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hiihi elect hist pp in 2 hours soo here’s a quick glance at important date and years to take note of !! [disclaimer: only key dates and years are written down so if some were missed out or any mistakes, feel free to add it in the comments :)] ——————————————————————————— 1919 June: TOV signed
1921: Hitler became leader of Nazi Party
1921: Washington Naval Conference
1924: Death of Lenin and Power struggle within the Communist Party
1929 29 October: Great Depression
1929: Stalin gained control of USSR
1931 September: Japan invaded Manchuria
1933 30 Jan: Hitler became Chancellor of Germany
1933 27 Feb: Reichstag Fire
1933 24 March: Enabling Act Hitler
1933 14 July: One party rule Hitler
1933 14 Oct: Germany withdrew from LON
1934 30 June: Night of long knives
1934 Aug: Hitler made the Fuehrer position
1934: Start of Great Terror purges
1935: Hitler passed Nuremburg Laws
1935 Oct: Italy invaded Abyssinia (Abyssinia crisis)
1936: Hitler remilitarised Rhineland
1937 April: German entered Spanish Civil War
1938 March: Auschluss between Germany and Austria
1938 Sep 29: Munich Agreement
1938 Oct: Germany gained control of Sudentenland
1938 Nov: Night of broken glass in Germany
1939 March: Germany took over rest of Czechoslovakia
1939 3 September: WW2 began in Europe
1940: Tripartite Pact Signed between Axis Powers
1941 March: US Congress passed Lend-Lease Act
1941 June: Hitler invaded the Soviet Union, opening up a second front
1941 7 December: Japan bombed Pearl Harbor
1944 June: Operation Overlord (D-Day landings)
1945 6 Aug: First atomic bomb, “little boy”, dropped on Hiroshima
1945 9 Aug: Second atomic bomb “fat man” dropped on Nagasaki
1945 Feb: Yalta Conference
1945 July – Aug: Postsdam Conference
1947 March: Truman Doctrine USA
1947 June: Marshall plan announced USA
1947 Sep: Cominform set up (USSR)
1948 June: Berlin blockade
1949 Jan: Comecon set up (USSR)
1949 Aug: USSR successfully exploded its first atomic bomb
1950 25 June: North Korea invade South Korea in 3 days
1950 July: North Korea push South to Pusan (known as Busan today)
1950 June - Aug: UN & USA forces retaliate
1950 15 Sep: South Korea push North Korean forces back to 38 parallel
1950 17 Sep: Mcarthur given permission to advance up North Korea
1950 Oct: China entered korean war
1951 Jan: China help NK push South Korean troops back to 38th parallel
1951 June - July: Armistice talks
1953 July: Armistice signed
1954 Sep: SEATO was set up
1955 May: Warsaw pact set up
1961 April: Bay of Pigs invasion took place
1961 Nov: Kennedy authorised Operation Mongoose
1962 16 Oct: USA discovered Soviet Nuclear missile deployment, Start of the CMC
1962 22 Oct: Kennedy announced Naval Blockade of Cuba
1962 26 Oct: Khrushchev offered to remove missiles in Cuba in exchange for USA’s promise not to invade Cuba
1962 27 Oct: Khrushchev offered to remove offensive missiles in Cuba in exchange for USA’s removal of Jupiter missiles in Turkey, Kennedy agreed to this deal as long as kept secret
1962 22 Nov: Khrushchev decided to remove all other tactical nuclear missiles in Cuba
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21 AGOSTO 1964 🇮🇹🔺 Palmiro Togliatti muore per un ictus a Jalta in URSS. Era segretario del PCI dal 1927 nonché un esponente di spicco del Comintern/Cominform. Era stato Vicepresidente del Consiglio (1944-1945), Ministro di grazia e giustizia (1945-1946) e membro dell'Assemblea Costituente. submitted by Asiablog to Italia [link] [comments]

2020.07.04 22:59 starchilde14 Similarities with the BLM movement as a front for socialism/marxism, to the Czech Communist Revolution, and subsequent coup.

This is from Wikipedia:

In the aftermath of World War II, the Communist Party of Czechoslovakia (KSČ) was in a favourable position. Its powerful influence on Czechoslovak politics since the 1920s, its clean wartime record and cooperation with non-Communist parties, its identification with the Soviet Union, one of the country's liberators, and its determination to become the country's leading political force without alarming the West (a strategy followed too by Communist parties in Italy and France) dovetailed with popular opposition to Nazi rule, the longing for real change that followed it, and the new political realities of living within the Soviet orbit to produce a surge in membership from 40,000 in 1945 to 1.35 million in 1948.[1] Moreover, the Soviets viewed the country as a strategic prize: it bordered West Germany and boasted uranium deposits around Jáchymov.[2][3]
Nonetheless, party leader Klement Gottwald said in 1945 that "in spite of the favourable situation, the next goal is not soviets and socialism, but rather carrying out a really thorough democratic national revolution", thereby linking his party to the Czechoslovak democratic tradition (he even claimed to be a disciple of Tomáš Masaryk) and to Czech nationalism by capitalizing on popular intense anti-German feelings.[1] During the early postwar period, working with the other parties in a coalition called the National Front), the Communists kept up the appearance of being willing to work within the system.
Thus, in the 1946 election, the KSČ won 38% of the vote. This was the best-ever performance by a European Communist party in a free election, and was far more than the 22% won by their Hungarian counterparts the following year in the only other free and fair postwar election in the Soviet area of influence. President Edvard Beneš, not himself a Communist but very amenable to cooperation with the Soviets, and who hoped for restraint by the Allied powers, thus invited Gottwald to be prime minister. Although the government still had a non-Communist majority (nine Communists and seventeen non-Communists), the KSČ had initial control over the police and armed forces, and came to dominate other key ministries such as those dealing with propaganda, education, social welfare and agriculture; they also soon dominated the civil service.[4]
However, by the summer of 1947 the KSČ had alienated whole blocs of potential voters. The activities of the police—headed by Interior Minister Václav Nosek, a Communist—were acutely offensive to many citizens; farmers objected to talk of collectivization, and some workers were angry at Communist demands that they increase output without being given higher wages. The general expectation was that the Communists would be soundly defeated in the May 1948 elections.[4][5] That September, at the first Cominform meeting, Andrei Zhdanov observed that Soviet victory had helped achieve "the complete victory of the working class over the bourgeoisie in every East European land except Czechoslovakia, where the power contest still remains undecided."[5] This clearly implied the KSČ should be accelerating its own efforts to take complete power. That notion would be reinforced during the Prague Spring, when party archives were opened and showed that Stalin gave up the whole idea of a parliamentary path for Czechoslovakia when the Communist parties of France and Italy failed to achieve power in 1947 and 1948.[5]
The KSČ's number-two leader, general secretary Rudolf Slánský, represented the KSČ at the meeting. He returned to Prague with a plan for the final seizure of power. Slánský remarked, "as in the international field, we have gone on the offensive on the domestic front as well."[5] The KSČ pursued a two-pronged strategy. The party knew it had to maintain the façade of working within the electoral political system and was aware that a revolutionary coup would be unacceptable. It desired to gain an absolute majority at elections scheduled for 1948, but the fracturing of the left-wing coalition made this unrealistic. This pushed the party into extra-parliamentary action. The organization of "spontaneous" demonstrations to "express the will of the people" and continuous visits to parliament by workers' delegations were meant to ensure "mobilization of the masses".[6]

