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Jennifer Hudson has split from her fiance of 10 years David Otunga. The sad news was reported by People on Thursday. According to her rep, the former couple 'have been David Otunga, former partner of Jennifer Hudson, made an appearance on 'Court TV' to speak about the results of two separate autopsies carried out on Floyd's body. Jennifer Hudson and David Otunga attend The 40th Annual People's Choice Awards at Nokia Theatre L.A. Live Photo: Getty Images Otunga proposed to Hudson in 2008 after dating for less than a year. They welcomed their son in 2009 and split in November 2017. Filed under david otunga , david otunga jr. , jennifer hudson , 4/11/19 David Otunga has been in an on-screen matchup with Tiffany Pollard in I Love New York (2007).. David Otunga is a member of the following lists: American television actors, People from Elgin, Illinois and People from Chicago, Illinois.. Contribute. Help us build our profile of David Otunga! Login to add information, pictures and relationships, join in discussions and get credit for your ... Ex-partner (2008–2017) David Otunga Sr. 1 kids. David Otunga Jr. Son with Jennifer Hudson. Bio . Having got a psychology degree as well as being a graduate of Harvard Law School, David Otunga became an employee of the Sidley Austin law firm in 2005. However, in 2007, he quitted his career to star in I Love New York 2 show. David Otunga was her ex-fiance. Who is Jennifer Hudson Married to? Jennifer Hudson Husband: Yet, not tie wedding knot. A photo with ex: Short Bio of Jennifer Hudson: She is the daughter of Darnell and Samuel Simpson. She has two siblings and the youngest of all. She has a half-sister named Dinah Simpson from the mother’s side. David Otunga is a name that stands out not just in the category of wrestling, but across the entire sporting world. Let’s discover his Biography, Net Worth, Age, wife/partner, Family, Affairs, Measurements, Achievements & Much More! Biography Wrestling star David Otunga is the most outstanding wrestler in the sport’s history, and that success has made […] David Daniel Otunga Sr. [2] (born April 7, 1980) [4] is an American actor, lawyer, and professional wrestler currently signed with WWE as a panelist and color commentator.He was the runner-up on the first season of NXT.He is also an original member of The Nexus and The New Nexus, being the only member present through the entire duration of the stable in every incarnation. Jennifer Hudson & Fiancé David Otunga Split, Singer Receives Protective Order Against Partner of 10 Years this link is to an external site that may or may not meet accessibility guidelines. Jennifer Hudson and David Otunga have split after 10 years, and with the breakup come some shocking accusations.. On Thursday, the day the breakup was made public, the Oscar and Grammy winner ...

Rebooking The Nexus

2020.08.30 03:04 Chris_R2001 Rebooking The Nexus

Summerslam 2010:
I'd keep the build up the same as it was in real life, The Nexus invades and dismantles Raw, turn on Daniel Bryan and cause terror on Raw. Cena gathers 6 Raw superstars to team up and face The Nexus (Wade Barrett, Justin Gabriel, David Otunga, Heath Slater, Michael Tarver, Skip Sheffield & Darren Young) in a 7 on 7 elimination tag match. Cena's 6 tag partners are Sheamus, Evan Bourne, John Morrison, R-Truth, Bret Hart & the returning Daniel Bryan. The changes are largely due to a bunch of different stories I have in mind. Obviously Team Nexus defeat team Cena.

Night of Champions 2010:
Wade Barrett in the build up to NOC has a lot of momentum he is white hot since he defeated John Cena's team at Summerslam. Barrett says since he won NXT he is entitled to a WWE Championship match at a PPV of his choice, he challenges Randy Orton the WWE Champion to a match at NOC for the title but since Orton won the title from Chris Jericho at Summerslam its a triple threat. Wade Barrett wins the WWE Championship at NOC.
Also at NOC, Justin Gabriel & Heath Slater win the Tag Team Championships from The Hart Dynasty in a tag team gauntlet match.

Hell in a Cell 2010:
After NOC Barrett's roll continues he is still undefeated at this point, John Cena comes out and challenges Wade Barrett to the WWE Championship. He wants Barrett at Hell in a Cell for the title Barrett agrees on the condition that if Cena loses then he has to join The Nexus. Cena reluctantly agrees. The match is of course a Hell in a Cell match.
At this point Skip Sheffield has gone out with injury we need a new member to join Nexus so how about we have 2. At Hell in a Cell Cena is about to win but the referee is distracted by 2 men who break into the cell and help Barrett retain the title.
The next night on Raw, Barrett announces since Skip Sheffield & Michael Tarver are gone with injury they are out of The Nexus, he then inducts Cena into the faction and forces him to introduce the newcomers who are Husky Harris & Michael McGillicutty. Harris is there as the new enforcer.

Bragging Rights 2010:
John Cena becomes Wade Barrett's lackey. Edge the World Heavyweight Champion on Smackdown is set to face Wade Barrett the WWE Champion on Raw he is trying to convince Cena to turn on Barrett but Cena just wont since Barrett like he did in real life has the power to fire John Cena.
At Bragging Rights The Nexus help Wade Barrett defeat Edge and win the Bragging Rights trophy for Raw.
Also at Bragging Rights Justin Gabriel & Heath Slater from Raw defend the Tag titles against The Usos from Smackdown and obviously they retain.

Survivor Series 2010:
Randy Orton finally gets his 1 on 1 rematch with Wade Barrett after he becomes the #1 contender to the WWE Championship. Orton begins feuding with Wade Barrett, Barrett demands to have a special guest referee and he demands for it to be John Cena, since the anonymous Raw GM is scared that The Nexus will cause more trouble if he doesn't comply with the request he agrees and John Cena is made special guest referee. Barrett is suspicious that Cena is going to screw him out of the title so he says if he doesn't win then Cena is fired. Barrett wins the match but Cena refuses to hold his hand up afterwards and instead he gives Barrett an AA and locks him in the STF.
Earlier in the show, Michael McGillicutty after weeks of feuding captures the United States Championship from Daniel Bryan thanks to help from David Otunga and the rest of The Nexus.
On the Raw after Survivor Series Wade Barrett kicks Cena out of The Nexus for his actions the previous night and since Cena is out of Nexus he is out of a job. Cena then at the end of the night gives an "I'm going away" speech and he leaves the WWE for the time being.

TLC 2010:
Barrett is on top of the world since all of Raw's titles are in the possession of The Nexus, Barrett is the WWE Champion, Heath Slater & Justin Gabriel are the Tag Team Champions and Michael McGillicutty is the United States Champion.
Barrett issues an open challenge for TLC. And who shows up to fight him? CM Punk who turns face and challenges him for the title. CM Punk isn't after leadership of The Nexus he just wants what he's never had and that is the WWE Championship. Even though he is a 4 time World Heavyweight Champion and a triple crown winner by this point he still wants the WWE title. Barrett calls Punk a nobody and declares that he is royalty. He says Punk isn't even in his league and that he spent 2 years disgracing the World Heavyweight Championship.
Punk says "we'll see who the better man is when I beat you at TLC" and the match is set. CM Punk vs Wade Barrett for the WWE title. The match is a TLC match.
Barrett is acting all cocky, Punk is about to win the title but every member of Nexus come down and push over the ladder sending Punk through a stack of tables. Wade Barrett then gets up climbs the ladder and unhooks the title.
The next night on Raw CM Punk due to the ending of the match at TLC costs Justin Gabriel & Heath Slater the Tag titles further adding fuel to the fire.

Royal Rumble 2011:
CM Punk really wants his rematch so his feud with Wade Barrett goes on, since Morrison earned the right to have a WWE Championship match he confronts Punk and tells him its back of the line he then turns around and tells Barrett that he's coming for the WWE title. Punk says that Barrett can't win matches on his own and he even compares his loss at TLC to the Montreal screwjob, the anonymous Raw GM then books a match for that night Morrison v Punk winner faces Barrett at the Royal Rumble and in that match The entire Nexus run down and attack them during the match resulting in a no contest.
For the actions of The Nexus Barrett is forced to defend the title in a triple threat with The Nexus banned from ringside. In the lead up to the Rumble Nexus go on a tear, they are incredibly toxic and need to be stopped. Of course Barrett retains in the triple threat.
He orders everyone of The Nexus members into the Rumble and they dominate the match, your mid carders such as Dolph Ziggler, Kofi Kingston, Jack Swagger, R-Truth etc. come in and are eliminated very quickly, Barrett, the returning Booker T does manage to get the better of the group and even eliminates Justin Gabriel & Heath Slater though after that he is eliminated by Mason Ryan. Barrett yells in Slater & Gabriel's faces who turn face and leave him they decide they are sick of Barrett's tyrannical leadership. Right before number 40 comes out Wade Barrett gives a speech he says "its over whoever number 40 is, The Nexus has already won, just come out so we can put you out of your misery" and outcomes John Cena who runs down and eliminates every member of The Nexus. He wins the Royal Rumble.

Elimination Chamber 2011:
After the Rumble, The Nexus are imploding, half The Nexus love Barrett half of them hate him, Barrett tells them they were a disgrace at the Rumble and this makes them flip since they dominated most of the match. Elimination Chamber is coming up and Barrett needs to defend his title in a chamber match so we have David Otunga, Mason Ryan, Michael McGillicutty, Husky Harris & Darren Young compete for Barrett's WWE Championship. At the beginning of the match Barrett orders David Otunga to lay down, Otunga refuses and clobbers. Barrett goes on and retains the WWE title and after the match John Cena comes down and batters Wade Barrett, he tells him "I'll see you at Wrestlemania" and leaves.

Wrestlemania 27:
John Cena vs Wade Barrett is set for the main event, Cena the winner of the Rumble chooses to face Barrett for the WWE title. Cena tells Barrett that he has no help since The Nexus is over and they only thing he has left the WWE title will be his come Wrestlemania, Barrett says he used The Nexus to get to the top and now that he is there he no longer needs them, Wade tells Cena that Wrestlemania is judgement Day for him. Since this nearly year long storyline is white hot and needs a bump up we are making it an "I quit" match.
(BTW The Rock isn't involved in this rivalry at all).
Cena obviously wins at Wrestlemania and becomes the new WWE Champion.
On the Raw after Wrestlemania, Barrett demands his rematch, they have it in a steel cage match which Cena wins and after that The Rock attacks John Cena. The Miz then cashes in his Money in the Bank contract on John Cena to become New WWE Champion.

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2020.08.21 18:48 AEWPunk525 Rebooking WWE throughout the 2010's. Part 32

Chapter 32
Absense of Purity
Raw starts up after Summerslam, the first person that we see is the new GM, Paul Heyman. Paul says that Kevin Nash had a great two years as GM, but now, it’s over. Paul smiles and askes everyone if they know what else is over. Paul then says that Kevin Nash’s wrestling career is over. Paul says that last night, not only did Nash suffer a broken arm, but he also suffered a concussion. Paul says that this afternoon, he announced his retirement from the ring. Paul then asks everyone if they knew what Brock Lesnar suffered. Paul tells them that Brock suffered, nothing. Paul says that Brock went out, afterwards, got a bite to eat, and he celebrated, as if he was never in a match, meanwhile, he had just ended the career of a former World Champion, a former founding member of the NWO, and just an all round legend of the business. Paul then tells the audience, guess what! Brock didn’t even care. Paul says that he told Brock about Nash retiring, just after it happened. Brock responded by saying, oh well. Paul then says, enough about Brock and Nash, Raw has more pressing matters to attend to right now, like the WWE Championship. Paul says that he heard that John Cena wanted another shot at CM Punk. Paul tells everyone that Cena lost at Summerslam, but he unveiled a new attitude, he unveiled change. Paul says that he likes change, a lot. Paul then says that he wants Cena to plead his case, right now, and Paul will decide if Cena gets another shot. Paul tells Cena to come on out. John Cena walks to the ring, he now has a black hat and a grey T-Shirt. John nods at Heyman and he grabs a microphone. John says that over the past few months, he has lost a lot, including last night, but starting at Wrestlemania, he noticed that not only were the fans booing him, but they began to laugh at him. Cena says that he shrugged it off, but then he got busted open by Brock Lesnar and he was injured, still the fans laughed, and now it was even louder. Cena says that now he was angered, but he believed that the fans truly liked Brock Lesnar, and they would have laughed at and booed anyone that fought him then. Cena says that next he lost to the former GM, that idiot, Kevin Nash. Cena says that losing to a washed up bastard like Kevin Nash was the most embarrassing moment of his career. John turns to Paul and tells him to thank Brock for doing what he did for him. Cena says that once again the fans laughed at him. Cena says that this time, there was no excuse. Cena says that for years, he busted his ass for the fans, he loved them, he thanked them, and it was because of them that he had a job. Cena says that for that reason, he had to take a couple months off, to clear his head, because he knew that he would lash out at the fans if he stayed around. John then says that the same night he lost to Nash, he noticed something else, the fans were going wild for some terrorist called CM Punk. Cena says that Punk was the same guy who took the WWE Championship away from them, Cena says that Punk without a shadow of a doubt was the true bad guy of WWE. Cena says that a few weeks before that, he heard CM Punk name drop him. To Cena this meant that Punk was willing to fight him, that is why John appeared the night after he fought Nash, so he could challenge CM Punk, and hopefully fix the ass backwards mentality of the fans. Cena says that last night at Summerslam, Punk was able to somehow beat him. After the match, Cena heard fans chanting the name of CM Punk, and when Cena looked into the crowd, he saw fans laughing at him again. Cena says that he has had enough. Cena reminds fans that he beat Punk within an inch of his life after the match. Cena looks into the crowd, and he says that these people aren’t the reason for him having a job. Cena says that his talent is why he has a job here. Cena says he likes doing this, he tells the fans that if he wanted to, he could go make movies in Hollywood, just like the Rock. Cena pauses for a moment, and he looks at Paul. Cena tells Paul that brings him to his point. Cena says that he still wants a rematch with the Rock, and in order to do that, he needs the WWE Championship, so that he can face Rock at the Royal Rumble, and finally destroy him and right his biggest wrong. Cena then demands a rematch with CM Punk at the King of the Ring Pay Per View. Paul tells Cena that he loves this new attitude, and he brings up some good points. Paul says that he has absolutely no problem with giving Cena a rematch for the WWE Championship with CM Punk. Paul and Cena then shake hands. Cena leaves the ring and Paul says that there is one last thing that he has to address, the King of the Ring tournament. Paul says that he has a few matches already set up for the event, and they are Mark Henry vs JTG and Alberto Del Rio vs Cody Rhodes. Paul says that the other two first round matches will happen next week. Paul then leaves the ring. Up next we have our first, first round match between Mark Henry and JTG. The bell rings and we see JTG fly across the ring and attack Mark Henry. Mark throws JTG back to the other side of the ring with ease, he then smiles at JTG. JTG comes back but he gets hit with the World’s Strongest Slam. Mark Henry wins the match, and he wipes his hands clean as he leaves the ring. Mark Henry moves onto the second round. Up next we have AJ Lee come out, she is very upset. AJ grabs a mic and says that at Summerslam, she faced her idol, Lita in a great match, and she won that match. For AJ it was the greatest moment of her career. But all of that changed when Aksana cashed in Money in the Bank. AJ says then it was the worst moment of her career. AJ says that she held that title for a whole year, and defended it against everyone, she says that the Women’s division took a great leap forward during her reign, but now, the title is in the hands of Aksana, a woman who not only got lucky in her Money in the Bank Cash in, but also got lucky in her Money in the Bank win, and her qualifier. AJ says that she doesn’t deserve to be champion. AJ says that Aksana is nothing but a Diva, and the only title she was ever qualified to carry was the Divas title, and that was thrown in the trash, where it belongs. AJ says that is okay however, at least for now, because AJ has her rematch clause and she plans on invoking her rematch clause at King of the Ring for that Women’s title. Aksana comes out laughing at AJ, she holds up her title and she smiles. Aksana says that AJ is just a jealous crybaby who doesn’t even deserve a rematch. Aksana then says that she is undefeated, unlike AJ. AJ tells her that it won’t be too much longer before she has to stop saying that. Aksana tells AJ, good luck sweetie, and she smiles before leaving. Up next we see Daniel Bryan come out with his new Championship. Daniel says that last night at Summerslam, he did what he said he was going to do, he beat Sting. Daniel says that he did not make him tap like he said he was going to. Daniel says that Sting is just too resiliant for that, but he did think outside the box in order to pin Sting. Daniel says that now he is the new IC Champion, and he plans on having a great reign with the Championship. Sting then comes out and he congratulates Daniel Bryan. Sting says that Daniel deserves the Championship, and that he earned it at Summerslam. Sting then raises the hand of Daniel Bryan. Next up we have our main event between Cody Rhodes and Alberto Del Rio. These men step in the ring, and they both go at it for a while. Del Rio jumps and kicks Cody in the side of the head, and Cody goes down. Del Rio covers, but Cody kicks out. Del Rio then locks in the Cross ArmBreaker. Cody is able to break it, and beat up Del Rio. Cody then picks up Del Rio and gives him a Cross Rhodes for the win. Cody Rhodes moves onto the second round, Raw then goes off the air.
Smackdown is up next and we see Teddy Long come out to the ring. Teddy says that the Summerslam event was great. Teddy says that even though Abyss won his match, he seemed to come out worse for wear as opposed to Kane, who lost the match. Teddy then says that Kane is not even injured from the match, and since that match was in the home field of Abyss, Teddy says that they will meet again, on a neutral field. Teddy says that at King of the Ring, Abyss and Kane will go one on one in a normal match. Teddy then says that speaking of King of the Ring, he says that he has some Tournament matches to announce for tonight. Teddy says that first up we will see Sheamus vs MVP, and in tonight's main event we will get Randy Orton going one on one with Rey Mysterio. Teddy then leaves the ring. Next up we see the Usos come out, they talk about Summerslam, and how great it was to defeat the great Rey Mysterio, the Usos then say that they are ready for their next challenge, the Usos then demand to know who their next opponents are. Teddy Long comes back out and he says that the Usos have to know that tonight, we will have a Triple Threat Tag Team number one contenders match between the Colons, Kozlov and Jackson, and the Prime Time Players. The Usos say that they like the sound of this. Teddy Long then leaves. Next up we have Sheamus vs MVP. Sheamus uses his brute force to stay in control for most of the match. MVP tries for the Playmaker at the end, but Sheamus reverses and hits a Brogue Kick to win the match. Sheamus moves onto the second round. After this we see Tyler Reks come to the ring. Tyler holds up his World Heavyweight Championship. Tyler says that he was the man to take down Justin Gabriel. Tyler says that nobody else was able to do anything to him. Not Wade Barrett, not Triple H, not Randy Orton, not Rey Mysterio, not Chris Jericho, and not Edge. Tyler says that he on the other hand took Gabriel apart. Tyler says that Gabriel is too ashamed of himself to even be on Smackdown tonight. Tyler says that he owns Smackdown now, and he would like to make a challenge. Tyler says in three weeks, any man who did not make it to the King of the Ring Pay Per View can challenge him for the World Heavyweight Championship. Tyler says that he will be watching the tournament closely. Tyler drops his mic and leaves the ring. Up next we have our Triple Threat Tag Team match. This match is all over the place and Chaotic. Eventually Darren Young is able to defeat Ezekiel Jackson in the ring and move on to be number one contender. After this we have our main event. Randy Orton vs Rey Mysterio. This is a fast paced match, it goes back and forth for a while. Rey is able to hit the 619, but when he goes for the Splash, he gets hit with an RKO. Randy Orton wins and moves onto the second round. Smackdown then goes off the air.
Raw is up next and we start out with one of our first round matches, we have Ryback vs Dolph Ziggler. Dolph Ziggler tries to beat up Ryback, but Ryback is barely fazed. Dolph then bounces off the ropes into a huge Clothesline. Ryback then hits Shell Shocked and pins Dolph Ziggler. Ryback then moves onto the second round. Next up we see CM Punk return to Raw, he grabs a mic, he says that he would like to say a few things tonight. Punk says that the reason he wasn’t on Raw last week, is because he was hurt. Punk says that he is still a bit hurt, but he is still the WWE Champion. Punk tells the audience why he was hurt. Punk says it is because he was attacked from behind by John Cena, because John lost the match. Punk says he was hit a total of twenty six times with the steel chair, and then he got two AA’s on it, and then on top of that, he got an Avalanche AA. Punk tells Cena that he got the point after the first chair shot. Punk says that the point was, was that John Cena is a sore loser, not only because he is no longer the longest reigning champion of the modern era, and not only because he lost at Summerslam, it is because John knows what all the fans who laugh at him know, he is in the past, just like Hogan, just like Austin, and just like the man who CM Punk says he will beat at the Royal Rumble, the Rock. Punk says that Cena can’t accept this fact, he is holding onto something that just isn’t there, that is why he lashed out at Summerslam. Punk says that in his absence Paul Heyman, the new GM made a rematch between Punk and Cena at King of the Ring. Punk says that is fine, but Punk says that it will not be the same as Summerslam, it will not be a competition to see who becomes WWE Champion, it will not be a competition to see who faces the Rock. Punk tells Cena that it is now personal, and Punk looks forward to kicking Cenas ass at King of the Ring. Punk tells Cena that it is a guarantee that he will be WWE Champion after the rematch, because if he could beat John at Summerslam, where he at least slightly liked him, and had a bit of respect for him, imagine what he will do when all of that is gone. Punk drops his mic and leaves. Next up we have AJ Lee in a match with Serena. AJ and Serena go back and forth with each other in what is a long match. Towards the end Aksana comes out and she distracts AJ Lee, which allows Serena to hit the Gut Buster and pin AJ for the win. After the match Aksana attacks AJ Lee. Next up we have our final Raw first round match, it is between Christian and Ted Dibiase. Towards the end of this match, Ted has gained the advantage and he is going for Dream Street, but Christian is able to reverse and hit the Killswitch for the win. Christian moves onto the second round. Up next we have our main event between Daniel Bryan and David Otunga, these two men put on a good match, and David is able to survive the Lebell Lock, but he gets hit with the Flying Knee in the end, and he is pinned by Daniel Bryan. Raw then goes off the air
Smackdown is up next, and we start out by seeing the Prime Time Players come out, they grab the mics and Darren Young talks about how good it is to get a Championship opportunity. Titus O’Neil grabs the mic and talks about how they look forward to facing off against the Usos at King of the Ring. Titus thinks that it will be a great match up. Then the Colons come out. Carlito says that they should not be Number one Contenders, they have barely fought on Smackdown, as opposed to the four time Tag Team Champions, the Colons, who dominated most of that Triple Threat match last week. Titus says that sure, they dominated, but they did not win the match. Titus says that the match was won by the Prime Time Players. Carlito asks Titus how confident he is in his team. Titus says that he is very confident. Carlito then says that if he is so confident, then he will have no problem putting that number one contender spot on the line tonight. Titus looks at Darren who shakes his head. Titus tells Carlito that tonight, him and his family are on. Next up we see our first King of the Ring match take place and it is between Triple H and the Big Show. Big Show shows his strenghth, but he is out manuevered by Triple H, who then is able to hit a Spinebuster on the Big Show. Triple H goes for the pin but Big Show throws him off. Triple H hits the Pedigree and Big Show kicks out at two. Triple H hits another Pedigree and he gets the win. Triple H moves onto the second round. Up next we see Abyss come out, we see the stitches in his forehead. Abyss tells us that at Summerslam he experienced something that he hasn’t felt yet in a WWE match, fun. Abyss says that it was fun fighting Kane at Summerslam, it was fun beating Kane at Summerslam. Abyss says that it was one of the more painful matches he has ever had, but that is why he loved it so much. Abyss says that at King of the Ring, he looks forward to his rematch with Kane, he doesn’t care what type of match it is. Abyss looks forward to having more fun with Kane at King of the Ring. Abyss then leaves the ring. Next up we have our Tag Team match between the Colons and the Prime Time Players. The Prime Time Players dominate Primo and Epico, throughout the entire match. Towards the end however, we see Darren Young ready to finish off Epico, when Primo distracts the ref. Carlito then spits in Darren Young's face, which allows Epico to roll up Darren Young for the win. The Colons celebrate while the Prime Time Players sit in disappointment, on the stage, Primo and Epico both turn into Superkicks from the Usos. Carlito then slowly turns, and both Jimmy and Jey smile at him, before hitting a double Superkick on Carlito. In the Ring we see the Prime Time Players with some slight smiles on their faces, and we hear Jimmy tell them that they will get their chance. Finally we have our last first round match, it is between Alex Riley and the Miz. This is a heated rematch from Summerslam. Miz hits a Skull Crushing Finale but Riley is able to kick out. Miz goes for another one, but Riley shakes him off, and he hits a huge Spinebuster on the Miz. Riley then picks Miz up, and he throws him into the air for a massive DDT, Riley smiles while he makes the pin. Alex Riley moves onto the second round. Smackdown then goes off the air.
Raw is up next, and we see John Cena come out, he grabs a mic and he has a smile on his face. Cena says that he listened to what Punk said last week. Cena says for him it was never business, it was always personal, not with just Punk but with the Rock as well, and Cena says that he still plans on breaking the Rock at the Royal Rumble. CM Punk then comes out, and he grabs a mic. Punk says that this isn’t about the Rock, sure Punk says that he would love to knee the Rock face, but right now, he is focused on Cena and on King of the Ring. Punk asks Cena if Morrison told him to not focus on the Rock a while back. Cena answers with yes. Punk tells Cena that Morrison said if Cena was too focused on the Rock, then he would surely lose. Punk gets in Cena’s face and he tells John that if he is focused on the Rock come King of the Ring, then not only will Punk beat him, but he will put Cena in the *censored* ground. Cena tells Punk that is funny because the last time they met, Cena says that he beat Punk within an inch of his life. Punk tells Cena to tell the full story. Punk says that at Summerslam, he beat Cena fair and square, and Cena being the sore loser he is, attacked Punk after the match, while his back was turned. Punk tells Cena that perhaps, he did beat Punk within an inch of his life, but only after he got his ass kicked by Punk in the match. Punk then says to Cena that he knows Cena wants a second chance at the Rock, but Punk says that not many people get their first. Punk tells John to face it, at Wrestlemania 28, he lost, now Punk wants a shot, and he plans on getting it, even if he has to crack Cena’s skull in order to get to it. Punk looks at Cena and holds up his WWE Championship. Next up we have our first second round match of the night. It is Mark Henry vs Ryback. Mark Henry seems to focus on the back of Ryback throughout the match. Towards the end, Ryback hits Mark with a huge Spinebuster, he then bounces off the ropes and nails Mark with a massive Clothesline. Henry is down, and we see Ryback call for the Shell Shocked. Ryback picks Henry up, but then collapses from his back giving out. Both Mark and Ryback start to get up, but Henry hits a quick World's Strongest Slam, and he pins Ryback to win the match. Mark Henry moves onto the third round. We then see AJ Lee in the back, she says that last week, what Aksana did was cute. AJ says that she was having a Raw classic with Serena, when all of the sudden Aksana got involved in the match, and cost AJ big time. After the match, Aksana decided to attack her. AJ says, that was the cute part. AJ says that Aksana will not attack AJ face to face, but she never refuses to attack her when she is weakened. AJ says that at King of the Ring, Aksana will not be able to attack AJ in a weakened state, she will have to face her head on. AJ says that she looks forward to ripping Aksana’s head off at King of the Ring, and taking back the Women’s Championship. AJ then walks away. Next up we see Daniel Bryan in another match with David Otunga, the match is another good one, and once again we see Daniel hit the Flying Knee for the win. After the match, we hear the noise of a crow, and we then see Sting appear in the ring. Sting takes a mic, and he says that Daniel is already a great Champion, and he is willing to fight. Sting says that the only problem is that Daniel does not have a challenger for the IC title at King of the Ring. Sting smiles and says that the IC title meant a great deal to him for all the months he had it. Sting then says that he wouldn’t mind getting it back. Sting tells Daniel that at King of the Ring, Sting is going to invoke his rematch clause. Daniel shakes his head in approval. Finally we have our other second round match of Cody Rhodes vs Christian. Cody and Christian go back and forth for a while, but the longer the match goes, the better Cody becomes, and the slower Christian gets. Cody is able to hit an easy Cross Rhodes on Christian to end the match. Cody Rhodes moves onto the third round. Raw then goes off the air.
Smackdown is on next, and we see the Usos come out to the ring. Jimmy takes the mic and he says that last week, the Prime Time Players were undoubtably screwed out of their rightful championship match, and now they have to face the team that screwed them, the Colons. Jey then takes the mic and he says that he asks one thing of the Colons, and that is, that Carlito is one of the men in the match. Jey says that he wants to kick that goofy looking afro right off his head. The Colons come out, and they get in the ring. Carlito tells the Usos that he will not be part of that match, and at King of the Ring, the Usos will be facing off against the two men that gained that number one contender spot, Primo and Epico. Primo starts to laugh at the Usos, who seem to get more upset the longer the Colons are out there. Jimmy then says that is fine, he says that no matter who they face off against, they will win. Jimmy then says that he has one final message before they leave. Jimmy then Superkicks Primo, and the Usos leave. Next up we have our first second round matchup of the night, it is Sheamus vs Alex Riley. Sheamus uses his brute strength to overpower Riley at first, after this the match goes back and forth. Riley hits a Spinebuster on Sheamus, and then he goes for his DDT, but Sheamus reverses into the Irish Curse. Sheamus goes for the Brogue Kick, but he misses and Riley is able to hit his DDT and pin Sheamus for the win. Alex Riley moves onto the third round. Up next we have Kane in a match, he dominates Khali and is able to put him away with ease. After the match, Abyss blindsides Kane and attacks him. Abyss and Kane get into a huge brawl that spills outside of the ring. Kane is able to force Abyss into the barricade, and then chokeslam him on the outside of the ring. Kane walks away from Abyss. Finally up next we have our main event, it is our other second round matchup between Triple H and Randy Orton. These two reignite their old rivalry, and this match quickly gets heated between the two men. Triple H nails Orton with a Pedigree, but Orton kicks out. Triple H tries for another, but Orton reverses into an RKO. Triple H kicks out. These two fight on for a little while longer. Orton goes for a Punt, but Triple H counters into a Spinebuster. Triple H then collapses, he eventually gets up, and he tries to pick Orton up as well. Orton fights back, he pushes Triple H away. Triple H tries to kick Orton in the gut, but Orton blocks and hits another RKO. Randy Orton wins and moves onto the third round. Smackdown then goes off the air.
The go home Raw is up next and we start out with Aksana coming out to the ring, she grabs a mic and she says that this Sunday at King of the Ring, she will finally be the one to have the honor of taking down the great AJ Lee, she says that at Summerslam she took the Women’s title from AJ, but now she looks to shut her up for good. Aksana says that this Sunday she will be done with AJ and she vows to remain Women’s Champion. Aksana then leaves the ring. Next up we see Daniel Bryan in the back, he is asked about his rematch with Sting. Daniel says that he is nervous, he says that Summerslam was the hardest fought win of his career. Daniel says that it took him everything just to defeat Sting, he even had to create a new finisher on the spot. Daniel says that at Summerslam, Sting couldn’t prepare against the Flying Knee, but now he is expecting it. Daniel says that at King of the Ring, he is going to need to pull something else out of the hat to beat Sting again. Daniel then walks off. Up next we see both Mark Henry and Cody Rhodes come out to the ring. Mark takes the mic first, Mark says that Cody is great, he has been watching him for a long time. Mark says that he was a great IC Champion, and his match against Sting at Wrestlemania was legendary. Mark says that is why he looks forward to beating Cody Rhodes this Sunday at King of the Ring. And Mark says that is not the only thing he looks forward to this Sunday. Mark says that it does not matter if he faces Randy Orton or Alex Riley, Mark is determined to win King of the Ring, because he has never got the recognition that he deserved, that is why at Raw 1000 he destroyed MVP, he was tired of being held back, now Mark says that he is on his own, he tells Cody not to take Sunday personally, but he has something to prove. Cody tells Mark not to get ahead of himself. Cody says that this Sunday, he knows that he is going to feel some pain, but he will fight to the bitter end if he has to. Cody reminds Mark of his wars with Tyler Reks and Sting. Cody says that King of the Ring will be no different, he is ready to go to war with Mark Henry. Cody drops the mic and he and Henry have a staredown to close this segment out. Finally we have our main event and it is between CM Punk and Drew McIntyre. This match goes back and forth, but as soon as Punk gets the upperhand, we hear the music of John Cena. Cena comes down to the ring, and he attacks Punk. Punk fights back for a minute, but Cena hits Punk with the AA, and to close out the show, we see John Cena looking down at CM Punk laughing. Cena looks at the crowd and he continues to laugh at all of them as they boo him. Raw then goes off the air.
Next up we have the go home Smackdown, and we start out with Tyler Reks coming out, he says that he is back to find out his next challenger. He says now that the Pay Per View matches, it is time for one of the tournament losers to come out and claim their prize. Reks waits for a minute, before he hears the music of the Miz. Miz comes to the ring, and he says that perhaps he does not deserve a shot, but look at all the men he has been partners with, John Morrison, Big Show, and Alex Riley. Miz says that Morrison and Big Show are former World Champions, and as for Riley, he may just be King of the Ring come this Sunday. Miz says that he on the other hand never got his shot, and he just asks for one shot at the World Heavyweight Championship. Miz says that he wants to know where he stands in the company. We then hear the music of the Big Show. Big Show comes out and he grabs a mic. Big Show says that the Miz is a loser, and he doesn’t deserve a shot. Big Show tells him that if Miz thinks that he deserves a shot, then the man who pinned him at Wrestlemania definitely deserves a shot. Big Show then looks at Tyler Reks, and he tells Reks that he should choose him if he wants a real challenge. Then we hear the music of Triple H. Triple H reminds both men who made it furthest in the tournament out of all of them. Triple H then reminds Big Show who knocked him out of the tournament. Triple H then looks at Tyler Reks, Triple H says that he is extremely impressed with Tyler Reks, he says that him winning the World Heavyweight Champion has been a long time coming, but if he wants a true challenge for the title, then he should choose to face the thirteen time World Champion, The Game, Triple H. Tyler Reks then thinks about who he is going to choose for a second. Tyler then points at Miz and he says, you. Big Show and Triple H seem furious. Reks then points at Big Show and he says, you. Triple H still seems upset, but then Tyler Reks points at him and he says, and you. Tyler Reks says that all three men make good arguments and Tyler would like to take down all three of them in the same night. Tyler Reks then leaves the ring. Next up we have a match between Jimmy Uso and Primo. Jimmy Uso remains in control for most of the match, and he eventually hits the Superkick on Primo and he pins him for the win. Epico sneaks up behind Jimmy Uso, while Carlito gets in his face. Carlito spits, but Jimmy ducks, and the apple goes in the eyes of Epico. Jey Uso then Superkicks Carlito, and both Usos turn to Superkick Epico. The Usos then stand tall. Next up we see Alex Riley and Randy Orton come to the ring. Alex Riley gets the mic first, he says that he looks forward to this Sunday. Alex Riley says that it will be the greatest night of his career, because this Sunday, not only is he going to beat one of the most decorated stars of all time, Randy Orton, but he is going to go on to win King of the Ring. and after that, he looks to move his career forward, and start winning Championships. Randy Orton then takes the mic and he chuckles at Riley, he says that Riley is a bit too confident, and this Sunday, he will do no such thing. Randy says that after all these years, he looks to do the one thing that has eluded him, Randy looks to win King of the ring for the first time in his career, after that, then he will continue his journey towards the World Heavyweight Championship. After that, if he wants, Riley can have the first shot. Randy then drops his mic, and him and Riley have a staredown to close the segment. After this we see Abyss fight Khali. Abyss dominates the match, and he destroys Khali. After the match. Kane comes out and attacks Abyss. To close out the show we see Abyss and Kane having a huge brawl into the back. Smackdown goes off the air.
King of the Ring
  1. Randy Orton defeats Alex Riley
  2. Mark Henry defeats Cody Rhodes
  3. Aksana retains her Women’s title against AJ Lee (Aksana sprays AJ in the face with perfume, while the ref is down. Aksana then cracks AJ in the back of the head with a chair and busts her open for the win)
  4. Kane wins by countout over a bloody Abyss
  5. Tyler Reks retains the World Heavyweight title (Pins Big Show)
  6. Daniel Bryan retains his IC Championship against Sting
  7. The Usos retain the Tag Team titles against the Colons (Jey pins Epico)
  8. CM Punk retains the WWE title against John Cena (Very close match)
  9. Mark Henry defeats Randy Orton and becomes King of the Ring
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2020.08.03 00:54 AEWPunk525 Rebooking WWE throughout the 2010's. Part 26/1

