism? If so, then I'm totally for it. Flip that switch Mr. Freeman. I'll find other stuff to joke about.
Anything about doing the show that you don't like? The only thing about doing the show that I don't like is that I'm so new to it, and I'm constantly learning. I think about the beginnings of a lot of shows now, not that I'm comparing myself to them. But we don't remember Seinfeld for the first season, we remember it for the following seasons. I hope that if Totally Biased gets to stay for a while, it will grow into the thing that I think it can be. Thanks - that was a really great question!
I love your show! The man on the street segments are especially hilarious! Don't get cancelled! The guests you have on have been great so far but I wonder if you are going to get some "biased" guests? I keep imagining you interviewing Pat Buchanan or Newt Gingrich. I love the man on the street stuff too. We have a great piece tonight on the show. Not exactly man on the street, but you'll dig it. We've invited some biased guests, even confirmed one, but he cancelled. Maybe if we get to a second season, they'll feel more comfortable about coming on the show. I hope so. I love talking to people that think differently than I do - as long as they're sane.
Oh man, I am sad I missed this! I just wanted to say I LOVE your show and I know it will get even better with time. My question is: How much fun was it to shoot the people-on-the-street bit "Who would you gay marry or straight marry?" It was hysterical! Thank you. I'm glad you like the show. I believe it will get better too if we get a chance. Tell @TotallyBiasedFX you want #MoreKamauBell.
At first when we started shooting that piece I thought people might be hostile, but it was really fun and people seemed to like it. Unfortunately me and Franz's marriage didn't work out. It only lasted 24 hours and then I went back to my wife.
I caught your show recently to watch Rachel Maddow as a guest. It seemed like an odd show for her to do but you guys seemed to have a great time. Did she approach your show or vice versa? We approached her. She was absolutely at the top of my list to interview for the show, and it just so happened that one of the producers on the show had worked with her before on Air America. I could have talked with Rachel for days and days. She was everything I wanted her to be and more, and I am still a little butthurt that I haven't been invited to her house for brunch yet.
I saw you do a show in NYC about 2.5 years ago in a very very small theater. I had no idea who you were and a cousin of yours was promoting you on LiveJournal of all places. I really loved what you did and I had no idea that you would blow up to become this famous dude. But here you are. Your comedy had a big impact on me and you deserve having a show. Also, I checked out your friend Janine Brito on YouTube, damn she's hilarious! Are you or Janine coming back to New York and do some shows? Well we're in NY right now, working on "Totally Biased." And I'm putting together a tour to be announced soon (at wkamaubell.com) and Janine is likely going to be my opener...if she doesn't mess things up. Also, Janine is sitting to my left right now, as I type this, and making me say nice things about her. Also, she's blushing about the nice things you said about her.
Ok, damn. i looked on the website and I am out of town for the thing next weekend. Come back later then, please please! Also, tell Janine she's a hottie! "What's up, sneaky Dave?!" Don't worry, I'm sure we'll meet at a show another time. I will tell Janine she's a hottie. She was sitting next to me, and now she's gone. Hey wait a minute...is this Janine?
I love your show! How awesome was it to sit down with Kevin Powell? Just wanted to say that your show is really great. I love the stuff you do on the street with actual people. Thanks for keeping us laughing... We have two more segments where I talk to people on the street, to release. It was awesome to sit down with Kevin Powell. He's a firestarter, the best kind of person to have a conversation with. Who knew we'd end up with that dude from The Real World? I still think he's the most successful guy in history of that show.
What are your thoughts on the embassy attacks in the past day? Do you think that Islam can ever truly be "Funny"? My thoughts about this entire issue are still processing. I certainly feel sad for the loss of life. I feel frustrated about some people's inability to accept Islam as a religion just like any other religion. I'm not a Muslim. If I had to ID myself with any religion, it would be Christianity. As far as I know, all religions have done good things and bad things. I also feel sorry for the actors who were involved in the film that got some of this started. Apparently they didn't know they were making an anti-Islam film. I watched the whole 14 minute trailer and it's equal parts poorly made and gross. Having said that, many comics do use Islam as a place to find humor. The ones who do it best are actually Muslim. Comics like Azhar Yusman, Hasan Minhaj, Shazia Mirza, Ahmed Ahmed, and many many others.
He is an amazing writer. When I saw that you were having him on your show I did my little girl happy dance. Oh and I have to add, I love Phineas and Ferb. My son just happens to like it too. Is it just me or does Norm the robot remind you of every Republican ever... He reminds me of a lot of Republican Presidential candidates. That's for sure. Including the one we have running right now.
What's your top 5 Living Colour songs? Ummm... of the top of my head...
Information Overload Pride Money Talks Sacred Ground Bless Those.
So WKB ... need to start by saying that I LOVE your show! I want to ask you your thoughts on a poll I read yesterday stating that 15% of Ohio residents thought President Obama had nothing to do with the "offing" of bin Laden but rather it was Mitt Romney that did. Why is it, do you think that some/many Republicans refuse to give President Obama credit for anything good? First of all, I don't want to blame Republicans as a group. I have Republicans in my family. I think the next generation of Republicans is far more reasonable that the current leaders of the GOP. As far as that statistic goes, I would guess 15% of people don't know what the fuck is going on about ANYTHING. If you asked those same people "Do you believe in gravity?" you might get a similar inane response. I think when the next generation of Republicans takes over the Democrats are gonna be in real trouble. Because the next generation of Republicans doesn't care about who you marry, who you sleep with, or what religion you practice, as long as you don't mess with their money, and that's something I think Americans in both parties can get behind.