The coup
During the winter of 1947–48, both in the cabinet and in parliament tension between the Communists and their opponents led to increasingly bitter conflict.[7] Matters came to a head in February 1948, when Nosek illegally extended his powers by attempting to purge remaining non-Communist elements in the National Police Force. The security apparatus and police were being transformed into instruments of the KSČ, and consequently, according to John Grenville, endangering basic civic freedoms.[7]
On 12 February, the non-Communists in the cabinet demanded punishment for the offending Communists in the government and an end to their supposed subversion. Nosek, backed by Gottwald, refused to yield. He and his fellow Communists threatened to use force and, in order to avoid defeat in parliament, mobilised groups of their supporters in the country. On 21 February, twelve non-Communist ministers resigned in protest after Nosek refused to reinstate eight non-Communist senior police officers despite a majority vote of the cabinet in favour of doing so.[5] Most of the ministers remained at their posts, with Social Democratic leader Zdeněk Fierlinger making no secret of his support for the Communists.[8]
The non-Communists assumed that Beneš would refuse to accept their resignations, keeping them in a caretaker government and in the process embarrassing the Communists enough to make them yield. Beneš initially insisted that no new government could be formed which did not include ministers from the non-Communist parties. However, an atmosphere of mounting tension, coupled with massive Communist-led demonstrations occurring throughout the country, convinced Beneš to remain neutral over the issue, for fear the KSČ foment an insurrection and give the Red Army a pretext to invade the country and restore order.[5]
In Grenville's opinion, had Beneš held his line, the Communists would not have been able to form a government. The historian believed there could have been only two non-violent means of resolving the crisis—give way to the non-Communists or risk defeat in early elections which the KSČ would not have had time to rig. The non-Communists saw this as a moment of opportunity, needing to act quickly before the Communists had total control over the police and threatened the electoral process.[7]
At the same time, the non-Communist ministers seemed to behave as if this was just an old-fashioned pre-1939 governmental crisis. They did not know that the Communists were mobilizing from below to take complete power. Soviet deputy foreign minister Valerian Zorin, who had been his country's ambassador to Czechoslovakia from 1945 to 1947, returned to Prague to help with the final arrangements for the coup. Armed militia and police took over Prague, Communist demonstrations were mounted and an anti-Communist student demonstration was broken up. The ministries of the non-Communist ministers were occupied, civil servants dismissed and the ministers prevented from entering their own ministries.[9] The army, under the direction of Defence Minister Ludvík Svoboda, who was formally non-partisan but had facilitated Communist infiltration into the officer corps, was confined to barracks and did not interfere.[9][10]
Communist "Action Committees" and trade union militias were quickly set up, armed, and sent into the streets, as well as being prepared to carry through a purge of anti-Communists. In a speech before 100,000 of these people, Gottwald threatened a general strike unless Beneš agreed to form a new Communist-dominated government. Zorin at one point offered the services of the Red Army, camped on the country's borders. However, Gottwald declined the offer, believing that the threat of violence combined with heavy political pressure would be enough to force Beneš to surrender. As he said after the coup, Beneš "knows what strength is, and this led him to evaluate this [situation] realistically".[5]
On 25 February 1948, Beneš, fearful of civil war and Soviet intervention, capitulated. He accepted the resignations of the non-Communist ministers and appointed a new government in accordance with KSČ demands. Gottwald continued as prime minister of a government dominated by Communists and pro-Moscow Social Democrats. The Social Democrats' leader, Fierlinger, had been a proponent of closer ties with the Communists for some time; as mentioned above, he openly sided with the Communists during the dispute. Members of the People's, Czech National Social Party and Slovak Democratic) parties still figured, so the government was still nominally a coalition. However, the other parties had been taken over by Communist sympathizers, and ministers using these labels were fellow travellers handpicked by the Communists. The only senior minister who was neither a Communist nor a fellow traveller was Foreign Minister Jan Masaryk, who was however found dead two weeks later outside a third-floor window.[11] Some friends and admirers believed Masaryk committed suicide out of despair. However, a longstanding Western suspicion was that he had actually been thrown to his death, a hypothesis which, according to Lawrence S. Kaplan, was later confirmed by Soviet archives.[12]
Following the coup, the Communists moved quickly to consolidate their power. Thousands were fired and hundreds were arrested. Thousands fled the country to avoid living under Communism.[13] The National Assembly), freely elected two years earlier, quickly fell into line and gave Gottwald's revamped government a vote of confidence in March. The 230-0 result was unanimous, although nine MPs had resigned following the coup.[14][15]
On 9 May, a new constitution was approved by parliament. Although it declared Czechoslovakia a "people's democracy" under the leadership of the KSČ, it was not a completely Communist document. However, it was close enough to the Soviet model that Beneš refused to sign it. At the 30 May elections, voters were presented with a single list from the National Front, which officially won 89.2% of the vote; within the National Front list, the Communists had an absolute majority of 214 seats (160 for the main party and 54 for the Slovak branch).[16] This majority grew even larger when the Social Democrats merged with the Communists later in the year. Practically all non-Communist parties that had participated in the 1946 election were also represented within the National Front list and thus received parliamentary seats. However, by this time they had all transformed themselves into loyal partners of the Communists, and the few independent-minded members of those parties were either in prison or in exile. The National Front was converted into a broad patriotic organisation dominated by the Communists, and no political group outside it was allowed to exist.[13][17][18][19] Consumed by these events, Beneš resigned on 2 June and was succeeded by Gottwald twelve days later.[11][19] Beneš died in September, bringing a symbolic close to the sequence of events, and was buried before an enormous and silent throng come to mourn the passing of a popular leader and of the democracy he had come to represent.[11]

Czechoslovakia was ruled by a Communist regime until the Velvet Revolution of 1989.[20] More immediately, the coup became synonymous with the Cold War. The loss of the last remaining democracy in Eastern Europe came as a profound shock to millions. For the second time in a decade, Western eyes saw Czechoslovak independence and democracy snuffed out by a foreign totalitarian dictatorship intent on dominating the small country (though unlike in 1938–39, the KSČ did most of the "dirty work").[11][21]
The USSR seemed to have completed the formation of a monolithic Soviet bloc and concluded the partition of Europe, which appeared to vindicate and certainly crystallized the pessimistic, darkest appraisals of Soviet power in the West by people who felt certain that it was folly to try to do business with Moscow. Because its impact was equally profound in Western Europe as in the United States, it helped unify Western countries against the Communist bloc. It gave an air of prescience to the French and Italian governments for having forced their local Communists out of their governments a year earlier.[11]
Additionally, it finally discredited Soviet moves to prevent the formation of a West German state and accelerated the construction of a West European alliance, the Treaty of Brussels, the following month; mutual security was the new watchword.[22] Until early 1948, Western and Soviet representatives had communicated in regular meetings at the foreign minister level; the Czech coup constituted a final rupture in relations between the two superpowers, with the West now signaling its determination to commit itself to collective self-defence.[23] By early March, even a previously wavering France was demanding a concrete military alliance with definite promises to help in certain circumstances.[24]
From Moscow's point of view, the coup could not have come at a worse time. The government crisis in Prague lasted from 20 to 27 February, just when Western foreign ministers were meeting in London. From the West's perspective, the coup was an example of Communism in its most unacceptable form; Moscow seemed to the West bent on ruthless expansion and the suppression of freedom.[7]
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I am claiming CPI so that the power of INC and the others can be countered. I intend to do the following things:
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2020.05.17 01:20 albanian-bolshevik Sham of liberal democracy PART 9: Norway

As we analyzed in the eight previus posts, we will show by the bourgeoisie statistics themselfs that at no time, the supposed leading "representatives" of the whole people had the approval or the support of more than 50% of the adult population at any given time. We will start with the elections of 1915, since only then both men and women were able to vote.
Also to note, Norway was the first indipendment country to have universal suffrage, as a bill passed in the norwegian parliament in 1912 giving the right of vote to all women (but we will also explain a little the history of the social democratic party)thus enabling universal suffrage in the country.
In the meantime, we will also analyse the class struggle in Norway, and the social democratic, communist politics, and significant events in the state's and the parties there.