Chapter 26
Wrestlemania 28
Raw is on the night after Elimination Chamber, and we hear some unfamiliar music, we hear a song called the Cult of Personality, and we see CM Punk come out with the WWE Championship, he grabs a mic and he says that months ago at Money in the Bank he put Sting to sleep and he walked out with the WWE Championship. Punk says he did this, because he nor some of the other talent was getting the respect that they deserved. Punk says that walking out with the Championship was a message not only from him, but the talent that was being held down for the likes of Triple H, Sting, and Kevin Nash. Punk then says that he is the Voice of the Voiceless. And then he looks around at the crowd and he asks them all if they are wondering why he is back in WWE, Punk says two reasons, the first one is simple, Punk tells the audience that WWE has started to do better with their talent, they have started to actually use their talent, Punk says that it is a far cry from when he left, it is a far cry from Vince McMahon, Punk then says that quite frankly if Vince was still in charge, then he likely would just quit. Punk says that the fact that Rock is still in the main event of Wrestlemania instead of him still makes him sick of course, but Punk says that this one year, he will let that slide, because he feels like all the talent that needs a push is getting a push. Punk says to the audience to look at people like Cody Rhodes, Tyler Reks, Wade Barrett. Punk says that if Vince were in charge those men would have been released, because Vince was out of touch. Punk says that a few more guys to get cut would have likely been super talented guys like Justin Gabriel, John Morrison, and Drew McIntyre. Punk pauses for a minute and he smiles, he says that brings him to his second reason, the Royal Rumble winner himself, Drew McIntyre. Punk says that he has watched McIntyre and he has grown respect for him, he heard what he said, Punk says that he saw Drew not only speak out against Nash and Triple H, but Punk watched him put those men down. Punk says that Drew took control of Raw in his absence, and a lot of what he said stuck with Punk, Punk said that Drew reminded him of himself. And then Drew won the Rumble, and Punk was content staying in TNA and New Japan for a bit longer, but Drew called him out, and with the respect that Punk had gained for Drew, how could he not answer that challenge, so here he is. Punk says that at Wrestlemania 28, it will be CM Punk vs Drew McIntyre for the WWE Championship. Drew comes out and he grabs a mic, he tells Punk that he is glad that he is back in WWE finally, Drew says that he hopes Punk enjoyed defending his title in the minor leagues, Drew says that now Punk is going to have to deal with the biggest challenge of his career. Drew says that he is going to kick Punk's head off, and he is going to take that WWE Championship from him. Punk says that he sure believes McIntyre, Punk says that Drew is good, for sure, but for Punk he treats every match like the biggest challenge of his career, he says to Drew that maybe he will kick his head off, but he will not take this WWE championship. Drew then tells Punk that we will see about that and he leaves. Punk tells him that we will see, and Punk says that he hopes Drew doesn’t bitch too much after he wakes up from his nap in the ring. Punk then leaves the ring. We see a graphic that the Rock will be appearing on Raw tonight. Next up we see Sting come out, he grabs a mic and he says that last night, he went bell to bell in the Elimination Chamber match, and he lost. Sting then says that at the Royal Rumble, he competed in the Rumble match, he broke the record for longest time in the Rumble, and he went bell to bell, but he lost. Sting says that he worked hard at those matches, and last night at Elimination Chamber Sting noticed someone else with the same tenacity as him. Sting watched Cody Rhodes successfully defend the Intercontenital Championship against one of the most brutal and animalistic competitors Sting has ever seen, Tyler Reks, in a brutal Falls Count Anywhere Iron Man match. Sting says that he has never held the Intercontenintal Championship before, and he has never faced the grandson of a plumber before, but with the tenacity that Cody has shown, and the tenacity that Sting has shown, Sting believes that the two men can burn the house down in a match. Sting says that Cody is not here tonight, but he wants to throw down the challenge before anyone else does. Sting says that at Wrestlemania 28, he wants Cody Rhodes in a match for the Intercontenintal Championship. Sting then leaves the ring. Next up we have AJ Lee come out, she says that last night the Chamber was almost too much for her, she says that she can’t believe how tough it was, but still she eliminated not one, but two women in that match, and she went on to win the whole thing. It’s just that after the match, she was attacked, and by not just anyone, but by Michelle McCool, the woman who dominated 2010. AJ says that if she wants a shot at the title then that is just fine, but she demands to know why she attacked her. AJ leaves the ring. Tyler Reks comes out next, he is enraged, he is yelling into the mic, he says that it should be Sting vs him at Wrestlemania, and he demands that Kevin Nash come out here and grant him the Intercontenintal Championship, since last night, he should have won, if it went into sudden death, he would have won the title. Kevin Nash is not coming out, and Reks keeps yelling at the top of his lungs. Then we hear a gong, and the lights go out, we hear another gong, and the lights come back on to reveal Tyler Reks laying in the ring, unconscious. Finally we see the Rock come out to the ring. Rock grabs a mic and asks everyone how they are doing tonight. Rock says that he wants to clear a few things up. One is that he was getting tired of hearing his name come from John Cena’s mouth every single week, he just wanted to shut Cena up, that is the real reason he came to Survivor Series, Rock says he didn’t care about Randy Orton, they had their issues eight years ago. But he did get the chance to send a message to John Cena. Rock says that the Royal Rumble was different, he just wanted to screw with Cena and give him a taste of his own medicine, Rock says that he remembered seeing Cena do something similar on Smackdown that cost Wade Barrett a few months of his career. Rock then goes onto Elimination Chamber, he says that he did what he did last night simpily because he wanted Cena one on one, Rock says that sure, it would be an honor to be in the same ring as Justin Gabriel, but it just isn’t about that, Rock says for years he has wanted to get his hands on Cena, and now he finally has the chance. Rock says that a third person would only get in the way, he doesn’t want that, he wants his full attention on John Cena, and he wants Cena to have his full attention on the Rock. John Cena then comes out, he tells the Rock that Rock has his full attention, but he tells the Rock to be careful what he wishes for, because now Cena plans on making sure the Rock never comes back to WWE or Hollywood, Cena says that now he plans on putting Rock in a wheelchair. The Rock grabs his mic, and he says that Cena finally understands how the Rock feels about him. Rock says that years ago Cena took shots at the Rock for leaving WWE for Hollywood, Rock says that Cena said he didn’t care about the fans. Rock says that couldn’t be farther from the truth, he loves these people, he says that if it wasn’t for them, he would have nothing, the Rock says he would be nothing. Rock says that he owes these people everything. Rock then says that Cena tried to turn these people on the Rock, and that made the Rock want to do more than just put Cena in a wheelchair, Rock says that he wanted to snap Cenas neck and put him in the ground for that. Rock says that Cena has called this the biggest match of his life at Wrestlemania, Rock says that he is damn right about that. Rock then says that it is not only his biggest match as well, but it is his only match, he has fought Austin and Hogan before, but right now, all he can see is John Cena, and at Wrestlemania, he is going to put Cena down for good. Rock then leaves Cena in the ring, and Raw goes off the air.
Smackdown is up next and the first person we see is Jusin Gabriel he grabs a mic, he says that at Elimination Chamber he won the right to become number one contender for the World Heavyweight Championship at Wrestlemania, he finally did it. Gabriel says that he has never felt a bigger moment of joy in his life, he says that he celebrated for hours, and he called Teddy Long to thank him, he then called a few other people to thank them for helping him as well, he called Heath Slater, he called Ryback, he called David Otunga, and then he went to call his former leader, Wade Barrett, and that is when it hit him, Justin Gabriel says that at Wrestlemania it will be him vs Wade Barrett for the World Heavyweight Championship. Gabriel says that he still wants to thank Wade for helping him out and getting him to where he needs to go, he says that Wade got him a shot at the US title, and look how far that got Justin. Gabriel says thank you, and then he says that at Wrestlemania, even though Barrett is almost like a father figure to him, he will give it his all. Gabriel says that he did not come this far just to lose the biggest fight of his life. Wade Barrett comes out, and he looks at Justin Gabriel, he says to Justin that he is happy for him, and he says that Justin right behind him was always the most talented member of the Nexus, but that is the thing, he may have been talented, but he was always behind Wade Barrett, he was always led by Wade Barrett. Barrett says that there's a reason for this and that reason is because Wade was always meant to be World Champion, Justin would be US Champion at best, and Wade says that he was, he was one of the best, but the fact of the matter is, is that, Gabriel is not ready for what is coming to him at Wrestlemania, Wade says that last year, he almost beat the Undertaker, this year, Gabriel will be no problem. Wade then walks away, but Gabriel says to him that he better stop thinkting that way, or Wrestlemania will be too easy. Barrett turns to look at Gabriel. Justin says that Wade just does not understand. Gabriel says that he doesn’t want his friend in that ring, he doesn’t want his leader in that ring, and he certainly does not want some overly pompous asshole in that ring. Gabriel says that he wants the Wade Barrett in that ring. Wade looks confused. Gabriel says that he wants the Wade Barrett that nearly took Randy Ortons head off, he wants the Wade Barrett that led Nexus until they dethroned John Cena and took their place on top with Barrett at the helm. Justin says that he wants the ame Wade Barrett that the Undertaker got. Barrett tells Gabriel to be careful what he wishes for. Next up we see Teddy Long come out and he says that over the next couple weeks, Smackdown will hold a tournament to decide who faces off against Chris Masters at Wrestlemania for the US Championship, he says that tonight we will have Chris Jericho vs Alberto Del Rio, next week we will have Kaval vs Rey Mysterio, and in two weeks the winners of those matches will meet up to decide who challenges Chris Masters. Next up we see Miz and Riley come out, and they brag about how they defeated that fat slob, the Big Show. Miz continues to make fun of Big Show and call him worthless until he comes out, Big Show says that he has a proposition for Miz, Miz asks what it is, and Big Show says that he has to admit, Miz and Riley are really good in the ring together, they deserve to be Tag Team Champions, but Big Show wants to kick their asses and take their titles still, so he proposes that if he finds a partner, they face off against the Miz and Alex Riley for the Tag Team titles at Wrestlemania. Miz laughs at Big Show and so does Riley. Miz says that if Big Show can find a partner, which he doubts, then they can face them at Wrestlemania. Big Show thanks the both of them and he walks to the back. Next up we see Randy Orton come out, he says that it is outrageous that he does not have a spot at Wrestlemania, he says that thi year, he was Mr Money in the Bank, he won the World Heavyweight Championship, and he put three different men on the shelf this year, Randy says that he guesses that he is far to dangerous in this ring, and no one wants to be around him. Randy says that normally that would be fine, but this is Wrestlemania and he demands a challenge to come forward. Randy then leaves the ring. Next up is our main event of the evening and it is Chris Jericho vs Alberto Del Rio. These two men go at it for a bit, before Del Rio gets the CrossArmbreaker locked in. Jericho however is able to get to the ropes, Jericho then hits the Codebreaker, but Del Rio kicks out. Jericho wastes no time and he immediately goes for the LionTamer, he locks it in and Del Rio taps out. Jericho moves on to the finals in two weeks. Smackdown then goes off the air.
Raw is up next and we start out with John Cena coming out, he grabs a mic and he says that what the Rock said last week was more than powerful, but it was all a lie. Cena looks at the crowd and he tells them that it was, he says that the Rock calls himself the most electrifying man in all of entertainment, Cena says that he can manipulate the crowd with ease, and that is what he did last week. Cena says that if no one believes him, then look at it this way, he went to Hollywood because he was able to make more money, the only reason he came back last year, is because he was going to make huge money at Wrestlemania, and he did. Cena says that the Rock made far more last year than anyone else, and this year it will be the same, the Rock will not only be making more than John Cena, but he will be making more than CM Punk, Drew McIntyre, Wade Barrett, Justin Gabriel, and all the rest. Cena looks at the crowd, and he says that the Rock is a liar, Cena then says that he cares very much about the crowd, that is why he is here constantly, busting his ass for the WWE Universe. Cena says that at Wrestlemania he will bust his ass harder than ever before, and he will leave the Rock a broken mess in the ring. Cena looks at the camera and he says at Wrestlemania all the Rock needs to do is to just bring it. Cena throws down his mic and he leaves the ring. Next up we see Sheamus come out, and he says that this whole year he has failed, he says that he is th Celtic Warrior, and he should be World Champion, but he isn’t. Sheamus says that he lost the Royal Rumble, he says that he lost to Sting, John Cena, and a lot of other people. Sheamus says that he wants to change all of that, and he wants to start out at Wrestlemania, so Sheamus says if anyone wants to feel the might of the Brogue Kick then come out and answer his challenge. Daniel Bryan comes out and he goes to the ring, he grabs a mic, and he says that he feels the same way Sheamus does. Daniel says that he has lost a lot of big matches this year as well, and he too wants to turn it around at Wrestlemania. Daniel says that he accepts Sheamus’ challenge. Daniel extends his hand to Sheamus, and Sheamus laughs at Daniel, and he thanks Daniel for making it easy on him, he then says that he will see the little fella at Wrestlemania. Sheamus then leaves the ring laughing. Next up we have AJ Lee come out againa nd she grabs her mic and she says that she is still waiting on an answer from Michelle McCool, and this week, she is not leaving until she gets one. Kevin Nash then comes out, and he says to AJ that Michelle is not here this week, but she has heard AJ pleas, and next week on Raw, Michelle McCool will be in the building to speak about her actions against AJ Lee. Kevin then walks to the back and AJ looks happy with this answer. Next up we have Cody Rhodes come out, and he says that he was too badly hurt to appear on Raw last week, he says that he is still hurt, but he can at least move, and as for tonight he wanted to be here live, because he has a challenge to answer, and that challenge is Sting’s challenge for the Intercontenintal Championship at Wrestlemania. Cody says that Sting is an absolute Icon of the business, he says that Sting was the best to ever come from WCW, and on top of that, he is a multi time World Champion. Cody says that facing Sting would be an absolute honor, and to face Sting at Wrestlemania would be a dream come true, Cody says that it is no question, he accepts Sting's challenge, and he looks forward to defeating one of the best to ever step inside of the ring. Cody then leaves the ring. Next up we see Tyler Reks come out, and he grabs a mic, and he is laughing, he says that last week was a shock, he wasn’t expecting what he got, he wasn’t expecting the Undertaker, but that is what he got. Reks says that now Wrestlemania is just around the corner, and he feels like he has been chosen to be Undertaker's Wrestlemania opponent. Reks says that if the Undertaker wants to put his streak on the line against Tyler Reks, then fine, Reks says that he will take pleasure in destroying the Undertaker and breaking the streak. Reks then says that hopefully Undertaker shows his face soon and makes it official. Reks drops the mic and he leaves the Ring. Finally we see Drew McIntyre come to the ring and he grabs his mic, he says that finally CM Punk showed back up, and finally he accepted his challenge to a match for the WWE Championship at Wrestlemania. Drew says that no matter how good and how determined CM Punk thinks he is, he does not stand a chance at Wrestlemania. Drew says that Punk has wasted months in the minor leagues, and he has really lowered himself, now to go from that to facing off against one of the most dominant superstars in the World, Drew says that Punk will not stand a chance. CM Punk then comes out and goes down to the ring. Punk says that what Drew calls the Minor Leagues, Punk calls a gold mine. Punk says that those are the superstars of the future, and they are also some of the best superstars in the World, just like in WWE, Punk says that WWE also has some of the best superstars in the world, and those stars are who CM Punk has been fighting for. Punk then says that Drew is one of the best superstars in the world, but he has to learn his place, because he is just one of the best in the world, at Wrestlemania, Punk says that Drew will be going head to head with the absolute best in the world, and he is going to be put in his place by the best in the world. Punk looks at Drew, who is getting upset. Punk asks Drew if he wants to kick him in the head, Drew says that he would. Punk tells him to go ahead and try it. Drew says that he will save it for Wrestlemania, and he starts to walk away, but he quickly turns and goes for a Claymore Kick, but Punk ducks it, and Drew hits the ground, he gets up, and Punk picks him up for the GTS, but Drew escapes, and he rolls out of the ring. Punk tells Drew that he was this close to getting him. Drew looks furious as he storms off. Raw then goes off the air.
Smackdown then comes up next and we see a graphic for our main event between Kaval and Rey Mysterio, but first we see Randy Orton come out, he says that he has waited long enough, he demands that his Wrestlemania opponent show his face right now. We then hear the music of the returning Christian. Christian walks down to the ring and Orton asks him if he is still supposed to be on the shelf. Christian says that yes he is, but he came back tonight because he just wants to say one thing, and that is that a couple months back Orton punted him in the head, and took him out, for no other reason than to send a message. Christian said if it was anyone else, then maybe Randy would have gotten away with it, but seeing as how Randy is out here demanding a Wrestlemania match, that just simply is not going to happen, Christian says that by Wrestlemania he will be one hundred percent, and he says that he wants Orton one on one in a no DQ match. Orton says that is okay, as long as he gets a match at Wrestlemania. But Orton says that he will not be held accountable for what he does to Christian at Wrestlemania. Christian says that neither will he. Next up we have Big Show in the backstage area talking to Alberto Del Rio, and he says that he doesn’t like Del Rio that much, but he needs a partner for Wrestlemania. Del Rio says that Wrestlemania sounds great, but he doesn’t want to go there just to lose because of the Big Show. Del Rio tells Show to face it, Miz is right and he is worthless. Del Rio then walks away. Big Show seems a little flustered. Next we see Big Show again and he is talking to Khali, the only thing is, Khali doesn’t understand what Big Show is saying, and no one is able to translate, so Khali walks away. Big Show is getting more and more upset. Next up we see Wade Barrett walk out to the ring, and he grabs a microphone, he speaks into it and he says that he is kind of looking forward to Wrestlemania, not because he gets to face off against Justin Gabriel, but because ever since he got kicked in the head by Orton he feels like no one has kept their respect for him. Barrett says that everyone needs to remember that no one has ever been able to take the World Championship from him, clean, not Cena, not Orton, not Big Show, not Christian, not anyone. The only person able to beat Wade clean was the Undertaker at last year's Wrestlemania and even then, he did not take the title from Barrett, but even that helps Wades case, because Undertaker is the greatest Wrestlemania performer ever in WWE history, and after the match, he needed to be carted out, and what happened the next month? Wade put him on the shelf and took the World Heavyweight Championship anyway. Wade says that Justin is very talented, but compare their two resumes, and whose truly looks better? Barrett says come Wrestlemania he will knock the head off of Justin Gabriel and he will retain his World Heavyweight Championship, and he will gain back any sort of respect that he has lost. Wade drops the mic and he walks to the back. Next up we see Big Show again and he is talking to Finlay, he says that he has tlaked to just about everyone and no one wants to join him at Wrestlemania, Big Show then asks Finlay if he would join him. Finlay laughs and he says to take on Miz and Riley? Finlay asks Big Show what the point is, Finlay says that it will be a slaughter at Wrestlemania, and he refuses to work with that idea, the answer is a no. Big Show looks disheartened, until he looks off in the distance, he says to this person that he thought he would have no chance of partnering with him at Wrestlemania. Big Show then walks off. Finally we have our main event of Kaval vs Rey Mysterio. This is a very fast paced match, and these two men fight it out for a very long time, eventually Rey hits the 619, but Kaval rolls out of the way of the splash, he then gets on the top rope and he hits the Warriors Way for the win. After the match we see a graphic that says that next week we will see Chris Jericho vs Kaval in the finals. Smackdown then goes off the air.
Raw is up next and we start it out by seeing Michelle McCool come to the ring, she says that she is willing to explain her actions from Elimination Chamber, tonight. Michelle says that from 2009 to 2011, she ruled the Women’s division, she said that no one could take her title from her, except for the Woman she had by her side for a long time, Layla. Michelle says that she was too naive to realize that keeping Lalya so close for so long would be her downfall, but it was, and she learned something from that, but what she never learned, was why after she said I Quit, way back at Over the Limit did everyone forget about her? Michelle says that yes Kaitlyn came in, sure and everyone likes a shiny new toy, so Michelle was able to get past that, then AJ came in, and once again, everyone likes a shiny new toy, so she was able to forgive that, but then the year went on, and she saw AJ fight Trish Stratus. Michelle said that made her a bit jealous, because from the time she ruled over the division, she never once got an opportunity like that, and then it seemed like everyone wanted to fight AJ, such as Mickie James and Gail Kim. Michelle says that yes people did want to face her, but only for her title, she says that everyone wanted to face AJ because it seemed like they all wanted to see how they stacked up to AJ. Michelle says that she never once got such treatment, and to her that was unfair. And on top of all that Michelle says that she cannot believe AJ is taking credit for changing the Womens division, she says it is sick, Michelle says that she is truly the one to change the division. Michelle asks anyone if they remember the Divas Championship. Michelle says that she tossed it away like the garbage it was, she asks if anyone remembers her battles with Layla and Eve, she says that she was the first Woman to main event a Pay Per View, and she led Women inside Hell in a Cell. Michelle says that something caused her to snap, and it was a combination of all these things, that is why she attacked AJ Lee at Elimination Chamber. AJ comes out next and she grabs a mic, she looks at Michelle and she asks her if she is serious, she tells Michelle that she knows what she did for the Women in WWE, but the thing is, is that, yes Michelle did all of those things, but the fact of the matter is, is that AJ treats her opponents like actual people, AJ asks Michelle if she remembers piggy James? AJ says that is the reason that Michelle never got as much respect as AJ. AJ then says that unlike Michelle, she would challenge women to fight her for the Women’s title, as to where Michelle would bully the opponents that were either picked for her, or earned a number one contenders spot, and when Michelles opponents were too tough for her, she would cheat to win, because she is a coward. Michelle gets upset with this, and she cannot believe that she was just called a coward, she says to AJ that if she is a coward, how about the two fight each other at Wrestlemania for the Womens Championship. AJ says that she thought Michelle would never ask, AJ then tells Michelle that she is on. Next up we see Daniel Bryan come out and he says that last week was a humiliation, he says that he wanted to fight Sheamus in a friendly competition, but Sheamus had to do what he did last week. Daniel says that it is now personal and at Wrestlemania 28, he will go for nothing less than to make Sheamus tap out, and feel the humiliation that Daniel Bryan did last week. Next up we see John Cena in the back, he is asked how he is feeling about Wrestlemania, Cena says that he is feeling good, he says that at Wrestlemania he has no chance of losing that match, and he wonders how the Rock is doing sitting on his ass at home watching this. Cena is then told that ironically enough, the Rock is going to be onRaw live next week, to talk about what Cena said last week. John Cena then says that he looks forward to it, and he walks off. Next up we see Tyler Reks come out, and he grabs a mic, he asks where the Undertaker is at, he says that he is waiting for the lights to go out and the Deadman to appear in front of him. Tyler waits for a minute, and he says that is exactly what he thought, the Undertaker is a true coward, Reks says that Undertaker thought about fighting him at Wrestlemania, but changed his mind because he saw what Tyler is capable of. Kevin Nash then comes out and he says to Tyler that he has just gotten word that next week live on Raw the Undertaker will be in the building to confront Tyler Reks. Reks laughs at this and he tells Nash that he will be waiting. Next up we see Sting in the back and he says that he heard Cody last week, and he looks forward to Wrestlemania, but he says that he cannot believe that Cody just thinks that he is going to beat him so easily at Wrestlemania, Sting reminds Cody of sixty three minutes. Sting says he on the other hand knows that it will not be so easy, but he will beat Cody and become the new Intercontenintal Champion. Sting then walks away. Finally we get to see CM Punk in his return match to WWE, he is taking on Jack Swagger. Punk looks great in this match, he taught Swagger throughout the match and he continues to outmanevre him, until he gets Swagger in the Anaconda Vice and makes him tap out. After the match Punk is hit hard by a surprise Claymore Kick by Drew McIntyre. Drew stands tall over Punk to close out the show.
Smackdown is up next and we start out by seeing Miz and Riley come out, and they make fun of the Big Show, they say that old slob cannot seem to find a partner. Miz says that is no surprise, who wants Big Show as a partner anymore. Miz says that he made that mistake once, and so did Chris Jericho, and look what happened the Big Shows empty head ended up costing them the Tag Team titles. Miz then looks at Riley, and he says now, he has actually found a good partner, and look, they have dominated the Tag Team scene this year, they even put a whooping on the Big Show. Miz then says that anyone who wants a shot at the titles can come out now and stake their claim. Big Show comes out, and Miz and Riley roll their eyes. Big Show comes out and he tells Miz to calm down for a second and hold up, because Big Show says that he has a partner after all. Miz asks Show who it is. Big Show tells Miz that he will not find that out now, instead, next week, they will have a contract signing for their match at Wrestlemania. Miz says that it is just some ploy to get the Big Show another Handicap match for the Championships, but whatever. Miz says that it is fine, and that he will see the Big Show next week. Big Show says thank you to Miz and he walks to the back. Next up we have Christian in a match with Alberto Del Rio. Both men fight well, but Christian is able to hit the Killswitch on Alberto Del Rio and win the match. Afterwards, Randy Orton tries to RKO Christian but he gets hit with a Killswitch as well, and Christian is able to walk away from the ring. Next up we have Justin Gabriel come out and he grabs a mic, he takes asecond before he speaks, but he ends up saying that he hopes that everyone doesn’t get the feeling that him and Wade Barrett are mortal enemies. Gabriel says that they love each other, they came up together, in fact Gabriel asks the crowd if he can take them back a little bit to NXT season one, he says that him and Barrett both worked hard in that show, and they were both disrespected in that show, but needless to say, they earned that respect later on, when Wade led Gabriel and the Nexus to great success. Gabriel says he respects Wade; he thinks he will one day be a hall of famer for sure. He once again thanks Wade for getting him that US title shot so long ago, because without that, he would be nowhere. Gabriel says to the audience, that both him and Wade are extremely competitive, and though they are friends, maybe even brothers, at Wrestlemania they will fight like they are years long enemies. Gabriel then leaves the ring. Finally our main event is Chris Jericho vs Kaval. This match is a good one, Jericho gets beat up pretty bad, and he gets hit with the Warriors way, but he kicks out and he keeps on coming, soon after he is able to hit Kaval with the Codebreaker and pin him for the win. Jericho is victorious, and after the match Chris Masters stands atop the stage and holds up his US title, while he smirks at Jericho. Smackdown then goes off the air.
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2020.06.08 22:53 AEWPunk525 Rebooking WWE throughout the 2010s. Part 10