Are you worried that being the funniest black man in America will make you lose your mind? No, because I don't believe that I will ever be the funniest black man in America, as long as my boss walks the earth (that's not a threat - this isn't Black Highlander).
We get plenty of great TV from very smart and funny liberals. Where are all the funny conservatives? I'm probably the wrong person to ask about that. I'd guess of course there are conservative comedians. I think in general, as a comedic perspective, using the label of conservative doesn't really buy you much. You can usually look at a comic's act and have a pretty good guess as to their politics. It just happens that in this country, liberals are thought of as the little guy, and conservatives are thought of as the big guy. I'm not saying that's true or not, but generally humor is better when it's the little guy attacking the big guy. Now of course, there's plenty of humor out there where it's the big guy attacking the little guy. But in general, I subscribe to what Molly Ivins said about satire being the weapon of the powerless against the powerful.
EDIT for grammar.
Hi there, SF comic here! I'm a big fan of yours. In your opinion, is staying in the bay area doing stand up a good career choice or do you think it's wise to move to a bigger market? Heeeyyy SF comic. Always good to talk to one of my own. I think the bay area is a good place to become a good comic, but it's not a good place to make a splash. It's a great place to get really good and then move someplace else and surprise everyone with how good you are. The thing to do in the bay area is to take advantage of the fact that there are tons of little rooms and places you can rent and put on your OWN show, instead of being a guest on someone else's show. That's what worked best for me.
There are a lot of talented black comedians but not a lot of them get their own shows on major networks. How much racism have you experienced in the comedy industry and has it gotten any easier for black comedians since you've been involved? If you're not a straight white male over 6 feet tall, then there are -isms you have to deal with. I'm not claiming the ones I have to deal with are better or worse than others. I was black before I was a comedian so it's hard to judge the racism of the industry versus the racism of life. I'm just following the examples of other black comedians before me, and luckily I have the support of one of the greatest black comedians of all time. Without that support, I wouldn't have this TV show.
What do you think of reddit so far, or have you been on it before? I haven't spent a lot of time here before. Last time I was here it was to read Louis CK's AMA and I thought to myself, "that looks like a hard thing to do." Now that I'm on the other side of it I know it is a hard thing to do. I wish I could spend more time today doing this. It's just that we have a show tomorrow. But thank you all for your questions. It's nice to know that people out there care about Totally Biased.
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2011.06.24 13:12 unstopjuggernaut IamA guy with an amazing real-life super power that has improved my sex life immensely. AMA!

I am attracted to women based on their personality and not at all by their looks, think Shallow Hal.
I'm a slightly above average looking guy, maybe a 7/10. I'm never the hottest guy at the club/bago kart track but I've been called handsome more than once - usually by relatives.
I usually end up dating people that would be considered 3/10 to 6/10. Size and looks play almost no role in my attraction to a female. One thing that puts me off is low self confidence so that tends to be a deal breaker when it comes to really big or super unattractive girls.
My college friends started calling me "The Unstoppable Judge-her-not" and "Shallow Hal" based on my "ability". At first everyone assumes I'm a chubby chaser because a lot of the girls I have dated tend to be heavier in stature but that isn't the case.
The other weird thing is I tend to not find famous people, models, actresses, and really hot girls attractive at all if I don't know what they are like on a personal level. Example - I'm more attracted to Janeane Garofalo than I am to Halle Berry just because I think JG is funny and down to earth and I have absolutely no idea how HB is in real life. This makes fapping to conventional mediums difficult.
My usual protocol is to avoid high maintenance girls because they are usually shallow and uninteresting...Not all obviously, but most are. My ideal partner is confident and comfortable in their own skin, supremely smart and interesting, and has a huge sense of humor. Beyond those criteria the rest is unimportant, especially appearance.
I can be truly happy in a relationship and completely attracted to a person most guys would find conventionally unattractive so AMA.
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2011.01.28 05:35 theblakeshow32 How many different women did Jerry Seinfeld date during the 180 episode, 9 seasons of 'Seinfeld?'

So I am probably one of the biggest Seinfeld fans around and I wanted to bring something up to the Reddit community as a question to see if there was a way we could work together to find this answer...
While I think we can all agree Jerry Seinfeld is a great entertainer and comedian, he is not the best looking to grace prime-time television (I mean his competition was Michael Richards and Jason Alexander, but nonetheless...)
However, my friends and I always agree that Jerry was an overachiever. I guess in the show he was a very well known comedian, but still, the amount of women and quality to constantly surround the Jerry character is quite incredulous. It seems Jerry was never susceptible to the so-called "cold streak" me and my fellow men know about.
I am going to name a couple off the top of my head to get this started. Maybe we can try to figure out all of Jerry's girlfriends with pictures and whatnot to determine the actual number during the 180 episodes. I swear he never dated them for more than 2 episodes and there were so many.
(Btw, not sure if we should count Janeane Garofalo...)
Terri Hatcher Christine Taylor Jennifer Coolidge Amanda Peete...
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