In this era, we need to have in mind 3 importand big parties, and two smaller importand parties. The big three were the Labour party (a social democratic party, which was not always liberal as we will see below), and the two other bourgeoisie parties, liberal and consernative. The two other smaller parties were the petty bourgeoisie farmer party, and the most advanced of the proletariat, communist party.
In 1905, Norway broke away from sweden and became an indipendment country. At that time, a small emerging proletariat was organized in the labour party, who, while not a marxist party, was for sure a proletarian party, and if not communist or socialist, with strong tendencies towards this.
Some parts from their first program of 1885, resemble the program of the german SDP which marx critiqued in his gotha program. Notable points is that the party works for an economy which is communally owned (perhaps they mean communism), and they call for the proletariat to liberate themselfs, calling all other classes reactionary mass (which marx critiqued in the gotha programme), and they call for a socialist society. Notable is that they avoid to use the word "revolution", and they opt to mention reformist demands such as healthcare. In short, the labour party at its foundation was not officially a revolutionary party, they had such tendencies inside of them (as we will see after) but officially they remained a socialist party who spoke about liberation (but not the means). The party turned even more right in 1887, when their program dropped socialism all together, and opted for clear reformism, with four major demands:Universal suffrage, normal working day and labour safety laws, increasing direct tax, support for worker action. In 1891, things took a leftist turn compared to 1887, where the party openly again declared that its goal to be common property and socialism (perhaps they meant communism). Again, they avoid any word for a revolution, and most importandly they deny that any transitional stage is needed, and hence, they deny that they will lead a dictactorship of the proletariat, almost resempling anarchists.
With the so-called state socialism, which puts the state in the place of the private employer, the labor party has nothing to order.
They continiue to proclaim that their immediate goals were simple put, reforms, not revolution. Note that at this time, the labour party has about 500-1000 votes only.
In 1900, the partie's support hugelly increased to 7000 votes from the traditional 500-1000 they had the previus decade. In 1903 the labour party entered parliament with 22,000 votes or about 10% of the vote. Their new party program proclaimed that while they awkoledge the "reactionary caracter" of the liberal party, they are willing to form a coalition if offered.
Before we continiue, we need to point that so far, that while the labour party was definetelly more left and radical than it is today (we will speak about this later), it remained again, in marxist terms, a bourgeoisie socialist party or at best a democratic socialist one, as per the definition marx/engels due gave to their communist manifesto.
In 1906, the party turned more to a broad mass party, by removing the "reactionary mass" from their program, and proclaiming an open alliance with the petty bourgeoisie, farmers, and traders. This resulted in the party doubling its support to about 40,000 votes, and getting 15% of the vote. In the 1909 elections the party grew even more to again more than double its support to 90,000 votes, or 20% of the vote. In 1912, the labour party became even more stronger with 120,000 votes. The next elections take place in 1915, and are the first elections where universal suffrage is in action, with women also voting. Turnout is very low, at 57%. The winner party is the liberal party with 33%, second is labour with 26%, third is the consernative-free minded liberals coalition, which has 29%. Liberals procced to form a fovernment. In real numbers, their government had 18% of popular approval.
In 1917, the first proletarian dictactorship (other than paris commune) was established in russia. The bolsheviks had sucesfully revolted, and the bourgoisie government was crushed. The labour party, joins the communist international. In the elections of 1918, the party now essentially a almost a communist party, part of the commintern, becomes the biggest party in the country, with 31% of the vote, 60% turnout. The biggest party now was a party part of comintern. Liberal party has 28%. Labour fails to form government, and the liberals continiue to rule. This government had now a petty 16% of popular approval.
In 1921, the right wing of the labour party broke from labour party and formed the social democratic labour party. In 1921 elections, turnout keeps increasing, but labour party loses some votes due to the split, and it has 21% of the vote. Consernative-free minded liberal coalition win with 30%, and they procced to form government with about 20% of popular approval. In 1923, everything was over for the labour party as a real proletarian party, as it left the comintern. The leftist wing of labour, formed the communist party which remained a part of the comintern. In the elections of 1924, turnout is 70%, and consernative-free minded liberal coalition wins with 32% of the vote. Liberals are second with 18%, and labour is third with 18%. Farmers are fourth with 13%. The newlly formed communist party enters parliament with 6% of the vote. Liberals form government, with their popular approval being just 12%. In the elections of 1927, and after many people from the communist party defected to the labour party, labour wins again with 36% of the vote. In real numbers, they had 24% of popular approval. Communist lost some support, and they went to 4%. Labour formed its first government, which lasted only for about half a month, and liberals formed a government, with 17% of the vote, or just 11% of popular approval. At the same time, comintern formulated the third period line, and the communist party followed it, calling for intense class war, and accusing labour of not anymore being a real proletarian party and instead becoming a social fascist party. Meanwhile, labour was officially still a socialist party, that claimed its long term goal to be socialism. In 1933, labour party is at its strongest point, at 40% with 76% of turnout. The communist party offered a coalition with the labour party due to the popular front strategy, but it was denied. Again, labour fails to form a government, and the agrarians form a government, with just 13% of the vote, or in real numbers, just 9% of popular approval. In 1935, labour managed to wrestle power, and thus began the period of labour in power. It can be also claimed that 1933, the year of Labour's strongest point in perhaps history, is also the most leftist period of the party (save the comintern period of 1918-1923), as the labour party clearly denounces pure reformism(but again leaves possibility of it), advocates for a "classless, socialist society", advocates for unity with USSR, advocates for workers power, and in essence, shares many points with a communist party in its program at least. It is clear that at this point the labour party is heavenly influenced by communist ideas, and it could be claimed that they were a real proletarian party at least in their program. They officially claiming the following in their 1933 party program:
The political struggle of the Norwegian Labor Party is to safeguard the working people's welfare and fight for the working class to conquer social power as quickly as possible and create a socialist society. Experience shows that social policy and economic reform under the current power conditions in society can only be implemented when they do not significantly interfere with the capitalists exploiters. The Norwegian Labor Party is therefore aware that some reforms cannot abolish capitalism. On the contrary, reforms in one of the spheres of social life may not be effective if they do not accompanied by reforms in other areas. An effective social control that the Labor Party strives for cannot be satisfactory exercised by the capitalist state, but only by a socialist society based on it the reason of working life. The party's work program must therefore be seen in context. As it should being realized, it increasingly points beyond the framework of the capitalist social system and raises the question of the working class taking over power. With reference to the above and to its principal program

The Norwegian Labor Party, which is the political body for the Norwegian working class, sits down aims to abolish capitalist exploitation and build a socialist, a classless society, ruled by the manual and mental labourers.