Chapter 10
Dragons and Deadmen
We are now on the Raw after Survivor Series, CM Punk makes his debut on commentary, and the Nexus comes out immediately, they are all smiles. Wade Barrett grabs a mic and he says the war is over, and Team WWE has fallen, he says John Cena has fallen, and now it is time to move on, and he says he already has a course of business that needs taken care of. Wade says that last night the man who put up the best fight against Nexus wasn’t John Cena, or Randy Orton, or Edge, or even Sheamus, it was former Nexus member Daniel Bryan. Wade then calls out Daniel Bryan. Daniel comes out and gets in the ring, and Nexus surrounds him, Wade asks why he would leave Nexus, and leave his WWE opportunity, only to come back and try to fight Nexus alongside John Cena, and the rest of Team WWE. Daniel takes a mic, and he says to Wade, that months ago when NXT ended, Wade wanted to make a pact with the other rookies, back then Wade said that they would all stick together, and that all of them would make an impact together on WWE television. Daniel then said that Darren Young and Micheal Tarver had both said no to this offer and moved on. At the time Daniel thought about how stupid they could have been for passing up such an opportunity, he then talked about the night Nexus made its debut. Daniel said that at the time it still felt so right, but when Daniel went home that night and watched himself destroy everything and hurt everyone in sight, he knew that wasn’t who he was, Daniel said that he felt remorse, and he knew where Darren Young and Micheal Tarver were coming from when they first said no to joining Wade, Daniel said that he just did not want to continue with the group after that first night. Daniel then says that over the course of the last few months he had witnessed Wade’s original message become diluted, Daniel said that originally he understood what Wade was doing, the rookies were not treated with any respect on NXT, and Daniel understood why Wade did what he did during that initial attack, but over the months, Nexus destroyed John Cena, Wade won the WWE Championship, but yet he is still out here demanding respect. Daniel said that in the more recent attacks he believed that Wade and the Nexus were just looking for reasons to attack and hurt people, and Daniel reminds Wade about how he felt remorse after the first night, he reminds Wade about how that attack did not reflect who he was, Daniel says that he is the kind of man who was angered when Nexus was continuing their attacks on Cena, or Orton, or anyone else who they attacked after Wade won the WWE Championship. Daniel says that he is the kind of man who now would want to fight against and destroy Nexus instead of being a part of Nexus. Daniel then says a few weeks ago John Cena was able to reach out to him, he thought that maybe Daniel was still the enemy, Daniel says that John beat around the bush for a while, until Daniel stopped him and said that he would be that fifth man for Team WWE, and he would fight against the Nexus. Wade then takes his mic and he says to Daniel, that if he really did feel that way about it, then. Wade then waves his hand and Nexus attacks Daniel Bryan. Wade Barrett hits Daniel with Wasteland and then Justin Gabriel hits Daniel with a 450 Splash, and then Nexus leaves the ring. Next up we have Michelle McCool and Layla come out to the ring, and Michelle speaks about the victory her team got last night at Survivor Series, and about how Eve would never get another title shot against Michelle. Beth Phoenix comes out, and she moves into the ring, and grabs a microphone and she says that last night she pinned and eliminated Michelle McCool from the match, only to be rolled up by Layla, who went on to win the match for Team Michelle. Beth says that originally she was going to come out here and rip Layla to shreds, however she realized something, with Team Michelle winning the match, that means no more title shots for Eve, and since Beth was the one to eliminate Michelle from the match last night, then she should be next in line for a Women’s title match. Michelle grabs the mic and she says that Beth did eliminate her last night, and yes Layla did win the match last night for Team Michelle, so Eve is out of the question when it comes to title matches. Michelle says that if Beth is asking for a title match, then she is on. Beth smiles and says good. Eve is backstage and she is furious, she says if she can’t fight Michelle again then she will fight her little partner Layla tonight. Next up we have John Morrison come out and talk about his victory over Ted Dibiase last night at Survivor Series, he says that it was a tough victory but he was able to pull it out, and pin Dibiase in the middle of the ring. Ted comes out, and he demands a rematch with Morrison, who tells Ted that he lost last night, and he should step to the back of the line, and let someone else have a chance, Ted refuses to let anyone else have a chance. Then the Raw GM gets involved and he says that in a few weeks the TLC pay per view is coming up, he tells Morrison that he will be defending the title against Ted one more time in a chairs match, where chairs are the only legal weapon to use. Morrison seems a little upset at this, but Ted does not seem to mind. After this we see a vignette that has some strange imagery from an abandoned building followed by text that just says 1 31 11. Next up we have our main event between Eve and Layla. Eve takes it to Layla for a little while, but Layla is able to make a comeback and roll Eve up for the win. Eve attacks Layla after the match. Michelle comes to pull Layla out of the ring, but she is then attacked by Beth Phoenix. LayCool is completely destroyed.
Smackdown starts up with it showing highlights from the Drew McIntyre vs Undertaker match up, and then they give a special thanks to the Undertaker for twenty phenomenal years in the WWE. Drew McIntyre comes out next, he is upset, he gets in the ring, and he talks about how unfair the Survivor Series match was, and he talks about how he should not have had to face the Undertaker again since he had already beaten him at Hell in a Cell, he then says that he wants his rematch, and he is invoking his rematch clause tonight against the Undertaker. Teddy Long says that the Undertaker is not there tonight, however he is going to be on Smackdown next week if Drew is still wanting to invoke his rematch clause. Drew says yes he is for sure going to want to invoke his rematch clause so he can reclaim his World Heavyweight Championship. Next up we have the Hart Dynasty come out, and they talk about how they lost at Survivor Series, and that they will not be facing off against Kozlov and Jackson for the Tag Team titles, then Tyler Reks music hits, he comes down to the ring, and he talks for the first time, he talks about how weak the Hart Dynasty was, and how easy it was to defeat them at Survivor Series. Tyson Kidd grabs the mic and he says that he pinned everyone else on that team, and he will not hesitate to beat down Tyler Reks as well. Tyler looks at Kidd and says challenge accepted. The two face off against each other, but Tyson Kidd is no match for Tyler Reks, who easily wins the match. Next up we have Kaval come out and he talks about his loss at Survivor Series, and how close he was to beating Shad Gaspard and claiming the IC title, Kaval then asks Shad for another shot at the title, but instead of Shad coming out Joe Hennig comes out, and he says to Kaval that he does not deserve another shot at the title and that he lost, he reminds Kaval that he should not have won NXT in the first place, and that his title shot had belonged to Joe Hennig, and Joe says that at Hell in a Cell he proved that, so he says that if anyone is going to get a shot at the title it should be him. Teddy Long comes out and he says that if Kaval or Joe wants a shot at Shads title then they have to earn it tonight, in a number one contenders match against one another. JTG fights next and he goes up against Chris Masters in a rematch, JTG wins more obviously this time around, and he grabs a mic and he says that at Survivor Series he blew it, and that set him back a little bit, but he says that he is still working hard to climb up the WWE ladder right now, and despite last night he still intends on doing just that. Our main event comes along, a rematch between Joe Hennig and Kaval. Both men fight for a little while until Shad comes out and attacks them both, Teddy Long comes out and says that since Shad decided to do that, at TLC, he will defend his title in a Triple Threat ladder match against both Joe Hennig and Kaval.
Raw starts out with the Nexus in the ring, we see Wade Barrett with the mic, and he talks about Daniel Bryan, he says that you are either Nexus or against us, and Daniel Bryan had proved that he was against Nexus, Wade tells everyone that Daniel Bryan made his viewpoints about the Nexus known, and he had attacked the Nexus at Survivor Series meaning that Daniel Bryan like John Cena before was an enemy of the Nexus and had to be stopped. Daniel Bryan then comes out, and he calls Wade a coward, because last week he had to use the Nexus to not only stop Bryan, but silence him as well. Daniel says that he will not be silenced by Nexus or by anyone else, he says that if Wade wants to stop Bryan then he has to beat him one on one tonight. Wade accepts the challenge, he says that he will meet Daniel tonight, and he will put a stop to him, and finally beat him. Next up we have John Morrison vs Dolph Ziggler. John looks to be in great shape, he starts to beat down Dolph Ziggler, but just before he can hit Starship pain he is attacked with a chair by Ted Dibiase, who then nails John with Dream street. After this we have a womens tag team match where we have LayCool taking on the team of Beth Phoenix and Eve. It goes back and forth for a bit before Beth Phoenix hits the Glam Slam on Layla to win the match. Beth then goes to attack Michelle McCool, while Eve picks up the scraps with Layla. Eve beats down Layla with a chair. Next up we have our main event of Daniel Bryan vs Wade Barrett. The match is actually very evenly matched, but it gets far too out of control and spills to the outside of the ring, the two men do battle on the outside of the ring, and the refs count gets high, and Daniel notices this, he just barely gets in the ring, as to where Wade does not, and it ends up costing him the match. After the match the Raw GM comes on and tells Daniel that he has proven his point and he has been brave enough to stand up to Nexus on his own, and his reward for both that and his victory tonight is going to be a Tables, Ladders, and Chairs match at TLC for the WWE Championship against Wade Barrett.
Smackdown starts off with a graphic that shows that Drew McIntyre will be facing off with the Undertaker for tonight's main event. The Colons come out to start out the night, they all three talk about what kind of match they will be facing off against Kozlov and Jackson in, they say that they want Teddy Long to come out and tell them exactly what kind of match it is. Teddy does come out and he tells them that it will be a Tables match at TLC. The Colons look as though they don’t want this type of match, but it is what they are going to have to take, Kozlov and Jackson come out and talk to the Colons, all Jackson says to them is, is that they have no Tyler Reks to protect them this time, and at TLC, they plan on putting not just one or two, but all three of the Colons through a table. Next up we have a Survivor Series rematch between Shad and Kaval. Shad beats up Kaval for a little bit, but in the end Shad takes a ladder and he looks to attack Kaval, but Kaval does not let it happen, he dropkicks the ladder into Shad's face, and then Kaval ends up pinning Shad for the win. Next up we have a match between David Hart Smith and Tyler Reks. Once again Tyler Reks dominates this match, he grabs a mic after the match and he says that he wants a true challenge, one on one, Tyson Kidd and David Hart Smith stand no chance against Tyler Reks, Tyler challenges them to a 2 on 1 handicap match against the Hart Dynasty at TLC. Tyson Kidd takes the mic and he says that Tyler Reks just bit off more than he can chew and that at TLC he is on. We get to our main event between Drew and the Undertaker. It is another match that goes back and forth, and Drew is holding his own against the Undertaker, the two hit a double clothesline on eachother, and they are both trying to get up when Chris Jericho comes and attacks the Undertaker, he beats the Undertaker down, and then Drew McIntyre goes to confront Chris, but he gets hit with a Codebreaker, and the show goes off the air.
Back on Raw we start out with Michelle McCool and Layla come out to start the show. Michelle takes her microphone, and says that LayCool has some news tonight. First Michelle says that her match against Beth Phoenix at TLC will be a Tables, Ladders, and Chairs match. Michelle then gives the mic to Layla and Layla says that after last week another match has been made for TLC, and that is a Chairs match between her and Eve. Beth Phoenix comes out next, and she says she looks forward to destroying Michelle at TLC, she then begins to taunt Michelle, who then charges up the ramp towards Beth, meanwhile in the ring, Eve tries to attack Layla, but Layla fights her off, this distracts Michelle, and Beth hits her in the back on the head with a cheap shot, and she knocks Michelle to the ground and walks away. Next up we have Ted Dibiase vs Evan Bourne. Ted beats Evan and after the match John Morrison gets his revenge on Ted with the chair, he then hits Ted with the Starship pain and he walks away from the ring and he does his pose. Finally we have Nexus come to the ring and Wade talks about his match at TLC, he says that even though he seemed happy, what happened to Daniel Bryan last week was the worst possible outcome, because now Wade Barrett is able to use all kinds of weapons, and also at TLC Wade looks to break Daniel Bryan and show him that it was a massive mistake leaving Nexus. Daniel jumps the barricade, and he attacks Nexus with a chair, he is able to catch David Otunga and he beats him down with the chair, as the rest of Nexus gets away.
Back on Smackdown we start out with Chris Jericho coming out and talking about his actions last week, he says that last time Undertaker was World Heavyweight Champion it was Chris Jericho who took the title from him, and now Undertaker is champion again. Jericho let Drew have his rematch, and he let him have his reign, now that all that is over Jericho says that it is time for him to once again be World Heavyweight Champion. Jericho demands Teddy Long come out and make Jericho vs Undertaker official. Drew McIntyre comes out and he confronts Jericho, Drew says that Jericho ruined his match last week, and for that Drew should have another shot at the World Heavyweight Championship, his World Heavyweight Championship. Alberto Del Rio comes out next. Del Rio says that he has never even lost a match in WWE, he injured Rey Mysterio and he helped Team Smackdown gain a victory. Del Rio then says that being World Heavyweight Champion is his destiny. Teddy Long then comes out and he says that he knows exactly how to settle this, a triple threat ladder match at TLC, and above the ring is a contract, and whoever grabs the contract will have a World Heavyweight title match against the Undertaker at the Royal Rumble Pay Per View. Next up we have a tag team match set up for our next match, it is the Hart Dynasty vs Tyler Reks and Chris Masters. The Hart Dynasty works together really well, and they do not allow a tag to Tyler Reks, and they hit the Hart Attack on Chris Masters and pin him, they celebrate their victory as Tyler Reks walks away. Up next we have a singles match between Primo and the man he pinned at Survivor Series Vladimir Kozlov. Kozlov easily takes the fight to Primo and he gets his revenge for Survivor Series. Kozlov defeats Primo. Our main event for the night is Joe Hennig vs Shad. The match gets underway, and Kaval ends up coming out to try and taunt both men. Shad takes the bait and he goes back and forth with Kaval in a war of words, but then Shad gets hit with the Perfect Plex and he is pinned by Joe Hennig, and that is what ends the night.
Go home Raw starts out with a match between Layla and Beth Phoenix. Michelle is in Laylas corner, and Eve is in Beth's corner. Beth ends up winning the fight with Layla, although only after Layla was distracted by Eve. After the match Michelle goes in to attack Beth Phoenix, but Beth counters and hits Michelle with a Glam Slam. Meanwhile Eve and Layla are fighting on the outside of the ring, and Eve pokes Layla in the eye, and then she grabs a chair and begins to beat Layla with it, and she lays her out with the chair. Next up we have John Morrison call out Ted Dibiase. Ted comes out and the two go on about their match at TLC, and John says that Ted is a great opponent, but this Sunday at TLC John will use as many chairs as he has to this Sunday to destroy Ted and keep his United States Championship. Ted then tells him that he is far too hungry to lose this title match this Sunday, and John can use as many chairs as he wants, but it will not work. Ted says that he will win at all costs this Sunday at TLC. Our main event for the night is Daniel Bryan vs David Otunga. Daniel and David go back and forth with their match, and Daniel does get the upper hand, so Otunga goes outside of the ring and he gets a chair. Otunga tries to hit Daniel with a chair, but Daniel dodges the shot and puts Otunga in the Labell lock and gets Otunga to tap so Daniel wins the match. Nexus comes out at the end and tries to attack Daniel, but Daniel runs through the crowd and the show ends with him and Wade Barrett looking at eachother.
It is now the go home Smackdown, and we start out with a tag team match between Kaval/Hennig vs Shad/Mike Knox. Kaval and Hennig continue to bicker throughout the whole match, while Shad and Knox work together well. At the end of the match Kaval argues with Hennig and he turns into a big boot and then an STO, Shad ends up pinning Kaval to win the match. Next up we get an 8 man tag with the Colons and Tyler Reks vs Jackson, Kozlov, and the Hart Dynasty this time however it is a normal tag team match. This match is a long match but in the end Tyler Reks ends up getting the pin over Kozlov, and him and the Colons end up winning the match. Our last main event before TLC is Chris Jericho taking on Drew McIntyre. They have a good match with each other, and it goes on for a while until Del Rio gets involved in the match and attacks both men, he drops Drew with a kick and then he puts Jericho in the Cross ArmBreaker. At the end of the night Alberto Del Rio stands tall going into TLC.
  1. Tyler Reks defeats Hart Dynasty (Pins David Hart Smith)
  2. John Morrison retains against Ted Dibiase
  3. Colons win the Tag titles from Jackson and Kozlov (All three Colons attack and put Kozlov through a table.)
  4. Shad retains over Kaval and Hennig
  5. Michelle McCool retains against Beth Phoenix
  6. Chris Jericho earns the number one contenders spot
  7. Layla defeats Eve
  8. Wade Barrett retains over Daniel Bryan
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2020.06.07 20:38 AEWPunk525 Rebooking WWE throughout the 2010s. Part 9