This party builds on Marxism and the experiences gained through fighting in Norway and other countries, establish their views on developments and the paths the party will follow to reach a socialist society.

It is only when the working class conquers political power that the state can implement one socialist management of economic life. A workers' government can then, especially on that economic and industrial fields build on the state capitalism that has developed under the bourgeois rule.

Some social reforms cannot abolish capitalism. The good working class can win in the civil society but there are not many and they are easy to lose again. The working class must therefore not only use their energies to achieve these improvements, but must put everything into winning community power and building a socialist society.

In its activities, the party wishes to use organizational, financial and political means of combat and avoid violence. But the bourgeoisie will not voluntarily relinquish power and privileges. The capitalist class organizations and the bourgeois state military system are preferable organized to be used against the working class. As the organized working class gains greater power and the ultimate the breakthrough of power is approaching, the political struggle is being squandered. Finance and the employer forces tries to strengthen its power position by forcing special laws. Extraordinary precautions pave the way for the emerging working class and break workers' organizations down. The guarantees of bourgeois democracy are losing more and more of theirs value. Experience shows that the bourgeoisie breaks both laws and constitutions when it comes to crushing the labor organizations and the introduction of the militaristic and fascist dictatorship of violence - all to safeguard and expand the power field of the capital field and keep the working people permanently down.

The party therefore follows the Russian working class's attempt to build it up socialist society with the greatest attention. As the defeat of the Soviet power would be a defeat for the entire working class of the world, the party will fight all capitalist blockade, invasion and sabotage policy against this new society.
I will leave the readers speculate on the above.
But this would not last long, as the labour party, once they managed to achieve power, removed any mention of socialism, classless society and any real proletarian slogan in their party program of 1936.
Despite that, the people remained faithfull to labour, and with a 84% of turnout, labour managed to get 42% of the vote, and mantain government, at a real popular approval number of 34% in the elections of 1936. The communist party at this point is at its weakest, at about 5,000 votes. These are the final elections of this era, as elections took place next only in 1945.
We also need to note, that in the labour party program of 1939, the labour took a quick turn to the left (one of its last), adding again marxist terms and socialism as a goal in their program.


In ww2, labour went to exile in UK, and sided with the west and not USSR in the war. In 1940 Nazi germany invaded and installed a puppet government. Many people, communist included, formed a resistance. The communist party played an importand role in the resistance, and the labour party did not colloborate officially with the nazis as the finnish social democratic party did, and many of their leaders and members also took part in resistance. The communist osvald group was perhaps the most importand resistance group. When the nazis lost the war, labour party returned from the exile in UK and they had elections. 1945, turnout is 76%, and labour wins with 41%. Communists enter parliament with 11%. Under the strategy of popular front theorized by bulgarian leader Dimitrov, the communists allied with the non communist and non proletariat parties and therefore, were included in the government. Before we procced fourther in this government, we need to note some changes that the labour party made. The labour program of 1945 is pivotal, as it shows in full the allegiance of labour to the bourgeoisie that the party is showing since then. First, they removed any mention to marxism, classless society e.t.c. Second, they fully emrased reformism and not only that, but they say that their goal is class colloboration of all "forces" is society. They speak about the "death of fascism", (which reinforces the social fascism theory, as they divide between imperialism and fascism. A classic tactic social fascists use to justify their own covert fascism, they put is as "liberal imperialism vs fascism" essentially) and other classic liberal reformist garbage we have been hearing these last decades. Obviulsy, just 5 months later communists and the other parties were kicked out of the goverment, and labour became hegemon. In real numbers, this government had 31% of popular support. During this labour government, we will see many evidence that prove once again the social fascism theory correct. Communists took control of czecjoslovakia, and labour being afraid of suffering the same fate, in short, of a proletarian revolution, they started oppresing communists. In February 29 1948, Labour prime minister of norway, Einar gerhardsen made a public speach, known as krakeroy speach, were he sided with the czechoslovak bourgeoisie against the proletariat, voicing his clear fear of communists. We will give a part of his speach.
There is a threat to the Norwegian people's freedom and democracy - that is the danger that the Norwegian Communist Party forever represents. The most important task in the fight for Norway's independence, for democracy and the rule of law is to reduce Communist Party and Communist influence as much as possible. Those who stand at the head of the Communist Party of Norway are Comintern and Cominform communists. Like their comrades in other countries, in their hearts they are supporters of terror and dictatorship.
But before that, we need to see the prelude of that, and why we never should trust social democrats, and even if some of us chose that popular front is a good strategy to be used, again, we need to be ready to extinquish social democrats from the face of the eart. Here is Labour party leader Haakon lie in a letter to one of his comrades while he was in exile.
We should carefully avoid blind hatred towards the communists. What I see here–and what I saw inCanada–however, makes me more and more suspicious. The communists are just as dishonest as before–just as ruthless in their fight for power. [...] There are no grounds for cooperation with such a movement,and if we let them in on us, our own movement will be consumed from within. The communists are obviously enormously strengthened and energized by the Russian prestige. But there were those other than the Russians who contributed in this war. I know a good deal about the contribution of the English-speaking democracies, and in Norway I would like to tell people about that. That is one of the reasons I want to go home.
Note that he does not consider USSR a democracy, as they dont call it like that. He does not even consider USSR as a union of a myriad of different nations, he just calls them the "russians". But what does he consider a democracy, is United kingdom and United states for example, two of the most fascistic an imperialist countries in world history. He also speaks about "telling about the "others" who contributed in this war". He propably means western imperialist powers who were simple against the nazis becuase they were rival imperialists. And they did do that, not only the norwish bourgeoisie (who the labour party is faithfull to) but all of europes bourgeoisie have rewritten history and erased USSR's leading role in destroying nazis. Like, it was not even 50/50. Most(if not the absolute majority) of the war took place in eastern europe and china, were again, the communists played a leading role.
Haakon lie again in a discussion within labour leadership in 1947, just some months before the prime minister anti communist speach:
It does not serve us well that our guys accept NKP as just another labour party. They must now take up the fight and drive out the rats everywhere where they have dug in. [...] We can’t have a fight with the communists without simultaneously putting a spotlight on Russia, and the methods applied there. The struggle is one of principle, and we have to mark our distance to the dictatorship, the violent revolution, the terror and the suppression of the most fundamental human rights.
In short, they fully embraced liberalism and anti communism, and they fully embraced social fascism. Note that their main concern is "violent revolution", "terror" and "supressions". Now, for them to be a concern it means that there was such a situation in norway. And therefore, they chose to destroy communists, first inside their own party, and then the communist party, before they had a situation like the spartak revolution where labour's counterparts murdered off communists in public and without even an ounch of shame.
In this very later, labour denounces all basic marxist concepts. 1)revolution 2)dictactorship of the proletariat 3)eradication of the bourgeoisie and establishment of socialism
But by this time, the anti communist operation had already started. Labour colloborated with the labour of UK and the bourgeoisie of the anglo phone world to paint the anti fascist fight as the work of UK-USA as much as possible.
Nord historian Eirik Wig Sundvall, notes in an article (doi link: , use SCIHUB to dowload it) the following:
The campaign was already in motion. One of the first initiatives was the publication of theChairman of the British Labour Party Harold Laski’sThe Secret Battalion. Laski and GeneralSecretary Morgan Phillips had visited Norway in August 1945, as the first British delegates everto attend a Norwegian Labour Party congress. That same summer the first round of negotia-tions for a united labour party broke down and fights for control of unions ensued between NKP and Labour.

In November 1946 Labour released the trade union journal Arbeidsplassen(The Work Place),edited and for a large part written by the Party Secretary. Haakon Lie had intentionally chosena‘sharp, insensitive tone’, and attacked the‘sanctimonious’communists for speaking‘the fairest words of democracy and rule of the people’, while apparently forgetting all about their own ideological ABC of ‘class war and the dictatorship of the proletariat’
Despite this, many hidden communists, or pro soviet left social democrats, who still adhered to some pre war princibles of labour party, prostested against this.
Haakon Lie’s attacks on the Soviet Union were controversial in his party. Pro-Soviet sentiments prevailed among many members, and ‘bridge building’ was still the official party policy. On grounds of its anti-Sovietism, some leaders of local party branches even protested the distribution of Arbeidsplassen to their members.
Obviusly these people were sooner or later purged from the party, or joined the right of the party.
You can also read more in the linked article. Anyways, this speach was the final break of any attempt of alliance, and from this point on, it seems that labour was sucesfull at diminishing communist influence throught their coltural hegemony and social democratic policies and imperialism which they used to give the proletariat a larger part of the pie creating a labour aristoctacy. But lets go to the elections. 1949, turnout is 82%, and labour win with 45%, their best ever percentage at the time. They mantain government. At this point, popular approval of social democrats in real numbers is 36%. At the same time, the communists had many internal divisions, and many people were expelled, including one of the leaders Ornulf Egge who was also a popular ww2 resistance fighter. Also, labour party officially moved more and more to the right, claiming that class contradictions have largelly dissapeared due to its reforms, and it strongly emphasized "democratic rights" e.t.c, in short, they fully emraced liberalism abandoning even more proletarian language and the like. Plus, Norway under labour party played a pivotal role at the creation of the fascist terrorist organization NATO, and it was one of its fouding members.
Next elections, 1953, turnout is 79%, and labour wins with 46% and they mantain government. Labour party as of now has fully abandoned socialism or any pretende of a "classless" society as a goal, and instead opted to adopt "democratic socialism", in short capitalism with a more human face. They even removed the word "capitalism" from their program, as the word was associated with communism,marxism e.t.c.
Next elections 1957. Turnout is 78%, and labour wins with 48%. They mantain government. The labour anti communist campaign gave results, as communists started to diminish, this time having only 3% of the vote. Labour added their full allegiance towards imperialism and NATO in their party program of 1957, a fourther move to the right wing.
In 1961, the left wing of labour party split from the party, forming the socialist's people party. They split from labour due to the labour's clear imperialist intentions on their support of NATO.
In the elections of 1961, labour wins again with 46% of the vote, and 79% turnout. Socialist people's party enters parliament with 2,5% while communists lose all seats to parliament, communists again having 2,5% of the vote. Labour keeps government, until august of 1963 where due to many issues they lost government to an alliance of the other parties for about a month before they regained control. In the elections of 1965 labour wins again with 43%, 85% turnout, but they fail to form government, and an alliance of Conservative, Liberal, Centre, Christian Democratic parties. In all, these parties shared collectivelly about 45% of the vote,in real numbers about 40% of popular approval. In next elections of 1969, labour won with 46% of the vote, 83% turnout. It is to be noted, that the term "socialist society" was re added to their program, perhaps to draw more voters from socialist people's party or the communists, and as a reaction towards the lose of power to the other more open bourgeoisie parties. Obviusly they did not mention any other real socialist term, they continiue to use liberal language. Labour fails again to form government and the previus coalition keeps it.
Next elections 1973, labour wins with 35% - a huge defeat compared to the previus decades- with 80% of turnout. A new communist party took part in the elections, red electoral alliance (which later turned liberal, we will speak about it later) but did not won any seats. The communist party and the socialist people's party allied and run together in the socialist electoral league, achieving a 11% of the vote together. Labour again was the government, with real number of popular support at 28%. In 1976, the communists split with socialist party, and the latter rebranded as Socialist left party, which was just left social democrats, but social democrats at the end of the day. In the elections of 1977, labour won again with 42% of the vote, 82% turnout. They maintained the government, having in rean numbers 34% of popular approval. In 1981 labour won again with 37% of the vote, same turnout. They maintained government, but later consernatives took control with about 31% of the vote, or 26% of popular approval. Two years later, they included centre and christian democrats in government, bringing the government a total of 45% of the vote and 36% of popular approval. In the elections of 1985, labour won again with 40% at 84% turnout, and they formed a government some months after the election, having in real numbers 36% of popular approval. In 1989, communists joined some other smaller parties in coalition, with little effect. In the 89 elections, labour won again with 34%, same turnout. It managed to form government some months later. With these elections, an era ends, as USSR was overthrown by a counterevolution and dissolved.


After USSR fell, the communist party completelly vanished, and it never echieved more than 2,000 votes since 1990. The labour party droped any pretense of socialism as it seems the bourgeoisie seeing now no big threat from USSR chosed to drop any left wing speach in full support of NATO and imperialism. The two main "left wing parties" are Red alliance who was insignificant before 1990, and the socialist left party. Socialist left is just a left social democratic party, while red party is a combination of the social democrats, some right wing communists, and some general "leftists". The first is for sure a bourgeoisie socialist party, the second, is debatable, but for sure many of the proletariat/labour aristocracy support these two parties. Anyway, lets go back to the 1993 elections. Labour wins with 35% with 75% of turnout. Labour maintained government, with 27% of popular approval. in 1997, labour won again with 35% of the vote and 78% turnout, but it failed to form government. Christian democrats, centre and liberals formed government, with collective vote of about 25% and about 19% of popular approval. In 2000 labour wrested power. In 2001 it was perhaps the worst year of labour since the 30s. Labour won with 24% out of 75% of the vote. They lost government and consernatives, christian democrats and liberals form government, having a collective 30% of the vote, in real numbers just 22% of popular approval. In 2005 labour won again with 32% of the vote 77% turnout, and formed a government with the socialist left and centre, having collectivelly about 45% of the vote, and 34% of popular approval. In 2009, the red-green coailtion (labour-centre-socialist left) won with 47% of the vote and 76% turnout and maintained government. And this is the end of labour party, as this is Labour's last government so far. In 2003, labour won with 30% of the vote (40% as red-green alliance) and 75% tournout to the consernative lead centre right coalition. Consernative and proggres created government, sharing collectivelly 42% of the vote and 30% of popular approval. In the last elections of 2017, labour won with 27%, and red entered parliament with about 2% of the vote. The current government consists of consernatives, liberals and christian democrat who share about 35% of the vote, and about 28% of popular approval.