Chapter 9
Surviving War
On the Raw after Bragging Rights, it is announced by the GM that Raw has lost the war with Smackdown at Bragging Rights, however as Micheal Cole is talking he gets interrupted by the music of the Nexus, they all come out, and Wade Barrett grabs the microphone, he says that Raw should not have lost, they should have and could have swept Smackdown, Barrett says if it wasn’t for the Undertaker getting involved in his match he would have beaten Drew McIntyre, and then he says that if Raw could have cooperated with Nexus during the 10 man tag match they would have destroyed Smackdown, but they let their egos get in the way, and they ended up being put in their place by Nexus, Wade says that brings him to John Cena, he says that Cena dared to attack him last night, and he doesn’t understand why, Wade says that he has beaten Cena multiple times, and even took his WWE Championship, and then beat him inside of Hell in a Cell. Wade then says if Cena ever shows himself around any of the Nexus again, he will feel the consequences of his actions. Then John Cena comes out and stands on the stage as Nexus all stare at him from the ring. John Cena has a mic and he says that he knows how good Wade Barrett is, and he knows he was beaten by Wade multiple times. Cena says that he doesn’t deserve another shot at the title right now, he says that he would need to earn it first. But Cena says his goal is still to destroy Nexus, and he says that since Survivor Series is just around the corner, Cena pauses and smiles. Sheamus music hits, and he comes out and stands besides Cena, who continues to smile, then we hear the music of Rated RKO, they both come out and stand beside Cena as well. Cena then says that yes, they are still one short right now, but they all four want the same thing, a five on five traditional Survivor Series tag match, Nexus vs Team WWE. Wade Barrett looks at the other members of Nexus, who all have approving looks on their face, he then looks back at Cena and says that Nexus accepts. The Raw GM exclaims that in light of that announcement, how about we see a preview tonight, Ryback vs Sheamus in our main event. Next we have John Morrison come out, and he says that he wants a new challenge for Survivor Series, he has beaten the Miz, he has beaten R-Truth, and last night he earned a hard fought victory over Shad Gaspard, he wants something new, he is willing to put his title on the line against anyone. Ted Dibiase comes out, and he says that he accepts, and he wants a shot at the US Title. John smiles at him and he says, well I did say anyone, so your challenge is accepted. Next up we have a match between Michelle McCool and Natalya, and Michelle ends up getting counted out after a blindside attack from Eve. Backstage Eve is asked about her actions, and she says that simply put she just wanted a little bit of revenge on Michelle, even if she can’t fight her for the Womens title. Next up we have our main event, Ryback vs Sheamus, both men try to overpower eachother, and Ryback ends up getting the better of Sheamus, and he hits him with his meathook clothesline, Ryback sets up for Shell Shocked, but then Cena, Orton, and Edge all come out, and Ryback looks at them before he turns into a brogue kick. Ryback is pinned by Sheamus, and this is the first pinfall loss the Nexus have suffered, Cena looks into the camera and shrugs, and we see Nexus in the back and they are upset at this result, Raw then goes off the air.
Smackdown is next, and the first thing we see is a new guy, Tyler Reks come out and make his Smackdown debut against a local talent, Tyler Reks is a savage man who beats down and tortures the talent before hitting the burning hammer on him and winning the match. After this we see Drew McIntyre being interviewed backstage, he says that yeah, Smackdown won at Bragging Rights, and yeah, he won his match, but Drew says that it wasn’t right, he was meant to pin Barrett and put him in his place, and bring honor to Smackdown, but the Undertaker ruined that, Drew said that he already beat the Undertaker, and he should just stay away from now on. After this we see Kozlov and Jackson in the ring, they talk about how dominant they were at Bragging Rights, and how not even the Colons could beat them, they talk about how no one can beat them. The Hart Dynasty comes out next, and says that they want another shot at the titles, then they are interrupted by the Colons. Carlito says that firstly the Hart Dynasty have already had enough shots at the tag titles, and secondly he asks if they remember Hell in a Cell where they were beaten by the Colons. Carlito says that it was Primo and Epico who lost to Kozlov and Jackson, and though Carlito says that it was just barely, Carlito says that he himself knows how to beat them, after all he pinned Ezekiel Jackson not too long ago, so why not give them another chance. Tyson Kidd tells them things have changed, since the Colons have been gone, new teams have arrived in WWE, and new champs have risen. Carlito says how about Kozlov, Jackson, and the Hart Dynasty face off against the Colons plus one more in a traditional tag match at Survivor Series, and if the Colons win, they face off against Kozlov and Jackson again for the titles, but if they lose, the Hart Dynasty can have their shot. Hart Dynasty accepts, and then Kozlov says that he too accepts the match. Next up we have Kaval out talking about his win at Bragging Rights, he says that it was such a great feeling to win last night, and he talks about how Smackdown won 2 to 1, and then Kaval brings up that one loss, he says that it was Shad Gaspard, Kaval then calls Shad out, he says to Shad that the two have never faced off before, but he did watch him last night, and Kaval says that he noticed something, he noticed that when faced off against someone with truly great athleticism, Shad cannot seem to catch up, and that is why he lost last night to John Morrison, and Kaval says he knows how good Morrison is, and he says that Shad is no easy challenge, but Kaval won NXT season 2 and that means he has a shot at any title he wants, and he believes after watching Shad at Bragging Rights that he has found his perfect opportunity to challenge for a championship, Shad interrupts with a big boot and then an STO, before leaving the ring. Next up we have Alberto Del Rio talking about how great he did last night, and how he lead his team to victory, he gets interrupted by JTG, who asks him didn’t he get eliminated by Ryback at Bragging Rights, Alberto calls JTG a chihuahua and tells him to get out, JTG leaves and gets ready for his match, it is against Luke Gallows, JTG is able to win this match, but afterwards he is attacked by Del Rio and put in the cross armbreaker. Finally we get a graphic at the end of the night saying that the Undertaker is coming to Smackdown next week to address his actions at Bragging Rights.
Back on Raw we see Team WWE in the ring, and all four men are happy about the victory last week, they finally cost Nexus a match, Cena talks about how that is just a minor victory however, and how at Survivor Series they are going to show Nexus their place in WWE, Cena says that all five men on Team WWE, and yes now there are five, and they are going to destroy the Nexus. Nexus comes out, and Barrett wants to know who the fifth man is. Cena says to Barrett that the fifth man does not want to be revealed until Survivor Series, but Cena says that the fifth man hates Nexus just as much as they do. Wade Barrett tries to call Cenas bluff, and says that there is no fifth man, and that they could not find anyone, however none of this is fasing Cena, and he just continues to let Barrett go on. Cena eventually says to Wade that he needs to talk less and fight more. Wade Barrett then wants to know who is fighting now, he thinks that it is a match between him and Cena, but Cena says no, it is going to be a match between David Otunga and Edge, if David accepts, and he does, he takes the mic, and he tells Edge that he is on. We see the match between David and Edge, and Edge seems to have David beaten, but then Nexus surrounds the ring, and distracts Edge who gets planted by David and loses the match. Next up we have a match between Eve and Maria that is about to get underway, but Michelle McCool comes out and she says to Eve that obviously this rivalry isn’t quite over yet, so Michelle wants one last chapter with Eve, Eve looks at Michelle, and Michelle says that at Survivor Series, since Eve cannot face Michelle for the title, how about they do a little five on five traditional match. Eve looks at Michelle and she says one condition, Michelle tells Eve that there is always a condition with her, but Michelle tells her to go ahead. Eve says that if her team wins, then she is allowed to face Michelle again for the Womens title. Michelle tells Eve, fine if her team wins she is allowed to lose again to Michelle McCool for the title. Next up we have a match between Ted Dibiase and Santino, Ted toys with Santino and he wins quite easily, and then after the match he motions that he will soon have the title around his waist. We then go backstage where we see the Nexus, they are told that next week it will be Heath Slater vs an old rival, Randy Orton.
Back on Smackdown we start out with Shad Gaspard coming out, and explaining how unfair Bragging Rights was for him, and how he should have beaten John Morrison, and if he had another chance, he would be the one coming out victorious over Morrison, and he is tired of hearing that he lost a match everywhere he goes. Then we hear the music of Kaval interrupt, he comes out and says to Shad that he wasn’t able to finish last week when Shad attacked him, he tells Shad that hopefully he is able to get over his loss to Morrison soon, because at Survivor Series it is going to be even worse as he is going to lose his IC title to Kaval, because that is the Pay Per View where Kaval is choosing to use his championship match. Kaval then leaves. Next up we have another Tyler Reks match where he fights another local talent, and once again he destroys the talent. Backstage we see the Colons watching Tyler Reks, they all three seem impressed. Then they are asked about the match tonight between Primo and Tyson Kidd, Primo says that he can’t wait, he says that Tyson Kidd talked way too much last week, and he needed to be shut up, Primo then says that they know things have changed since they have been gone, but they are back now, and just like last time they plan on ruling over this tag division. Next up however, we have JTG call out Alberto Del Rio, he says that Del Rio should come out and face him like a man instead of attacking him from behind. Del Rio comes out, and he says that JTG is not worth his time, and that he has a match tonight anyway, so JTG, should just leave, but JTG does not, Del Rio gets upset about this, and he goes to remove JTG from the ring himself, JTG grabs a pair of brass knuckles from his pocket and when Del Rio approaches him, JTG hits Del Rio in the face with the knuckles. JTG then leaves the ring, and we hear the Great Khali come out, Del Rio however leaves before the match starts. Next up we have Primo vs Tyson Kidd. Tyson Kidd gets the upper hand, and he is able to defeat Primo in the ring, and the Colons come out and collect Primo, and Tyson Kidd grabs the mic and tells the Colons that he alone has no beaten Primo and Carlito, and with the power of Kozlov, Jackson, and his very own David Hart Smith on his side, he says that the Colons better hope their fourth man is one powerful fighter, because right now, they do not stand a chance. After this we finally get to see the Undertaker, he comes out and begins to explain himself, he says that Drew McIntyre was able to beat him inside Hell in a Cell, and he has respect for Drew because of the fight he put up in the Cell, but then Undertaker heard Drew call himself the new Phenom, and the most dominant force in the WWE. Undertaker then recalled Night of Champions where Drew chose to take his title and run. The Undertaker says with the twentieth anniversary of his debut coming up, he asked for one more one on one normal match against Drew McIntyre and at Survivor Series that is what he will get, and this time, if Drew tries to run or get disqualified he will lose the World Heavyweight Championship. We see Drew backstage throwing a fit as the show goes off the air.
Next on Raw we get the picking of the teams for Team Eve vs Team Michelle. Both women are on the stage, and Michelle picks first, she says it should be obvious, she is going to pick her best friend and her partner, Layla. Eve goes next, she says that she looks to pick the strongest woman on the roster, Beth Pheonix. Michelle goes next, she picks an old rival, but one of the greatest women wrestlers of all time, Mickie James. Eve goes next, she picks Natalya. Then Michelle goes next she picks Kelly Kelly, then Eve goes, picking Serena. Michelle goes for her final pick, and she looks to choose, Melina. Eve goes next and she picks former champion, Maryse. Next up we have our Randy Orton vs Heath Slater match, before the match Orton says that this match is not about winning or losing, it is about sending a message to the Nexus, and that is what Randy plans on doing here tonight. The match starts up, and the two go back and forth fighting, it spills out of the ring, and before long Orton grabs a chair and hits Slater with it, getting DQ’d Orton then beats down Heath with the chair, he then throws Heath in the ring, and gives him an RKO, before leaving the ring. Orton walks back and he gets a mic, and he just says that is what I mean by sending a message to the Nexus. Next up John Morrison faces off against Evan Bourne. It is a competitive match, but in the end John Morrison is able to win, he shakes Bournes hand after the match, and then holds up his championship and looks at the hard cam. After this we get the Anonymous Raw GM telling us that next week just six days before Survivor Series we will have one more one on one match and that match will be our main event next week between John Cena and Justin Gabriel. Nexus comes out, and before the show goes off the air, Wade says that he and Nexus will win against Team WWE at Survivor Series, no matter who the fifth man is, if he even exists. Wade then says that Justin Gabriel has a few words real quick. Justin grabs the mic and he talks to John Cena, he says that next week he will show John Cena just how tough the Nexus members are first hand, and then he will do the same at Survivor Series. Wade takes the mic back and he says to Randy Orton, that heis message earlier in the show was loud and clear, but that is not how Randy really wants it to be. Wade drops the mic, and the show ends.
Back on Smackdown we see Drew McIntyre start out the night he does not seem too happy at all, he says that at Survivor Series he is forced to pin or submit the Undertaker, Drew says that he does not believe the Undertaker deserves another shot at the title, but since that is what he is getting, then Drew now is going to have no choice but to beat the Undertaker down so bad that he will be forced to retire, Drew says that is ironic considering he is going to beat the Undertaker into retirement twenty years after he made his initial debut. Drew then says, but that is what is going to have to happen at Survivor Series. Next up we have another Tyler Reks match, he destroys another local competition. After Reks goes backstage he is greeted by the Colons, Carlito says to Reks that they could really use him on their Survivor Series team, and if Reks joins them it could perhaps help him out with future opportunities, Reks walks away, and we see Carlito follow him. The Colons have a match next against the Hart Dynasty, the fight goes back and forth for a while, however Kozlov and Jackson come out and they distract Primo and Epico, who then get attacked by the Hart Dynasty and lose the match. The Hart Dynasty walks away laughing after the match after Tyson Kidd pinned the last of the Colons, Epico. Next up we have Alberto Del Rio drive into the arena and walk to the ring, he grabs a microphone, and he speaks to JTG saying that last week was a cheap shot, and he is a hypocrite for doing what he did last week. Del Rio says if JTG wants to fight like a man, then let’s fight like men. Del Rio says that he will fight JTG like a man at Survivor Series. JTG comes out and he accepts the match for Survivor Series. Our main event comes, and it is a Hell in a Cell rematch between Kaval and Joe Hennig. Both men fight for a while, and just as Kaval gets the upper hand, Shads music hits, but he does not come out, once the music dies down and Kaval turns around he gets hit with the Perfect Plex and loses the match.
It is the final Raw before Survivor Series, and we start out with a match between the number one picks, Layla vs Beth Phoenix. Layla tries to fight, and she does okay, but Beth overpowers Layla and wins the match up. Next up we have a contract signing between Ted Dibiase and John Morrison, both men sign the contract, and then Ted says finally that this Sunday at Survivor Series he will win his first championship in WWE, and who better to win it from than Mr Money in the Bank himself John Morrison. Morrison takes the mic and he says to Ted Dibiase, that yes he will win the US title this Sunday, just like he won against Cody Rhodes at Summerslam, or like how he won the Triple Threat match all the way back at Wrestlemania. Ted Dibiase flips the table, and John Morrison stands up and gets in his face, Ted backs down, and motions that he will have the title, before leaving. Next up we have another womens match, this time it is between old rivals, Mickie James and Maryse, this time it goes in Team Michelles favor because Mickie James ends up winning the match. Our main event comes along and we have John Cena vs Justin Gabriel. Both men fight back and forth for a little while, Cena seems to be surprised with Justin Gabriels amazing ability, and the two fight to a stalemate for a moment, but then as the two men are having a staredown, Cena grabs a mic, and he says to Gabriel, you are real good kid, and I hate to do this, but sometimes you just have to fight fire with fire. Orton, Edge, and Sheamus all come out, and attack Justin Gabriel, then after that the rest of the Nexus come out and they fight Team WWE 5 on 4, and they drive out Team WWE, and the show ends with the two teams having a staredown to end the final Raw before Survivor Series.
It is the final Smackdown before Survivor Series, and we start out with Kozlov, Jackson, and the Hart Dynasty come out, and Tyson Kidd has the mic, he says that he alone has pinned all three of the Colons, and then he says at Bragging Rights, that the Colons lost the match to Kozlov and Jackson, and then last week the Hart Dynasty had beaten the Colons, and not to mention the Colons still have not gotten a fourth man. The Colons come out, and they get in the ring, looking defeated, like they have already lost, and Carlito says that, perhaps they are beaten already and have no shot at Survivor Series, but no matter what they will fight to the end, just like they will right now. Carlito then hits Kozlov, and a huge brawl breaks out. Soon the Colons start to get destroyed in the ring, but then out comes Tyler Reks. Reks gets in the ring, and David Hart Smith charges towards him. Tyler Reks throws David Hart Smith over the top rope to the ground. The attack has stopped, the other three men are looking at Tyler Reks. The Colons take advantage of this and attack again, but Ezekiel Jackson does not break his gaze from Tyler Reks. The Colons drive off Kozlov and Tyson Kidd. Ezekiel Jackson charges at Tyler Reks, but Reks flatens him with a massive clothesline, Jackson rolls from the ring, and the four men retreat from the ring. Next up we have Del Rio talking in his mansion about how he is going to defeat JTG this Sunday at Survivor Series. After this we have a match between Shad and Chris Jericho. Shad looks good in this match he looks like he is beginning to get to Chris Jericho, but then Kaval comes out, and costs Shad the match. Kaval gets in the ring after the match and he beats up and attacks Shad, before leaving the ring. Finally Drew McIntyre beats Yoshi Tatsu in a match. After that he grabs a mic and exclaims how he is going to beat and end the Undertaker once and for all this Sunday at Survivor Series and retain his World Heavyweight Championship. Lights go out, and when they come back on the Undertaker is standing there right in front of Drew, the two have a staredown to finish out the night.
Survivor Series
  1. Team Michelle defeats Team Eve (Beth Phoenix eliminates Michelle McCool, which makes it 2 on 1 against Layla, who rolls up Beth, and then goes one on one with Eve and beats her to win the match.)
  2. John Morrison retains against Ted Dibiase
  3. Shad retains against Kaval
  4. Team Colons defeat Team Hart Dynasty (Reks eliminates Jackson and Smith. Carlito eliminates Kidd. Primo eliminates Kozlov)
  5. Undertaker wins the World Heavyweight Championship from Drew Mcintyre
  6. Alberto Del Rio defeats JTG (JTG gets stopped by the ref after grabbing brass knuckles and then kicks locked in the Cross ArmBreaker.)
  7. Nexus defeat Team WWE (Daniel Bryan is the fifth man, he eliminates Slater and Ryback. Wade Barrett eliminates Bryan and Cena. Gabriel eliminates Orton. Otunga eliminates Edge, and Ryback eliminates Sheamus. Final elimination is Barrett over Bryan.)
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2020.06.07 00:25 AEWPunk525 Rebooking WWE throughout the 2010s. Part 8