As we saw, social democracy was strong in norway as long as the bourgeoisie was afraid of radicalism, and social democracy was immediatly abandoned after the end of USSR, and the welfare state is beign dismantled as we speak right now. The communist party is very weak unfortunatelly, and there is debatable if there is any hope for the red party. Red party officially is anti revolutionary, and it uphelds reformism, but they do state that their end goal is a "communism". What they mean by communism is yet to be seen. Do they mean a centralized economy which comes after the dictactrorship of the proletariat? My sources are limited, if any comrade here can give me some info i would be glad to check out.
For sure, norway is perhaps the country which social democracy was tried the most, as it was in power for a collective of about 70 years since 1930. It is proven that even their small welfare, was achieved in the backs of their own proletariat and their immigrant one while giving a small part of the pie to some of them, and the imperialist plundering of the planet. Once USSR fell, the bourgeoisie are starting to get a bigger part of the pie and they dismatle the reforms. Basically, what we marxists have been arguing since the last century.
Lets hope that either red and communists merge under a revolutionary truly communist and proletarian program, or that the youth of norway joins the communist party. There is already distrust in Norway's liberal democracy, as 20+% of the population does not even bothers to vote. The communists should use all these to their advantage.

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2020.05.11 18:16 sycophanticantics Why did Stalin not create the Warsaw Pact?

My understanding is that Stalin created the Cominform and Comecon largely in reaction to the Truman Doctrine and Marshall Aid. These would bind the politics and economies of the Eastern Bloc to the USSR. Why then did he not create a similar military organisation in reaction to NATO?
Obviously Khrushchev set up the Warsaw Pact in response to West Germany joining NATO in 1955, but there's no reason Stalin could not have done before this surely?
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2020.05.01 02:18 Nutty_ Who is Yung Chomsky?

Who is Yung Chomsky?
First off, I'm asking this in good faith. I generally like the podcast and follow Yung Chomsky on SoundCloud. With that being said, I've been thinking about his trajectory lately and it raises some questions for me.
I remember him popping up out of nowhere on the producefashion circuit like a year ago. It felt like all of a sudden he was everywhere, which I remember finding odd. Nonetheless, his beats were good and I followed him. I guess I'm just finding it hard to understand this VERY sudden rise to prominence. It's weird that we know absolutely nothing about his life before he became such an influential figure within the online left. As a fairly handsome person myself, I understand the impulse to share every outfit you’re wearing on social media, but we don't even have basic details about his life up to this point. Something about it just feels uncanny to me.
I know at first it might seem deranged to suggest a CIA connection here, but keep in mind that this sort of thing is not without precedent. The most famous example is the Congress for Cultural Freedom, which was very suddenly broadcasting jazz and imperialist propaganda throughout 35 countries despite being unknown to those who were active in the jazz/propaganda scene at the time. It was soon discovered that the CCF was a CIA front created for the purpose of countering the Soviet Union’s Cominform. Many left-wing jazz fans suggested that the CCF was part of a CIA effort to sow division within the nascent and increasingly expanding Communist movement. Regardless of what you believe, the CCF’s links to the CIA are pretty strange and invite speculation about its sudden rise to prominence.
Has anyone else thought seriously about this? Fwiw I'm aware of the accusations leveled at Brace over the years (dunno what to make of them tbh) but have never heard any speculation about YC.
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2020.03.23 09:22 rubbishbailey [DIPLOMACY] Eight World Congress of the Comintern

Flag of Comintern/The Third International

Communist International, an eponymous magazine

A Summary and Re-Introduction

The Communist International was disbanded in order to appease the West, but given current tensions and relations, this is entirely unnecessary. Now, we will utilize a direct way and method to contact our allies and comrades throughout the World by reforming this under direct orders by First-Secretary Nikita Khrushchev and seeing a formal end to Cominform. The organization is sanctioned by the Eurasian Union per the terms and agreements of the Second Eurasian Union Summit of 1951.
It shall hereby forth be headquartered, once again, within Moscow at the newly renamed Dimitrov Center or traditionally the The House of the Unions, a historical building in the Tverskoy District in central Moscow, Russia. It shall be named and commemorated in the name of Georgi Dimitrov who fell tragically ill following the Second Summit.
This international, as many before it, shall invite members of Communist Organizations from around the World in the aim and goal of supporting them and once again, like before, seeing the return and rise of Communism from such organizations.
The Eight International shall hold a gathering attendance of approximately 513 delegates, of whom 371 were shall be accorded full voting rights, representing 65 Comintern member parties as well as 19 sympathizing parties just as we had done before. Members from around the World, even non-ruling Communist Parties and Sympathizer Organizations shall hear the words spoken by Nikita Khrushchev himself.

The Agenda

  1. The funding and subsequent invitation of new Communist Parties and new movements to account for the situations of the past ten years. (Proposed by the USSR)
  2. Our Ever-Pressing Conflicts (Proposed by the USSR)
  3. The Move Forward (Proposed by the USSR)
  4. A complete return to the "Organizations of Old", returning to the System of Lenin (Proposed by the USSR)

1. The funding and subsequent invitation of new Communist Parties

To take into account for the 'catch up' we must be doing, the Soviet Union has regretfully decided to banish several Parties and organizations that were previously members within 1935 including the banishment of all parties labeled and in attendance of the Committee for the Fourth International, a Trotskyist Organization to heart. Continuing onwards, revisionism is ever rampant across the World and we must maintain our thoughts, our stances and our hearts on changing this World for the better, for a Communist Future.
Revisionist Organizations will be voted upon by Comintern and shall be condemned, firstly to go are Trotskyist Organizations. We are interested in the next one being Maoist Organizations following the failures within China; we are interested in assisting our Comrades but the actions Mao Tsedung took including the establishment of a military junta, an oligarchical controlled state, can not be blindly followed. This is revisionism. This takes us backwards from the words of Stalin-Lenin, it takes us backwards from our pace as Soviets, as people under Marx and Engels. Keep the Worker's Revolution ever on going as we have proven that Soviet Science, Communist-Science, is far superior in every way than the Western Fascistic Regimes. Continuing on to this...
Following Nikita Khrushchev's statement to the United States in 1955, the First-Secretary stated very plainly, "Your Children Will Be Communists," and "We will bury you." As aggressive as these statements are, we are committed to them entirely in the thoughts of self-preservation not only of the Soviet State but Communism as a whole. We can only preserve it in unity and together, this is why we have invited organizations such as the Communist Party of Afghanistan (does not have voting rights), the Communist Party of Israel 'The Maki' (does not have voting rights), the Communist Party of Mexico, the Socialist Ba'athist Party of Syria (does not have voting rights) and the Communist Party of Syria as delegates or as sympathizers.
Welcome, and let us move onto a better future together.

2. Our Ever-Pressing Conflicts

The situation in Korea, Indochina, China as well as the potential for uprisings across the World, the Soviet Union has gone on the aggressive side of things but assures members that we are only and purely interested in maintaining the spread of Communism through any means we have necessary and at our disposal.
We are, as stated in the summary and introduction, we are interested in fighting for Communism and again as above, we would like to discuss and reopen the potential for communist expansion, not only through the methods that Stalin, Our Eternal and Late Leader, preached but also those that Lenin himself preached.

3. The Move Forward

Simply put, we understand and do apologize for this section being short but we, as stated in our summary and introduction, are interested in funding and helping every communist movement in the World rise. Whatever and whenever you need us, simply ask. We are all here to help, after all.

4. Sponsored Organizations, Re-Established

  • Communist International (magazine)
The Communist International was the eponymous official magazine of the Moscow-based Communist International (Comintern). The publication was published from 1919 until 1943 in a multiplicity of languages including (but not limited to) Russian, German, English, and French. This organization shall rise once more with presses ranging from local organizations hosted by nation's and their communist parties as well as an international newspaper for information and ongoings about the Soviet Union and Eurasia.
  • Communist Youth International
The Young Communist International was the parallel international youth organization affiliated with the Communist International (Comintern) and shall now unite communists from Korea to Germany and even abroad. Families will have the ability to see their children funded and allowed to fly across the World as part of a "foreign exchange program."
  • Red International of Labour Unions (Profintern)
The Red International of Labor Unions (RILU), was an international body established by the Communist International with the aim of coordinating Communist activities within trade unions. Formally established in 1921, the Profintern was intended to act as a counterweight to the influence of the so-called "Amsterdam International", the Social Democratic International Federation of Trade Unions, an organization branded as class collaborationist and an impediment to revolution by the Comintern.
  • Communist Women's International
The Communist Women's International was launched as an autonomous offshoot of the Communist International in April 1920 for the purpose of advancing communist ideas among women. The Communist Women's International was intended to play the same role for the international women's movement that the Red Peasant International played for poor agrarians and the Red International of Labor Unions played for the international labor movement, showing off our support for sex, gender, and race equality throughout all.
  • International Red Aid (MOPR)
International Red Aid (also commonly known by its Russian acronym MOPR, for Междунаро́дная организа́ция по́мощи борца́м револю́ции) was an international social service organization established by the Communist International. The organization was founded in 1922 to function as an "international political Red Cross", providing material and moral aid to radical "class war" political prisoners around the world. It shall reform once more.
  • Red Peasant International (Krestintern)
The Peasant International (Russian: Крестьянский Интернационал), known most commonly by its Russian abbreviation Krestintern (Крестинтерн), was an international peasants' organization formed by the Communist International in October 1923. The organization attempted to achieve united front relations with radical peasant parties in Eastern Europe and Asia, one of which we shall reform once again.
  • Red Sports International (Sportintern)
The International Association of Red Sports and Gymnastics Associations, commonly known as Red Sport International (RSI) or Sportintern was a Comintern-supported international sports organization established in July 1921. The RSI was established in an effort to form a rival organization to already existing "bourgeois" and social democratic international sporting groups. The RSI was part of a physical culture movement in Soviet Russia linked to the physical training of young people prior to their enlistment in the military. The RSI held 3 summer games and 1 winter games called "Spartakiad" in competition with the Olympic games of the International Olympic Committee before being dissolved in 1937. This thought and mentality within the Soviet Union shall return once more, open entirely to the Eurasian Union and members of Comintern.
  • International of the Proletarian Freethinkers
Formed initially in 1925, by German and Czecho-Slovak atheists and was quickly joined by the Soviet Union militant atheists in 1926. Reformist freethinkers subsequently withdrew to form the so-called Brussels International of Freethinkers but now, with the Soviet Union fronting communist secularism / state atheism throughout the world and communist thought..
  • League against Imperialism and Colonial Oppression
This League was first established in the Egmont Palace in Brussels, Belgium, on February 10, 1927, in presence of 175 delegates from around the world. It was significant because it brought together representatives and organizations from the communist world and anti-colonial organizations and activists from the colonized world. 107 out of 175 delegates came from 37 countries under colonial rule. The Congress aimed at creating a "mass anti-imperialist movement" at a world scale, and can be regarded as a front organization of the Comintern. Now it can be restored in the aims and interests of ending imperialist and colonialist manipulation over the workers.
This organization, finally restored, will work as an adjunct of the Communist International; initially formed to channel relief from international working class organizations and communist parties to Soviet Russia. The organization, based in Berlin, later produced films and coordinated propaganda efforts on behalf of the USSR. Now, we will restore this for the Eurasian Union to show off the Soviet Union's divinity of the arts.
  • International Liaison Department
Historically, the ILD was the most secret department of the Comintern. It has also been translated as the Foreign Liaison Department which shall act as the "intelligence branch of the Comintern." The goal of this organization is to, by any means, ensure that Communism can be achieved within these countries.
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2020.03.17 08:45 StardustFromReinmuth [DIPLOMACY] The Communist International

In this tumultuous world, to protect the revolution our fellow comrades must have a united front of cooperation. While the Cominform have served us well, its inactivity through the past few years have been troublesome, and with capitalist and fascist forces making headway in the past few years, further cooperation in pursuit of leftist unity must be strived towards. In this sense, the concept of the Communist International will be revived. The goal of the Comintern (Fifth International) is to bring:
In order to do this, the Fifth International organisation includes:
We hereby extend the offer of membership into the Communist International to all Socialist states, as well as any Communist and Socialist Parties or revolutionary movement around the world
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2020.02.29 17:32 rowyergoat [Event] The people of Madrid, Plebiscites and other misadventures

I wander through each chartered street, where the chartered parks do flow, and marks in every face I meet - marks of weakness, marks of woe. In every cry of every man, in every infants cry of fear, in every voice of every ban - the mind forged banacles let loose.
How the bankers cry as the money leaves, how every blackening church appalls and the hapless soldiers sigh runs in blood down the republic walls.
Madrid has undergone a dramatic change in attitude, Spanish pride was hurt after the freedom of The Basque and Catalonia, the Galician independence movements are stronger than ever. It seems that the once united nation of Spain is fracturing apart. The previous government wasn't good by any means - but at least they held the nation together. We lost the incredibly prosperous region of Catalonia. The incredibly prosperous port of Bilbao. Alot of the Spanish population even believe we lost the incredibly prosperous nation of Spain.
Of course, the people need someone to blame, something to blame.
Rise in support of the People's Party and the growing voice of people like Enrique have spread anti-NATO and anti-Government sentiment across the nation. While many people still believe that NATO can save the country, a growing minority seem to believe NATO to be a United States puppet organisation akin to the Comintern/Cominform of the cold war era.
However the vast majority of the population believe one thing; The new government needs to leave. Protests and Riots across the streets of Madrid drive home a clear message from the population of Spain, that the new republican government had led to the start of the end of Spain. People say that the Republic is the reason Spain is falling apart, and they say that the Republic is a US puppet government. This has led to the Republic needing to make difficult decisions such as:
Spain has been called upon to undergo plebiscites in various contested regions. NATO believes that Catalonians and the Basque people should vote on wether they stay with Spain, or join the new fledgeling republics. While popular in the contested regions, the rest of Spain looks upon this proposal in utter disdain. Who are NATO to force Spain to give up more land to those who broke away from Spain? "Spain must stay united", a popular cry from Enrique has become a staple for the anti-government movement. If the Republic were to accept these plebiscites, public oppinion would only rocket down even faster. The republic states to teh Spanish population: "We will not, under any circumstances accept these plebiscites."
This has not gone without backlash however, as the people in the contested regions have erupted into protest that the government would not let them decide their own future, "If you want to leave, then leave!" the Republic cries out triumphantly. This statement severely angered the local populations. People from the Comarca of Zaragosa, Aragon are especially angered. Massive waves of men take to the streets protesting and rioting. The government fears that these massive movements may call for other regions to follow. Riot police were sent to deal with the chaos, however the most they can do is stand in lines and prevent riots from spreading elsewhere as they've been instructed only to use force against people who threaten them first. There have been discussions on the use of tear-gas, however it was decided not to use it.
[M] This has also been done in France during the yellow vest protests, so it is plausible that republics use this type of force to control riots. We are not firing guns on the civilians, simply apprehending those who attack the police. [M]
Support for the Galician People's Front is on the rise in Galicia. Mariano Abalo travels throughout Galicia holding speeches to rally the people for independence. His rallies have been largely focused on the preceived incompetence of the Spanish Republic, "We shall not go down with the sinking ship that is the Spanish Republic". His speeches spreads strong Galician Nationalism across the region, painting a picture of Galicia on its own fighting against Spanish authority, "If NATO shall not free us, we shall free ourselves!", these bold speeches have not only spread anti-NATO sentiment across the region, but paved the way for a stronger Galician independence movement.
War Criminals
The rounding up of war criminals of the revolution has begun, however it has been met with mixed response. Some people are all for it while others believe that this is just another American mission to tighten its grip of Spain. Far right speakers have claimed this to be American Pupeteering, stating that America is arresting Spanish heroes, while others support this wholeheartedly, believing that these people are criminals and should be treated as such. This has sparked debate across the nation on the validity of their arrests and whether it is ethical or not to prosecute people for crimes that weren't crimes when commited.
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2020.02.27 05:32 rubbishbailey [DIPLOMACY] Second Eurasian Union Summit