Chapter 8
Brand Warfare
The next night on Raw, we start out with a message from the Raw GM, he says that he has some huge news, here in three weeks, there is going to be a special Pay Per View called Bragging Rights, now at this Pay Per View, we are going to have Smackdown vs Raw in a best of three series, we are going to have United States Champion, John Morrison vs Intercontinental Champion, Shad Gaspard plus another one on one match, and that will be WWE Champion, Wade Barrett vs World Heavyweight Champion, Drew McIntyre, and then our final match of the series will be a 10 man tag team match, Raws five best vs Smackdowns five best. Nexus music hits, and the Nexus walks down to the ring, Wade Barrett has a bandage on his head from last night. They get in the ring and Barrett grabs a mic, he says that Raws five best are Nexus, and if they make it Nexus vs Smackdown, then they will surely get at least two victories on the night, one when Wade Barrett wins over Drew McIntyre and the other when Nexus defeats Smackdown. The GM chimes in, he says that Wade will not compete in the 10 man tag as he already has a match set up, and then secondly, the GM wants Raw to take on Smackdown, not the Nexus, however there are three qualifying matches tonight, one is Edge vs Miz, another is Sheamus vs Evan Bourne, and finally the third of the night is Ryback vs Jack Swagger. After this we got our first qualifying match, Sheamus vs Evan Bourne. Both men put up a good fight, but in the end Sheamus is able to pull out the victory and successfully qualify for Team Raw. Next we have Eve coming out, she demands to have Michelle McCool come out, she does, she then tells Michelle to give her back the championship, Michelle declines, and says that at the first ever womens Hell in a Cell match Eve lost her championship, Eve tells Michelle that she got lucky last night, and that if Eve wanted she could pin Michelle or make her submit, over and over again. Michelle gets a smile on her face, she tells Eve to prove it. Michelle then tells Eve that here in three weeks the Bragging Rights Pay Per View is coming up, Michelle says that she wants some bragging rights of her own, and she knows Eve does as well, she tells Eve to invoke her rematch clause at Bragging Rights and make it the first ever Iron Woman match. Eve looks shocked, like she has just put her foot in her mouth, she yells out and says fine, but on one condition, Michelle tells Eve to name it, she says that no matter what this is the last time they will face each other for the championship, Michelle does not hesitate, she agrees, and then walks away. Next up is our second qualifier, it is between Ryback and Swagger, the two big men go at it, but Ryback overpowers Swagger and gets the Nexus a spot on Team Raw. Next up John Morrison comes out to ring and he says that last night R-Truth put up a good fight again, but last night was not like the friendly competition they had at Night of Champions, it was one of the most personal fights Morrison ever had, and he had to bring everything to beat R-Truth, but now R-Truth is in the past, and it is time to move on. John says that luckily he doesn’t have to defend his US title at Bragging Rights, because he has a massive challenge in front of him, Intercontinental Champion Shad Gaspard, who has a death grip on his title. Morrison says that like last night however, he will bring everything to Bragging Rights in order to win and defeat Shad Gaspard. Finally we have our last match of the night, Edge vs the Miz. Miz puts up a great fight, and even hits the Skull Crushing Finale, but it is not enough, Edge comes back and hits a spear on the Miz for the win, and to close out the night.
Drew McIntyre comes out on Smackdown and he immediately holds up his World Heavyweight Championship and laughs, he yells into the mic that he killed the Deadman, and that he is the true phenom of WWE, and that he is the most dominant force WWE has ever seen, not the Undertaker, and at Hell in a Cell Drew proved that when he beat the old man in the Cell, in the middle of the ring. He says that now he is looking to deal with someone else who thinks that they are the most dominant force in WWE, a man who thinks he can just do whatever he wants, a man who just walked over John Cena, WWE Champion Wade Barrett. Drew says that at Bragging Rights, Wade Barrett will go down and face his first taste of defeat in WWE, Drew then says because unlike Wade, he got his Championship on his own. Backstage we see Teddy Long announce two Qualifying matches for Team Smackdown at Bragging Rights. CM Punk vs Kane and also a man who is making his Smackdown debut Alberto Del Rio will be taking on Yoshi Tatsu for a spot on the team. After this we get CM Punk fighting Kane and he is able to beat Kane and move on to Team Smackdown. Next up we have the Colons come out to the ring, and Carlito exclaims that they were able to defeat the Hart Dynasty at Hell in a Cell, and that does make them the number one contenders for the Tag Team Championships. Ezekiel Jackson and Vladimir Kozlov come out and laugh at the Colons, Carlito asks why they are laughing, and Jackson tells them to think about how small they are, Carlito then laughs and he says to Jackson, that height and weight did not matter a few weeks ago when Carlito beat him in the middle of the ring. Jackson takes offense and gets held back by Kozlov, Carlito says that he meant no offense by it, he was just saying, so that Kozlov and Jackson can bring their A-game to Bragging Rights. Next we have Shad vs Christian for the IC title, Shad once again beats Christian, and then tosses him out of the ring, and puts him through the announce table, he grabs a mic and says that at Bragging Rights that will be John Morrisons fate. Then after this we have our main event, which is, Alberto Del Rio vs Yoshi Tatsu. Yoshi puts up a great fight against Del Rio, but he ends up tapping out to the Cross ArmBreaker, and Del Rio grabs his spot on Team Smackdown.
Next on Raw we start out with the anonymous GM talking about the last two qualifying matches, first we will have Nexus member David Otunga vs his old NXT pro, R-Truth, and then we will have the last qualifier, Randy Orton vs Dolph Ziggler, after that Team Raw will be complete. First however we have a match between Eve and Kelly Kelly, the two fight for a while, until the end when Eve defeats her, after the match she attacks Kelly, until Michelle comes out and drives Eve away. Next up we have our first qualifying match between Otunga and Truth. Truth puts up a fight, but Otunga is out to prove something, and he ends up beating R-Truth to qualify for the team alongside his fellow Nexus member Ryback. After this we see John Morrison backstage and he gets asked what his thoughts were on what Shad did on Smackdown and the message he sent to John Morrison. Morrison says that yes he saw it, and he knows that Shad is going to be a tough opponent, but he also knows that with all due respect to Christian, he is not John Morrison, and what John Morrison is going to do at Bragging Rights is give Shad the fight of his life, Morrison says that Shad can send all of the messages that he wants, at the end of the day it will make no difference, he will either beat John Morrison at Bragging Rights, or he will walk out the loser of their match at Bragging Rights. Next up we see Edge and Sheamus backstage discussing strategy to defeat Team Smackdown, then we see Otunga and Ryback face off against them, Otunga says to the men that they need to just stay out of Nexus way during the match, and if they do that, then Raw will be winning at Bragging Rights, Nexus then walk away. After this we have our main event, Randy Orton vs Dolph Ziggler. It is another long match, and at the end Dolph goes for a Zig Zag, but Randy holds on to the ropes, Dolph gets up and tries again, but gets hit with an RKO out of nowhere, causing Randy to get the last spot on Team Raw. This however is not the end of Raw, Wade Barrett comes out, and he says that he has something to say, he says to Drew McIntyre that he does not think that he is the most dominant force in the WWE, he says that he is the leader of the most dominant force in WWE, and if Drew continues to piss him off, then he will feel that force first hand after he loses the match, and he says that if Drew thought the Undertaker was tough, then he has something far worse coming for him at Bragging Rights.
On Smackdown we start out with Carlito taking on Ezekiel Jackson in a rematch, however, the match just barely gets underway when Kozlov attacks Carlito, however, Primo and Epico come down to the ring and they attack and drive off Kozlov, and then all three beat up Ezekiel Jackson in the ring. After this our three qualifying matches are announced for the night, and they are JTG vs Chris Masters, Kaval vs Mike Knox, and Joe Hennig vs Christian. First up we have JTG vs Masters. Masters beats up JTG for a minute, but he goes for the Master Lock, to which JTG uses the ropes to roll up and pin Chris Masters to get a spot on Team Smackdown. After this we see that Shad comes out, he pulls a camera man in the ring, and he grabs a microphone and talks to John Morrison, he says that John can bring his fight however hard he wants, but the fact of the matter is, is that John is going to end up like Christian last week, which means he is going to get destroyed, Shad then says, like this, and proceeds to destroy the camera man. Next up we have Kaval vs Mike Knox, and Kaval evades Knox throughout the whole match until he can get some good offense in, and end up beating Knox for the spot on Team Smackdown. Drew comes out next and he talks to Wade Barrett, he says that Wades self confidence will be his downfall, sure Drew says, he beat John Cena, and that was pretty impressive, but Drew McIntyre beat the Undertaker, a man who has ruled WWE for almost two decades, almost no one can stand up to the Undertaker, especially inside of Hell in a Cell. Drew says that Wade will learn what a true challenge is at Bragging Rights, and he says that one, he doesn’t care if Wade Barrett gets pissed off, and two Wade should feel lucky that his WWE Championship is not on the line at Bragging Rights. Next up we have Joe Hennig vs Christian. Joe outdoes Christian in this match and he ends up beating Christian with the Perfect Plex, and he grabs that final spot on Team Smackdown.
Raw comes up next and it starts out with John Morrison vs R-Truth in a rematch from Hell in a Cell, the two fight for a while, until John is able to pull out the victory, after the match, a masked man comes out of the crowd and attacks John Morrison, he takes off his mask and is revealed to be Shad Gaspard. Next we are backstage, and Sheamus, Edge, and Randy Orton are all discussing strategy for this Sunday, they all talk about the strong and weak points of Team Smackdown, then Randy Orton begins to talk about Nexus, and how are they going to work with the rest of the team, Edge nor Sheamus have any answers for him. We then see Michelle McCool in a match with Serena, the two both get underway, but Mid Match Eve comes out, and attacks both members of LayCool, and stands tall at the end of all of this. Next up we are backstage again, and we see Ryback and Otunga at the end of their discussion, we hear Otunga say to Ryback that this Sunday they will just be there to take care of business, nothing else. Then for our main event we have Wade Barrett vs Cody Rhodes, this match is back and forth, but ultimately Cody goes for his beautiful disaster kick, and Wade catches him and hits him with Wasteland for the win. Wade grabs a mic, and he says look at Cody, he is one of the brightest young stars in WWE, he has such promise to be a future champion, but look at what just happened, he fought Wade Barrett and he lost, Wade says that Drew McIntyre is basically the same story, only he already is champion, he says that all bets are off Sunday, and that not only will he win, but Monday night Raw will have its bragging rights.
Smackdown starts with a graphic that shows the main event of the evening will be World Heavyweight Champion Drew McIntyre vs a huge challenge in the Great Khali. First however we see CM Punk talking to his teammates, he says that this Sunday is huge, and that they are all new to this type of situation, and that all they need to do is work together, Kaval takes a shot a Joe Hennig by saying that he needs to keep his ego in check if they do want to win this Sunday at Bragging Rights. Joe Hennig starts to argue with Kaval, and then this leads Alberto Del Rio to begin to act like he is better than everyone, and JTG confronts him, and Alberto tells him to watch his mouth, and that everyone knows what he has done in tag team action in the past, and what his partner has thought of him, JTG and Alberto begin to argue as well, and CM Punk just facepalms. Next up we have a handicap match between Epico and Primo vs Kozlov, Primo and Epico nearly win, and then Jackson gets involved, and beats the two men down, and when Carlito gets involved he gets double teamed and beaten up in the ring. Our main event comes and we get Drew McIntyre vs the Great Khali. Khali puts up a fight against Drew but is ultimately defeated. Drew celebrates his victory in the ring, and then we hear the music of the Nexus, they all come through the crowd, and then surround the ring. They get in the ring and attack Drew McIntyre, and the attack is finished off with a Wasteland from Wade Barrett, and then with the Nexus standing over Drew as the show ends.
Bragging Rights
  1. John Morrison defeats Shad Gaspard
  2. Kozlov and Jackson retain over Primo and Epico
  3. Team Smackdown defeats Team Raw (Nexus and the Raw superstars bicker the whole time and it escalates to the point where Slater and Gabriel come out and the four men attack Orton, Sheamus, and Edge and allow CM Punk to pin Edge, and then later Joe Hennig pins Orton, and Kaval pins Sheamus.)
  4. Michelle McCool retains against Eve (Final score: 4-2)
  5. Drew McIntyre wins by DQ (The match goes on for a few minutes, until the lights go out, when they come back on Undertaker chokeslams Drew causing him to win, Wade Barrett and the Undertaker have a small staredown as Wade has now been angered, but John Cena comes and attacks Wade from behind with a steel chair.)
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2020.06.03 02:51 AEWPunk525 Rebooking WWE throughout the 2010s. Part 5

Chapter 5
Summerslam ‘10
It is posted on WWE.com hours before the start of Raw that Wade Barrett has a huge announcement to make to start out Raw, it is also built up in the ads before Raw starts. Once Raw begins, we hear the music of the Nexus, and all five men come out, and move down to the ring, Wade Barrett grabs a microphone and he calls out John Cena, and once Cena comes out Wade tells him that Nexus has made a huge impact, and they have controlled what has been happening with the WWE Championship, and they will continue to do so at Summerslam, because that is where Wade Barrett is choosing to use his championship opportunity. Wade says that he has something to prove by himself at Summerslam, and he says that yes Nexus will come out to see Wade's greatest achievement, but no they will not get involved in the match. Cena takes his mic, and tells Barrett that he is a promising talent, but not utilizing Nexus in their Summerslam match will be his biggest mistake, because Cena is going to rip him apart for what he has done to not only the WWE Championship, but to Raw, and all of the WWE, Cena tells Wade that he plans on ending his reign of terror with the Nexus. Cenas music plays as Wade Barrett smirks at him. Next we see our Mr. Money in the Bank, John Morrison, he comes out with his briefcase and his US title, he talks about how proud he is of himself, and he says that it is finally time for him to reach the top of the mountain, Morrison does say however that he plans on letting Cena vs Barrett happen, because he wants to see Cena teach Barrett a lesson for everything he has done to the Raw roster. Miz comes out, and he congratulates John on his victory, and then he says that he will have no chance to ruin Cena vs Barrett because he will be preoccupied, because the Miz says that it has come to his attention that he never got his rematch for the US title, and since he still has his rematch clause he wants to use that at Summerslam and take the US title off of John Morrison. We now have two Summerslam matches right off the bat. Next we have a rematch between Eve and Natalya, but before the match can end, Eve is viciously attacked by Layla, and then given the Faith Breaker by Michelle McCool. In our main event we have David Otunga of the Nexus face off against Cody Rhodes. The match is pretty evenly matched, but Ted Dibiase comes in and attacks Cody, giving him Dream Street to close out the night.
Smackdown comes around and Drew McIntyre comes out to the ring, he talks about his victory over Rey Mysterio, he says Rey had more fight than he would have thought, and he says that Rey brought everything to that fight, but it just wasn’t enough, Drew was still the World Heavyweight Champion, he then hears an explosion, and the arena goes red, Kane comes out and down to the ring, he viciously attacks Drew McIntyre, and hits him with the chokeslam followed by the Tombstone. Kane looks like a rabid animal in the ring as Drew is laid out in the middle of it. Next we have a small battle royal to determine the next challenger for the IC title, Shad ends up winning the battle royal, and he says that at Summerslam he will defeat Yoshi Tatsu to take home the Championship, and he will show the world how good of a competitor he is. Next up we have the Hart Dynasty show up and celebrate their Money in the Bank victory in the Triple Threat match, but during their speech they are attacked by Kozlov and Jackson who say that they want a two on two shot at the tag team championships. Then finally our main event of the evening comes along, and it is Big Show vs Luke Gallows one on one, the match gets underway, and we see Big Show start to get the upper hand on Luke Gallows, but when Big Show does start winning CM Punk comes to the ring, and attacks Big Show, and the two men start a 2 on 1 attack, CM Punk then looks down at Big Show and tells him that he is laying down the challenge, the two of them go one on one at Summerslam.
Next weeks Raw starts up and we have John Cena come out, he is in serious mode, he tells everyone that over the past couple months these rookies have acted as terrorists, to the entire Monday night Raw, and then he looks at the camera, and he says that he is speaking to Drew McIntyre, Yoshi Tatsu, and the Hart Dynasty when he says that once they are done with him and Monday night Raw, they best believe that they will come over to Smackdown in order to cause chaos over there as well. John says that at Summerslam he looks to put a stop to Nexus, once and for all when he destroys Wade Barrett, Cena says that out of all the Summerslams, Survivor Series, Royal Rumbles, and Wrestlemanias that he has fought at, none of those matches have been as big as this one to him, Cena says that Wade Barrett will be stopped at all costs. Wade Barrett however has something else to worry about, as he looks to go one on one next week with a man who he and Nexus have tormented for a while now, Sheamus. Sheamus is in the back saying that much like Cena he too wants to destroy Barrett, because not once but twice Barrett and Nexus have cost Sheamus the WWE Championship. Sheamus walks away after this. Next we see Eve in the ring, she takes on Alicia Foxx and beats her rather quickly, she then grabs a mic and says that if LayCool wants to fight her then get out there and do so. LayCool comes out and Layla says that she wants a shot at Eves Divas Championship, and then the Raw GM pops up and says that Layla will get her title shot if she beats Eve in a non title match right now. Layla fights Eve but she comes up just short as Eve beats her in the ring, however as Eve is recovering, she once again gets hit with the Faith Breaker, Michelle McCool then holds her womens title above her head. Next we see Cody Rhodes come to the ring with a microphone, he speaks to Ted Dibiase, and he tells him that they have to end this thing between them, Cody says that he wants to fight Ted in a rubber match at Summerslam, only this time, pinfalls will be allowed and not only that, but it will be a No Holds Barred match, so it will have to end with one of the men beating the other fair and square, Cody then leaves the ring, and then we see Ted interviewed in the back, he says that he will answer Cody’s challenge next week on Raw. In our main event we see John Morrison vs Dolph Ziggler, but the match doesn’t even start as the Miz attacks Morrison by giving him the Skull Crushing Finale, that is how Raw ends.
Smackdown comes back and Kane starts us out with some sort of explanation as to why he brutally attacked Drew McIntyre. He says that the reason he attacked Drew is because for a while now Kane has been searching for the man who assaulted his brother the Undertaker, after a long time of searching the clues had lead Kane to the World Heavyweight Champion, Drew McIntyre, Kane says that after he found out that Drew attacked the Undertaker he swore to take revenge and destroy Drew McIntyre in order to avenge his brother the Undertaker, and that is what he did last week, and that is why he attacked Drew McIntyre last week. The announcers ask if Kane is losing his mind, they talk about how no one in their right mind would attack the Undertaker, not even Drew McIntyre. Throughout the show it is hinted that some other superstars may have attacked the Undertaker, and it almost becomes a game of who did it. Big Show comes out next, and he says that yes, he accepts CM Punk's challenge for a one on one match at Summerslam. The SES comes out next, and CM Punk says to Big Show, good, but before Summerslam, Big Show will go one on one with Luke Gallows again. Big Show fights and defeats Gallows, and then after the match CM Punk pulls Luke Gallows out of the ring, and attacks him, and hits him with the GTS. Punk grabs a mic, and he calls Gallows a failure, and says that he is not worthy to stand by Punk's side. Punk throws down the mic and leaves the arena. Hart Dynasty comes out and they call out Jackson and Kozlov, they say to both men, that if they want a title shot, then that is what they will get, the Hart Dynasty say that at Money in the Bank they were able to survive them, at Summerslam they will be able to beat them, and retain their tag team championships. Kozlov and Jackson both smile at the Hart Dynasty and laugh. Our main event is a rematch between Yoshi Tatsu and Chris Jericho. This match is tough, and we see Yoshi survive the Walls of Jericho, and we see him get the better of Jericho, he sets up for his kick, but then Shads music hits, and Yoshi turns and yells at Shad, before turning and getting hit by the Codebreaker to lose the match.
Raw comes back again and we see a graphic for our main event, Sheamus vs Wade Barrett. We start out with Morrison calling out the Miz, once Miz comes out John tells him that for what he did last week he is the biggest coward in the WWE. Miz retorts, by saying that he is no coward, he was just picking his spots, and getting in John's head so that at Summerslam it is a cakewalk to regain what rightfully belongs to the Miz, the United States Championship. Morrison challenges Miz to come down to the ring right now and fight him like a man, The Miz says that he can’t because he has a match tonight that he has to be ready for against Zack Ryder. When we come back from commercial we see Miz and Ryder in that match while John Morrison is on commentary. Miz wins the match and then he taunts Morrison, who gets up. Miz rolls out of the ring and laughs at Morrison as he walks away. Next we have an interview with Wade Barrett, he talks about Sheamus and says that no matter how tough Sheamus thinks he is Wade looks to prove a point to John Cena using Sheamus, tonight. Next we have Eve in the ring again tonight, she calls out Michelle McCool, she says that since Layla had a shot at the Divas title last week, now this week Eve wants a shot at the womens title. Michelle McCool tells Eve, not tonight, and then she says, at Summerslam, but on one condition, Eve tells Michelle to name it. Michelle tells Eve that she wants her to put that Divas Championship on the line as well. Eve looks at her title and she thinks for a minute before answering with an emphatic, yes. Next we see Ted Dibiase come out, and he answers Cody’s challenge, by asking Cody, why would he have to waste his time in a fight with him at Summerslam, and then he says that his answer is, no. Cody comes out and he asks Ted if he is afraid, and he begins to make fun of him, Ted tries to go up and fight Cody, and the two get into it, Ted throws Cody off the stage, and Cody looks hurt, so then Ted gets a mic, and while laughing at Cody he tells Cody, that he changes his mind, he will face him at Summerslam. Next we have our main event of Wade Barrett vs Sheamus. The fight is a hard hitting fight, but Barrett looks just a bit more motivated than Sheamus, he gets the better of him, and he nails Wasteland and pins Sheamus. Cena comes out, and Barrett waves him down to the ring, and taunts him, Cena runs down to the ring, but just before he can get in the ring, the other Nexus members assault him, and leave him hurting outside of the ring.
Smackdown starts out with Shad saying that he heard that Yoshi Tatsu had a problem with him coming out during his match last week, he then asks Yoshi if he wants to come out and try to do something about it. Yoshi comes out and walks into the ring, and he gets into a fight with Shad, Yoshi gets the better of Shad at first but then he bounces off of the ropes into a big boot. Shad leaves up the ramp after this. Next we see Drew McIntyre backstage, he gets asked if it really was him that attacked the Undertaker, he looks annoyed and walks off without answering, but Drew does have a match tonight against Christian. Next up we have Hart Dynasty sign a contract with Jackson and Kozlov, it ends with the Hart Dynasty trying to attack the two, but they get beat up pretty bad, and left in the ring by Kozlov and Jackson. Next up we have CM Punk vs Luke Gallows, Big Show comes out mid match and starts to cheer for Luke Gallows. Gallows is in control for most of the match, but he ultimately falls victim to the GTS, and loses to CM Punk. Punk and Big Show then have a bit of a staredown, before Big Show walks away and CM Punk continues his celebration. Next we have that match between Drew McIntyre and Christian, Kane comes out and tries to attack McIntyre, but Drew escapes with his title, and that is how Smackdown ends.
It is the final Raw before Summerslam Wade Barrett comes out and talks about how by this time next week he will be standing in the middle of the ring, in firm control of Raw with the WWE Championship, Cena then comes out and he walks into the ring, Nexus looks like they are ready to attack, but Cena just asks one thing of the Nexus, Wade looks perplexed, and Cena wants a one on one match with another member of Nexus tonight, he wants the muscle of Nexus, he wants Skip “Ryback” Schefield tonight in the main event of Raw, Ryback accepts the match. Next we have Cody Rhodes come down to the ring, and he is bandaged up, he says that yes he is injured, and no he will not be better by Sunday, but he does say that he is still able to compete, and he very much looks forward to it, because he knows that he can and will still beat Ted Dibiase despite his injuries. Ted comes out and laughs at Cody, he makes fun of him and says that he has absolutely no chance of winning this Sunday, and then Ted calls him the dumb one of Legacy, and says once he is done with Cody he is going to move on to bigger and better things like Championships and Wrestlemanias, Ted then leaves as his music plays. Next up we have a contract signing between Eve and Michelle McCool for their title unification match at Summerslam, Eve adds in that she has wanted to shut Michelle up for a very long time, Michelle then tells Eve that many have tried before. Next up is the Miz and John Morrison in a tag team match against each other, John has R-Truth as his partner while the Miz has Dolph Ziggler. Since Morrison and Truth know each other so well, they work better together, and Truth ends up pinning Ziggler. Up next is the main event. Ryback looks really strong in this match, and Cena is taken aback a little in the match, he does get the upper hand eventually, until the Nexus attack, and Wade gives Cena the Wasteland to finish off the night.
Go home Smackdown. To start the night out we see a graphic where Kane is in the main event against Mike Knox, and then after that we see another graphic where it shows that Kane will face Drew McIntyre for the World Heavyweight title at Summerslam. The first thing we see is Tyson Kidd vs Ezekiel Jackson. Tyson does a lot better than expected, he does get destroyed, but he ends up winning by a roll up, which upsets both Jackson and Kozlov. Next up the Big Show comes out and cuts a promo on CM Punk, and says that hopefully Punk will stop annoying Big Show when he gets whooped at Summerslam, Punk comes out and says that the Big Show will be the one looking up at the lights by the time the match is over. Next we have Yoshi coming out, he looks like he is about to cut a promo, but then Shad comes out and he mocks Yoshi in the ring, Yoshi however attacks Shad and the two get into a brawl, where Yoshi hits a surprise Kick on Shad that knocks him out, Yoshi then holds up the IC title in the air. Finally we have Kane vs Mike Knox, Kane shows a lot of dominance and wins the match with a chokeslam. After the match Drew blindsides Kane in the ring, and stands over Kane while he is down, Drew gets a mic and confirms that it was him that took out the legendary Undertaker and that Sunday at Summerslam he would be doing the same to Kane. Smackdown then goes off the air.
  1. John Morrison retains against the Miz
  2. Kozlov and Jackson win the tag titles from the Hart Dynasty (Pins David Hart Smith)
  3. Shad wins the IC title from Yoshi Tatsu
  4. Cody Rhodes defeats Ted Dibiase
  5. Michelle McCool wins the Divas title from Eve (And then throws it in the trash leaving only one belt left)
  6. Drew McIntyre retains against Kane (Undertaker appears after the match and attacks Drew)
  7. CM Punk defeats the Big Show (Makes him pass out in the middle of the ring)
  8. Wade Barrett wins the WWE title from John Cena (Nexus surrounded the ring, and were attacked mid match by Randy Orton, Edge, Sheamus, Dolph Ziggler, R-Truth, Santino, and Evan Bourne, however Nexus fought back, and this led to John Cena being distracted, and getting hit with three Wastelands in a row and then being pinned by Wade Barrett to lose the match.)
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2020.06.02 07:40 LALakers4Lyf (Rebooking Every WWE PPV Since 2010) Episode 15: The Trials of Seth Rollins

(Timeline: Post-WM 31 till Summerslam 2015, the time when I realized that WWE sorely needed to revive the Brand Extension due to the rising amount of talent being wasted simply because of the lack of available screen time vs the size of the roster. Also the point where I really might as well have made a completely separate post titled "How WWE Should've Booked The Wyatt Family")
I'd like to note that the reason I don't script the finishes to the matches and matches themselves too much unless it's really needed is because I have the utmost trust in all the performers involved that they would be able to make the best possible match that suits the story being told. Instead, my aim is to give each match I book the appropriate match time so the wrestlers can properly tell their stories.
Winners and champions-heading-into-the-match are marked in bold. Matches with no write-ups to them are generally kept the same, both in buildup and in the actual match. Some storylines from real life have been preserved, with likely just a few tweaks here and there. Links to the real-life PPV will be provided so you can check how things went down irl.
Link to Ep 14: https://www.reddit.com/fantasybooking/comments/gu3cjp/rebooking_every_wwe_ppv_since_2010_episode_14/
Link to Ep 1:

BACKLASH ( https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Extreme_Rules_(2015)) )
(Pre-Show) Naomi (w/ Tamina Snuka) vs Natalya 13:35
Naomi is looking to establish herself alongside her relative Tamina, and they first target Natalya for the same reasons she was targeted by the Bella Empire.
Antonio Cesaro vs Bad News Barrett (c) vs Adrian Neville vs Tyson Kidd vs Dolph Ziggler vs Ryback (IC Title) (Six-Pack Challenge) 11:40
The storyline that led to the ladder match for the IC Title at WM irl is done here, with everyone vying for the IC Title but the match is made to be just a Six-Pack Challenge, with Cesaro winning. Subplots include the Sheamus-Ziggler rivalry from real life as Sheamus costs Ziggler the match here, the debut of Neville and altercations with Tyson Kidd, and Ryback looking to rebuild his singles career.
Big E & Kofi Kingston (w/ Xavier Woods) (c) vs Goldust & Stardust (Tag Team Titles) 11:18
We're simply replacing Cesaro & Tyson Kidd with Goldust & Stardust so the buildup will be influenced as well, combining the theatrics of the brothers with the power of positivity with a heelish ignorant feel of The New Day.
Damien Sandow vs The Miz 11:46
Everything about the build in this feud is unchanged, with the only difference being that in this universe, the two men actually have a blow-off match with Sandow going over, something we never had irl.
Bray Wyatt, Luke Harper, Erick Rowan vs Bo Dallas, Braun Strowman, Leo Kruger 12:16
The story this time has further intensified with both teams playing mind games with each other every week, particularly Kruger who got into Wyatt's head for the death of Sister Abigail that factored into the Outcasts' Wrestlemania win. This time, the Wyatts pick up the win here, evening up the score at 1-1.
Alexander Rusev (w/ Lana) (c) vs Jack Swagger (w/ Zeb Colter) (Russian Federation Title) 13:36
The build to their Battleground 2014 match irl takes place here, and Swagger's babyface run is solidified by this feud. The match ends in a double-countout, suggesting a future rematch.
Nikki Bella (w/ Brie Bella, Summer Rae, Alicia Fox) (c) vs Paige 10:37
The buildup from this point becomes similar to this vid (Hint: It's another Adam Blampied how WWE Should've Booked): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lou0TOkiVp4&t=420s Basically, Paige becomes like a female Stone Cold and runs amok throughout the Bella Empire's campaign, building to a match at Backlash. Paige nearly gets the win, but the Number's Game overwhelm her. After the match, Naomi & Tamina come out, and just when it looks like they'll face off with the Bella Empire, they attack Paige and pledge allegiance to the Bellas.
Seth Rollins (w/ Alex Riley & Zack Ryder) (c) vs Randy Orton (WWE WHC Match) (Steel Cage Match w/ Big Show as Gatekeeper) 21:02
Originally built to be a Daniel Bryan vs Seth Rollins match, plans change when Bryan suffers a injury like irl. Rollins can take credit for ending Bryan's career in order to build more heel heat. The build to this match is similar irl, except this time it's Big Show in Kane's place and him & A-to-Z Security trying to prevent Ambrose & Reigns from ruining the match and Rollins' parade. Orton is named the No. 1 Contender because of his status as Royal Rumble winner, and everything else plays the same. Except Rollins' finisher is not the pedigree, and the Curb Stomp is not banned. If they can bring back the Stomp irl, surely they can find legal ways to keep the Stomp and just change the name of the finisher. Because of Ambrose & Reigns stalking Rollins outside the ring after laying out the Authority, he does not leave the cage after winning by pinfall. Tons of security approach to try to hold off Rollins' former Shield brothers.