Flag of the Eurasian Union

Flag of Sociatom (Socialist Atomic Society)

This session will take place in Warsaw.


Only Members and Observers can respond, however the meeting occurring itself is quite public. What is transpired will not be public.
  • Party of Labour of Albania / Partia e Punës e Shqipërisë, PPSH
  • Communist Party of Bulgaria / Комунистическа Партия на България, Komunisticheska Partiya na Balgariya, KPB
  • Communist Party of Czechoslovakia / Komunistická strana Československa, KSČ
  • Communist Party of Germany / Kommunistische Partei Deutschlands / דייַטש קאָמוניסט פארטיי, KPD
  • Romanian Communist Party / Partidul Comunist Român
  • Polish United Workers' Party / Polska Zjednoczona Partia Robotnicza, PZPR
  • Hungarian Working People's Party / Magyar Dolgozók Pártja, MDP
  • League of Communists of Yugoslavia / Савез комуниста Југославије / Savez komunista Jugoslavije / Zveza komunistov Jugoslavije / Cојуз на комунистите на Југославија / Sojuz na komunistite na Jugoslavija
  • Mongolian People's Party / Монгол Ардын Хувьсгалт Нам / Mongol Ardīn Huwĭsgalt, Nam MAXH
  • Workers' Party of Korea / 조선로동당, WPK
  • Communist Party of the Soviet Union / Коммунистическая партия Советского Союза, КПСС

Items on the Board

Additional proposals will be added/edited as they are sent below.
  1. Sociatom Advances (Proposed by the USSR)
  2. Warsaw Pact Expansion to Coordination (Proposed by the USSR)
  3. Shifting the Information Bureau of the Communist and Workers' Parties (Cominform) back to the Communist International (Comintern) (Proposed by the USSR)
  4. Return of Kaliningrad Oblast to the German Democratic Republic (Proposed by the GDR)
  5. Unification of Inner Mongolia and Mongolia as one nation. This will unite the people, as well as bring economic prosperity to Mongolia. (Proposed by Mongolia)
  6. Current Events, specifically involving Israel, China and the Exodus Crisis corrupting Eastern Europe.

Process of Introduction

To formally state, all members are expected to participate in voting processes of the Eurasian Union but more importantly follow several step by step solutions prior to voting on bills and similar. Starting with a proposal, a proposal is brought to the floor (posted under Proposals) before it is accepted to the board. Once accepted to the board, it will be brought before party discussion and then and thusly, once discussion has been arraigned, it will be shifted to a vote if necessary.
Following the vote, each member holds the power of veto and may veto this at any moment for any time in the voting process. We do this to empower each and every member within the Union with the goal of cooperation and discussion.
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2020.02.04 03:05 brokenbow2 [DIPLOMACY] Right. We definitely didn't forget this plan for like three years. It's all Gabby's idea now.

With her election confirmed by the Electoral Commission and with her inauguration complete, Gabriela Castilla is now the President of the Federacíon Centroamericana. Aside from her early legislative victories in the Emergency Healthcare for All Act and the Geological Monitoring Act, her first action as the nation's chief diplomat was to reach out to the leadership of the Toussaintville Pact.
"For several years now, under President Fernández, the Federacíon Centroamericana has enjoyed peaceful, friendly, and productive relationships with the members of the Toussaintville Pact, but despite our ideological similarities and longtime friendship we never attempted to deepen our relationship beyond membership in the Cominform. I would like to start my Presidency off on the right foot with your esteemed alliance, and formally make this request for membership. As I understand it, the Toussaintville Pact is a treaty of mutual defense, economic cooperation, and friendship. As we already enjoy occasional trades with Venezuela, our destroyers make up the bulk of the Venezuelan fleet, and we as a people consider Venezuela to be one of our strongest friends, we are very interested in signing on to the Toussaintville Pact officially."
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2020.01.29 22:53 LordNotix [DIPLOMACY] The Collective Toil of America appeals to the Cominform; let not the Cherry-Red Flag of Hardwork be stained red with blood for naught

The Collective Toil of America, under the Cherry-Red Flag of Hardwork, would like to formally request the political support of the Information Bureau of the Communist and Workers' Parties in this time of Crisis.
"We, and our peers across America, have voted for war against the Kleptocrats of the alleged "Republic" successor to the Timbit Megacorp, who have been joined by the Reactionary Regime that overthrew the Socialist government of Pan-India. We strike now, whilst our enemies are bound by the chains of debt, and whilst their forces are without strength in number. Lend us your ear, your arm, and your heart, and let this not this fight be all for naught."
"Condemn them, join us, volunteer for the fight, whatever it is you can do to lend us your support. When the revolution comes comrades, we, the toiling class will need to be superior in quantity, and quality to our reactionary counterparts, this war presents us this opportunity. To snub the businessmen who would see us lynched, and prepare ourselves for the war to end all wars. To spread the belief in the revolution, and win over our oppressed peers, our soon to be friends and brothers-in-arms."
"So I request, nay plead, even beg. I grovel here today for inaction to be rebuked, and action to be taken against the fascists of this world, lest it be reduced to further rubble."
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2020.01.14 20:28 Seeeeb2004 ELI5: How did Cominform effect East-West relations During the Cold War

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2020.01.04 05:14 ComradeFrunze [DIPLOMACY] Founding of the Information Bureau of the Communist and Workers' Parties

President Roseline Lacossiere and General Secretary of the Haitian Communist Party, Mercre Dambreville has announced the formation of the Information Bureau of the Communist and Workers' Parties (Bureau d'information des partis communistes et ouvriers) or shortened as Cominform. The Cominform invites any communist or workers' party from around the Western hemisphere to the Haitian capital of Toussaintville to form an alliance of leftist parties to work together to defeat capitalism, fascism, and reaction and to help build a brave new world.
[Anyone who has a communist, socialist, marxist, or workers' party of some sort of is invited to join. If a party is interested to join, comment the name of the party]
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