PAYBACK ( https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Payback_(2015)) )
(Pre-Show) Antonio Cesaro (c) vs Bad News Barrett (IC Title) 14:41
Sheamus vs Dolph Ziggler 12:22
Big E Langston & Kofi Kingston (w/ Xavier Woods) (c) vs Titus O'Neil & Darren Young (Tag Team Titles) 7:23
Replace Cesaro & Kidd with Titus O'Neil & Darren Young. Goldust at this point needed surgery irl so Stardust is now a singles competitor. New Day retains.
Adrian Neville vs Tyson Kidd (Winner Faces John Cena at MITB) 17:53
John Cena returns the night after Backlash as he talks about his plans, acknowledging that a new era is being ushered in but that era has to go through him first. It is here that both Tyson Kidd and Adrian Neville appear as they both want to make a name for themselves by facing Cena. Cena, being the competitor that he is, tells them that he would face both of them separately. However, Kidd first costs Neville his match vs Cena, then later Neville costs Kidd his match against Cena, both times leading to Cena wins. The two then recall their history in NXT, and decide to have a match at Payback, with John Cena watching from commentary. Neville wins and he & Cena have a staredown afterwards.
Jack Swagger (w/ Zeb Colter) vs Alexander Rusev (w/ Lana) (c) (Russian Federation Title) (No DQ Match) 15:41
The build to their Summerslam 2014 Match takes place here, only this time without the Flag Match but instead the Russian Federation title is on the line and is a No DQ match. Swagger picks up the huge win here after Rusev taps to the ankle lock. Swagger & Colter reveal that they have brought back the US Title, much to the delight of the crowd. As Swagger stands at the entrance ramp with the US Title and with Colter by his side, IC Champion Cesaro appears. The former Real Americans look at each other, shake hands, and hold their respective titles high up in the air.
Bray Wyatt, Luke Harper, Erick Rowan vs Leo Kruger, Braun Strowman, Bo Dallas (No Holds Barred Elimination Match) 23:01
Another layer is added here: Bray questions his brother Bo and the black sheep Strowman for their actions in the past had one goal for Bray: And that is to bring down the machine. He asks why can't they put their differences aside and fight for that common cause. Ofc, the Outcasts don't accept this just yet, as they still have the deciding match, which is No Holds Barred Elimination. The Wyatts vow to show The Outcasts just why they are the perfect family to bring down the machine. Rowan & Harper eliminate Bo, Strowman eliminates both Rowan & Harper, Wyatt eliminates Strowman, then Bray Wyatt & Leo Kruger finally have their long-awaited 1v1 encounter, which ends with Bray Wyatt winning. Harper & Rowan then emerge and the three bring Kruger to the back as commentary wonders what happened to Bo & Strowman.
Nikki Bella (w/ Brie Bella, Naomi, Alicia Fox, Tamina Snuka, Summer Rae) vs Natalya (w/ Paige) (Divas Title) 6:13
Natalya becomes No. 1 Contender to the Divas Title, and Paige is in her corner. However, they both are still unable to overcome the Bella Empire's Numbers Game, and Nikki retains again.
Seth Rollins (w/ Alex Riley & Zack Ryder) (c) vs Randy Orton vs Dean Ambrose vs Roman Reigns (WWE WHC Match) 20:51

MONEY IN THE BANK ( https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Money_in_the_Bank_(2015)) )
(Pre-Show) Fandango (w/ Rosa Mendes) vs The Miz 8:41
Kalisto & Sin Cara vs Big E & Kofi Kingston (w/ Xavier Woods) (Tag Team Titles) 16:20
We're just replacing Titus O'Neil & Darren Young with Kalisto & Sin Cara.
John Cena vs Adrian Neville 19:13
Neville has clearly taken Kevin Owens' spot here, and the two have a show-stealing match, and the story is simple: Neville wants to make a name for himself while Cena claims that the new era has to go through him. Cena wins after a hard-fought match and since it's face-vs-face feud, the two men shake hands after.
Bray Wyatt, Luke Harper, Erick Rowan, Bad News Barrett, Ryback, Darren Young, Heath Slater, Justin Gabriel, David Otunga promo
Ever since their previous feud was over, The Wyatt Family has targeted certain people: They start by attacking Heath Slater & Justin Gabriel. After a falling-out between Titus O'Neil & Darren Young that led to a match between the two and Titus winning, the Wyatts emerge and attack Darren Young. They then attack David Otunga, who was at a panel. They then cost Bad News Barrett and Ryback the chance to compete in the MITB Ladder Match. Bray's reasoning is simple: It is time to bring down the machine.
Nikki Bella (w/ Brie Bella, Tamina Snuka, Alicia Fox, Naomi, Summer Rae) vs Paige (Divas Title) 11:18
Paige becomes the No. 1 Contender again, and this time, she calls unto the rest of the Non-Bella twins members of the Bella Empire as to why they are supporting the Bellas, who are only using them to stay on top. She asks Brie why she continues to support Nikki, trying to cause a rift between the twins. The Bella Empire remains steadfast, and Nikki tells Paige that her time ended as quickly as it began. The Numbers Game once again overwhelms Paige, and then she's beat down afterwards.
Sheamus vs Dolph Ziggler vs Dean Ambrose vs Roman Reigns vs Damien Sandow vs Jack Swagger (w/ Zeb Colter) (c) vs Antonio Cesaro (c) vs Stardust (MITB Ladder Match for WWE WHC Contract) 20:33
The IC Champ and US Champ immediately qualify. Everyone else wins qualifying matches to compete. Not much change in the match itself except for the participants, and the beginning of a rift between Dean Ambrose & Roman Reigns.
Seth Rollins (c) vs Randy Orton (WWE WHC Match) 24:40
We're simply replacing Ambrose with Orton, who has more cause to demand a clean 1v1 match against Rollins. it's also around this time that Rollins has a rift with Big Show & A-to-Z Security, who all abandon him eventually and leave him to this match alone, reminiscent of Orton's feud with Christian 4 years earlier, when the Usos eventually abandoned him. Except this time, Rollins emerges victorious at the end.

Seth Rollins continues to get tested by Triple H. This time, the No. 1 Contender is revealed to be The Undertaker, who is back for revenge against all three members of the Shield for the beating they gave him two years ago, and he's after Rollins first. Triple H also says that whoever wins at Battleground will defend the title at Summerslam inside the Elimination Chamber, and that the second participant is revealed to be someone invoking his rematch clause for the Chamber: Brock Lesnar. Out comes Brock and the segment of him and Rollins remains the same, and Lesnar declares that whether it's Rollins or Undertaker, it is he who will walk out as champion at Summerslam. Undertaker's mind games with Rollins continue throughout the build as he terrorizes Rollins.
20-Man Battle Royal to determine No. 1 Contender to US Title or IC Title, as both champs automatically qualify for the Chamber. The winner gets to choose the champion they'd like to face, then the runner-up faces the other champion. Damien Sandow wins and elects to face Swagger. The runner-up, Stardust, faces Antonio Cesaro. Both matches are deemed to be solid, and a potential classic between Stardust and Cesaro.
Two qualifying match tournaments for the two remaining spots of the Elimination Chamber are held. Participants for Group A: Randy Orton, Dean Ambrose, Dolph Ziggler, The Miz, Sheamus, Titus O'Neil, Diego, Fernando. For Group B: John Cena, Adrian Neville, Roman Reigns, Curtis Axel, R-Truth, Zack Ryder, Big Show, Fandango.

BATTLEGROUND ( https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Battleground_(2015)) )
(Pre-Show) Adrian Neville vs Sheamus 15:24
Dolph Ziggler vs Randy Orton (EC Qualifying Match) 16:53
A lot of focus has been spotlighted on Ziggler lately, on how he has come up short every time ever since he lost the World Heavyweight Title prematurely. There has always been a ready-made underdog story for Ziggler, WWE just never capitalized on it irl to the point where that underdog story has turned Ziggler heel.
Jack Swagger (w/ Zeb Colter) (c) vs Damien Sandow (US Title) 11:53
Big E & Kofi Kingston (w/ Xavier Woods) vs Kalisto & Sin Cara (c) (Tag Team Titles) 10:50
In a rematch, the New Day wins and sets up a potential rubber match.
Nikki Bella (c) vs Paige (Divas Title) 11:28
By order of Stephanie McMahon, Paige goes through a series of matches with each member of the Bella Empire in order to get the chance to face Nikki without anyone in the latter's corner. Paige beats Summer Rae, then Alicia Fox, then Tamina, then Naomi, then Brie. By the time Battleground rolls around, the matches have left Paige exhausted but she continues to be resilient against Nikki Bella. However, the Bella Empire emerge from the top of the crowd, distracting Paige enough to be rolled up by Nikki. After the match, the entire Bella Empire beat down Paige.
Antonio Cesaro (c) vs Stardust (IC Title) 20:08
Bray Wyatt, Luke Harper, Erick Rowan, Braun Strowman, Bo Dallas, Leo Kruger, Wade Barrett, Ryback, Justin Gabriel, David Otunga, Darren Young, Heath Slater segment
Slater, Gabriel, Young, Otunga, and Ryback all enter the ring. Barrett, who has now changed his name to Wade Barrett again, enters and the six men have a summit. Throughout the weeks, they could not focus on any other aspects of their careers as they have been brutalized by the Wyatts on every turn. Barrett then asks forgiveness from the other men for how tyrannical he became during their time in Nexus. The other men simply look at him and acknowledge that apart from Ryback, their best moments came during Nexus. Before anything else could be said, the Wyatt Family emerge. Bray admired the Nexus once upon a time but sees that they have been taken down by the machine at the end, and he will show them what it's like to bring down the machine. As he says this, the Wyatts inch closer to the ring, then the Outcasts emerge from the crowd and to everyone's surprise, joins the Wyatts as they circle the former Nexus members. A brawl is made, with the Wyatts and Outcasts standing tall due to the other six men not united.
John Cena vs Roman Reigns (w/ Dean Ambrose) (EC Qualifying Match) 22:12
Dean Ambrose accidentally costs Reigns the match, allowing Cena to win and causing a bigger rift between the Shield brothers.
The Undertaker vs Seth Rollins (c) (WWE WHC Match) 0:16
When the match starts, Rollins kicks the Undertaker in the groin, causing a DQ win for Undertaker but Rollins retains. Because of that, Undertaker is enraged and demolishes Rollins, completing 1/3 of his revenge tour against the former members of the Shield. Rollins is still the champ, but Undertaker stands tall to close the show.

SUMMERSLAM ( https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/SummerSlam_(2015)) )
(Pre-Show) Curtis Axel & R-Truth vs Titus O'Neil & Fandango (w/ Rosa Mendes) 4:34
(Pre-Show) Naomi & Tamina vs Summer Rae & Alicia Fox 6:21
With the debut of Charlotte, Naomi & Tamina sense blood and destroy the Bella Empire from within, revealing that it has been their plan all along to destroy the Bella Empire, but they were smart about it unlike Paige. It then leads to a tag match between them and the other members of the Empire, Summer Rae and Alicia Fox.
Big E & Kofi Kingston (w/ Xavier Woods) vs Kalisto & Sin Cara vs Dean Ambrose & Roman Reigns vs Diego & Fernando (w/ El Torito) (Tag Team Titles) (Tag Team Elimination Match) 20:06
Ambrose & Reigns, distraught over the past couple of months, decide to strengthen their bond by competing for the tag team titles. This is the change that is made from the real life match, apart from it being an elimination match. Ambrose & Reigns eliminate Los Matadores, but then Reigns turns on Ambrose and spears him, allowing Kalisto to pin Ambrose. Eventually the New Day and the Luchadors settle their score, with the New Day winning at the end.
Randy Orton vs Sheamus 12:14
Adrian Neville & Stephen Amell vs Stardust & The Miz 11:35
Only changes made are Miz being the partner instead of Barrett and the match runs longer to spotlight the tension between Amell and Stardust more.
Alexander Rusev (w/ Lana) vs Zack Ryder 3:50
Ryder wants a match to associate himself away from the Authority. Rusev makes his return and becomes Ryder's opponent in a squash match to highlight the return of the Bulgarian Brute.
Bray Wyatt, Luke Harper, Braun Strowman, Bo Wyatt, Leo Kruger vs Ryback, Justin Gabriel, Heath Slater, Darren Young, David Otunga 13:25
After months of being terrorized by The Wyatt Family, the six men finally reunite and the crowd pops to the return of the Nexus as they fend off the Wyatts during one RAW. However, a real life injury to Erick Rowan dampens the plans, and to adjust the storyline, the Wyatts take out Wade Barrett, the leader of Nexus. Forced at Summerslam to face the Wyatts minus Rowan without their leader, the remaining Nexus members fight valiantly, but they end up losing, Before the Wyatts can do anything, Wade Barrett returns and helps fend them off, before tending to his fallen Nexus brethren.
Big Show vs Damien Sandow 8:55
Big Show questions if Sandow can ever amount to anything, and Sandow earns Big Show's respect at the end after a hard-fought physical match.
Paige & Charlotte vs Nikki Bella & Brie Bella 10:17
Continuing Adam Blampied's story, Paige brings in Charlotte to even the odds with the Bella Empire. This does even the odds because of Naomi & Tamina betraying the Bellas. At Summerslam, Paige finally picks up a win over the Bellas as she and Charlotte stand tall.
Dolph Ziggler vs Seth Rollins (c) vs John Cena vs Antonio Cesaro (c) vs Jack Swagger (w/ Zeb Colter) (c) vs Brock Lesnar (w/ Paul Heyman) (c) (WWE WHC Match) (Elimination Chamber) 40:26
Swagger is looking to return to prominence, Cesaro seeks his first world title reign, and the two former Real Americans have their shared history with each other. Lesnar wants revenge and a continuation of his part-time reign of terror. Cena is determined to prove the WWE still runs through him. Ziggler has the ultimate underdog story and is also the remaining ultimate anti-authority. And this is the biggest test of Rollins' reign. Lesnar is eliminated first because after dominating much of the match, once all six participants are in they all work together to beat Brock and they all hit their finishers on him. The rest, the performers can build the story from there, what's important is Rollins survives till the end when Ziggler, the bigger underdog, eliminates him and wins, finally having his big PPV moment.
Sheamus vs Dolph Ziggler (c) (WWE WHC Match) 0:15
Much like how he interrupted Regins' parade irl at Survivor Series 2015, Sheamus does the same to Ziggler here, and wins the title. A beat-down Ziggler is laid out, and Sheamus stands tall with the title to close the show.

Link to Ep 16: https://www.reddit.com/fantasybooking/comments/gw90wo/rebooking_every_wwe_ppv_since_2010_episode_16/
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2020.03.24 22:28 DGenerationMC Rebooking The Nexus Pt. 3: Walk Alone in the Unknown

Link to Part 1: https://www.reddit.com/fantasybooking/comments/fn714s/rebooking_the_nexus_pt_1_we_are_one/
Link to Part 2: https://www.reddit.com/fantasybooking/comments/fnrka2/rebooking_the_nexus_pt_2_dying_sons/
Money in the Bank 2011: Daniel Bryan def. Sheamus, Kane, Wade Barrett, Intercontinental Champion Cody Rhodes, Sin Cara, Justin Gabriel & Heath Slater in a Smackdown Money in the Bank Ladder Match to win a World Heavyweight Championship contract
Bryan defeated Ezekiel Jackson to qualify for the match, getting the final spot. Barrett, Slater and Gabriel agreed to work together, going after everyone except Bryan. Near the end of the match, Barrett, Rhodes and Bryan were the only three in the ring. Bryan put Rhodes in a guillotine choke submission hold on top of the ladder in the middle of the ring while Barrett sneaked up the other side of the ladder. After Bryan knocked Rhodes off the ladder, Barrett tried to talk things out before getting Bryan onto his shoulders and tried to throw him off. Bryan countered with repeated elbow strikes to Barrett's head. Bryan then kicked Barrett in the head and unhooked the briefcase to win the contest.
SummerSlam 2011: Wade Barrett def. Daniel Bryan
Barrett, Gabriel and Slater congratulated Bryan on winning MITB and offered to protect him. In return, all Wade wanted was a one-on-one match at SSlam. Showing the utmost sportsmanship, Barrett executed Wasteland to win the match and shook Bryan's hand afterwards.
Night of Champions 2011
Awesome Truth def. Heath Slater & Justin Gabriel(c) to win the WWE Tag Team Championship
The night after SSlam on Raw, Slater and Gabriel defeated Joe Hennig and Duke Rotundo for the tag titles, eradicated the remnants of the SES that Punk had left behind along with WWE itself. During the match, David Otunga interfered only to be neutralized by Barrett. The newest member of Punk's SES, Mason Ryan ran in to make a difference, leading to Bryan showing up to take him down as well. Following the match, the four remaining core members of The Nexus officially reunited, bringing an end to their war with Punk and his turncoats. Slater and Gabriel first big challenge came in the form of the makeshift team of The Miz and R-Truth, leaving the Nexus members as the de-facto babyfaces.
At the end of the match, Miz made an illegal tag to Truth and while Slater was arguing with the referee, Miz executed a Skull Crushing Finale on Gabriel for the pin. Heath nearly blew a gasket but Gabriel calmed him down.
Daniel Bryan (MITB) def. Christian to retain the World Heavyweight Championship Money in the Bank contract
The desperate former World Champion brought his A-game to take the contract against Bryan, who sought to defend it on every PPV until WM 28, where he would cash-in. Captain Charisma's arrogance backfired when Bryan played possum and submitted him with the LeBell Lock. Even though Barrett was absent, Gabriel and Slater celebrated with Bryan nonetheless as The Nexus had turned over a new leaf together as the revolution they originally promised was back in full force.
Hell in a Cell 2011
Daniel Bryan (MITB) def. Sin Cara to retain the World Heavyweight Championship Money in the Bank contract
Sin Cara was injured when Sheamus powerbombed him through a ladder during the MITB match. Upon return a month later, the faceless sensation began wearing darker ring attire and turned heel, targeting Bryan. During the match, Cara pinned Bryan with his feet on the rope but a second Sin Cara, wearing the original gear, emerged and pointed out to the referee the transgression. The match was restarted and Bryan kept the briefcase with a small package by reversing a sunset flip powerbomb.
Heath Slater & Justin Gabriel def. Awesome Truth(c) to win the WWE Tag Team Championship
At the end of the match, the referee did not see the tag between Miz and Truth and while the referee was arguing with Truth, Miz executed a Skull Crushing Finale on Gabriel for the pin, but the referee was fighting with Truth and Gabriel kicked out before the referee was able to count. A frustrated Miz shoved the referee down and turned around to Slater's finisher, setting up Gabriel's 450 Splash to regain the titles. Once again, Barrett was nowhere to be found.
Vengeance 2011: Daniel Bryan (MITB) def. Randy Orton to retain the World Heavyweight Championship Money in the Bank contract
In his biggest challenge to date, Bryan faced The Viper alone, wanting to do this on his own. At the end of the match, Bryan nearly submitted Orton with the LeBell Lock. Bryan attempted a Diving Headbutt only to get caught with a mid-air a RKO. As the referee was distracted by Gabriel and Slater, Barrett hit The Wasteland on Orton and had Bryan cover him. A furious Bryan shoved Barrett for interfering. Slater and Gabriel went to leave with Bryan but ended up helping Wade attack him.
Survivor Series 2011: Team Barrett (Wade Barrett, Intercontinental Champion Cody Rhodes, Hunico & Jinder Mahal) def. Team Orton (Randy Orton, Big Show, Sin Cara & Santino Marella) in a 4-on-4 Survivor Series Elimination Match
Barrett gave his reasoning for betraying Bryan, calling him weak and ungrateful for all he had down for him. Despite winning the first season of NXT and becoming the WWE Champion, Bryan refused to acknowledge his leadership or share his success with the group. Claiming Bryan's hypocrisy of waiting until Mania to cash in MITB, Barrett had had enough and knew the only thing left to do between them was to fight. Awaiting Bryan, the Englishman challenged his former Nexus stablemate to a match once he returned. Off to the side, Slater and Gabriel decided to stay out of the situation and focus on their titles as a certain Viper was on the trail. Following a distraction by Rhodes, Orton was pinned by Wade Barrett, giving his team the win and leaving him as the sole survivor.
TLC 2011
Air Boom def. Heath Slater & Justin Gabriel(c) to win the WWE Tag Team Championship
Another thrown together tag team from Raw managed to take the titles away from The Nexus thanks to miscommunication.
Daniel Bryan (MITB) def. Wade Barrett in a Ladder Match to retain the World Heavyweight Championship Money in the Bank contract
Bryan came back the Smackdown after SSeries, making a surprise return as he tried to cash-in his contract on Mark Henry, only to be thwarted by Barrett. Keeping up his promise, Wade would continue harassing Bryan until he granted him a match for the briefcase to determine who the true success of The Nexus would be. After back-and-forth action, both men tried to briefcase but Bryan used it on Barrett, knocking him off a ladder onto another ladder, and unhooked the briefcase. As soon as the bell rang, Slater and Gabriel ran down to attack Bryan. Barrett ordered them to take the briefcase but Gabriel and Slater refused. Crawling into a corner, Barrett pleaded for mercy with The Nexus fist raise but Gabriel and Slater responded by spitting on him and stomping him out. They offered Bryan a shot but he simply shook his head and walked away. The never-ending cycle of jealousy and betrayal had disillusioned him and all he wanted was to be his own man. Heath angrily called out after him and tried to chase after but the understanding Gabriel held him back, smiling in admiration for Daniel.
Royal Rumble 2012
Daniel Bryan def. Mark Henry(c) in a Money in the Bank Cash-In Match to win the World Heavyweight Championship
After the retaining the WHC against Kane, Henry's celebration was interrupted when The Devil's Favorite Demon chokeslammed him through an announce table. Bryan, seizing the opportunity, ran out and cashed in his Money in the Bank briefcase, pinning Henry to win the title.
Justin Gabriel def. Heath Slater for entry into the Royal Rumble Match
Problems between the tag partners continued as they failed in regaining the tag titles. Upon learning that there was only one SD spot in the Rumble, Gabriel and Slater had no problems fighting each other. Heath tried to pull dirty tricks on Gabriel but the always reliable 450 Splash did the deal, ending the team for good.
Mark Henry wins the 30-Man Royal Rumble Match for a world championship match at WrestleMania XXVIII by last eliminating John Cena
Barrett's rivalry with Orton resumed after TLC, as both men brawled weekly. This led to a scary situation when Wade pushed Randy down a flight of stairs, presumably taking him out of the Rumble match. During the match, Wade taunted The Viper as he went on to eliminate a handful of superstars, including Gabriel, until Orton returned as the 28th entrant and immediately tossed him out.
The final four consisted of John Cena, Orton, Chris Jericho, and Henry, who was gifted Bryan's original spot of #30. Jericho and Orton were quickly eliminated, and Henry and Cena would then go back and forth with attempted eliminations for over five minutes. Henry tried to throw Cena out off the ring with a bearhug, leading Cena countering and attempting an AA, but his back gave out. This allowed The World's Strongest Man to clothesline Cena out and win the Rumble match. Henry immediately laid down a challenge for Bryan's World Heavyweight Championship at Wrestlemania XXVIII. And as Henry bellowed into the mic, he made the point that everyone was thinking: Bryan finally had gotten what he wanted and would now have to walk alone in the unknown. And that unknown would be a Hall of Pain.
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2019.12.31 18:09 Cheeseblanket Braun Strowman WrestleMania idea

I feel like Braun Strowman always gets the short end of the stick come WrestleMania time. No matter how popular he gets or what big angles he's in the rest of the year, when it comes time for WrestleMania he always gets left out. So here is my idea for this year.
Have him look strong at the Rumble by making him go all the way to the final 2, but Jinder is able to pull the ropes down so Strowman falls out when he runs at him. The next night on Raw, Braun has his Saudi Arabian Greatest Royal Rumble belt with him. He says that he has brought his special belt back for 2 reasons. The first is because he actually just got the belt back, because it got held up in Saudi customs. He had to hire a lawyer to help him get the title back. Out comes his lawyer David Otunga. They hug. The second reason is because he wants to remind everyone that he won the Greatest Royal Rumble and never got any WrestleMania main event match or World title shot or nothing besides this green belt. It was a travesty that he got screwed at the Royal Rumble, but he should never have had to be in there in the first place because he already won a way bigger Royal Rumble. David Otunga announces that he is officially declaring Braun Strowman to be a heel now. He says that the Greatest Royal Rumble championship is the new best title, and that Braun doesn't even want to be World Universal Champion. Braun flips over a cement mixer and they leave the ring.
Braun and Otunga keep doing this for a while, until a few weeks before WrestleMania. They talk about how Braun is the REAL Greatest Royal Rumble champion, and how Brock Lesnar and Bray Wyatt are really sad that they don't get to be. One week on Raw they are in the ring. Braun is flipping over a bunch of ATVs while Otunga sings a song about how Braun is the real Greatest Royal Rumble champion and nobody can ever challenge him for it because novody else has ever won a Greatest Royal Rumble so he always will be. There's a verse in there about their friendship too, and how he usually doesn't like to become friends with his business clients but that Braun is special and that they share a true bond and a mutual respect. It's very heartwarming and the whole audience has tears in their eyes even though they're still booing because Braun and Otunga are heels now.
All of a sudden Hacksaw Jim Duggan's music hits. Hacksaw Jim Duggan comes down to the ring on one of those little rings on wheels like Andre and Bobby Heenan used at WrestleMania that time. He says he has something to say. He chants USA and the whole crowd does too. Braun and Otunga yell and say they love Saudi Arabia best now for giving Braun such s cool belt even if they did try to steal it back and held it during several years of legal redtape finagling. Hacksaw Jim Duggan says that's wrong but that's not the real reason he's here. The real thing he has to say is that he understands where Braun is coming from. He too won what was, at the time, the largest Royal Rumble in history, and he too was denied a WrestleMain event world title match. In fact, he didn't even get a sweet green Belt like Braun did. And since he never got a belt, and technically also won the Greatest Royal Rumble way back in 1988 in a manner of speaking, he is officially cashing in his Greatest Royal Rumble in the Bank to challenge Braun Strowman for the Greatest Royal Rumble championship at the Main Event of WrestleMania. Braun Strowman says Oh yeah you think you're so smart Hacksaw Jim Duggan?" and then he flips over the mini ring that Hacksaw Jim Duggan rode out on and then flips the big ring on top of it and crushes it to death. Braun and Otunga sneer and walk off sneering as Hacksaw Jim Duggan cries and cradles the pieces his tiny mobile wrestling ring, which Michael Cole informs us was also his home.
Flast forward to WrestleMania. It's main event time. The crowd is raucous and frothing at the mouths after 14 exhilarating hours of nonstop entertainment. Hacksaw Jim Duggan comes down to the ring, just walking this time. He carries with him a 2x4 which he claims is a piece of his broken tiny ring mobile home but in reality is probably just the same old 2x4 he's been carrying around since the 80s. Braun Strowman and David Otunga enter. Flo Rida and Kid Rock perform a live duet for their entrance. Braun and Otunga come to the ring in a helicopter descending from the open ceiling of the WrestleMania Bowl. They get out and Braun flips the helicopter over and it explodes. The bell rings. Hacksaw Jim Duggan hits Braun with 18 running shoulder tackles in a row and takes him off his feet. He locks in a koji clutch. Braun is about to tap out when Otunga leaps in and hits Hacksaw with the Greatest World Rumble title belt. The referee had no choice but to call for a DQ. Braun and Otunga celebrate and prepare to flip an ice cream truck onto Hacksaw Jim Duggan. But wait! It's Hacksaw Jim Duggan's old Sunday Night Heat tag team partner Super Crazy! Super Crazy enters the ring and clears house, tossing Braun and Otunga out of the ring and safely parallel parking the ice cream truck at ringside away from Hacksaw Jim Duggan. Everything is very tense and everyone is yelling and the referee is crying because he can't forgive himself for having to cost Hacksaw Jim Duggan the Great Big Rumble championship even though he had no choice but to call the DQ. He screams to the heavens, begging for a second chance. God hears him and sends his disciple to right the wrong.
God's Disciple is revealed to be Teddy Long riding piggyback style on Brutus Beefcake's shoulders. He says "Hold on a minute Playas. I'm here to announce that effective immediately, the Greatest Royal Championship is now a tag team title! And this match is now a tag team match! Braun and Otunga, you will defend your Greatest Royal Rumble Tag Team Championship one on one, with the reunited Sunday Night Heat Lovers! Now can you believe that playa?" Braun and Otunga cannot believe that. Otunga threatens to file a lawsuit, and Braun flips Brutus Beefcake off the stage.
The referee thanks God and Teddy Long for his second chance. He rings the bell. As everyone knows, the Greatest Royal Rumble Saudi Arabian Tag Team Championship is defended exclusively with Royal Rumble rules. Hacksaw Jim Duggan enters the match at the #1 spot. Michael Cole reminds us that only 2 men have ever won a Royal Rumble match from #1: Shawn Michaels. #2 is Super Crazy. Super Crazy and Hacksaw Jim Duggan are on a team so they just pull out their wallets and show each other pictures of their kids until the countdown for #3. David Otunga comes out at #3. Hacksaw Jim Duggan grabs him and Canadian Destroyers him to the outside, eliminating them both. He got so excited about finally living his lifelong dream of wrestling in the main event of WrestleMania for the Worlds Greatest Tag Royal Team Rumble championships with his best friend Super Crazy that he forgot he wasn't supposed to throw himself over. This could be big trouble for Hacksaw Jim Duggan and Super Crazy.
Entrant #4 comes out and it's Carlito as a surprise. Super Crazy eliminates Carlito with a gorilla press slam. #5 comes out and this time it's actually Braun Strowman. Braun flips the TV production truck and the video stream flips upside down and everyone watching at home has to sit upside down in their seats to view it properly. Hacksaw Jim Duggan sits cross-legged at ringside and sends his energy to Super Crazy. Braun Strowman throws Super Crazy around for a while. He drinks a coffee Otunga just brewed for him at ringside, and the extra burst of energy he gets from it allows him to throw Super Crazy even harder. Super Crazy is in a lot of trouble. Braun goes to throw him over the top, but he holds onto the top rope and lands on the apron. Braun Strowman lunges at him, but time slows down and we see a montage of Hacksaw Jim Duggan training Super Crazy in the dojo and teaching him to avoid this very attack. Hacksaw Jim Duggan is the fastest wrestler who ever lived, and he taught Super Crazy to become even faster than him. Back in the present day, Super Crazy counters Braun. He gives him a hurricanrana over the top rope. The referee laughs hysterically and has an orgasm as he counts the three. Braun's feet hit the floor, it's over! Super Crazy and Hacksaw Jim Duggan are finally the World Heavyweight World's Greatest Tag Team Royal Rumble Champions. They hoist each other up on their shoulders and celebrate with the crowd. David Otunga tears his law degree in half and then Braun Strowman tears him in half and flips a compact car onto him to turn face again, having learned his lesson.
Even though this story doesn't end with Braun winning, I think it still makes him look pretty strong, good featured, and he still gets to be in the main event. It also puts the spotlight on a few younger talents in Hacksaw Jim Duggan and Super Crazy who I think are just waiting for a chance to break out. It introduces a new set of tag team titles that are instantly credible because they were forged from a title that would be established as even more valuable than the World or Universal titles. I think this is a really good idea, please give your feedback.
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2019.10.13 00:48 ConstableNeyla Ultimate Quiz of Professional Wrestling (Wrestling Trivia)

This quiz is meant to test your knowledge of a fan of professional wrestling. The quiz leans heavily on WWE/WWF but as the quiz progresses more questions from other promotions will appear. Sorry I had to write this manually, no quiz website supports this quiz format.
The rules are simple:
If you get 3 questions wrong in a row you lose. You can get as many questions wrong as you want but you lose after 3 wrong answers in a row.
I got a score of 70, which means I got 68, 69, and 70 wrong.

3: [WWE Creative] You've probably never seen or heard of professional wrestling.
8: [Festus] You have seen a wrestling match in your lifetime.
15: **[The Great Khali]**You have been a moderate fan of wrestling at some point in your life.
30: [Doink The Clown] You have been a consistent watcher of WWE at some point of your life.
45: [The Average Samoa Joe] You know the basic history of the wrestling business and probably are still up to date with the product.
60: [The Doctor of Thuganomics] You are a hardcore fan, almost definitely a smark.
75: [Dr. Britt Baker] You are a hardcore fan, who has watched years of WWE and is familiar with other promotions as well.
90: [Damien Sandow] You are a dedicated superfan who watches everything they can.
100: [The Genius] You are a wrestling thesaurus.

Try your best not to cheat. Scroll slowly. Answers are always under the dotted line. Good Luck!
  1. You Can't See Me, is the popular catch phrase adorned by WWE Superstar, John ____

  1. When a wrestler attempts to win a match by pinfall, the referee will start from 1 and count up to what number to indicate a victory?

  1. True or False: A kick to the groin will result in a disqualification in a standard match.

  1. The longest undefeated streak at Wrestlemania is held by which wrestler?

The Undertaker
  1. What is the term used, when a wrestler grabs the ring ropes in an attempt to break a submission hold?

Rope Break
  1. Stone Cold Steve Austin is a famous WWE wrestler, best known for drinking what beverage?

  1. The slam heard around the world took place at Wrestlemania III when the 500lb Andre The Giant was body-slammed by which WWF Superstar?

Hulk Hogan
  1. What prize offers a WWE superstar a championship opportunity anytime, anywhere within 365 days?

The Money in the Bank Briefcase
  1. Arn Anderson, Ole Anderson, Tully Blanchard, and Ric Flair are four wrestlers who make up what NWA stable?

The Four Horsemen
  1. What do the letters TLC in a TLC stipulation stand for?

Tables, Ladders, and Chairs
  1. Which of the following doesn't belong: Wrestlemania, Summerslam, Survivor Series, or Smackdown?

  1. Who is the owner of the WWE?

Vince McMahon
  1. What is Jeff Hardy's brother's name?

Matt Hardy
  1. Which women's wrestler holds the record for the longest WWE/WWF Women's Championship reign, at just over 28 years?

The Fabulous Moolah
  1. Shawn Michaels is famous for 'tuning up the band' with what finishing move?

Sweet Chin Music
  1. Name one of the sons of Dusty Rhodes

Cody Rhodes or Goldust (Stardust or Dustin Rhodes accepted)
  1. Eric Bischoff was the owner of what rival wrestling promotion of WWE's that would eventually go out of business?

  1. The Rated R Superstar, and Ultimate Opportunist are both nods to what former WWE Champion?

  1. The Walls of Jericho is what Chris Jericho refers to his signature submission hold, more wildly known as ____

The Boston Crab
  1. The trio of Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins, and Roman Reigns make up what faction?

The Shield
  1. Who is tallest; Eddie Guerrero, Kevin Nash, Randy Savage, or Bam Bam Bigalow?

Kevin Nash
  1. How many pods are there in the elimination chamber match?

  1. The Nexus was a faction derived from the members of what developmental brand?

  1. The Honky Tonk Man holds the record for the longest title reign for which championship?

Intercontinental Championship
  1. Who is the only superstar to win three royal rumbles?

Stone Cold Steve Austin
  1. Brock Lesnar is known for a repeating one wrestling maneuver over and over again, commonly referred to as ____ city.

  1. The Montreal screwjob involved Vince McMahon forcibly fixing a match in order to strip who of their championship?

Bret Hart
  1. Corey Graves, Jerry Lawler, and Jim Ross are all examples of WWE personnel who pursued what out of ring occupation?

  1. Cactus Jack, Mankind, and Dude Love are all more commonly referred to as____

Mick Foley
  1. What does HHH stand for?

Hunter Hurst Helmsley
  1. Kurt Angle won olympic gold with a broken ____

  1. 3D is the famed tag team finisher, where the opponent is planted through a table, invented by which hardcore tag team?

The Dudley Boys
  1. What does NJPW stand for?

New Japan Pro Wrestling
  1. Which superstar has never faced the Undertaker at Wrestlemania: CM Punk, Ric Flair, Triple H, or Bret Hart

Bret Hart
  1. Who is the only Hall of Fame NFL player to compete in the main event of Wrestlemania?

Lawrence Taylor
  1. Which Japanese wrestler went to WWE in 2015 and became the NXT Women's Champion, sparking the promotion's longest undefeated streak in the modern era?

  1. How do you win an ambulance match?

Put your opponent in an ambulance
  1. nWo and Bullet Club are two factions that share what hand gesture?

Too Sweet or (give gesture: pinky & index up, thumb touches ring and middle)
  1. Charlotte Flair uses a bridging version of her father's iconic submission, a version that she calls ____

Figure 8
  1. Name all four members of Evolution

Batista, Triple H, Randy Orton, Ric Flair
  1. Which hispanic wrestler in WWE adopted a cross-arm breaker as a finishing submission?

Alberto Del Rio
  1. Which of these is not the last name of a famous Jay/Jey in wrestling: Lethal, Uso, White, or Cartel

  1. The New Day's Xavier Woods brings what instrument to the ring?

  1. While the 12th NXT champion was Andrade Cien Almas, and the 14th was Tomasso Ciampa, which WWE superstar was the unlucky 13th?

Aleister Black
  1. Which WWE superstar did Jake the Snake Roberts let his snake bite?

Randy Savage
  1. Mark Henry is wrestler also known as Sexual ____

  1. If a wrestler faces away from an opponent and performs a backflip from an elevated position to land on a supine opponent's abdomen with his/her own abdomen, this move is generally called a ____

  1. Donald Trump got to shave Vince McMahon's head at Wrestlemania when Bobby Lashley beat which heavyweight?

  1. Who was the first AEW women's champion?

  1. At which Wrestlemania did Ric Flair retire from WWE?

Wrestlemania 24
  1. Which wrestler held their Money in the Bank Briefcase for the longest time: Jack Swagger, Dolph Ziggler, Carmella, or Kane

  1. El Generico is synonymous with which WWE superstar?

Sami Zayn
  1. Laycool is made up of which two wrestlers?

Layla, and Michelle McCool
  1. After Finn Balor became the first Universal Champion and vacated the belt, who was the second?

Kevin Owens
  1. The One Winged Angel is the finisher of which wrestler?

Kenny Omega
  1. How many superstars is the most eliminated by a single person in a single Royal Rumble? (Not counting Royal Rumbles with more than 30 participants)

  1. After winning the WWF Championship in the royal rumble, Ric Flair gave an emotional promo where he said, "I'm going to tell you all, with a ____, this is the greatest moment in my life." What is the phrase that fills the blank?

Tear in my eye
  1. Roman Reigns has main evented multiple Wrestlemanias. How many main events has he won?

  1. True or False: Rowdy Roddy Piper was born in Canada

  1. Who created the Bullet Club and was it's first leader?

Finn Balor
  1. Kane notably debuted during the first Hell in a Cell match, where he helped which superstar defeat The Undertaker?

Shawn Michaels
  1. Name one of the original Big Three of Lucha Libre.

Mil Mascaras or Blue Demon or El Santo
  1. Who was the first Smackdown Women's Champion, crowned in 2016?

Becky Lynch
  1. Which wrestler held the WWWF (later called the WWF) championship, for two combined reigns of over 11 years?

Bruno Sammartino
  1. Who founded NJPW?

Antonio Inoki
  1. Who coined the finishing maneuver called "Eat defeat"?

Gail Kim
  1. Chris Jericho defeated Stone Cold Steve Austin and The Rock in the same night to become the first undisputed champion. In what year did he accomplish this feat?

  1. Who did Randy Savage marry in A WWF ring?

Miss Elizabeth Ann Hulette or Miss Elizabeth
  1. Who won the fourth Royal Rumble?

Hulk Hogan
  1. Name at least 5 out of the 7 opponents of the Nexus in the 2010 Summer Slam Main Event.

John Cena, R Truth, John Morrison, Bret Hart, Daniel Bryan, Edge, Chris Jericho
(Any incorrect names given counts as an incorrect answer)
  1. Braun Strowman won the Raw Tag Team Championships with a child named ____

  1. Who holds the longest title reign with the Impact World Championship: Bobby Roode, Kurt Angle, Austin Aries, or Jay Lethal

Bobby Roode
  1. Kobra Moon, Jeremiah Snake, and Daga represent which faction when they compete for the Lucha Underground Trios Championships

The Reptile Tribe
  1. Who was the first WWE superstar to retain their championship in an Elimination Chamber Match?

Triple H
  1. The first entry on The List of Jericho was which WWE HoF?

Mick Foley
  1. Los Ingoblernables de Japon is led by which wrestler?

Tetsuya Naito
  1. Who were the participants in the first ever live ladder match at Wrestlemania X, and who was the first to touch the championship while it was suspended in the air?

Shawn Michaels and Razor Ramon. First touch: Shawn Michaels
  1. Ronda Rousey's first ever single's victory in WWE came against which opponent?

Alicia Fox
  1. Wade Barret's first Intercontinental championship reign was ended by who?

Ezekiel Jackson
  1. Masahiro Chono has won the most G1 climax tournaments, at how many?

  1. Tomasso Ciampa turned on his tag team partner, Johnny Gargano at which NXT Takeover?

NXT Takeover: Chicago
  1. What is the name of the spiked club that belongs to Abyss?

  1. Santino Marella's in ring name is an homage to Robert Marella, a WWE HoF better known by what name?

Gorilla Monsoon
  1. The U.S Express lost the WWF Tag Team Championships to which two superstars at Wrestlemania 1?

Nikolai Volkoff and The Iron Shiek
  1. Who ended Kazuchika Okada's first IWGP title reign?

Hiroshi Tanashi
  1. In Lucha Underground, Matanza was undefeated until he was pinned by who in an aztec warfare match?

Rey Mysterio
  1. The Beautiful People is a faction that incorporates which 5 wrestlers?

Velvet Sky, Angelina Love, Madison Rayne, Cute Kip, and Lacey Von Erich
  1. Mankind began his 3rd reign as WWF Champion, dethroning which champion? And who was the special guest referee?

Stone Cold Steve Austin, with Jesse Ventura as referee
  1. From Wrestlemania X7 every royal rumble winner went on to win their title match at Wrestlemania. The streak ended when that year's royal rumble winner lost at Wrestlemania ____

  1. There are four WWE commentators who have only commentated through the entirety of one Wrestlemania. Name three of them.

David Otunga, Matt Striker, Randy Savage, Paul Heyman
  1. August 27th, 2007 Randy Orton punted John Cena's dad, after John Cena's match with whom?

Booker T
  1. The first female Lucha Underground Champion was ____, and she was crowned after pinning ____ last, in an Aztec Warfare match.

Sexy Star and Mil Muertes
  1. Big Show holds the record for shortest ever World Heavyweight Championship reign at exactly how long?

45 seconds
  1. Which WWE superstar who has never been WWE Champion has spent the longest cumulative time in Royal Rumble matches?

Cody Rhodes
  1. Lashley beat Eric Young to win his first Impact World Championship, with the odd stipulation that if anyone besides MVP and ____ interfered, they would be fired.

Kenny King
  1. Rusev's first televised match was on a 2014 episode of Raw, where he beat who?

Zack Ryder
  1. Shinsuke Nakamura headlined one Dominion event, against who?

Bad Luck Fale
  1. At the age of winning the belt, who was the oldest NWA Champion?

Tim Storm
  1. For exactly how many days in combined reigns, has Chavo Guerrero Jr. held the Lucha Underground Gift of the Gods Championship?

  1. Macho Man Randy Savage's first match after Wrestlemania 7 was at which WWF pay-per-view?

This Tuesday in Texas
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2019.09.19 22:59 JAChambel Curtis Axel is the best friend anybody could ask for

Making his debut in 2010 ( under the name Michael McGuilicutty ), Curtis Axel has proven in the last 9 years truly how much of a true friend he can be.
Conclusion: Even though Curtis Axel isn't on the winning side of things very often, his friendship is the true winner here. A truly remarkable man.
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2019.08.18 22:51 kayne2000 Episode 17 --- The Road Ahead Remains Unclear!

Episode 17 --- The Road Ahead Remains Unclear!
Match—Managers Championship Tournament--:Chris Jericho(Modern) vs Xenomorph
Chris Jericho(modern) makes a stunning and shocking return to Raw after a long absence after what many thought was a onetime shot at the rumble. He takes on the Xenomorph in the managers championship tournament. The Alien takes advantage early on but Chris is not about to give up. Chris makes a couple of good comeback shots but then the alien lures Chris outside the ring. The two ended up fighting evenly out there and then going back in the ring and back out again where the alien begins to take total control. The crazy alien goes diving through the announcers table and then F-5's(signature) Chris. Chris seems to be completely out of it. The Alien is now simply playing with Chris before unleashing his finisher. Chris kicks out!!! A couple of smacks later and Chris is out of it. It seems the Xenomorph will take on the savvy Business Ninja next Raw in the final Raw match of the tournament. while no one knows how Xenomorph made it into this tournament or what good as a GM it would do we do know The Business Ninja is going to have his hands full if he hopes to advance.
On Raw HHH demanded a rematch for the title however it was brock that answered the call. Brock whether lying or not claimed he had been beating the Evangelion goons for a while now and deserved the title and said if HHH had any balls he would accept his claim. HHH then put his rematch clause on the line again Brock.
Match—Chance at WWE Title--:HHH vs Brock
HHH's fury was great in this short and sweet match. Brock just couldn’t get going and quickly lost to a pedigree. While HHH was grabbing the mic to call Asuka out again Brock clubbed him from behind with a pipe!!
Match—No. 1 Contender for US Championship--:Goro vs David Otunga vs George Washington
Goro vs David Otunga vs George Washington. Another terrible 3 way AI match, the powers that be in charge of making thee. That said Goro won the rights to fight Donatello next week for the US title.
Tuesday Show
Match—Manager’s Championship Tournament--:Val Venis vs Vince
A surprisingly entertaining short match. A few back drops and irish whips and some punches and slams. in the end however it was Vince who came out on top. However rumor has it Vince paid off Val Venis to make it look realistic and to lose.
UWF Wednesday
Match--:Al Bundy and HBK vs Scarlett(an original CAW who is a human infused with a demon) and DDP
Wednesday Al Bundy brought in one of his old favorite wrestlers HBK for a rare match. HBK isn’t one to job senselessly so will this be the edge Bundy needs to win? The match starts with Bundy taking on DDP. Bundy did alright enough but he started to lose and DDP managed to tag in his partner. Bundy kept fighting back but Scarlett manages to slam Bundy through the table. It took HBK to get Scarlett off Bundy so he could start fighting back. Bundy tried going the tag but couldn’t do it. Scarlett manages to tag DDP back in. Finally after kicking out of a finisher HBK gets tagged in and then quickly tagged back in via a double team move. Bundy gets nailed with another finisher and this time it’s it. It seems getting HBK back in back fired on him. Afterwards HBK was seen celebrating with DDP and Scarlett. DDP screwed Bundy again!!!
Winner—DDP and Scarlett and HBK
Match--:Tifa vs Ayana
This was a very good match. Good back and forth with some good high flying spots, some scoop slams, irish whips, and other holds. Eventually Tifa nailed her sig and finisher on Ayana who responded with a hat trick comeback, sig, and finisher for Tifa to kick out. Some more solid back and forth. Ayana managed to nailed a superplex but it wasn’t enough as this time Tifa landed her rare corner turnbuckle finisher and Ayana kicked out!!! Ayana however managed to respond with a finisher. The match managed to have even more back and forth including a few good leverage pins causing some close calls before Tifa nailed the hat trick with a comeback,sig and finisher before Ayana finally stays down. Ayana refused to shake her hand afterwards the bitter ninja is mad. Probably a 4 star match.
Match—Managers Championship Tournament--:Kagome vs Inuyasha
Kagome took on Inuyasha in the managers tournament. This was a back and forth match that was strangely rather even but Inuyasha managed to get the upper hand but we all know Kagome just refuses to give up. Some irish whips strikes and hurricanas were popular in this match. This match was probably 3 stars. However this match ended this time with Kagome being the victor and in proving the horrors of PMS she kicked Inuyasha while he was down after the match.
Thursday Show
Match—Managers Championship Tournament--:Lita vs Natalya
Some early chain reversals with neither one taking the upper hand. The two were even with both of them trading wrestling moves and grapples. Edge however would come to distract Natalya which may prove to be the difference maker but Natalya was not done yet. A frustrated Lita kept going for the pin but couldn’t get it. Natalya however argued with the ref demanding him to get rid of Edge but he would not since he didn’t attack anyone finally she decided to argue with Edge himself but to no avail however she refused to give up. Finally however Lita managed to win. next week she and the giant Paul Wright go at it to advance onwards to the championship tournament.
Friday Night Smackdown
On Friday the young Deadman demanded Allie to come out here with the belt but instead Del Rio showed up saying He was the one that put Allie out so He said He deserved the title. Allie still no showed but the young Deadman and Del Rio went at it instead. The Deadman however made short work of del Rio.
Match--:Del Rio vs Undertaker 97-98
Winner—Undertaker 97-98
Match—Managers Championship Tournament--:Ted DiBiase vs Christian
The two went at in an average match. Ted kept going for Christians leg and in the end it worked out. Christian however is a veteran who knows how to bring out a good match out of most people and he did his best with Ted. Ted however manages to pull out the victory. He will now take on April for the next match in the tournament
UWF Saturday
Match—Managers Championship Tournament--:Batman vs Gohan
A good hard hitting match. slow methodical kind of pace. Despite this it did not favor Gohan as none other than The Great One, The Peoples Champ....THE MOST ELECTRIFYING MAN IN ALL SPORTS ENTERTAINMENT screws Gohan Again!!!! A stunned Gohan cannot believe it. For the fourth time in a row Rock screws Gohan.
Next time, The Tuesday Thursday February PPV!!!
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2019.08.13 00:10 kayne2000 Episode 5

UWF Wednesday
Match--: Catwoman vs Cactus Jack
Catwoman won, she is on quite the roll.
WInner --- Catwoman
Match--: Fatman vs Jericho 99
Fatman defeated Jericho 99 again in another great match. not quite as great and their PPV but it was a good solid 4/5
Winner --- Fatman
Match--: Avril Lavigne and Tifa Lockhart vs Kagome and Zack Ryder
Avril and Tifa who had been fighting recently got in a tag match against Kagome and Zack Ryder but won despite this there was tension after the match...I SAW A NEW CUTSCENE!!! it was a different one from the two tag partners not getting along. Avril patted Tifa on the head, Tifa blocked her arm and threw it to the side and stormed off, while Avril danced in the ring in celebrated. that was the new cutscene
Winner --- Avril and Tifa
UWF Saturday
Cactus called in a favor to his old friend The Rock and took on a tag match between them and Catwoman and her mystery partner....Gohan!!!! Gohan has ironically not been seen since rock ended his 1 day title run after cashing in the money in the bank close to 6 months ago. history repeated itself as Rock Rock bottomed Gohan for the pin ending Catwomans winning streak even if she didn't actually get pinned or suffer any noticeable punishment in the match.
UWF Next Wednesday
Al Bundy vs wait for it....DDP but this time a 2 out of 3 falls extreme rules pinfall anywhere match.
Al Bundy vowed "i dont need no weapons to beat this sissy boy". DDP was happy to go along with it. Al Bundy looked like he was going to win coming out strong and being fast and furious. However despite a bloody DDP a leverage pin scenario lead to DDP getting the first pinfall. Al Bundy immediate responded with a submission victory. DDP then finally enraged completely crushed a cocky Al Bundy in the next two minutes to win. after the match Al Bundy kept repeating "i sell shoes women's shoes" while sobbing.
Winner --- Al Bu---I mean DDP!!!
Match--: Link vs Eve Torres
Link took on eve. it wasn't anything special but in my game link is old and has grey hair....in this match it ended because link went insane and just started beating the hell out of the ref. He punched the ref then drop kicked him, then picked him back up and clotheslined him back down and then picked him up again because he got DQ'd. it seems Link might of finally got senile.
Winner --- Eve Torres
last monday rei(from evangelion) fought brock lesnar. the script stated she was too win after getting out a submission hold and then landing a finisher but brock refused to let go of the hold and she was forced to tap. they had an extreme rules match rematch tonight.
Match--Extreme Rules: Brock Lesnar vs Rei Ayanami
Brock was handed one script and Rei was told to just brutally use weapons. she came out angry and started pounding the hell out of him with every weapon in the book and finished the match by nailed THREE FINISHERS IN A ROW!!!
Winner --- Rei
Raw Next Week
After Link went senile last week he is not trusted this week in singles competition. Link is forced to tag with his current rival The Miz...vs Eve and David Otunga.
Match-- Link and The Miz vs Eve Torres and David Otunga
Link has been warned he better not do anything to get DQ'd and better not fight the ref again. Miz however quickly abandoned old senile link and the game i discovered glitches when this happens it turns into a straight handicap match with no tag team rules in place you can tag your partner in and out but you cant get DQ'd because the ref never does the 5 count. This was a brutal massacre.
Winner --- Eve and David
Raw News
Word has it the organization of the All Mighty Refs(AMR) ordered this hit on Link, and three jobbers were happy to do it.
Smackdown News
Things have happened.
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2019.08.03 14:02 wrestleastavaganza2 Firestorm XX: Modern Day Latino World Order

After Andrade eliminted Rey Mysterio in the Guantlette Match to determine a Number 1 Contender for the US Title at Summerslam, Andrade attempted to rip off Rey's mask. The following week on Raw, a furious Rey Mysterio challenges Andrade in a Mask vs Hair match at Summerslam.
SummerSlam 2019
Andrade comes to the ring with Zelina Vega, who is wearing a retro Latino World Order shirt. Rey Mysterio comes out and they begin to tussle before the bell, very unlike Rey (especially in 2019). They have a great match with counters for counters and back and fourth. Andadre is in 619 position, but wheb Rey attempts it, Andrade pulls the ref in the way, who takes the full move. Rey goes out and checks on the ref. Zelina goes to the top rope, but suddenly hurricanaras Andrade in the ring. Rey and Zelina start beating on Andrade. When hes knocked out, Zelina goes to the Timekeepers area, while Rey unmasked to reval another Mask with the LWO logo on it. Zelina returns with a razor and they shave Andrade bald. Rey hits a 619 and a frog splash in time for the ref to recover and count the 3.
Raw the next night
Rey and Zelina come out and offically announce the formation of the new LWO. Rey says there are more members, but only one is being revealed now. You see when minorities in America fight loud and proud, they are negatively sterotyped. Therefore, the LWO hired a lawyer, Someone from inside the family, that man, Eddie Gurrerrio's son in law, Adian English.
The next match is supposed to be Kalisto vs Bobby Lashley, but Bobby Lashley never shows up as he is attacked backstage.
The following weeks on Raw, Rey, Zelina, and Adian start cutting promos on obtaining equal rights. Rey Mysterio has a couple of squash matches with Zelina at his corner, she does get ejected in one of the matches.
Hell In A Cell 2019
Rey Mysterio is getting ready to fight Baron Corbin in a regular match. The build was Baron Corbin talking down on the LWO trying to fight for their rights and Adain English getting the contract to be just right. There has also been rumors of a new member joining the LWO. During the match Zelina is doing all she can to help Rey, but is a little blatent and gets ejected. Baron Corbin hits the End of Days and wins the match, but immeaditly after the bell is attacked by Sin Cara. Sin Cara is the new member of the LWO.
Following weeks on Raw
Rey continues to fued with Baron Corbin. After it is revealed that Corbins win was changed to a no contest after Adain English proves the refs count was faster than 3 seconds. Bobby Lashley is again attacked backstage while the LWO is cutting a promo in the ring.
We continue to see the LWO weekly. Athough not much storyline advancement. Rey Mysterio wins, Sin Cara takes the pinfalls (mostly wins). Aiden English can get the advantage with manipulating the rules. Zelina Vega gets a couple nore ejcections, Bobby Lashley gets attacked backstage (all during LWO segments) and Baron Corbin continiues to be a not so subtle racist.
TLC 2019
Rey and Baron finally get their blowoff match at TLC. It is a standard match, technically better than their last with no continuous interferece. Rey wins clean.
Royal Rumble 2020
The members of the LWO are all in the Rumble Match (Zelina eliminted in the Womens). Bobby Lashley Music plays, but he never comes out. Suddenly, its Zelina Vega. She announces that its the LWO's newest memeber thats been attacking Lashley this entire time. He is taking Lashley's place in the rumble and that man is.... ALBERTO DEL RIO!!!! The LWO runs wild for a while until a furious Lashley comes down and eliminates them all.
Following Raw until Mania
Why has Alberto Del Rio been attacking Lashley? Alberto wont say but ask for a match against him at Fastlane. That match doesn't happen as Lashley is attacked again. However it does happen at Elimination Chamber after Adain English reveals that they are contractualy obligated to put on the match. The build for this match is that Lashley is mad they keep attacking him and Del Rio is mad Lashley eliminated them all in the rumble, plus all the trash both sides had been talking.
At Elimination Chamber, Del Rio is beating Lashley, the tide turns when Zelina Vega is yet again ejected and Lashley gets the win during the chaos.
The following night on Raw, Rey reveales why Lashley has been the target of the LWO. 13 years ago, Bobby Lashley fought for Donald Trump in the battle of the billionares and now Donald Trump is trying to take the rights of Latinos everywhere away. "You fought for him, now I'm going to fight you" Rey says. And now we have a policitcally motivated storyline with whatever side of the polical fense the veiwer is on decides which side is face and which side is heel.
It's time for the contact signing between the 2 sides just 2 weeks away from Wrestlemania. Adien English did his best for the contract, but Lashley hires David Otunga to be the lawyer for him. During the contract signing Otunga finds something to even the odds.
"There is a little known/rarely enforced rule in the WWE. This time I have brought it to WWE Managment's attention and they are enforcing the rule. Zelina Vega has been ejected 6 times since Summerslam, which means not only will no LWO superstars be allowed to have anybody ringside for the next 30 days, but Zelina Vega is offically suspended for the next 30 days from all WWE activity."
There is much comotion Lashley starts to brawl with Del Rio and as Rey/Sin Cara attempt to break it up, Zelina Vega is escourted out by security. This match is now one on one with nobody to interfere.
Lashley and Mysterio have an incredible big man vs little man match. This time the little man wins as the passion Rey has trumps (ha!) Lashley who is only here because he got beat up a few times. At the end of the match the LWO (including Zelina) come and celebrate with Rey and carry him on their shoulders.
Post Mania
We are shown a pretape from ealier in the day. The police have raided Zelina Vegas hotel room and arrest her for tresspassing at wrestlemania the night before. The police accidently reveal that they were tipped off, but not by WWE Officals.
Sin Cara loses to Sami Zayn and after the match Rey cuts a promo demanding who called the cops to come out and reveal themselves. Out comes Andrade who said he got her arrested as payback for what she did at Summerslam. Andrade is out for revenge. He too has a lawyer and found the LWO contract, and due to her arrest, Zelina Vega is out of the LWO.
At each of the following PPV's, Andrade faces a member of the LWO. IFf Andrade wins, that member must leave the LWO. Latino pride and rights are important, but you guys are dangerous extremist who make everyone look bad.
After defeating Sin Cara at Backlash, English at MITB, Del Rio at Extreme Rules (Del Rio leaves afterwards), Rey not only puts LWO up but his career at Summerslam.
After the best match these 2 ever had together, Andrade wins. Rey retires having his first ppv match and his last ppv match at summerslam. Sin Cara and English both wonder back into the mid card. Zelina Vega is alligned with her real life partner, Aleister Black. She uses her time in jail to be a catalist to become more of a bad ass instead of a shady bussiness manager.
Andrade's push doesnt end at summerslam. After Rey he defeats more and more heels until he wins the Universal Title over Seth Rollins at the Royal Rumble. He loses it to Adam Cole at Money in the Bank 2021.
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2019.07.31 02:08 WWE_Network_Bot WWE Network Updates: 07/31/2019

The following shows have been added to the WWE Network today:

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2019.06.29 16:58 WWE_Network_Bot This Day in History: 06/29/2019

The following events happened on this day in history!
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2019.05.07 17:38 stechmjt199 Alternate Universe Part 1 - Royal Rumble 2012

A few brief notes before we jump on in!
The Card:
30-Man Royal Rumble Match
CM Punk(c) v. Dolph Ziggler: WWE World Heavyweight Championship
Big Show v. Daniel Bryan: Steel Cage Match; No Escape, Pinfall & Submission Only
Beth Phoenix(c) v. Brie Bella: 5 Minute Challenge Match; Women's Championship
Kofi Kingston & Booker T(c) v. The Awesome Truth (The Miz & R-Truth): WWE Tag Team Championship

The Build:
Match 1) Steel Cage Match (Pin & Submit Only); Big Show v. Daniel Bryan
Result: Daniel Bryan defeats Big Show in 13 minutes
Match 2) WWE Tag Team Championship: Kofi Kingston & Booker T(c) v. The Awesome Truth
Match 3) 5 Min Challenge; Women’s Championship; Beth Phoenix(c) w. Natalya v. Brie Bella w. Nikki Bella
Match 4) WWE World Heavyweight Championship; CM Punk(c) v. Dolph Ziggler w. Vickie Guerrero & Jack Swagger

30-Man Royal Rumble Match for a WWE World Heavyweight Championship Match at WrestleMania XXVIII
Instead of breaking down the week by week for this one I'll just break down the match itself and the feuds heading into this
Here's the entry list for the Royal Rumble Match // Who eliminates them // And what place they come in.
  1. Alex Riley // eliminated by Kane // 27th
  2. Ezekiel Jackson // eliminated by Cody Rhodes // 30th
  3. Cody Rhodes // eliminated by Chris Jericho // 7th
  4. Primo // eliminated by Mick Foley // 29th
  5. Mick Foley // eliminated by Kane // 26th
  6. Yoshi Tatsu // eliminated by Kane // 28th
  7. Kane // eliminated by Randy Orton // 20th
  8. Jinder Mahal // eliminated by The Great Khali // 25th
  9. The Great Khali // eliminated by Kane // 24th
  10. The Miz // eliminated by Randy Orton // 12th
  11. Zack Ryder // eliminated by Mark Henry // 11th
  12. Epico // eliminated by John Cena // 22nd
  13. Hunico // eliminated by John Cena // 21st
  14. Santino Marella // eliminated by Cody Rhodes // 23rd
  15. John Cena // eliminated by The Miz // 14th
  16. Randy Orton // eliminated by Wade Barrett // 6th
  17. Drew McIntyre // eliminated by The Miz & R-Truth // 19th
  18. R-Truth // eliminated by Kofi Kingston // 13th.
  19. Justin Gabriel // eliminated by Sheamus // 17th
  20. Jim Duggan // eliminated by Cody Rhodes // 18th
  21. Jack Swagger // eliminated by Sheamus // 16th
  22. Kofi Kingston // eliminated by Mark Henry // 10th
  23. Sheamus // eliminated by Chris Jericho // 3rd
  24. David Otunga // eliminated by Randy Orton // 15th
  25. Brodus Clay // eliminated by Mark Henry // 9th
  26. Wade Barrett // eliminated by Daniel Bryan // 5th
  27. Mark Henry // eliminated by Sheamus // 4th
  28. Heath Slater // eliminated by Mark Henry // 8th
  29. Chris Jericho // WINNER
  30. Daniel Bryan // eliminated by Chris Jericho // 2nd
Now I'll just go over specific details of the match
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2019.04.09 16:57 WWE_Network_Bot This Day in History: 04/09/2019

The following events happened on this day in history!
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2019.04.02 09:25 bookingclub Booking RAW Exclusive PPV - Breaking Point

WWE RAW Presents Breaking Point
Pre-show: Hosted by, Byron Saxton, Booker T, David Otunga and Special Guest Beth Phoenix
WWE Network Special Interview Ft. Aleister Black.
Corey: Aleister, We all wanna know why you refuse to face Pete Dunn?
AB: Corey, everyone’s got a past. Some of us are proud of it and some of us just wish it never happened. I’m the one that wishes I was a little more mature back then. I really tortured Pete. He used to be my punching bag and I really ruined his childhood. Am I ashamed of it? Yes. I have already cause a lot of problem in his life and if he gets in the ring with me, am not sure if my heart will stop until his breath does. So, I’m doing this for his own well-being. I’ve cause a lot of problem for him, but not anymore.
Corey: I hope you know he’s been telling people that he’s gonna twist you in some way to get what he wants.
AB: He thinks he can play mind-games? That’s cute but he needs a little fact-check. I’m the master when it comes to playing Mind-Games. He may go all confident but he’s just gonna be destroyed.
Corey: thank you for your time.
Pre-Show special Attraction Match
Lana V Zelina Vega
Winner: Zelina Vega
Sasha banks enters Charlotte’s locker room.
Charlotte: listen, let me save you some energy. My answer is no. This is not happening.
Sasha; Fine, I used to think you’re a champion but the fact is you’re nothing more than a defeated woman. Stay back here and keep thinking about how Mandy Rose punches your lights out.
WWE Breaking Point
Match-1 Intercontinental Title Match
‘Leader of Balor Club’ V ‘The Love Couple’
Finn Balor V Mike W/Maria Kanellis
Winner and Still Intercontinental Champion- Finn Balor
A.J. Styles is shown arriving to the arena.
Charly: A.J. tonight you have a match with Bobby Roode and people are speculating that you may have some ring rust. Plus the attack of Bobby Roode, maybe won’t be able to get the job done. Your thoughts.
A.J. Styles: ring rust? Charly, I have been doing this for a long time. The only thing people need to be speculating is, whether or not after tonight is said and done will Bobby Roode walk out on his own will or will he be stretchered out and as for his attack, tonight Payback’s a bitch.
Match-2 Women Tag Team Championships
The IICONICS comes out.
Billie: Peyton, I hear that no-one’s ready to tag with Sasha? Is that true are we going in a handicap match?
Peyton: we were gonna win this bout anyway but now Bayley’s Boss is gonna cry again and get another match with her employee against us tomorrow night on RAW. So, here’s the plan, we kick and end her in 10 seconds and go back so we get our beauty rest for tomorrow’s action.
Sasha comes out. Ref is about to ring the bell but Charlotte’s music hits
‘The IIconics’ V ‘The Boss/The Queen’
Peyton Royce/Billie Kay v Sasha Banks/ Charlotte
Sasha hits the mediora on Charlotte by accident with this distraction Peyton rolls up Sasha...
Winner and still champion- The IICONICS
Charly: Bayley, You’re Tag Team partner lost her match, what do you think your chances are of winning?
Bayley: Sasha and Charlotte, have never gotten along. They’re like oil and water. Tonight, I do a chance to win the WWE RAW Women’s Championship and I’m gonna go full force. Becky better bring her A-Game tonight, cause when it’s all said and done, I’ll be hugging the Championship.
Match-3 Grudge Match
‘Prizefighter’ V ‘InZayn’
Kevin Owens V Sami Zayn
Kevin Owens is on the ramp, Zayn attacks KO from behind with a fire extinguisher. He brutalises KO with the Weapon and security takes Sami back.
Winner- No Contest
Rusev is shown getting ready for his match and Zelina walks in.
Zelina: Rusev, tonight even you saw who’s a far superior woman. You need to realise that Lana by your side, you got only too far now with me you can take your career to the next level. Just look at the star I made the ‘Wrestling Royalty’
Rusev looks intrigued.
Ladies and Gentlemen.. Elias.
Elias does his thing.
Backstage Rusev is in Gorilla and Lana walks up and asks isn’t she coming along?
Rusev: I guess it’s best that you stay back. You have done enough already.
Lana: Rusev, it’s me, don’t you trust me, I’m your Wife!
Rusev walks out.
Match-4 Trouble in Love-a-dice
‘The Drifter’ V ‘Bulgarian Brute’
Elias V Rusev
Mid-mAtch Lana comes down and accidentally pulls Rusev’s leg allowing Elias to take the advantage and hit ‘Drift Away’
Winner: Elias
Balor Club are shown having a party, but Finn Looks distracted.
Karl: Finn, what’s wrong.?
Finn: Oh it’s nothing. Let’s get to this..
Becky Is shown walking backstage. Tom Phillips walks up and asks if she feels she can’t beat Bayley Tonight?
Becky looks at him like he’s an idiot and walks away.
Match-5 WWE RAW Women’s Championship
‘The Man’ V ‘The Hugger’
Becky Lynch V Bayley
Winner and still champion- Becky Lynch
Post match EmbeDana/Nia/Tamina come out and attack. Sasha comes out to help but the number’s game too much. Stephanie comes out and slaps Becky repeatedly. The 5 stand in the ring, raising each other’s hands.
Commentators raise the Question “where was Charlotte ?”
Match-6 Collision of Monsters
‘Scottish Psychopath’ V ‘Monster Among Men’
Drew McIntyre V Braun Strowman
Winner- Drew McIntyre
Charly: Mandy Rose you have asked for this time to announce something for tomorrow night on RAW.
Mandy: Tomorrow night everyone has to tune in to watch the ‘Golden Goddess’ get what she deserves. Tomorrow night, Becky better be ready cause she goes one on one with ‘God’s greatest creation’ for the RAW women’s Championship. So everyone is invited to watch the coronation of a new champion that everyone can be proud of!
Michael Cole: Ladies and Gentlemen, this is just in. Tomorrow night On RAW. Ric Flair returns to address why he betrayed his daughter.
‘The Showoff’ V ‘The Lone Wolf’
Dolph Ziggler V Baron Corbin
Winner: Dolph Ziggler.
Post match Triple H comes down and hits the pedigree on DZ and does the crotch chop.
Match-8 Blissful Challenge for RAW Tag Team Championships
The Revival V Slater N’ Rhyno
Scott Dawson/Dash Wilder W/ Alexa V Heath Slate Rhyno
Winner and still champion- The Revival
Vince McMahon’s announcement
Vince McMahon, Stephanie and Hunter come out.
Vince: A’s you all know WWE is a global entertainment company and contrary to all of your beliefs I’m not out of touch. I know what you people want but just last year I announced the return of XFL. I have been selling my stock and my share of the company to invest into XFL and make it into the global industry as the WWE. Since, that requires my attention, i have my daughter and my son-in-law out here to to make my announcement. I’ll be stepping down from my role as the Chairman. All the creative and power will be given to this man.
Triple H is all smiles.
Vince: Shane McMahon.
Triple h and Stephanie are shocked.
Shane and Steph shake hands but Triple H refuses to shake Shane’s hand. Steph follows him to the back.
Steph: What’s with you?
HHH: after everything I did, he gets the main power of this place. Don’t you see it Steph, he’s gonna drive you out and me out of here.
Match-MAIN EVENT- Universal Championship
‘The KingSlayer’ V ‘The Big Dog’
Seth Rollins V Roman Reigns
EC3 comes out and distracts the ref, Lars Sullivan hits the freak accident on Seth Rollins, Roman goes to the cover but Seth kicks out. Roman hits the spear...
Winner and still champion- Roman Reigns
Roman reigns holds the title, EC3 and Lars Sullivan kneel down
End of Show.
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2019.03.26 15:57 WWE_Network_Bot This Day in History: 03/26/2019

The following events happened on this day in history!
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2019.03.25 00:38 TheRV1HD Who Is The Most Adaptable Tag Team Specialist In WWE?

OK folks I press this question out to you all. On the current WWE main roster who is the most adaptable tag team superstar? Who can be thrown together with anyone and be a success in your opinion and why? Below is a look at a list of 10 people from the main roster who have had multiple partners throughout their main roster careers. These are some of the more significant ones. You can have your own opinion. Also keep in mind that having more partners than anyone else doesn't always mean that they are the most adaptable tag team talent on the roster. Who's your pick?
  1. Curtis Axel: Tag Team Partners - David Otunga, Macho Mandow, Johnny Curtis, Ryback, Adam Rose, Bo Dallas, Heath Slater
  2. Cesaro: Tag Team Partners - Jack Swagger, Tyson Kidd, Sheamus
  3. Curt Hawkins: Tag Team Partners - Zack Ryder, Vance Archer, Tyler Reks
  4. Big Show: Tag Team Partners - The Undertaker, Kane, Chris Jericho, The Miz, Rikishi, The One Billy Gunn, A-Train
  5. Dolph Ziggler: Tag Team Partners - Jack Swagger, The Spirit Squad, Drew McIntyre, Kerwin White, Big E Langston
  6. Kofi Kingston: Tag Team Partners - CM Punk, Xavier Woods, Big E, R-Truth, Evan Bourne
  7. Heath Slater: Tag Team Partners - Drew McIntyre, Jinder Mahal, Adam Rose, Bo Dallas, Curtis Axel, Justin Gabriel, Titus O Neil, Rhyno, Wade Barrett, Ezekiel Jackson
  8. Titus O Neil: Tag Team Partners - Darren Young, Heath Slater, Apollo Crews
  9. Rusev: Tag Team Partners - Aiden English, Shinsuke Nakamura, Jinder Mahal, Sheamus, King Barrett, Alberto Del Rio
  10. Drew McIntyre: Tag Team Partners - Dashing Cody Rhodes, Jinder Mahal, Dolph Ziggler, Heath Slater, Baron Corbin, Bobby Lashley
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Jennifer Hudson and her husband David Otunga and children Santino Marella vs. David Otunga: Raw, March 19, 2012 ... Jennifer Hudson cheated on David Otunga?  Breakup details ... Jennifer Hudson and Her Fiance, David Otunga  Oprah's ... WWE '12 Universe  Part 5 - NXT #2 - New Faces! Team Otunga - #OtungaDropsKnowledge

Jennifer Hudson splits from long term partner David Otunga ...

  1. Jennifer Hudson and her husband David Otunga and children
  2. Santino Marella vs. David Otunga: Raw, March 19, 2012 ...
  3. Jennifer Hudson cheated on David Otunga? Breakup details ...
  4. Jennifer Hudson and Her Fiance, David Otunga Oprah's ...
  5. WWE '12 Universe Part 5 - NXT #2 - New Faces!
  6. Team Otunga - #OtungaDropsKnowledge

American Idol singer, Jennifer Hudson, splits up with her fiance of 10 years, David Otunga. According to TMZ, Jennifer Hudson and David got into a heated arg... Today on NXT we're debuting 1-3 new faces as Alex Riley kicks off NXT facing Chavo Guerrero, as well as David Otunga & Nemesis potentially debuting new tag partners! Match 1: Singles Match Alex ... The captains of Team Teddy and Team Johnny look for momentum for their respective team. Oscar® winner Jennifer Hudson and her fiance of four years, David Otunga, open up about their wedding date, family plans and more. Watch as Jennifer and Davi... David Otunga on The Wendy Williams Show - Duration: 2:55. The Wendy Williams Show 352,552 views. 2:55. Jennifer Hudson winning Best Supporting Actress - Duration: 3:04. With Corporate Kane potentially on his way out the door, David Otunga is the risk taker you need for Director of Operations. More ACTION on WWE NETWORK : htt...